Saturday, June 22, 2019


Two days ago, June 23, I checked out Gates of Vienna, whom I consider to be the guys in the next foxhole in the Counterjihad - not that I want to imply DowneastBlog has the magnitude of GoV - and to my great shock and dismay I read the following in a post written on June 17:

"Dymphna died suddenly last night, or more accurately, early this morning. I took her to the emergency room early in the evening; she had a high fever and a terrible cough. But it didn’t seem like anything that could ever be fatal.

I will be pretty much out of action until at least after the funeral, so this blog is officially on hiatus for a while. I’ll be back, though, when I’m ready to handle things again.

Tipsters are advised not to send any more news feed tips until you see another post appear here besides this one.

I’ve been up all night, so that’s all for now."

Gates of Vienna is, or now rather was, run by the Baron and Dymphna, who happened to be a couple. They have been at the forefront of the Counterjihad for well over a decade, and during all that time their prodigious output has never slacked, at least not that I noticed. GoV is and, hopefully, will continue to be a treasure trove of myriads of facts and anecdotes detailing the seemingly irresistible invasion of our civilized countries by the gruesome death cult that is islam.

I frequented often, commented from time to time, and slowly got acquainted, if only digitally, with the owners, though more so with Dymphna. As fleeting as these contacts were, they sufficed to me to leave a lasting impression of her as a gentle, friendly and deeply caring person. Caring not only about our beautiful civilization, but also caring for her friends and loved ones, above all her soulmate. I have no reason to suppose that their marriage was anything other than a sound and deeply fulfilling one, and as such I can imagine - or rather no, I cannot imagine - the pain the Baron must go through now.

When I checked in again on GoV today I found out the Baron posted a photo of his late spouse, which I will now put up on these pages too. I will readily admit that I did not ask permission for this to the Baron, but something tells me he would approve... as would Dymphna herself. Correction, as Dymphna approves. Gates of Vienna and DowneastBlog were and are partners in the same fight, and besides, this is what Dymphna's husband wrote:

"I buried my wife late yesterday afternoon in the graveyard of our little rural church in Central Virginia. The Episcopalian service was everything that one could have hoped for, and I know that Dymphna was pleased with the liturgy, the music, and the fellowship in the parish hall after the Committal.

A year or two ago, after a discussion about this eventuality, Dymphna gave her assent to the publication of the photo below. It was the only photo of her that she would allow to be posted. It was taken a number of years ago, in happier times."

There follows an immensely touching post by a man torn by grief yet grateful for the time allotted to their union. I suggest you should read it.

Pray for Dymphna and Ned.



Via Breitbart:

"French media have leaked details from a report on Islamic extremism within the French public service, claiming that many in the public sector are concerned about Islamist infiltration.

The new report, which has been compiled by MPs Éric Diard of the conservative Republicans and Éric Poulliat of President Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche! (LREM/Republic on the Move), questioned senior officials, researchers, and workers such as police and firefighters about Islamic radicalisation.

According to leaked information from the report given to French news magazine Le Point, many of those interviewed by the MPs expressed concern over the issue, with one of the most poignant stories coming from a trade unionist from the RATP, the company in charge of the public transportation system in Paris. The trade unionist claimed that “premises are forbidden to women in terminals” and added that “practising Muslims are targeting non-practising female believers”.

Police also said that they had difficulty dealing with radicalised officers after they were discovered, citing a lack of legislation to help them dismiss those found to be radicalised.

Last year, it was revealed that a police officer in charge of the security for the staff of the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine may have become radicalised after viewing radical Islamist material.

In January 2015, the offices of Charlie Hebdo were attacked by radical Islamic terrorists who killed 12 people, the majority of the victims being staff at the magazine.

In 2017, it was also revealed that despite being on the terror watch list, known in France as the S-File, another individual was able to become a police officer.

Nicolas Lerner, the head of the General Directorate for Internal Security DGSI, France’s domestic intelligence agency, also warned that religious spaces are no longer the only sources of radicalisation and added that educational environments “requires a certain vigilance” in combatting radicalisation."

This is from Le Point Online:

A fire brigade chief was confronted with a muslim fireman who did not function well during emergencies because he was fasting during ramadan. Exasperated, the Chief had to enlisten the help of an imam to try to tell the individual that in this line of work, eating during the day was allowed.

And so it goes on... and on... and on... and on...

And one day you find yourself in a caliphate.


Friday, June 21, 2019


For the Norwegian Armed Forces:

Hat tip CDRSalamander. Notice the almost nonexistent PC character of the ad. Best part of it all are the ending shots, with a white heterosexual couple enjoying a moment of intimacy looking out over a marvellous panorama. Because... in the end... that's what it is all about. Life to the fullest, with a (soul)mate, raising offspring (hopefully) and enjoy the opportunities, security and comfort that a modern democracy has to offer. You gotta be proud of, and love a land that can offer its citizens that, and there's nothing shameful or repugnant to show that love and pride.

The Diversity Nazis, of which I am sure the Norwegian Army has enough, must somehow have been asleep or otherwise involved in yoga sessions in the MoD CryRoom when this was sneaked past them.


Thursday, June 20, 2019


If you are a responsible parent, be forewarned!!!

Hat tip the/pol/principle.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Gang violence in France by Jean-Marie, Louis, Xavier, Marie-Hélène, François, Isabelle, Loïc, Hervé and, whooooooooops, sorry, got that list from the Eurovision Song Festival, forget it okay? Anyway, via Filip Dewinter's twitter account:

Via NEE TEGEN MSM, London in the Year of Our Lord 2019 under the reliable stewardship of mayor Sad Dick Khan:

A screenshot from Fouad Boussetta's twitter account showing a cute lineup of muslim first graders on the way to school in the UK:

In The Netherlands, anti-islam activist Edwin Wagensveld from PEGIDA Nederland, was attacked physically when he was distributing flyers near the al-fourqaan mosque in Eindhoven. Watch how our peaceful muslim co-citizens interpret a concept like freedom of expression:

Freedom of speech, this Turk gets it!!! The future of Europe is bright!!!

Progress!!! More immigration please!!!


Monday, June 17, 2019


This is interesting. Via Science News:

"Physicists have finally figured out how pentaquarks are built
Scientists pinpoint the structure of the five-quark particles


To make a quark quintet, combine a trio and a duo.

Exotic subatomic particles called pentaquarks contain five smaller particles called quarks and antiquarks. But those particles aren’t a simple clump of five constituents rattling around. Instead, the pentaquarks are molecule-like agglomerations of a pair of smaller particles, each of which consists of either three quarks or a quark and an antiquark, scientists report in the June 7 Physical Review Letters.

First spotted in 2015 at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, pentaquarks were unlike anything seen before (SN: 8/8/15, p. 8). All previous known quark-containing particles were either baryons — particles such as protons and neutrons which contain three quarks — or mesons, which consist of one quark and one antiquark. But pentaquarks, with their five component particles, didn’t fit into either of those categories.

“There was no clear picture how these pentaquarks were built,” says particle physicist Tomasz Skwarnicki of Syracuse University in New York, a coauthor of the study.

Some scientists thought that the pentaquarks’ five constituents could mingle on an equal footing. But detailed measurements from the LHCb experiment reveal that the pentaquarks are made from two known particles, a baryon and a meson, stuck together. That finding makes the particles a bit less exotic than had been speculated.

Still, Skwarnicki says, the result reveals new facets of particle physics: Before this result, it wasn’t clear that baryons and mesons could glom onto one another at all."

A quick recap:

In the Standard Model of Elementary Particles there's up and down, charm and strange, and top and bottom quarks:

Protons and neutrons, which form the nuclei of atoms in varying numbers, are composed of three quarks each. In the case of a proton, of two up quarks and one down quark, whereas for a neutron it's one up quark and two down quarks:

A single proton has one elementary charge, determined as recently as this year as 1.602176634×10−19 C (whereby C stands for Coulomb, the SI unit of electric charge; FYI, the charge carried by a constant current of one Ampère in one second).

Up quarks carry two thirds of a (positive) elementary charge and a down quark one third of a negative charge, so that a proton has an electrical charge equal to 2/3 e + 2/3 e - 1/3 e = 4/3 e - 1/3e = 1e.

Similarly, a neutron is electrically neutral since the charge of the one up quark (+ 2/3e) is neutralized by the negative charges of the two down quarks (2/3e - 2 x 1/3e = 0 e).

Protons and neutrons are baryons, from the Greek word for 'heavy' and quite stable. An electron, with a negative charge of minus one elementary charge (-e) is not a baryon but a lepton, from the Greek word for 'light', and indeed, if Outlaw's memory does not betray him, I still hear my old physics teacher say that its mass is about 1/2000th of the mass of a proton. In the meantime, I think I came across a more specific value of 1/1854th or something but whatever, it is much, much lighter than a proton. Within the current model it is not known whether it can be split up further like protons and neutrons and an electron is therefore truly an elemental particle. Electrons too are inherently stable.

Mesons are quite another matter. They are composed of one quark and one antiquark which stick together because of the strong nucelar force (one of the four fundamental interactions). Since quarks have a size, mesons have size too, in effect a diameter of roughly one femtometer (1 x 10 to the minus 15 meter), which is about 1.2 times the size of a proton or neutron. Mesons are inherently unstable, with the longest-lived lasting for only a few hundredths of a microsecond.

And now there's pentaquarks, composed of a baryon and a meson!

(illustration via CERN)

An interesting resume by Dr Don Lincoln:



Sunday, June 16, 2019


A horror story from Brazil, via Mail Online:

PUBLISHED: 08:41 BST, 16 June 2019 | UPDATED: 09:23 BST, 16 June 2019

A Brazilian mother and her lesbian lover are accused of ripping off her nine-year-old son's penis before beheading him because he reminded her of her dad.

Rosana Candido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, also allegedly sewed a fake female sex organ onto the body because he 'wanted to be a girl' before scraping the boy's skin off his face.

They also tried to gouge out his eyes using a knife after mother Candido stabbed her son Rhuan a dozen times.

The child was killed and mutilated at their home in Samambaia, about 20 miles from the capital Brasilia.

The mother ran away with the boy after her father, who lives in Acre, near Peru, lost custody five years ago.

A few quick points:

* the sheer horror of this crime is probably (hopefully) an indicator of it being a statistical outlier. Nevertheless, as LGBT groups worldwide have gone in the offensive to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption, eagerly assisted by leftist and green politicians, expect more of this.

* Since the father lost custody, it may be safely assumed that in Brazil, as elsewhere, courts are stacked dramatically against men.

* As the boy 'wanted to be a girl', one can only imagine the sheer ferocity of the anti-male sentiment to which the poor creature was subjected on a daily basis.

It is of course true that horrible child abuse happens just as well at the hands of heterosexuals. Nevertheless, these are dangers that are 'known' to a large extent, and subsequently can be 'dealt' with to one degree or another.

It's just that, as if this 'known' spectre of child abuse isn't bad enough, it's simply insane to open up a Pandora box of hitherto even more gruesome molestations at the hands of same sex couples. It may be safely assumed that the existence of a biological bond between parent(s) and child(ren) at the very least provides a modicum of protection - however imperfect in the most terrible of cases - due to the DNA-encoded protective tendencies of parents vs offspring.

When a kind of relationships are promoted whereby even that barrier against child abuse is not present, expect big trouble. Yes, in this horrible case there was a relationship mother-son... but not one between Rhuan and the lesbian lover.

In 2010, the 4th Class of Brazil's Superior Court of Justice of Brazil ruled unanimously that same-sex couples have the right to adopt children. Three years later, the Justice's National Council of Brazil, in a 14 to 1 vote, legalized same-sex marriage in the entire country.

And so, in Brazil as elsewhere, as time-tested unions between men and women - however imperfect in some or even many cases - as the best place to raise children in safety are being demolished by a Left that has completely lost its collective mind, expect more abuse of the weakest among us and, as this case illustrates, sometimes even downright horrors.

Prayers are asked for Rhuan.