Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I believe John Derbyshire and I share a brain. I think just like this and pretty much agree with everything he says here.
Much of the conservative media outlets are covering the President's press conference as if it were a strong showing for the President, but I have to disagree. While most of the things he said were relevant and did go some way to answering some of the questions swirling around the administration, his delivery was at time awkward and uneasy. Bush often seemed nervous and a bit disheveled, although at other times he seemed confident and resolute. Die hard bush lovers will say that it's what you say not how you say it, but he really didn't exude confidence to me. Of course, the only clip the mainstrem media is playing (I saw it 3 times on NBC this morning) is when Bush stumbled all over his answer about admitting mistakes. He essentially admitted that he was caught off guard and couldn't think of any on the spot. Not a good answer, even if it is truthful. The bottom line: Bush is horrible off the cuff, and he needs to do as little of this as possible. It's also clear that this election is now going to hinge on Iraq. The recent events in Iraq have torpedoed Bush's poll numbers more effectively than all of Kerry's attacks combined. Bush is betting his presidency on Iraq, and based on last night's performance, I'm not sure the American people are going to buy it. Let's hope things clear up over there soon, because I'm not sure Bush can sell this to middle America much longer.

Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm afraid I have to side with John Kerry on this one. Actually, I'm not siding with Kerry so much as I am siding against the members of the Catholic church pushing this silliness. So now they withhold sacraments based on one's political views? So much for forgiveness. I guess priests will now be like communion Nazis; "No Christ for you!"