Saturday, August 19, 2023


Elton John with Song for Guy. From the 1978 album A Single Man.

The guy in question was a certain Guy Burchett, a 17-yo messenger boy who worked for Elton John's Rocket Records label and who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on the day John wrote the song. The artist was so moved by this that he named the song in Burchett's honor.

Genesis with It. From their concept album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974).

Many moons ago, while still an engineering student in Ghent, I bought it in one of the two foremost LP/CD shops in that city, either Bilbo or Music Man, can't remember anymore which one. TLLDOB had been recommmened to me - feverishly, if I may say so - by a colleague by the name of Marnix B. He was completely smitten by it. Discovering it was a weird experience, to say the least. But here we are, almost half a century after release, and it still sounds good.

Goede nacht.



Over at American Thinker, an excellent take by Noel S. Williams on the ludicrous Barbie movie now wreaking havoc in theaters across the planet:

"I weep for our youth — confoundingly, the movie Barbie did well at the box office. Apparently, the little pink lady goes on a journey of self-discovery, a road trip to the real world. Since Barbie likes road trips, let's help her exit an existential crisis. Let's help her escape Barbie-Land toxicity by chaperoning her on a coast-to-coast trip that will enlighten her about the benefits of so-called toxic masculinity.

There are many routes for this toxic lady to take, and they all represent astonishing achievements of men with a can-do spirit who surmounted forbidding challenges as they wrestled comfort from nature's grip.

She is mostly going to take the iconic Lincoln Highway from New York to San Francisco, about 80% of which is part of the old route. The historic trans-continental highway predates Route 66 and runs approximately 3,142 miles From New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. It was overwhelmingly conceived, engineered, and built by industrious men. Women may have done some time-keeping paperwork as the men shed blood, toil, tears and sweat to forge this continent-taming artery.

Barbie passes Times Square and chooses the Lincoln Tunnel, critical to the free flow of goods and people. It hasn't dawned on her, yet, but the tunnel she takes for granted was very dangerous to build; in fact, 15 men died constructing the first two tunnels, though Newsweek describes them as "workers." Please! By that contorted lexicography, I suppose the Saturn V rocket that launched men toward the moon was "crewed."

After a slight detour, Barbie transits from New Jersey into Pennsylvania via the Ben Franklin Bridge, the engineers and architects of which were men. Tragically, 15 workers-cum-men died building the thing. However, she remains Pretty-in-Pink clueless.

Pushing onward, if not upward, Barbie crosses the mighty Mississippi on Mark Morris Memorial Bridge, which replaced the iconic Lyons-Fulton Bridge. The ironwork for the original started in March 1891, employing 50 workers-cum-men manipulating around 1,200,000 pounds of iron. Not toxicity, but a lot of testosterone-fueled energy and strength was exerted to cast, shape, deploy, and weld that much iron.

On to Nebraska — as quickly as she can pass through what she considers to be dreary Iowa — Barbie drives under the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, which memorializes the adventurers who helped to build America. The 300-foot span above interstate 80 wasn't built by those with a Lazy Girl Job, work-from-home ethic. Nope. It required testosterone-induced manpower.

Not at home in the hinterlands, Barbie is now speeding through Telephone Canyon in Wyoming. Here's another consideration the pampered pink lady should entertain: it took industrious men, not "Lazy Boy" job-seekers, to run that telephone line that facilitated development between Cheyenne and Laramie.

Too bad her self-discovery is proving elusive, because Barbie is now approaching the Lincoln Highway Terminus in Lincoln Park, San Francisco. The park overlooks the iconic, International Orange–adorned Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water, so this bridge is critical in connecting to Marin County in the north.

The awe-inspiring suspension bridge spans turbulent waters. Its towers rise an impressive 746 feet into the gusty, fog-laden troposphere — over twice the height of the Statue of Liberty, and higher than the Washington Monument. Though a net was erected to catch men of the "Halfway-to-Hell Club," eleven workers-cum-men died during construction. Their sacrifices are unbeknownst to self-absorbed Barbie..."

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Monday, August 14, 2023


From Filip Dewinter's twitter account, images from Brussels South, which is Brussels most important railway station since most lines from around the country and the most important international railway connections (including the Eurostar to and from London) converge here:

Cursed be our politicians.