Saturday, September 08, 2018


Lenny Kravitz with Mr. Cab Driver. From his debut album Let Love Rule (1989).

I remember it well from my MTV watching days. The album spawned two other singles, I build this garden for us and Let Love Rule. Kravitz was quite the revelation that autumn of 1989.

Genesis with Hairless Heart. From the concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974).

Still have no idea what these guys were smoking at the time, but judging by Gabriel's costumes it must have been strong stuff. Anyway Marnix B., a belated thx for getting me to know TLLDOB.

Goede nacht.


Friday, September 07, 2018


Austria and France amongst others have strong 'Génération Identitaire' groups. Flanders, Belgium's Flemish-speaking northern half, has a similar group calling itself 'Schild en Vrienden' [lit. 'Shield and Friends' - MFBB]. Which is a playful variant on the famous 'Schild en Vriend' 'password' Flemish patriots used to discern French from Flemish prior to the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302, in which a Flemish militia utterly defeated and routed the cream of French knighthood.

Below you see a video shot earlier this year, where frontman Dries Van Langenhoven explains how they are going to tackle the occupation by a leftist mob of a famous landmark in Ghent, the 'Gravensteen':

Schild en Vrienden has now come in the crosshairs by all of "well"-meaning Belgium because of the allegedly racist/sexist/antisemitic/take your pick content on their Facebook page.

Fleshing out later today, but to me it looks like an orchestrated attempt to divert attention away from truly epic revelations concerning the involvement of up to one in six city council members in the international drug trade in gloriously multicultural Antwerp earlier this week.

..... (update) I promised I would flesh it out, and for once I'm keeping my promise:

From the material available I had the time to check out, I guess that by far the biggest anti S & V gun is a Facebook post by Dries Van Langenhoven's presumed right hand man, a certain Louis De Stoop. It shows De Stoop being photographed near the Eiffel Tower, alongside a 1940 photo of the Fuehrer in about the same location, with the caption "Posing before the Eiffel Tower, who did it best"?

The media have whipped up a veritable shitstorm against Schild en Vrienden but for now the sound and fury is drowning out the 'evidence'. In other words, politicians, media talking heads, deans and principals, celebs et al are huffing and puffing about how horribly racist/sexist/antisemitic/homophobic the Flemish GI equivalent is, but the material being published to prove it is meagre, to say the least. I concur that the above photo is A BIG NO NO, but there are two possibilities here:

a.) Either De Stoop was serious, and then he should be booted out immediately. In any decent rightwing organization there can be no question whatsoever of ever admitting neonazis. Not only is Nazi doctrine inhuman and decidedly un-Christian, but also and just as importantly, Nazis were socialists. The very Nazi party acronym, NSDAP, stands for Nazional Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, or National SOCIALIST German WORKERS party. Anyone who swoons before nazi icons must be told in no uncertain terms that "The Right" is not the right place for him or her to be. Nazi economic policy was at heart Keynesianist, as opposed to Austrian school economics. Nazi Germany strived to become an autarky - the very opposite of free markets. Like their ideological brothers the Communists, Nazis strived to make the State an omnipotent watcher of the individual's every private move... by contrast, real rightwingers are fierce champions of freedom (insofar, of course, that pursuing this freedom does not hamper of harm other individuals).

b.) Or De Stoop's post was made in jest, and then it's a caption in bad taste. It's not impossible. In the comments sections of several rightwing sites, I myself have on at least two occasions blurted out "Wehrmacht come back! All is forgiven!" This in reaction to the umpteenth calamity caused by feckless security services acting inefficiently to this or that muslim terror deed or provocation in the public square. Now, would I really want the Wehrmacht to come back? Of course not! In September 1944, my grandfather and father, then a 10 year old kid, stood watching along the street in front of their house as German columns were retreating in great haste and disarray. My grandfather, typical for his personality, rather obviously smirked at the beaten soldiers of the Fuehrer. I will forever remember my father's description of what suddenly happened: a vehicle came to a stop, a fuming officer got out, pulled his pistol, and threatened to shoot my grandfather on the spot. My father told me that it was only his own loud crying and frantic clutching of his father's leg that prevented the officer from doing it. Grandpa was very lucky and came off with a stern warning and probaby an insult or two. My dad could grow up in peace, and somewhere along the timeline that resulted in yours truly being conceived and born. Now, this is but a very innocent display of Wehrmacht power and behaviour in the occupied countries. Would I genuinely wish for that and worse to come back? Certainly not! But I guess I thought I could score in the comments with a snarky phrase like that. And De Stoop might have thought that too with his Eiffel Tower remark.

Regardless, in the myriad of articles and references to Schild en Vrienden - here is a screenshot:

.... extremely little "evidence" is being brought forward of the alleged "racism", "sexism", "antisemitism", xenophoboism or whatever other ism causes tantrums in watermelons. The above photo by De Stoop actually does not even figure among the 'proof'. Indeed, while Dries Van Langenhoven was thrown out of his university, Ugent, (the Catholic University of Leuven has already offered - sob, sob, sob - to give him a second chance, if he repents for the horrible crime of being a patriot) Louis De Stoop is 'allowed' to stay. There IS no proof, unless you consider the fact that Dries Van Langenhoven once tweeted of wrote something like "I would like to use the word negro just to see what happens" as 'evidence' of racism.

I have therefore concluded that the hysterical media frenzy about a group which after all is still fringe in the Belgian/Flemish political landscape must be viewed in the current context, namely, there's municipal elections in a month. And the Schild and Vrienden affair is a stick to beat N-VA with, Flander's most powerful party, some kind of Vlaams Belang lite. Now, I have no use for N-VA, which stands for Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (New Flemish Alliance), because it is a Janus party essentially. It gives the impression that it is center right, but at heart it is not so different from the other Gutmenschen parties. For one thing, although N-VA constantly boasts that the Immigration Minister it has provided to tackle the Europeanwide crisis in this domain, a certain Theo Francken, is a tough guy, the reality is that under Francken, between 120,000 and 200,000 asylum applicants from so-called war zones have, over the past two to three years, gotten their requests validated. At least 52,000 family members who curiously stayed back in the war zones have gotten the green light to follow their brave kind and come to our shores too.

But Belgium, land of pussies, would not be Belgium if even the less than mediocre performance of men like Theo Francken wouldn't be too much for the Greens and Socialists, who can't wait to turn the country into the Third World and reduce Whites to minority status.

And so, when earlier this week the Antwerp N-VA mayor Bart De Wever suddenly voiced concern that the cocaine mafia is making itself felt in politics, the police and even the judiciary, the socialists and greens saw this as a move to score in the municipal elections to be held in October...

"In an explosive interview with De Volkskrant De Wever says that the normal balance of power in his city is giving way under pressure of the enormous sums of money courtesy the cocaine traffic. Money that, he says, is seeping through throughout the whole of society "by gifts to mosque nonprofits, unofficial loans to people in certain neighborhoods who cannot or will not go to a bank, by employing people in shops which are shops in name only but serve in reality criminal purposes: telephone shops, fish markets, shisabars..."

More than half of the intercepted cocaine in Latin America is destined for Belgium.

The mayor even goes one step further: "This money will buy influence in politics. I dare say: in Antwerp we have arrived on the stage that de drugs mafia is going to buy political influence". He adds that there are city council members of which he strongly suspects they are members of the cocaine mafia."

... and Red and Green shrieked hysterically that he should come forward with names. De Wever pointing with his finger to laundered cocaine money finding its way to MOSQUES, how dare he???

Two days later the non-story about Schild en Vrienden broke loose. It was: a.) the perfect item to divert attention away from drug trafficking by muslim nonprofits; and: b.) the perfect tool to beat N-VA with, since several Schild en Vrienden members are/were (?) on N-VA lists for the upcoming elections, and many, many ordinary N-VA members left likes on Schild en Vrienden's Facebook page.

It has worked extremely well. In the blink of an eye, Mayor De Wever's very serious allegations about the involvement of City Council members in the drug trade were forgotten. Politicans from all sides including N-VA (but luckily not Vlaams Belang), tripped over each other's feet to condemn 'racism' and distance themselves from Schild en Vrienden. In a normal country, the media would do everything to unearth the downright frightening mechanisms behind Antwerp's role as European Cocaine Carrousel, the influence that cocaine money is buying in the upper strata of Antwerp society, and the rise of deadly violence (drug cartel related shootings and grenade attacks in Antwerp and surroundings), and relegate the S and V non-item to fourteenth stage. Alas, Belgium is no normal country.

Because an honest media's inquiries and investigations would only disclose the fact that the groups behind the drug traffic are essentially Moroccan. Thus, islamic. Nah. We CAN'T have that.

Hence, the sudden shitstorm around Schild en Vrienden. I wish Mr Van Langenhoven all the luck. If the whole affair proves anything, it's that we need more Van Langenhovens.