Saturday, October 19, 2013


Dionne Warwick with, what else? Anyone who had a heart.

An immensely beautiful song by a great black diva. Where are they these days? Why do we have to make do with Rihanna?

We should also not forget the geniuses who composed and wrote this song, actually one of many they did for Dionne Warwick. These geniuses were Burt Bacharach for the music and Hal David for lyrics. I assume both names don't ring a bell whatsoever with most persons born after 1980. Bacharach and David are the men behind gems performed by Herb Alpert, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and The Carpenters - amongst others. The photo shows Bacharach in his prime, with his second wife, the actress Angie Dickinson (as a sidenote, I might add that she was a mighty hot ticket, but I think you can figure that out for yourself).

 photo Burt_Bacharach_-_Angie_Dickinson_-1965_zpsf2babfe0.jpg

Anyone who had a heart was Warwick's first top ten hit in the States, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium and Australia in January 1964. Since it was written in 1963, that makes it's right now half a century old. And maybe it's just me (though I don't really believe that), but 50 years later it's still hasn't lost one bit of its attractiveness. I guess that's pretty amazing. We're talking here about a hit written in the era Kennedy was murdered - seems an awfully long time ago, huh? Think of Scott Joplin's famous ragtime hit, The Entertainer, written in 1902. Let's be honest, ragtime sounds hopelessly archaic in a way classical pieces written even two centuries earlier don't. We recognize it's importance, but even in the sixties, half a century ago, it must already have sounded terribly uncool and old-fashioned. Almost as many years separate 2013 from 1963, when Anyone... was written, as 1963 from 1902. But to me it's like Warwick's hit is still as fresh, moving and... actual, as back then. It's a testimony to the extremely lucky hit of Bacharach and David meeting.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Learning to Fly.

From the 1991 album Into the great wide open.



Friday, October 18, 2013


On October 11, police officers wanted to arrest a 19-year old criminal suspect of moroccan or turkish origin in the Meulenberg neighborhood in Houthalen-Helchteren, northeast Belgium. They entered the dwelling where the suspect lived, but family and sympathizers ran amok and caused such turmoil that the suspect, already in handcuffs, was able to escape.

In a flying pig moment, the socialist mayor Alain Yzermans, deemed the deliberate obstruction of the neighborhood in the arrest of a criminal suspect strong enough to set in motion a so-called Police Intervention Plan, which authorised the deployment of no less than 80 (eighty) police officers. This relatively massive show of force was met with widespread rioting in the neighborhood, in the course of which several police officers were wounded, one of them suffering a fractured skull.

One of the rioters filmed the events and put it on YouTube. At first everything seems quiet, but from the 5'30'' mark things get interesting. The police vehicles leave the neighborhood and are pelted with stones by the muslim scum. One of the drivers, an officer from nearby Lummen, was hit by a stone at the head and crashed first against a streetlight, then against a house, in the process suffering a cracked skull.

All this accompanied by the jubilant cheers of the followers of the prophet of course.

Here are some blurred but atmospheric stills from the incident:

 photo meulenberg_zps9c557a35.jpg

 photo meulenberg0_zps1f0c3f3f.jpg

 photo meulenberg2_zpsfcf9367e.jpg

 photo meulenberg1_zpsda2a0485.jpg

 photo meulenberg3_zps76b09adc.jpg

After the riots, Police Corps Chief Jean-Paul Lucas stated in a press conference that after the police van had crashed and the driver, with a life-threatening skull injury, lay wedged against the steering wheel, the young (turks) tried to get hold of his service gun.

There's several more 'interesting' angles about this story, not least the mind-boggling reaction of Flemish Interior Minister Geert Bourgeois (NVA) to a series of questions posed by Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) in (Flemish) parliament regarding the riots. Bourgeois said - I kid you not - that urban planning in the Meulenberg neighborhood should be studied, since it may have played a role in the 'obvious' segregation there.

Golly, yeah! IF ONLY traffic lights, preferably red all the time, had been installed at the intersection of Bremstraat and Kerklaan instead of a roundabout!!! IF ONLY Wildrozenlaan had been triangular in shape and not like an arc, and IF ONLY Acaciastraat and Gagelstraat had been intersecting at forty-five degrees instead of thirty, THEN there might have been not riots according to Bourgeois!!!

 photo meulenberg_plan_zpsc1ba97e4.jpg

As has been demonstrated time and again, muslim immigrants don't give a rat's ass whether there are criminals among them. On these pages I have several times remarked that when we westerners hear about one of 'our' criminals being arrested, or shot down or whatever, our reaction is invariably 'good riddance'. Not so muslims. They close ranks and clearly consider the perpetrator as one of their own, and when police intervene, as a hero even. It's a simple truth that completely eludes our poltically correct moral betters.

Another simple truth for which we have to thank them is that you can be DAMN SURE that most turkish households in neighborhoods like Meulenberg possess illegal firearms - despite Belgium's stringent anti-gun laws, closely observed by the meek autochton population. If ever things get REALLY HOT, and THEY WILL at some point in the future, we native Belgians will be as defenseless as the sheep the followers of the prophet now slaughter so eagerly - often illegally by the way - in this period of ramadan.

Mark my words.

Will you excuse me now, I have to puke.