Saturday, July 16, 2016


Jamie xx aka Jamie Smith with Loud Places. From his 2015 debut album In Colour.

London DJ, also producer and remixer. Sometimes plays as a member of the London-based band The xx. Hat tip OutlawDaughter.

Carole King with It's too late. From the 1971 album Tapestry.

Singer/songwriter from Manhattan, born Joan Carol Klein in 1942. Actually, she's the Carol in Neil Sedaka's 1959 hit Oh!Carol - Sedaka dated her when they were still in high school. Not that you would ever hear that tearjerker o'er here at DB.

Good night.



Again, the swine posing as the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, did not miss the opportunity to rub salt in the wounds of the deceased's relatives.

He called the murders in Nice an "appalling attack on the freedom and the peace that we cherish,” Also, "We pledge to stand with our French friends as we defend our nations against this scourge of terrorism and violence. This is a threat to all of us."

It's the kind of lame senseless boilerplate we have come to expect from someone who is essentially a product of the muslim world.

It was just... terror, you know. Happens all the time.

And echoing him were the usual suspects: Merkel, Hollande and his cronies Valls and Cazeneuve, Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Turnbull, Hillary Clinton et al. All "standing united together against hatred and violence", in the words of that idiot Donald Tusk.

When you have cancer of the bone marrow, of which one nasty side effect is brittle bones, you don't address the problem by merely placing the person in question on a calcium-rich diet.

You address the cancer.

If you don't, the person will die.

It's pretty much what's happening.

They are addressing the side effects.

Not the cancer.

The cancer is ISLAM.

 photo dead_because_of_islam_zpsltv3vw75.jpg

Every year, right after New Year's Day, I invite our personnel and their spouses to a dinner in an excellent restaurant. Last time round, with the November murders in Paris still fresh in memory, the conversation turned towards the terror attacks and it's relation to the islamization of our countries.

Far too many people who rely for their news only on what the regime press, our cowards of politicians, and the cultural and educational sector tell them, still cling to the absurd notion that islam is basically okey-dokey and that the terrorists "do not represent the real islam". When I told Dominique, the spouse of one of my workers, that the ROOT of the problem happens to be just that, ISLAM, I could see that she did not want to pursue the conversation along those lines. She did not look me in the eye, looked at the wallpaper instead, and with the merest, barely perceptible smile on her face, made it clear that no matter what I said re taqqiya, abrogation, the violent history of this cruel cult, abhorrent violation of women's rights in muslim countries, whatever, she was NEVER going to change her opinion. Her husbands's boss was a bigot after all. I could see that's what she thought, merely by observing her body language.

Two and a half months later, I heard from her husband that one of her colleagues had not shown up for work.

It was March 22nd, and the colleague in question happened to be on the metro in Maalbeek Station.

She survived.

But she is still incapacitated.

When I asked Dominique's husband last week how that colleague was doing, he replied that she was still unrecognizable, and will be for a long time yet.

Would Dominique have thought about the aborted conversation she had with me in January?

Would she have considered to change her mind about islam?

I'm sorry to say that honestly, I don't believe she did.

Likewise, I'm convinced this latest atrocity has had no effect yet on the minds of Europe's deluded people. Or if it has, it's not been enough. And as I am writing this, the scoundrels in the Luegenpresse are already doing a fine job to deflect the motives away from mohammedanism. This morning I had to read that the perpetrator drank alcohol and took drugs and that therefore there can't be a religious angle - dixit his father, happily quoted by Het Laatste Nieuws.

So it's onwards to the next slaughter at the hands of muslim barbarians.


Thursday, July 14, 2016


Last night, nine cars were set alight in the Adolphe Demeurlaan in Sint-Gillis, one of Brussels' nineteen communes. Via VTM News:

Bekijk meer video's van vtmnieuws op

The regime press was lightning quick to let us, the Great Unwashed, know that "authorities had said that this is common criminality, and not related to terrorism whatsoever".

 photo carbq_sint_gillis_zpsfppsne0p.jpg

Phew! Next time you check out your street at 3am and you see your trusted Peugeot or Volkswagen contributing directly to Global Warming, don't worry and go back to sleep, it's only common criminality!

I bet the perps were Jan, Peter, Koen, Klaas, Inge, Caroline, Ann and Geert.

Don't you?


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Via Breitbart:

"The socialist government of Venezuela opened its western border with Colombia for 12 hours this weekend as a means of combatting growing food shortages in the nation. An estimated 35,000 took advantage of the opening to buy basic food items like sugar and flour and to visit relatives they were barred from seeing after a mass deportation last year.

The government of President Nicolás Maduro announced on Friday that the border would be fully open for those seeking to travel to Colombia from the border state of Táchira for 12 hours. Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reports that the line to cross the bridge into Cúcuta, Colombia began forming at 3 AM the morning before the event, with Venezuelans passing the time by chanting “holy land,” referring to the neighboring country, and counting the goods they were hoping to buy. Border patrol agents began to allow Venezuelans to cross the border at 5 AM local time.

“We don’t have anything to eat to give our children, so I don’t find it fair that the border remains closed,” one woman who crossed the border told El Tiempo. Those who managed to stock up during the limited time that the border remained open, however, appeared satisfied. “We bought rice, pasta, sugar, toilet paper, butter, everything we could bring back. We had enough for lots of stuff,” one father told the Spanish newswire service EFE. All expressed gratitude towards Colombian vendors for welcoming them to Cúcuta, with some carrying signs reading, “Colombia, thank you for your solidarity with Venezuela"..."

 photo wonders_socialism_venezuela_zpsobe8ajks.jpg

When given an itsy bitsy teeny weeny of an opportunity Venezuelans flee the Socialist Paradise for neighboring Colombia, that capitalist hellhole run by evil rightwingers like Alvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos...

Hmmmm. Now where have I seen that before??? Oh yeah! Got it:

 photo flucht_aus_DDR_zpskwjibbqa.jpg

Ungrateful East Germans fleeing their Socialist Paradise for the West when given a chance. 1989.

A couple of years back, Belgian leftist rag De Standaard ran tearful, gushing articles following Hugo Chavez' death. By contrast, when Margaret Thatcher died she got basically spit on (Belgian State television was even worse).

But I bet these assholes still think "if only it had been implemented correctly! Give socialism, communism, collectivism, Khmer Rouge-ism just-one-more-chance!!!"


Monday, July 11, 2016


Must see video du jour. Make that de la semaine.

Hat tip Gates of Vienna.