Saturday, March 09, 2019


We don't often feature The Beatles here - heck, did I actually ever? - but here is A Day in the Life. Album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967).

If I tell you that the BBC initially banned the song because there were references to drugs and because of the line "I'd love to turn you on" you know "A day in the Life of" was a looooooooooong time ago.

The Bony King of Nowhere with Like Lovers Do. Album Silent Days (2018).

Singer/songwriter from Ghent, Belgium. Real name Bram Vanparys.

Gute Nacht meine Damen und Herren.



PI-News reports on the tragic death of another young German woman who was so foolish to give herself to a muslim culture enricher.

"Messer-Mord in Worms: „Ahmed“ und die Krankenpflegerin Cynthia R. waren nur 16 Wochen zusammen, bevor sich das Mädchen von ihm trennte. Der Killer quittierte das mit mehr als 10 tödlichen Messerstichen, der Links-Staat half auch tat-kausal mit."


"Knife murder in Worms: "Ahmed and nurse Cynthia R. had been together for only 16 weeks, when the girl decided to end the relationship. The killer reacted with more than 10 deadly knife stabbings, the Leftist State also shares part of the responsibility".

The author of the article, Max Thoma, adds this perhaps not so far-fetched insight:

"Der mörderische deutsche Links-Staat testet mit seinem „Historisch Einzigartigen Experiment“ seit geraumer Zeit auch ganz bewusst die extremsten „Schmerz-Grenzen“ der Bevölkerung aus – also seiner schon-länger-hier-arbeitenden Untertanen. Das haben totalitäre Dystopie-Systeme an sich."

"The murderous German leftist state, with its "Historically Unique Experiment", has been deliberately probing the most extreme "pain treshold" of the population - i.e. the part that has been living her longer. Typical for totalitarian dystopian systems."

That's a serious allegation, and one worth pondering. I am no fan of conspiracy theories, so I still refrain from claiming that the Ueberwhore who has the audacity to call herself Bundeskanzlerin, has been, and is, convening in some super secret place with her cronies to devise schemes to purposefully destroy the country entrusted to her. I still think that in their warped worldview they are assuming of themselves that what they do is 'good' for the nation. Although to be honest, I no longer think so of her allies in the German Greens - those went completely over the cliff some time ago, no longer even hiding they are in essence anti-human.

But what I DO believe... is that Merkel & Co are completely aware that purposefully opening the borders to millions of paedophile worshippers, will lead to a certain number of casualties among the BioGermans. I am absolutely convinced of that. Just as generals who draw up plans to seize strategic targets know that their battlefield moves will inevitably result in KIA's, WIA's and MIA's among their troops, so Germany's moral betters KNOW, and even worse, ACCEPT, that a certain blood toll will be paid by the original Germans.

In their arrogance, they don't question their decision to throw open the borders. But if we are to believe Thoma, they might indeed be questioning themselves 'how many dead Cynthias, Mias, Gretchens etc is the population willing to accept before they set fire to the Reichstag'?

Be that as it may, the conclusion of this umpteenth sordid affair, is that the German taxpayer now has to pay for feeding, bringing to court and incarcerating yet another ungrateful, worthless, completely unemployable muslim subhuman; that another native German woman not only lost her life, but will also never give birth to much needed replacements; that the hospital where she worked will have to look for somebody to fill Cynthia R's open post (in a very tight labor market, at least for qualified jobs); and that the loved ones of Cynthia R. now have to deal for the rest of their lives with the loss of their daughter, sibling, or friend.

In other words, PROGRESS. No worries, cause "Wir schaffen das"! Danke, Frau Merkel, danke, danke, danke!

The bigshots of the International Women's Day could not be reached for comment. You'll have to excuse them, they are too busy rooting out the Evil White Patriarchy.


Friday, March 08, 2019


We know Ryan and Shane from Buzzfeed's "Unsolved" series, but they also have a gig called "Ruining History". This one is about those naughty Brits Burning down the House (the White one) in 1812.

A weird war indeed. Come to think of it, one of the generals killed on the British side, be it far from Washington, in New Orleans, was a certain Pakenham, the brother of the (offical) wife of the Duke of Wellington.



Houston we have a problem. A utility worker repairing a traffic light overhead a highway near The Bayou City had a close call with a truck. Amazingly, he survived and walked away from the spot on his own - albeit in shock.

Via CNN no less. Oh yeah, and today is International Women's Day.

End the discrimination! We want more dead women on the workfloor!

And someone tell that braggard of a utility worker he must STOP oppressing women.


Sunday, March 03, 2019


Santa Maria della Salute, a work by William James Mueller:

A Bristol native, he was the son of J.S. Mueller, a Prussian from Danzig who made it curator of the Bristol Museum. Mueller the son is the best known artist of the Bristol School.

Beach Scene, St Ives. By Stanhope Alexander Forbes.

The son of an Irishman and a French woman, he became the father of the so-called Newlyn School, the English counterpart of the French Barbizon School. Needless to say, they favored painting en plein air.

Both works are displayed at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.




"Tragic murder victim Jodie Chesney was playing music and socialising with friends in the park moments before she was senselessly killed, police said tonight. The 17-year-old was stabbed at around 9.30pm on Friday in a park Harold Hill, Havering, east London. The student was having fun with four other teenagers when the killer and an accomplice struck. She died as a result of a single stab wound to the back by a man who walked away after saying nothing. "Jodie’s group were aware of two males in the park who left at around 9pm without interacting with Jodie or her friends. "Around 30 minutes later the pair returned to the park and walked straight towards the group, where one of the males stabbed Jodie once in the back," a Met Police spokesman said tonight. Officers described the suspect who attacked Jodie as a black male aged in his late teens. Read More Jodie Chesney stabbing: Devastated mum visits park where girl, 17, was killed There is no further description of him at this stage, nor is there any description of the other male. The detective leading the investigation, DCI Dave Whellams, said: “I am appealing for any witnesses who have yet to speak with police to call me. "There has been excellent support from the local community and a number of people have shared information with police, but there will be other witnesses and people with information that may prove crucial. “Although the description of the suspect is limited, I am certain that people will have seen the two males hanging around the park or running away from the scene - or will otherwise have noticed something suspicious. I need those people to call me.” At this early stage, there have been no arrests and enquiries continue. Anyone with information should call the HMCC Incident Room on 020 8345 3775, Tweet @MetCC or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Read More Harold Hill 'murder': Girl's last Instagram was 'Happy Birthday' message to dad Speaking in Havering the day after the murder, Acting Detective Chief Superintendent John Ross of the East Area Command Unit said: "Yesterday a 17-year-old girl lost her life, and I want to express my deepest sympathies to (Jodie's) family and friends. Her death is a tragedy. "I can reassure them and the whole community that we are doing everything possible to identify and bring to justice the person or persons responsible. "It is days like these that really do highlight how we must continue to work tirelessly with our partners and the public to tackle knife crime. "I am urging any witnesses, anyone who saw anything suspicious or anyone with information about the incident to contact police and share what they know." Read More Havering 'murder': Girl, 17, killed in 'random' attack had 'knife in back' Devastated friends of the Girl Scout called her “the most happy person”. One sobbing girl said: “She was just the most happy person, she never stopped smiling. "She was studying psychology and sociology..."

Basically all media outlets refuse to disclose the fact that the killer was a black male.

Because that's, racist you know. Small Britain has now arrived at the stage that pointing it out can land you in jail. Not kidding.

RIP Ms Chesney. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Rope. Tree. Liblabcon + journos.