Friday, March 02, 2007

Dems show their true colors

Is anyone wondering what the US would be like under full Democratic control? Well, we're getting a taste of it now in the horrid "Employee Free Choice Act" being considered by congress. This piece of legislation does exactly the opposite of what its name implies. It takes away the workers' right to vote on unionization via secret ballot, making the "Card Check" system of "voting" all that union leaders need to unionize a shop. For those unfamiliar with the Card Check system, it involves a bunch of union goons going around the company intimidating people into signing these "cards." Once they have a majority of the work force scared into signing these cards, the entire shop goes union, end of story. This is the most undemocratic piece of legislation to come around in a long time. The secret ballot is one of the pillars of democracy, allowing people to freely make choices in private without fear of repercussions. Unions are rightly going extinct all around the country, so these thugs are trying to change the rules since giving people the choice to be in a union or not almost always means they will choose not to.

The Democrats are trying to pay back the unions, who make up a huge amount of their voter base and give them vast quantities of money every year (did you know that 70% of union dues go directly to political contributions, and of that 70%, over 90% goes to democratic candidates?) They figure that completely tossing freedom and democracy in the toilet is a fair trade for them being in power. This bill is an outrage.

Here's a good summary of what's going on. I also highly recommend Linda Chavez' Betrayal, which exposes unions for the cancer that they are in this country.