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I feel uneasy writing about this, but I feel I MUST.

Islamic State yesterday identified its next target, Peter Edward Kassig. Kassig is a 26-year old former US Army Ranger whom IS captured in Lebanon last year while he was offering help to Syrian refugees. To that purpose, he had founded an NGO which provided blankets, food and medical care to refugees from neigboring Syria.

IS put a disturbing video online showing a masked operative declaring the Army veteran would soon be beheaded too - sharing the gruesome fate of Alan Henning, Hervé Gourdel, Steven Sotloff and James Foley.

In a last-ditch attempt to stave off the murder of their son, the parents of Peter Kassig today released a video of their own, imploring IS to refrain from the execution.

But there is a lot in this video that has a very disturbing dimension of its own, though. Watch:

And check out this transcript from CNN:

"The family of ISIS hostage and U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig released a YouTube video Saturday asking his captors to show mercy and free him. Referring to him as Abdul-Rahman -- a first name his family says he took, having converted to Islam while being held hostage -- father Ed Kassig said: "We implore his captors to show mercy and use their power to let our son go."

Peter Kassig, 26, first went to the Middle East as a U.S. soldier and returned as a medical worker, feeling compelled to help victims of war. His mother, Paula, addressed her son in the video: "We are so very proud of you and the work you have done to bring humanitarian aid to the Syrian people," she said.

Most of all, know that we love you, and our hearts ache for you to be granted your freedom so we can hug you again and then set you free to continue the life you have chosen, the life of service to those in greatest need," she added.

The couple noted they were releasing the video on the same day of Islam's Eid al-Adah or the Festival of Sacrifice, when Muslims slaughter lambs, goats, sheep and cattle and distribute the meat to the poor and their families. The holiday coincides with the end of the hajj pilgrimage and commemorates Allah's sparing Abraham from sacrificing his son Ishmael."

I note several things:

a.) The first thing is that people should realize that monsters who are even capable of killing babies, as they have done, will NOT be dissuaded by a lame plea on a YouTube video to save the life of a grownup American. Of course I have it easy. Of course I'm sitting here on my warm ass and it's somebody else's child whose life is at stake. But even in the position of the Kassigs, after all the atrocities that have been committed by IS, after the useless pleas of other parents, it should be crystal clear to them that you cannot rekindle whatever infinitesimal flame of humanity may be left in the husks of these orcs, for the simple reason that it is not there and has never been.

b.) The second thing is that Peters mother has her head covered, which I find ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. Look, I try to comprehend that a mother fearing for the life of her son will clutch at whatever straws she can think of, but there's this voice in me that's literally SCREAMING with anger because of how weak we have become as a society. So utterly and devastatingly undermined in our beliefs about ourselves and our civilization that we seem to have lost the last sparkle of pride in the accomplishments of our much better and stronger predecessors. Even if you would feel you'd have to do a video, one should not humiliate oneself by donning islamic garb in a vain hope at appeasement. It not only is a horrible humiliation, but at the same time a betrayal of everything OUR Western culture stands for. You simply don't bow down to a 'culture' that is vastly inferior, like islam.

c.) The third thing is that Peter Kassig would purportedly have converted to islam, assuming the name Abdul-Rahman. As if that is not horrifying enough, even his parents refer to him like that, throwing the name THEY THEMSELVES GAVE HIM AT BIRTH... in the wastebin. What a shame, what a terrible shame!

d.) And last but not least there's the timing of their video, which concides with the islamic festival of sacrifice. Currently, there's a big fuss over here because if it depends on the newly installed Flemish government, 2014 will be the last year muslims will be able to slaughter animals without anesthysizing them. Already spokesmen for the muslim communities are threatening with civil disorder in 2015. If Eid al-Adah commemmorates Allah's sparing of Abraham from sacrificing his son, it's a strange way of commemmorating because each and every year Eid al-Adah turns out to be a bloody gorefest of gigantic proportions. LOOK at this photo of muslims celebrating Allah showing mercy vis-à-vis Abraham:

 photo muslim_beasts_zpsad31661f.jpg

Don't see much mercy over there. Muslims get a kick out of slitting throats. Kassig's parents might as well put their video online on Halloween.

Such is the result of decades of leftist indoctrination that KEEPS insisting that islam is a 'religion of peace', that somehow, somewhere, that elusive but grandiosely huge majority of muslims are peaceful and well-meaning, that AQ, Islamic State, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab et al are the fringe.

They are not the fringe. If anything, they are the champions.

And again, I am reminded of that line in the Oliver Stone movie Platoon, the Vietnam war movie from 1986, which at the time made a ginormous impression on me. But which I now see in a totally different light, because I have learned who and what Oliver Stoned is: a self-hating and deluded leftist fuckwad who is craving, every time he wakes up, to empty what has been processed in his bowels during the night asap on his own country and his own civilization.

That Platoon line is: 'The enemy is in us'.

The enemy is indeed in us, but not in the way Stone, who seems to have fancied the NVA and the VC, imagined.

The enemy is in us and among us all right, and it is first and foremost ubiquitous in schools, academia, the MSM, De Standaard, the LA Times, the BBC, Le Monde, The Guardian, and among at least 80 per cent of our politicians. For decades they have learned us to hate ourselves and our culture, to the point that people are willing to dump a steaming pile of shit on their heritage and go muslim all over on a fucking YouTube video you can watch all over the planet.

In World War II, thousands upon thousands of American servicemen were beaten, starved, butchered and yes, BEHEADED, in Japanese POW camps.


Because back then, people were confident in who they were and what they stood for.

This is the body of Steven Sotloff, may God have mercy on him:

 photo stevensotloff_zps07e996a6.jpg

His mother Shirley had also pleaded with ISIS to save the life of her son.

Much good it did him.

As horrible as the predicament of the Kassig family is, as rude and coarse as my denunciation of them sounds even in my own ears, as much as I realize how very different and difficult their position is compared to mine... I can't help but reprimanding them for publicly denying what their son actually is: a Westerner, an AMERICAN - and at one time a proud Ranger (at least I hope he was). That is how he should have been adressed, not as fucking Abdul-Rahman.

In this conflict with ISIS, for humanity there is but one option: kill and destroy as many of them as possible. Pulverize them. Atomize them. And treat the remnants the Kitchener Way.

As for the wider picture: acknowledge that ISIS is but a symptom of the disease.

And that Disease is called ISLAM.

Peter Kassig, that's your name, PETER EDWARD KASSIG, NOT "ABDUL-RAHMAN", but PETER EDWARD KASSIG, tomorrow I will go to church and pray for you, desperately. That's all I can do. That, and doing my damnedest best, even with the pitiful means at my disposition, even with my many flaws and weaknesses, to spread the message wide and far that ISLAM IS CANCER, and the sooner the sane part of humanity realizes it the better.

May God be with you.



Albert Hammond with I don't wanna die in an air disaster, a magnificent golden oldie.

English singer/songwriter and producer with Gibraltarian ties. Also known per other hits such as It never rains in southern California, I'm a train, The free electric band, but these I considered a bit too mellowy for Outlaw Mike's Music Box.

OK, The Walker Brothers last week were mellowy too, but we can look over that because of Scott Walker's impressive baritone.

In 1979, the Nick Straker Band, from London, had a huge hit with A Walk in the Park.

Fusion pop group around Nick Straker. After "A walk in..." they had some minor succes in the States in 1981, with 'A little bit of Jazz', and that was it about. The above bozos are an outfit called The Conways, but the music seems to be the original Nick Straker version.

Goede nacht.


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...because we can't keep talking about muslim a-holes ALL the time.

Dammit! I did it again!



Monday, September 29, 2014


Don't miss Bill Whittle's latest, Loch Ness Socialism:

Ole Outlaw Mike could never put it so eloquently.

The sad thing is, it's one Bill Whittle vs gazillions of schoolteachers who day in day out, preach the leftist gospel to our children. And so my 13-year old daughter comes home saying that on school in a course called SEI, for Social-Economic Initiation, they had learned about the difference between Democrats and Republicans in the US of A. The distinction was really simple you know, and my daughter's niece who's in the same class and comes home with our child every Wednesday had learned to sum it up quite nicely: Democrats are the ones who always want to improve things. Subsequently, they are the good ones. Republicans, on the other hand, are the ones who want things (read: bad situations) to stay the same. Conclusion: Democrat GOOOOOD, Republican BAAAAAAAD.

Another example: me visiting a client's home in the village of Mater, near Oudenaarde, June of this year. I'm talking to Mr and Mrs S about some stuff, commercial, technical and the like (the husband is, like me, a small business owner, albeit in a totally different sector). They've got two cute little readhead daughters, 5 and 7 or something. Oldest one comes in the room where we're talking, bright smile on her face. They had learned in school how utterly important it was that they keep their ecological footprint to a bare minimum.

I thought I could cry.

Indoctrination. Constantly. Overwhelmingly.

Lies. Deceit. Omission of critical facts. Smothering of different viewpoints.

And at the end of it all come the LABELS.

Leftist, progressive = GOOD, NOBLE, HUMAN.

Rightwing, conservative = BAD, EVIL, INHUMAN.

Yup, Bill Whittle has his work cut out for him. And so do we.



Sunday, September 28, 2014


Via Observatoire de l'Islamisation:

 photo algerije_salafisme_zps0181511b.jpg



"Hervé Gourdel is a victim of media propaganda which keeps presenting the majority of muslims as sympathetic. Confidently, he (Gourdel) went hiking smack in the middle of the islamist renaissance.

The very serious algerian publication L'Expression [there's apparently still a secular magazine in Algeria, MFBB] reports in its May 5, 2013 issue:

"The phenomenon of salafism is rampant in Algeria. Statistics, which are not confirmed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, show that 80% of the Algerian mosques are under salafist control. By the way, the latter have manifested themselves repeatedly and how? On several occasion, their imams have refused to stand up when the national hymn was played, as they consider this custom "une bidaâ" [something 'progressive', MFBB]

Photo: Algerian salafist chief Abdelkader Bouziane who regularly gave conferences in Lyon's 'Grande Mosquée'.

For those who can't keep track anymore with the beheadings: Hervé Gourdel was the Frenchman who was beheaded last week. He was an avid mountaineer, and was taken hostage while climbing in the mountains of Kabylia, northern Algeria.

Such is the result of the drivel we are spoonfed day in day out by the scoundrel airheads brewing our daily portion of politically correct 'news' in their witch cauldron. I'm damn fond of climbing too, but there's not a hair on my head that would think of moving to the Atlas, courtesy that awfully huge majority of peaceful mooslims living there. It seems Gourdel was a victim the way James Foley was a victim: by gullibly assuming the jihadists are not after ordinary westerners but only after the military of the Great Satan, the IDF, Geert Wilders etc etc. BIG MISTAKE.

Algeria is possibly as much a salafist hellhole as SA is. In 2009, I quoted The Brussels Journal on these pages with regards to what's happening in Algeria:

Two French websites – Islamisation, administered by Joachim Véliocas, and Bivouac-Id – have posted reports on the laying of the first stone of the new Grand Mosque of Tours. Notable among the dignitaries present were the Algerian Minister of Religion, the Socialist mayor of Tours, Jean Germain, and… the archbishop of Tours, Monsignor Aubertin.

Tours will have its Grand Mosque when the 5 million euros necessary for its financing have been found – in 3 years, at the earliest. A quarter of the sum has already been collected. The land was purchased by the Paris Mosque, subsidized by Algeria. On November 29, 2008, amidst great ceremony, the first stone was laid. In 732, a Muslim army was defeated outside the city of Tours by Charles Martel and the Franks. The Battle of Tours was one of the most decisive battles in history since it stopped the Islamization of Europe (at least for 13 centuries). Adolf Hitler bitterly regretted that the Muslims had not won in Tours.

The Algerian Minister of Religion, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah made a stopover in Tours to attend the laying of the first stone of the Grand Mosque of Tours, before taking off for Saudi Arabia... a land where the practice of Christianity is forbidden, as in Algeria where spreading it is punishable by heavy fines and prison sentences! But Algeria will contribute up to 490,000 euros towards financing the mosque.

Bouabdallah Ghlamallah distinguished himself earlier in the year through his sense of inter-religious dialogue, so dear to the hearts of French bishops. He closed 10 churches, justifying his actions by saying: “I associate evangelization with terrorism.”

On June 24, 2004, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah denounced the evangelization of Kabyles (Berbers) in Algeria during a press conference in Algiers. He repeated that Islam was the “religion of the State and of all Algerians”, then warned that preaching Christianity would result inevitably in a confrontation: “There will be bloodshed.”

See that genetically deranged muslim ape over there, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah? Is Minister of Religious Affairs in Algeria. So when l'Expression writes that 80% of Algerian mosques are salafist, and that asshole's ministry does not confirm it, who you gonna believe?

Don't be a FOOL.


P.S. Rest in Peace Hervé Gourdel. God bless.