Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm playing on safe here. Run baby run. Can't imagine somebody not liking this classic Sheryl Crow hit from 1995. Or perhaps not so classic, since it took three release attempts to finally launch it for good - the first attempt dating from 1993. Run baby run was taken from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club. How well do I remember watching the MTV clip of the very first hit drawn from that album, All I wanna do. Ah... time.

Waterfall. Nice 1987 hit by Wendy and Lisa.

Yes. 22 years already.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Weird coincidence. Barely had I posted the previous installment dealing with Filip Dewinter's new book, "Inch Allah", about the islamization of Europe, or there's FOX News with a report on how Brussels, now 25% muslim, is rapidly becoming the capital of "Eurabia". I put that dreadful word between brackets, because at this stage the horrible trend is still reversible - and one must always hope.

Anyway, I'm glad that across the pond, finally, some MSM channel picks up the disturbing static emanating from the old continent. Check out the following video from FOX's Bret Baier:

I must admit that the scarce exerpts from FOX's interview with Dewinter do not do right to his oratory gifts. He's not exactly coming over as stuttering, but the vigor and eloquency are clearly lacking. That said, the message Mr. Dewinter brings is clear. Brussels, the Capital of Europe, is in the process of being taken over by muslims. In three of its nineteen communes, they form now the majority, and when that is a fact, the disconcerting dynamic of the rest of the indiginous Belgians leaving is plain to see for those who WANT to see it. The process is always the same. Muslim families, far more numerous than "old" Belgians through their higher fertility, "softly push" the originals out by societal pressure consisting of:

a.) deliberate mayhem in the neighborhoods (by youngsters, but not entirely by that age class)

b.) creation of an alien atmosphere (soukh-like shopping neighborhoods, noisy prayer houses)

c.) intimidation of police (an arrest of a petty criminal invariably leads to the officers suddenly being surrounded by tens of muslims seemingly coming from everywhere)

d.) intimidation of indigenous women (girls and women whose clothing is deemed "offensive" are invariably harassed)

e.) rampant criminality. This is not really a deliberate phenomenon, but given the inevitable lack of parental control, many young (and unemployed) muslims turn to criminal activities.

f.) general dilapidation of the neighborhood (it is a sad but inescapable fact that muslim neighborhoods dilapidate, given their apparent lack of western style labor ethic)

All these factors lead to house prices gradually dropping as more muslims move into a neighborhood. The indigenous couples who stay longest see the value of their habitat drop like a stone and are at the end forced to sell it for a bargain price to... you guess it, after which the process accelerates even more.

It is this perverse dynamic that has created the three muslim-majority communes of Brussels, with more to follow. In these communities, there are now several no-go zones where the police don't dare to patrol anymore. An exerpt from the FOX article is telling:

Yet Molenbeek remains disconcerting. Belgian police assigned three plainclothes officers to watch over a FOX News team shooting street scenes one morning in Molenbeek. When FOX News returned in the afternoon as more people were out and about, the police said it would be safer not to get out of the car. It wasn't even dark yet.

Molenbeek is one of the three muslim-majority Brussels communes. Its mayor is Philippe Moureaux, a stereotypical Parti Socialiste scoundrel. The Parti Socialiste, nicknamed "The Party of 1,000,000 scandals", is so through and through rotten that if I were to write a table of contents of a brief summary of its scandals over the past three decades and I would drop it on your foot, you'd be in hospital for a couple of weeks. I remember a day when Mr. Moureaux gave unwillingly testimony of that sad situation himself when he once came on TV hinting that he knew the murderers of his old compadre, André Cools, a Parti Socialiste strongman from Liège who was assassinated in 1991. Too bad for Mr. Moureaux, in the Parti Socialiste, like in the mafia, there's something like an omerta.


Philippe Moureaux in the company of his new people.

Either way, Philippe Moureaux, mayor of Molenbeekistan, is the living embodiment of Berthold Brechts 1953 model politician following the "Wenn das Volk mit der Regierung nicht einverstanden ist, muss sich die Regierung ein anderes Volk suchen." adage. If your German is not that strong, know that Brecht was a communist German playwright who infamously wrote:

After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had thrown away the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

The June 17, 1953 uprising was a popular revolt, begun by East berlin construction workers, against the stalinist Eastern German republic [the "DDR" or Deutsche Demokratische Republik - MFBB]. In 1966, the West German Ministry for Inter-German affairs estimated that 383 people were killed in the revolt itself and that a further 106 were executed under martial law or later condemned to death. 1,838 would have been injured as well as 5,100 arrested.

Luckily, to date we have been spared the bloodshed. But then we have not seen yet an uprising among Belgium's native population of the scope and character of the June 17 Uprising. We are however able to observe Brechts recipe in practice. Mr. Moureaux did elect himself another people.

One last tidbit.

In one of the other muslim-majority Brussels communes, Sint-Joost-Ten-Node, a certain Emir Kir, is about to become Belgium's first muslim mayor.


Mr. Kir, who is of Turkish descent, denies that the Armenian genocide has taken place.

Mr. Kir is a member of the Parti Socialiste.

But, I suspect you suspected that already.