Saturday, October 14, 2023


Mark Steyn proves that he's still as eloquent and relevant as 2 decades back:

"In our initial report on this new war yesterday, we published a video showing a terrified young lady being abducted by Hamas "soldiers" from an Israeli music festival. She was delivered to Gaza. This is the condition she arrived in:

"Allahu Akbar!" Because Allah is truly great, isn't he? He let us target the Jewess, and then strip her and beat her and rape her. And then, when we drive what's left to the dar al-Islam, we all get to dance in the streets and desecrate her corpse. Boy, what a generous guy that Allah is!

The infidel has a name: Shana Louk, a citizen of Germany visiting Israel to attend a "Festival for Peace". It didn't work out that way:

Miss Louk's mother has released a video appealing for help. Do the Germans have special forces? If not, maybe they could send in that 98-year-old SS officer who's a hero of the Canadian House of Commons.

Israel, as always, is being urged to confine itself to a "proportionate" response. Headline from my former newspaper The Irish Times:

~ Micheál Martin indicates Israeli response to 'appalling' Hamas attack has not been proportionate.

Mr Martin is the former Taoiseach and current Tánaiste (deputy Taoiseach) and Foreign Minister. I wonder what he thinks is the "proportionate" response to that scene? The "proportionate response" to an army that, as its principal tactic, seizes your womenfolk and children, and rapes, tortures and kills them. Would raping, torturing and killing their womenfolk be "proportionate"?

As for proportions more generally, Dafna Breines, an Israeli Steyn Clubber, writes:

~ As for 9/11, we're far past that of this moment there are 500 Jews confirmed dead, which is the equivalent population-wise of ten 9/11's.

John Hinderaker writes of the above video:

~ What is notable, I think, is the jubilant reaction of the crowd. Note the boy who spits on the woman's corpse. The idea that what is happening is a 'terrorist attack' by 'Hamas' is a fiction. Hamas is a political entity that rules Gaza with the support of the overwhelming majority of the Palestinians who live there.

Indeed. John is the soul of moderation, and he is trying hard to contain his anger there. Tommy Robinson is the antithesis of the soul of moderation and here is his reaction to the same video. NSFW warning: There is more effing and blinding in these two minutes than Mr Hinderaker has done in his entire life, but it is directed at those in the west who share "the jubilant reaction of the crowd":

I'm with John and Tommy on this one: I look at the things I care about in our dying civilisation, and I don't see the point of making common cause with barbarians who get their jollies dancing round a girl who's been gang-raped. You know where else they do that?


And Telford.

And [Your Town Here].

As I've said, I've only met Tommy Robinson the once - a decade ago, at the European Parliament of all places, with my darling daughter, who's now reached that age where they walk in and say, "Hey, dad, I got a cheap flight to that music festival in..." But I've talked a lot in recent days about the lack of "first principles", as the barristers (used to) say. Tommy Robinson is a man of first principles: He thinks it's wrong to gang-rape English schoolgirls in Yorkshire. And he thinks it's wrong to gang-rape German citizens in Gaza. And he's right on both.

Here's another video - a couple of parents trying to comfort their children after the courageous men of Hamas have killed the kids' sister:

What has changed since 9/11 a generation ago? On that day Palestinians danced in the streets of Ramallah and passed out sweets to celebrate the thousands of dead infidels in the rubble of Lower Manhattan. To be sure, they don't over-think their jubilation: The general Arab view of that day, as I came to learn visiting the West Bank and elsewhere not long afterwards, is that it was simultaneously a) a glorious victory for Muslims; and b) all the work of the Mossad.

But what's changed in these two decades? Back then, they partied in Ramallah. Now they party in ...the suburbs of Toronto:


There follows a string of clips in other Western cities, some speculations on the enormity of Israels intel failure, but you got to read it all over here.

Anyway, Mark conclusion is as spot on as it is frightful:

That Gaza kid John Hinderaker mentions? The one spitting on poor Shana Louk's naked body?

In ten years' time, he'll be living in Munich, or Marseilles, or Manchester, Manitoba, Michigan...

It's the future you've made.

A final observation. Ms Louk, and probably the grand majority of those partying and enjoying the rave festival with her, is in all likelihood NOT someone who, in her native Germany, would ever vote for Afd, Alternative fuer Deutschland, because, well, for Ms Louk types, such parties are 'hatey hate parties'. AfD, like Vlaams Belang in my country, have been warning FOR YEARS for the danger islam constitutes to free and democratic countries. Yet they were branded neonazis, racists etc, and the incessant influx of the followers of the Prophet even increased still. Today, we taste the sour fruits of this madness. This is London:

I sincerely wish Ms Louk still survives her ordeal in good shape. I do not gloat over her predicament. But if she does make it back safe and sound, will she be able to see the error of her ideas?

Moribund, impotent Europe is so far over the cliff that personally, I feel she will not.


Sunday, October 08, 2023


In Birmingham, UK:

In Brighton, UK:

In Barcelona, Spain:

In Philadelphia, USA:

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

In Antwerp, Belgium:

In London, UK:

The West has been insane, and continues to be, to let muslim vermin in:

In the meantime, homosexual relationships are being feted and promoted as never before, the transgender craze is climaxing, our birthrates are plummeting to rock bottom. This won't end well.