Saturday, January 16, 2016


As you may or may not have noticed, David Bowie died from cancer recently.

Here's a selection of my favorites, off the top of my head.

Life on Mars.

From the 1971 album Hunky Dory. Perhaps my all-time favorite Bowie song.

Panic in Detroit.

From the 1973 album Aladdin Sane. The use of conga drums is an early testimony of Bowie's experimental zeal.

Soul Love.

Second track from the legendary album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972).

Moonage Daydream.

Also from, etc. Competes with Life on Mars for my all-time favorite Bowie song. With all the laurels heaped on Bowie, it's easy to forget how much this album owes to Mick Ronson, a first class guitarist who performed with top notch stars like Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Mott the Hoople, Morrissey and others. Pay special attention to the marvellous guitar solo starting at the 3:13 mark.

Five years.

From, etc.


Originally a song by Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel, covered by Bowie and performed since 1968.

This is not America.

A 1985 song performed by Bowie and Pat Metheny Group; from the soundtrack of the movie The falcon and the snowman (1985).

When the wind blows.

A song from the 1986 film of the same name.

Absolute Beginners.

Theme song of the 1986 musical film of the same name which introduced, uh, Patsy Kensit.

Never let me down.

From his seventeenth studio album of the same name, released in 1987. It was recorded in Montreux, Switzerland, near beautiful Lake Constance, which is a nice enough place to drop by at least once in your life.

Jump they say.

From Black Tie White Noise, eighteenth studio album by Bowie (released in 1993). We were just talking about Mick Ronson, the gifted guitarist. Ronson contributed to this album, but it was to be the last time. Later in the year he died of cancer, aged only 46.

Ashes to ashes. Which was my first encounter with the Bowie Phenomenon, thanks to my good friend John D. S., who really introduced me to quality music.

From the 1980 album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

I never gave much - if anything - for Bowie the Man, only for Bowie the Musician (even though I often had but the foggiest idea what exactly it was he was singing about). I suspect/assume Bowie in his younger years was something of a sexual pervert, who may or may not have bedded Mick Jagger, amongst others. I don't care about that - to each his own. Worse was the news that he fucked 15 year old girls Lori Mattix and Sable Starr, and these are just the names that we know. Also, me being a catholic, although admittedly not a very good one, I assume people would expect me to be angry at Bowie's aversion vis-à-vis the Catholic Church, as evident in amongst others his last but one album The Next Day.

But no, I'm not angry. I am of the philosophy "The deed is the punishment". And I just calmly notice that Bowie did to teens what he accused the Men of the Church of, and that a man who married a woman named Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid probably would never have made a music video mocking another religion of which the highest authorities, contrary to those of Christianity, have thus far refrained from paying damages to its countless victims of paedophilia.

That said, as a musical performer I consider the Thin White Duke without equal. The world will certainly be a duller place with him gone.

Rest in peace, David Bowie. And thanks - I mean it - for brightening up my life.



From The Montreal Gazette, January 6, 2016:

"Walid Mustapha Chalhoub, 33, a resident of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough, is charged with sexual assault on eight minors and an 18-year-old woman he had previously dated. He faces 48 charges in all in a trial at the Montreal courthouse. That includes ten counts of sexual assault, two counts of armed sexual assault and 11 counts of extortion.

Quebec Court Judge Serge Boisvert heard testimony from two young women who were close friends when they decided to go to Chalhoub’s apartment in the borough because a schoolmate had told one of them Chalhoub had a way for them to make easy money. The women were 16 and 17 when they went to Chalhoub’s home in August 2013. Both gave the Montreal police videotaped statements, last February, in which they said Chalhoub was vague about the contracts he offered them. The statements were played for Boisvert before each witness testified.

The young women said they were given alcohol and offered marijuana when they arrived and found a small party in progress in Chalhoub’s apartment. As the night progressed people gradually left and Chalhoub talked of being a chauffeur for escorts, claimed he was part of the Mafia and boasted that he had killed people.

Both women said they assumed Chalhoub wanted something sexual from them but that he was never specific when they discussed the contracts. One witness, who was 17 when Chalhoub sexually assaulted her, said she initially assumed her body would be painted while she was nude before going to his apartment. In her videotaped statement to Montreal police Det.-Sgt. Brigitte Guérard, recorded on Feb. 10 last year, the witness said that once she signed the contract Chalhoub suddenly made it clear he expected sex from her. She could either make $5,000 to perform fellatio on him using Nutella, a hazelnut cocoa spread, or make $12,000 to have intercourse with him. He said the sex acts would be recorded on video and sent to an Internet site where clients would to pay to view it. He assured her the video would not be accessible in Montreal. She told Guérard she felt drunk when she signed the three-page document.

She said she decided to back out of the agreement as Chalhoub walked with her to a Petro-Canada gas station near his home to buy condoms. When asked if she had actually agreed to have sex with Chalhoub at that point she replied that she was going along with him because she felt pressured and threatened.

“I said I didn’t want to do it. He said that to annul the contract would cost me $3,800,” the witness told Guérard in February. “He said he could set my house on fire, to think of my family, that he was part of the Mafia.”

The witness said she agreed to have sex with Chalhoub only out of fear and that she cried and held her 16-year-old friend’s hand while he raped her. She later testified that she didn’t want her friend to leave because she dreaded the idea of being left alone with Chalhoub.

“He told me to stop crying because it didn’t excite him,” the witness said.

The young woman’s father was in the courtroom while part of her videotaped statement was played for Boisvert. The man stared directly at Chalhoub, who sat in a prisoner’s dock, and never took his eyes off of him. Chalhoub avoided the father’s stare by keeping his eyes fixed on a television screen as the statement was shown. The father left the courtroom before his daughter described being raped...."

Check out Ezra Levant's take on The Rebel Media: Muslim Rape Slavery comes to Canada:

Canada's Lunatic-in-Chief Justin Turdeau has plegded to resettle 25,000 "Syrian" "refugees" by the end of February. Good luck with that.



Via our buddies at Gates of Vienna:

In other news, last Sunday, on the train Brussels-Tournai, three underage Syrian "refugees" of 12 and 13 year old harassed several girls and women. First they touched two 16-year old girls, then they groped a 22-year old woman. The woman started screaming and offered resistance, whereupon other passengers intervened.

 photo migranten_trein_brusseldoornik_jan2016_zpsjv6aosrn.jpg

Police was able to catch them afterwards in Tournai station, but after interrogation a judge ordered their release. When asked later why he had done so, the judge apparently communicated that at first he "underestimated the seriousness of the facts", then that he had only known of the incident with the woman, not of the prior harassment of the two girls.

Police is now reportedly looking for the three "refugees" again.

The latter, ladies and gentlemen, is what our Dutch and French neighbors call a "Belgenmop". A Belgium prank. An anecdote so stupid it can only happen here.

Btw, the three happen to live in France (Tournai is just near the border) and their parents are known to have asked asylum.

And islam has nothing to do with it.


Friday, January 15, 2016


Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, this morning. A crew from TV broadcaster RTLInfo wants to interview people in Evariste Pierron street, where the family of Chakib Akrouh lives, the "Belgian" who was the third man of the terror group who machinegunned people on a cafe terrace in Paris on November 13. He blew himself up during the police siege in Saint-Denis on November 18.

Des journalistes de RTLinfo agressés ce matin à Molenbeek

Watch the Culture Enricher at the 0:38 mark.

Not all muslims are terrorists, but the overwhelming majority of them are terrorist supporters.


Thursday, January 14, 2016


Via our Brothers-in-Arms at Gates of Vienna:

I have a natural aversion against everything that reeks of unions, but Wendt is completely correct. Note how Nordrhein-Westfalen's current Minister-President, Hannelore Kraft, who doubles as the leader of the Social Democratic Party in NRW, squirms like a snail to deflect the blame for the creation of Germany's stifling PC Climate.

Sorry. I meant actually, the ENTIRE Western World's stifling PC Climate.

Leftism in all its forms is going to be the death of us.

Whether it's ten US sailors surrendering to pipsqueak rafts of the Iranian "Navy", gay marriage, the gender industry, euthanasia, sclerotic economies, race wars, MMGW lunacy, murdering millions of perfectly healthy foetuses in the womb, the EU bullying against Poland while groveling in the dirt for Turkey, importing millions of muslim beasts in our countries...

... It is always THE LEFT. Everywhere you look.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Mark Steyn in his inimitable way nails it when he rips Nikki Haley's unforgivable jab against Donald Trump during what should exclusively be a SOTU rebuke: "The Stupid Party gets Stupider".

I wholeheartedly agree. Read the column, on this blog I will limit myself to just one quote:

"So these days the GOP can't even schedule an insipid forgettable SOTU response without insulting the overwhelming majority of its actual voters."

But Steyn also linked to a recent Brent Bozell critique of the GOP establishment, and I would recommend it just as well - on this occasion, perhaps even more:

"In Politico Tuesday, Republican elites warned that if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz become the nominee it would ruin the Republican brand.

How's that for party unity and loyalty?

More to the point: What brand?

The GOP brand is already ruined. And they ruined it.

The GOP brand was one that championed limited government. The second largest expansion of the federal government came under the stewardship of President Bush 43 with the GOP in control of both the House and the Senate. Since 2008, the growth has exploded, with more debt added during the Obama administration than all others combined. And since 2010, the GOP leadership has approved every single spending measure.

So much for limited government.

The GOP brand championed family values. They have done virtually nothing to uphold the American family in the face of relentless attacks from anti-family leftwing radicals. It is now illegal to defend your religion. God is being expelled from the public square everywhere. Marriage as a sacred institution has been abandoned. We are being forced to fund the killing of babies. None of these things were imaginable a generation ago. The GOP leadership has stood down every time families begged them to rise up.

So much for family values.

The GOP brand championed a strong national defense. Our adversaries are dangerous, threatening and on the march everywhere. Islamic terrorism is sweeping the globe. This administration has responded by gutting the military – and the GOP has endorsed it. Just as worrisome, our military are being emasculated from within by a politically-correct deconstructionist agenda that is ruining morale. The GOP is doing nothing about it.

So much for the commitment to a strong national defense

For years the GOP elites, along with their high-priced consultants, have cynically manipulated the Republican base, constantly promising to deliver on one issue after another, in order to get elected, yet delivering on nothing because there was never the intention of doing so.

Time and again since 2010, the Republicans have pledged to defund Obamacare. They’ve had countless opportunities to do so with meaningful legislation. Every time the opportunity has arisen, they’ve headed for the tall grass. Fail.

Republicans ran tens of thousands of ads in 2014 promising to stop Obama’s executive amnesty overreach. The moment to opportunity presented itself – they funded it.. Fail.

The Republican leadership declared its intention to stop federal funding of Planned Parenthood for once and for all. No serious effort has been enacted. Fail.

These Republicans declare in all of their speeches that they intend to rein in spending and shrink government – yet haven’t once even tried seriously. Fail.

I’m sure I could think of more failures. But there’s something I can’t recall. Beyond welfare reform and the naming of two superb Supreme Court Justices, I can’t think of any GOP accomplishment advancing the GOP brand over the past quarter century.

The rise of Trump and Cruz (and Carson and Fiorina too) is a direct reaction to the establishment’s own criminal incompetence.

But the GOP honchos are so blind to reality they can’t see any of this, or too dishonest to admit it. From Politico:

~In private conversations with several former aides, Mitt Romney, who in March will keynote the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual fundraising dinner, has expressed rising frustration about Trump’s prolonged lead in polls and has argued that the real-estate mogul could inflict lasting damage on the party’s brand.

This from the Democrat-lite Republican who inexcusably couldn’t defeat the incumbent more vulnerable than even Jimmy Carter. His solution is to call for more of the same against Hillary Clinton.

 photo brentbozell_zpsrcx9xewk.jpg

Why does anyone bother listening to these men?

Consider these breathtakingly asinine comments from McConnell’s former chief of staff, Josh Holmes, in Politico:

~At some point, we have to deal with the fact that there are at least two candidates who could utterly destroy the Republican bench for a generation if they became the nominee… We’d be hard-pressed to elect a Republican dogcatcher north of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi.

These men really don’t care enough about the disintegration of America to do anything about it. They really don’t care about the Republican party either.

For them—the incumbents, the consultants and the Chamber—it is always about power. Their power.

The establishment is frightened. They should be. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz don’t pose a threat to the GOP, they pose a threat to them. The current worry among Republican elites boils down to this, and this only: The GOP establishment is paralyzed by fear that it will be defeated by Trump or Cruz."

-Brent Bozell is chairman of ForAmerica, the nation's largest active online conservative network with nearly 8 million supporters.

Like I said, Trump is no sane conservative's idea of an exemplary frontrunner for the GOP, but sane conservatives should by now be so I-N-F-U-R-I-A-T-E-D with the party Traitor establishment that for them Trump Trumps everything.

America should hope and pray for a Trump/Cruz ticket.



Hat tip Theo Spark.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Watch this video from Maine Imaging Photography. It shows the USN's Zumwalt (DDG-1000) entering Portland Harbor following sea trials in December. The Zumwalt is the first of three of its class, stealth destroyers being built for the Navy by General Dynamics BIW (Bath Iron Works) in Maine.

Woooooow, what a cute video!!!! What a nice ship.

On a sea like a billiard table.

Below is a pic of the German battlecruiser/battleship Scharnhorst prior to July 1939.

 photo scharnhorst_before_zpsdipejumn.jpg

Here's a pic of the same ship, post August 1939.

 photo scharnhorst_after_zpsmrwmsjjn.jpg

Spot the difference? The Kriegsmarine considered both the Scharnhorst and it's sister ship the Gneisenau rather poor sea boats, bow-heavy and slow in turning.

That is why in the summer of 1939 both battlecruisers/battleships were fitted with a so-called Atlantikbug (Atlantic Bow).

To be sure, this adjustment was no wonder cure. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau continued to suffer from non-combat damage in heavy seas - during which "A" turret could barely be used. But is was an improvement.

I am no naval engineer, much less a seafarer. My marine expertise limits itself to having been on board ferries across the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the Skagerrak. But when I look at the Zumwalt... I seriously wonder whether this ship can survive in a North Atlantic monsterstorm. The rationale for its bow is that it should "pierce the waves". It may pierce it so well that in a heavy storm it becomes a submarine.

Oh yeah... look where the Zumwalt's bridge is vis-à-vis the Scharnhorst's and Gneisenau's. Even with their new Atlantikbug, both ships could get "wet" to the bridge. I wonder what it's gonna look like on the Zumwalt's bridge in storms like these...

e.g. at the 1:01 mark.

I fear the Zumwalt is going to end up as but little better than the LCS - investment-wise of course. I have heard positive things about BIW so maybe they can make it a better ship than I imagine. But I do have serious doubts. Maybe, at some time in the future, BIW will be asked to fit the DDG-1000 and its sister ships with an Atlantikbug of their own.


Sunday, January 10, 2016


More and more data is emerging indicating that the massive scale of sexual harassment, burglary and molestation by young muslim males opposite the Koelner Hauptbahnhof on New Year's Eva was no isolated incident. Bild reports:



Already more than 500 complaints in Cologne. +++ 500 men would have harassed women in front of a disco in Bielefeld.

 photo muslim_sex_mobs_sylvester2015_zpsadyyttff.jpg

Some exerpts from the Bild article:

"Thus far, Cologne Police has received 516 complaints - among them 150 because of sexual harassment! Apart from that other delicts, for the most part physical violence and theft. Police is currently investigating 350 hours of video material. More than 30 suspects have been charged, 19 of them are old acquaintances of police.

On two men Police found papers with German/Arabic translations - with phrases like "I kill you", "I want to fuck" and "Big breasts". Lots of stolen cell phones were located in asylum centers or in their immediate surroundings, Der Spiegel reports.

Police investigations mainly focus on men from North African countries [which is strange given earlier reports about the majority of the perpetrators being from the ME - MFBB]. It has yet to be seen whether it will be possible to charge them with specific, documented criminal acts.

On Saturday evening at around 9.10 pm a Moroccan who had stolen a cell phone from a 23-year old Cologne woman, was arrested. Since 2013 he has been charged several times for felony.

In other German cities, attacks were clearly far more severe than thought thus far!

The journal "Westfalen Blatt" reports that on New Year's Eve, a 500-strong muslim mob violently tried to force itself into the "Elephant Club" disco. In the process, numerous women were touched inappropriately. The disco's security chief: "only using physical violence were we able to help the women and set them free." Bielefeld Police confirmed: "the first complaints from violated women are being processed". "Our officers had to regularly provide assistance in enforcing the disco's rules. The agression from the [muslim] mob was without precedent and very aggressive."

In Hamburg, 108 complaints from women have been received so far. Last Thursday, the number was "only" 70. A spokesman explained the rising number as the result of "more attention being paid by public servants"."

PI News, which is on top of things regarding the ongoing crisis, reports that it is still under attack. A screenshot from their site, taken around 11.30pm this evening/night:

 photo piattacks_zpsapakedo0.jpg

The DDOS attacks could originate from three sources: the German government itself, leftist radicals, or muslim organizations. Regardless the identity of the hackers, it is clear that some have a vested interest in the German people not knowing to what extent the fabulous multiculti model is an absolute and horrible failure.