Saturday, October 21, 2006


“The thing that has changed over the past month is that they now want to kill us,” said Bruno Beschizza, the leader of Synergie, a union to which 40 per cent of officers belong. To which Synergie's Deputy Leader Patrice Ribeiro adds: “Tension is rising very dramatically. There is the will to kill.” Action Police, a hardline union, says: “We are in a civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists.” And Joaquin Masanet, Secretary General of the national police syndicate UNSA: "These guys came to kill. They wore balaclavas, and had baseball bats and iron bars."

If you don't believe me, here's the link to Mr. Beschizza's Police Union "Synergie". And here the one to Action Police. Both sites seem to speak of nothing else but the violent encounters with Muslim French youths. For those who thought that the violent riots which rocked France now almost one year ago somehow ended with a whimper somewhere in December, forget it. They were just not reported anymore. This Times article speaks of an average of 112 torched cars a day since January 2006, which jibes fairly well with the October 19 NoPasaran! post, which puts the total tally on 31,614, or an average of 109 torched cars a day. Two weeks ago I mentioned in DowneastBlog's comments section a total of 2,400 wounded police officers since New Year's Day, but the Times now puts the total at "nearly 3,000". To be sure, I need to add some perspective here: if you understand a little French, you can hear Mr. Masanet of UNSA mention here the staggering total of 8 police officers killed an 9,500 wounded over the course of 2005. But that's a total over a whole year - we ain't there yet - and thus far there have not yet been riots like in 2005 (and, of course, this total also includes casualties from non-related incidents, which have NOT been counted in the 2006 number of 3,000 police officers wounded).

While it is clear that the violence has in fact continued unabated throughout the year, especially since last month it seems to have gained momentum, with the French Interior Ministry claiming a total of 480 violent attacks against the police for the whole of France during September, or an increase of 30% compared to August. Towards the end of last month, a law enforcement memo warned of a "climate of impunity" in Seine-Saint-Denis, a notorious district in the north of Paris that includes suburbs like Epinay-sur-Seine. The memo reported a 23 percent increase in violent robberies and a 14 percent increase in assaults in the district of 1.5 million during the first six months of 2006, and complained about young, inexperienced police officers sent into the mêlée and a lax court system (during a certain period of unrest this year in Epinay-sur-Seine, out of a total of 85 juveniles arrested, only one was jailed). I think the table to the left speaks for itself, should you need regulare updates on Frances best hidden war, I recommend checking out NoPasaran! at least once a week (which is also where I got the table from, merci mecs!).

From my perspective in Belgium, Frances northern neighbour, one thing is very obvious, apart from the scale of the troubles of course. That is the TOTAL BLACKOUT in the Belgian Regime Media. One would think that with nearly 32,000 cars burned and 3,000 police officers wounded, it would be frontpage news and/or news item no°1 on TV. After all, Paris is barely 3 hours driving from Brussels. And yet... nothing. Nada. Niks. Nichts. Rien. Could it be that Belgian MSM received secret instructions from the powers that be to broadcast nothing that could smash the wonderful multicultural Utopia to smithereens? Especially around election time? It could be. In fact, it would not surprise me in the least. Belgium is, like France, a country where the Left is entrenched in power to an extent unthinkable in the US. There simply is no alternative viewpoint save from blogs. Unfortunately, despite all the bruhaha about the impact of blogs on the media landscape, fact is that blogs ultimately reach relatively few people. And so it is with sadness and horror that people who get a glimpse of reality, like yours truly, view the march of the ignorant masses towards doom. There are going to be presidential elections come next spring. The main candidate for the French Parti Socialiste is a woman, 53-year old Ségolène Royal. Tens of thousands of French Police Officers may be besieged each and every day, resulting in an everyday average of 14 wounded ones, but Madame Royal, more aware of the grave danger posed by capitalism and free markets, was quoted on October 13 as:

“The capitalists have to be frightened. There is no alternative. They can’t just dispose of people as they wish. They have to be held accountable."

France is fucked up economically, its indigenous population on a march towards extinction, its government and ministers spineless (Président Chirac will withdraw 200 Special Forces from Afghanistan because of mounting Taliban violence there) AND there's an Intifada going on in its cities.

And then you hear the favorite for the presidential elections 2007 rail against capitalism.

More often than not these days, I feel the need to pinch myself in the arm to see whether I'm dreaming or wide awake. It keeps turning out to be the latter. This is 2006, right?



From Le Nouvel Observateur:

EVRY (AP) -- Un groupe d'une trentaine de jeunes a incendié dimanche en début d'après-midi un bus des transports en commun de la ville de Grigny (Essonne), après en avoir fait descendre les passagers, selon les autorités.
L'incident s'est produit aux alentours de 14h dans la cité de la Grande Borne et n'a pas fait de blessés, a précisé la préfecture de l'Essonne à Evry.
La police a procédé à une interpellation et se trouvait encore sur place vers 18h30 pour "sécuriser le secteur", selon la préfecture, qui n'a signalé aucun débordement.
Un responsable local de la police, Jean-François Papineau, chef de district à Grigny, a parlé d'une "attaque délibérée". Interrogé sur LCI, il a raconté que les jeunes avaient d'abord fait descendre les passagers du bus, puis avaient aspergé le véhicule d'essence et l'avaient incendié. Lorsque les pompiers sont intervenus, ils ont subi un "caillassage", a ajouté M. Papineau en précisant que l'incendie s'était propagé à quatre véhicules en stationnement à proximité du bus. AP

In short, this afternoon (Sunday afternoon) in Grigny, a Paris suburb, a bus was forced to stop by a mob of 30 Fwench youths, the passengers forced to get out, and then doused with gasoline and put on fire. Mind you, this happened in broad daylight. The fire spread to three vehicles in the vicinity. When firefighters arrived, the Fwench youths pelted them with stones.

I guess it was meant to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

There was end of Ramadan celebration too last evening in Lede, Belgium. Lede is a small town roughly between Gent and Brussels. 58-year old jeweller Edouard Sabbe was killed during a violent robbery of his business by Belgian youths. Roughly one hour after the discovery of the body, a suspect, 23-year old Mustapha A. from Sint-Gillis, a Brussels suburb with a large community of Argentinian gauchos, was arrested. It is as good as certain that Mustapha A. was the driver of the car with which the attackers arrived at Mr. Sabbes business. Rest in peace Mr. Sabbe.