Saturday, February 08, 2020


First off, my sincerest apologies for the nonexistent blogging of the last couple of weeks. The old monster (Multipel Myeloma aka Kahler's Disease) is back. I am again under the competent care of Dr. F. The five years he envisaged in 2013 for PFS (Progression Free Survival) turned out to be six. I am undergoing a DRd regimen now (Darzalex Revlimid Dexamethason) plus some radiation for a nasty spot in the pelvis. Most difficult thing however is to keep running the company. Well, there's no other way than to sail forward into the storm. MM is still incurable but I must stay hopeful. That, using the brains the good God gave me to the fullest extent, and pray. Pray a lot. I don't ask for support but if you can spare a (figurative) clap on the shoulder, thx!!!

Then it's time for Talking Heads with And She Was. Album Little Creatures (1985).

Decent song. Great video.

U2 with One Tree Hill. Album The Joshua Tree (1987).

The lyrics were inspired by the tragid death of U2 roadie - and personal assistant to Bono - Greg Carroll, only 26 years old, in a motorcycle accident in Dublin. The band flew to Carroll's native New Zealand to attend his traditional Maori funeral.

Prolly the last truly authentic U2 album. That it was produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno will have played a role in that.

Jan - if you are still out there - I've been unable to reach you ever since my laptop crashed and I lost all Outlook mails. If I have never again replied to mails you sent thereafter, it's not because I chose to ignore them. If you read this, get in touch via the comments. Hope you're doing fine.

Leo - same. Hope you're doing fine also.

Goede nacht. I'll try to post some better material shortly. I feel better, treatment in its third week by now, and DRd is possibly the best I can get right now.