Saturday, September 02, 2017


Small Faces with Lazy Sunday. Released as a single in 1968.

English mod rock band from East London, founded in 1965 by Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, and Jimmy Winston. One year later already the latter was replaced by Ian McLagan as keyboardist.

Fast forward twenty years with Skunk Anansie and Charity. From the 1995 album Paranoid and Sunburnt.

Skin looks like a nightmare and I'm not sure I'm gonna put this on my iPod, which is a polite way of saying I'm never gonna do it, but Charity is an essential mid-nineties UK rock sound (the band is generally not regarded as Britpop though). Yes I still got an iPod, prolly ten years old already. Say what you will about Apple products but I have no issues with their quality. Yet.

This post was entirely edited using a Raspberry Pi3 model B, which I bought some 8 months ago via Amazon. Its CPU is a 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 superscalar processor. A superscalar CPU allows for some kind of instruction-level parallelism, which means that more than one instruction can be done per clock cycle, as opposed to what single (scalar) processors do. A superscalar processor dispatches multiple instructions to different execution units (on the processor).

My Raspberry Pi (actually only the Starter Kit model) came with a 16GB Class 10 MicroSD Card, which was preloaded with the Raspbian OS and NOOBS (New Out of Box Software). Setting it up was easy as pie. There's a simple browser called Epiphany, and Python, a programming language. There's two editors to edit and debug Python code, but when my first programme, edited in the most recent one, refused to work, it took a lot of cursing before it dawned upon me to try the simpler editor. And that did the trick.

The Pi 3 also has built-in WiFi as well as Bluetooth. The WiFi works great, but while Bluetooth pairing with my iPhone did succeed, I got the message (on the monitor I had hooked to the Raspberry) that 'this device has no services which can be used with Raspberry Pi'. Duh.

Anyway, slaap wel. Thx for tuning in.



Expect more and more of this:

More info from Liberty GB:

"... According to Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, the Notting Hill Carnival should not be allowed "to carry on regardless" after 31 officers were injured during the latest two-day event.

He said officers had blood spat on them, were splashed with a "potentially acidic substance" and had bottles and other objects thrown at them.

He accused the force of treating the statistics on injuries to officers as "almost a matter of fact. As if this is the norm. As if this is acceptable. It is none of the above. It is a disgrace. ... They have families, they have homes to go to. This is not normal. This is not acceptable."

You bet it's not acceptable. But keep voting Liblabcon and avoiding JIM acronyms, my dear inhabitant of Small Britain.

Hmmm. A potentially acidic substance... I recall images from earlier this week of busty girls at the carnival, who would have been sprayed with a 'potentially acidic substance'. Punishment for showing too much flesh?

Guess so. And that's how it goes. That's how the followers of the prophet give subtle hints to stay away next time, lest their sensitivities are hurt by décolletés. I suspect that in 2018, the "potentially acidic substance" will be a bit more HCl and a bit less H2O. And the year after, etc...

And by 2022 Sad Dick Khan will issue a statement that these busty displays were a form of bodyshaming anyway.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


CNN'S Jen Psaki has drunk not only the Obama Kool Aid but the Obama Vinegar as well:


"(CNN)Every helicopter supporting a Trump visit to Texas in response to Hurricane Harvey is a helicopter not picking survivors off rooftops.

As President Donald Trump faces the first crisis of his presidency (one that is not self-inflicted) he fortunately has a chief of staff, John Kelly, who knows how to deal with emergency response, and a well-respected FEMA director in Brock Long leading an agency that has rebuilt itself since 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

There will be many decisions ahead about resources and funding at the federal level that will have an actual impact on the recovery of Houston and the other affected communities. These will be far more important than the movements of Air Force One, but the President's decision to travel to Texas just days after the first wave of the storm hit is, at best, surprising.

It is particularly arresting after he credited the expected ratings boost from hurricane coverage with providing the right forum for his Friday night pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. So there is reason to be skeptical about his motivation for the visit."

Psaki, Psaki? Oh yeah, one of Obummer's State Department spokespersons. What a coincidence she's with CNN now!!!

You will recognize her, it's the readhead:

So Trump was off to Texas too soon huh? OK. I get it. Better not get in the way of the relief effort. One year ago, Psaki's boss took the right approach to the catastrophic Louisiana floodings:

Except for Psaki's ilk, it's NEVER okay. You can bet that IF President Trump would NOT have been visiting Texas, she would have lambasted him for not doing so.

Liberals.... bah. Bunch of hypocrites.


Sunday, August 27, 2017


Last month we were in the States and, upon learning that the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum on The Mall has actually a sibling near Dulles, the Steven Udvar Hazy Center, we immediately carted off to it. The collection dwarfs the one in Washington, and what's more, there's much more exciting displays, a.o. the SR71 Blackbird, the Space Shuttle Discovery and... the Enola Gay!!!

I'm having issues with Flickr again, so sorry, no Udvar Hazy Center pics yet, but they're coming.


Okay, expect photos again. I found shelter at Imageshack for a measly 19 bucks a year. Eat THAT, Photobucket! It's a scandal you dare to charge 400 US dollars a year. You're practically begging to go bankrupt.

Anyway, below a pic I took in the Steven Udvar Hazy Center. In the left upper corner you can make out the passageway which allows a peek inside the cockpit of Paul Tibbets' mount. However, just opposite it the passageway has transparent shields, which I suppose are for deterring vandals.

And here is a photo I took from precisely that passageway. To avoid reflections in the transparent shielding, I held my iPhone above it with outstretched arms, pressed the virtual button blindly, and hoped for the best. It turned out to be a decent pic: