Monday, December 17, 2007


A comment from Aegeanbreeze, yesterday:

If the assailant is "UNKNOWN", how do you know who murdered him??? How can you assume immediately that moslems or anybody else did it?? When Olof Palme was murdered, it was assumed Kurds did it, but this has never been proven!

You are talking nonsense because extreme hatred has blinded your eyes.
Aegeanbreeze 12.16.07 - 6:56 pm #

From my point of view, that's better - at least for me - than to have your eyes blinded by policial correctness. I am flooded every day by stories like this one. From the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure, 27 October 2007:

SADIA, 20 YEARS, TOO WESTERNIZED TO LIVE (27/10/2007). Her brother, searched after by the Antiterrorist Cell, still at large.

LODELINSART. Sadia was a girl in full blossom. From Pakistani origin, this 20-year old student prepared to succeed for her baccalauréat of Law at Charleroi's Provincial High School, flew nevertheless off to her home country yesterday. In a coffin... Her brother shot her in front of the family home in Lodelinsart, wounding Sadia's sister in the process. A family home she had fled a couple of months back to escape the integrist yoke imposed on her by her family.

Sadia wanted to live a western life, study, probably marry her Belgian boyfriend. But her family, which had already arranged her marriage in Pakistan against her will, judged her too "degenerated". "Her brother had called her, telling her her relatives would make concessions," said a friend. "She fell in an ambush. And her whole family is responsible for her death."

More on Stophonourkillings.

With regards to Dr. Fuat Deniz, the Swedish English-language newspaper The Local has cited Dr. Gaunt too, as did the Dutch daily Nederlands Dagblad:

Fuat Deniz researched within the field of the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire and other researchers working in the field have been threatened, according to David Gaunt at Södertörn University College. Gaunt has worked with Fuat Deniz and they held several lectures and seminars together.

"On several occasions at our seminars people would attend claiming to be journalists only to then walk around photographing delegates," Gaunt told Svenska Dagbladet.

It is reported that researchers have been harassed, received death threats and been labeled terrorists. Gaunt reports having been followed by security police on trips to Turkey and describes being subjected to a smear campaign by a Turkish newspaper.

At least the good Doctor Gaunt has the guts to state that he and Dr. Deniz were threatened because of their historic research on the Assyrian Genocide. The Dutch colleague who also hinted at involvement of Turkish murderers wished to remain anonymous.

The murder of Dr. Deniz is eerily reminiscent of the murder of the Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, editor of the Turkish-Armenian magazine Agos. While Dink was very critical of the Turkish state's continued denial of the Armenian Genocide, he was at the same time advocating Turkish-Armenian reconciliation. That didn't help. After having received numerous death threats, he was assassinated on January 19, 2007 by a Turkish nationalist. To get a grasp of the state of mind of the Turkish legal and judicial apparatus, one should know that earlier this year photos emerged of the killer - supposedly in custody - standing in front of a Turkish flag, flanked by smiling policemen.

June 17, 2006 in Valentigney, a small town of 13,000 in the Doubs region of France. On this day, a expositon featuring the work of Antoine Agoudjian is scheduled as part of a folkloristic festival with as theme the "Year of Armenia". Agoudjian is renowned for his work on the Armenian community, and his exposition consists of 35 photographs earlier released in the "Photopoche" collection (Actes Sud). It is not to be. For from the beginning of the exposition, there are violent threats by Valentigney's Turkish community, whose feelings of "Turkishness" are insulted because Agoudjian's work includes two references to the Armenian Genocide - one of the two a photograph of a monument in Lyon commemmorating the gruesome events from 1915-1918. Fearful of the reactions of Valentigney's Turkish community, several thousand strong, the mayor decided to scrap Agoudjian's exposition.

Mehmet Koksal is a Belgian blogger of Turkish descent and a (very) rare example of an independent Turkish mind. On his blog "Humeur Allochtone" he regularly questioned Turkish nationalism and did not spare his criticism for high-ranking Brussels politicians of Turkish origin who deny the Armenian Genocide. On October 29 of this year, Mr. Koksal stopped his blog. The reason? Death threats and violent physical assaults by member of the Grey Wolves - a Turkish neo-nazi inspired extremist organization. From his last entry: "From my side, the situation has become intolerable. Threats and insults, family pressure and trials against me instigated by Turkish associations and cafés, I am tired of having to explain the basic principles of a democratic society to persons who refuse every dialogue."

And so a cloak of frightened silence spreads over Europe before our very eyes. The Turkish intimidation is but a part and subsection of the larger intimidation from the mass of muslim immigrants who have settled, or are settling, in our continent, taking without gratitude the pleasures and facilities it offers freely but spitting at the exact values and mechanisms which over time enabled Europe to become a generous society in the first place. The first victim is Freedom of Speech. The long arm of Turkish hatred towards those who dare to speak the truth about the horrors inflicted upon an innocent Christian population now reaches till Orebro, Brussels and Valentigney. We face an enemy which does not shy away from gruesome methods to attain its goals.

Aegeanbreeze thinks I'm talking nonsense because "hatred has blinded my eyes". I think that description fits better the guy who shot his sister because she dated a Belgian infidel, or the monster who slit a University Professor's throat because the man was telling the truth. With regards to the latter, I promise to publish an apology and correction should it ever become clear the perpetrator is NOT a muslim.

But something tells me I will never have to do this.