Saturday, August 18, 2012


Jean-Michel Jarre with the album Oxygène.

Early eighties electronic music. You may or may not recognize the tune beginning at 18:54.

New Order. True Faith.

A 1987 single. New Order was essentially Joy Division minus singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide.

Goede nacht dames en heren. Best regards from the Kingdom of Fools aka Belgium.



Germany's islamization my seem less spectacular than France's or Sweden's, but is just as relentless:


Number of Christian holidays in Turkey: 0 [zero - MFBB]. But oh yeah, there's only some 0.13 per cent of a Turkish population of 73 million that's still Christian. Egypt? Ah, they still have one (1) Christian holiday - Christmas.

For now, that is.

P.S.: Collaborators should be aware that ultimately a price will have to be paid.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is how De Standaard reported on the heavy rioting that held Amiens, France in its grip on Monday and Tuesday:


"On Monday evening, the northern French city of Amiens was the scene of heavy rioting by youths [sic], with reportedly extremely violent clashes. The youths pulled drivers from behind the wheel to subsequently speed away with their cars. They also torched a school and a youth centre.

'The clashes were very, very violent', said Amiens mayor Gilles Dumailly. On Tuesday evening, sixteen police officers had been wounded.

The riots only ended when the local police was backed up with federal police units. The rioters' hard core consisted of about a hundred diehards. What their motives were, is not clear yet.

Fifteen trouble areas.

Earlier this month a list was publicized identifying fifteen French districts designated as troublesome areas. Amiens is one of those fifteen. The government said that these fifteen areas need special attention and that more money will be poured into them.

Did you read that? No kidding:


Ah, oh yes, IF ONLY more community centers had been built for Ahmed, Mohammed, Abdelkader and Ali!!!

This is how De Standaard's buddies from the BBC reported on the 'disturbances':


Same story by Christian Fraser. We are left in the cold regarding the number of Juliens, Marcels, Jean-Maries, Louis and Pierres among the rioters, but the troubles must have something to do with unemployment, the state not stepping sufficiently in, boredom etc etc etc.

Look out for more Amiens, as the demographical situation will get progressively worse. For some reason, European autochtons have more or less stopped procreating. I myself cannot say anymore how many singles, both male and female, I have met over the past couple of years who are, or should be, in a stage of their life where they should be building a house and raise kids. Instead it's one gigantic freewheelerfest. A renowned brewery engineer whom we recently invited, together with his wife, for dinner in our house, bitterly complained of his daughter's relationship with a thirtysomething eternal student who managed to secure a three-year stint at some archaeological find near Canterbury, after which he 'would see further'.

Our men and women are sterile and/or impotent. By contrast, muslims in our countries are literally procreating like rats. What we now see in Amiens is only the beginning, as those scoundrels are becoming more and more aware of the terror they are capable of stirring in the hearts and heads of Europes dwindling and ageing insurance and pension-addicted populace. True, these descendants of middle eastern sand apes are unemployed - is it any wonder? They barely make it past kindergarten, wield 70-80 something IQ's, spit on female teachers and co-workers, not to mention bosses etc. But is their being unemployed in se the motor behind these riots? Will hauling their lame assed and incompetent bods on government desks and behind municipalité computers miraculously change their behavior?

No. It won't. For inside their heads victory over the filthy infidels is imminent, and atavistic fantasies of ruling their streets and striking terror in their hearts, like their ancestors did over caravans and jews in the seventh century arab peninsula, fuel their frenzy. This is the dawn of a new age, and it won't be a nice one. Fools may pour taxpayer money in this witch cauldron ad infinitum, but it won't help. The only thing that could possibly help would be tanks in the streets, firing heavy machineguns into muslim masses attacking police officers and torching schools, and mass deportation of the perpetrators AND their families to their countries of origin. IN THIS MANNER the Europe as we know it might perhaps be saved. Might.

However, we do not have politicians who would have the guts for that. In France itself, even Marine Le Pen would not come even close to such a politician, and already the world's most public whore aka Madonna pops up every now and then depicting her with a swastika.

No, Europe and especially France do not have such politicians, but they have plenty of politicans like... the mayor of Amiens, who last week, just prior to the riots, gave 4,200 square meters of city grounds to the Al-Fath association to build a new mosque:


The text informs us that, as the El Fath mosque [El Fath = the conquest, MFBB] on the Boulevard Beauvillé cannot hold the growing number of worshippers, the mosque should be relocated to a terrain of 4,200 square meters on the angle formed by the Boulevard de Roubaix and the Rue des Cambrésis. If everything goes according to plan, the building permit will be issued in March 2013 and the first bricklaying will follow six months later.

Oh yes, al-Fath (the magnificent victory or the conquest) is a reference to a koranic sura of the Medina epoch, of which the number of verses is 29. This al-Fath sura is named after its very first verse, which goes 'Truly, we handed you a magnificent victory'. The al-Fath sura deals with the moment when mohammed breaks the al-Hudaybiyah peace treaty with the meccans in the sixth year of the 'hégire' (which was intended to last ten years). In the conquered city, mohammed notices a 17-year old girl, Safiyya, which he proposes to buy for ten units of cattle. When the girl goes in hiding, he tortures her husband, finally decapitating him. The prophet then forces the young widow to marry him (at that time he had already married 6-year old Aisha and 'consummated' the marriage when the latter was nine).

So then, the al-Fath Amiens mosque, soon to be relocated to bigger premises under the benign eye of mayor Gilles Dumailly, is named after an important episode in islamic history when mohammed, that leery siphylis-ridden pervert and murderer, broke a peace treaty and butchered a man so that he could screw the young widow.

A PERFECT EXAMPLE for muslims indeed! Truly a great name for a mosque in the City of Amiens, home of cowering frogs pissing their pants and feral hordes of paedophile worshippers roaming the streets and torching infidel cars and schools!

Maybe, if mayor Gilles Dumailly would just free another 4,200 square meters, no make that 8,400 square metres, hey, why not Amiens Cathedral???? then maybe the riots will stop???

One more thing.

Mayor Gilles Dumailly is a member of the PARTI SOCIALISTE.

But, I suspect you suspected that already.