Saturday, October 25, 2008


A stunning report from Iraq by Major General John Kelly, Commanding General Multinational Force-West, I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). On Thursday, October 23, he spoke via satellite to reporters at the Pentagon. Hat tip Tom The Redhunter:

Excerpt from the transcript:

GEN. KELLY: ...We started a share-the-road program where no longer would Iraqi traffic have to do anything particularly different when they came upon military convoys. That was a big change. Moved most of our convoys -- I think something on the order of 95 percent of all military movements, administrative, logistics movements, and that includes the contract convoys -- they all move late at night, certainly after 21:00 or 9:00 at night and they're off the roads by 5:00 a.m. The average Iraqi, of course, is home in bed in at that particular point in time, so they don't even see much traffic, much military activity in the province anymore.
We started to tear down literally hundreds of checkpoints, particularly the ones that had -- certainly were once very necessary as defensive positions all over the province but no longer serve the purpose. And it was kind of an operation Rudy Giuliani that we did to clean up the cities and to, as I say, take down these unsightly defensive positions, roll up the barbed wire in this attempt to convince the average Iraqi that the good news of reduced -- significantly reduced security over the last couple years -- correction, violence -- was real and even the Marines, even the coalition forces felt confident enough to allow them to travel on their own roads around us without having to stop, pull over, be under the threat of any type of gunfire and, at the same time, to break down these defensive positions.

We did PIC on the first of September. That has gone very well. We're still very much engaged but in overwatch with the Iraqi security forces. We are outside the cities, for all intents and purposes -- not to say that we don't go in frequently, to meet with them, to bring training to them.

We still have Marines and some U.S. Army soldiers as police advisers that still live inside police stations, but down to a very small number in comparison. We were up over 115; now we're down below 30. And that's -- the good news is, we are backing out. They're on their own and all we're doing is providing them training.

Even in the area of funding, we have probably in April started to shift away from the U.S. -- the use of U.S. money; as much as we could, started to rely on government of Iraq funding. It's a little harder or more frustrating because the U.S. CERP money, as I think you all know, is -- you know, we can use that in a relative sense, in a lightning quick way, but that doesn't teach the Iraqis how to budget and how to execute a budget, so we really started backing off on the use of money that I have, U.S. money, and forcing -- not forcing them, but teaching them, working with them, to use their own money. And that's turned out very well...

To be sure, by "Bush Strategy Vindicated" I meant his staunch decision to push through The Surge. If the advice of the infamous Iraq Study Group had been followed, the "re-deployment" would likely have developed in a rout, Al-Qaeda and the sadrists would have gotten a tremendous moral boost and retaken or completely established control of the parts vacated by US troops, and every gain that would have been made in the past five years would have been obliterated. America's standing in the world would have been tarnished beyond repair, and its credibility would lay in tatters. Once again, like after Somalia, islamic terrorists would have an argument to boast that Americans don't have the stomach to fight.

Credit for devising the Surge Plan must go largely to general Keane. Credit for implementing it in the field to General Petraus. But credit for forcing the plan through must go unequivocally to President Bush. President Bush is the prime reason why today, America is victorous in Iraq. It is just as important to underscore the fact that the Iraq withdrawal option was strongly advocated by senator Barack Obama. If his advice had been followed, the ominous scenario described above would today... be reality. Senator Obama grandiously failed his first Foreign Policy Test, which is probably why we hear nothing from it.

Amazing stories of progress can be found on the website of Multi National Force-West. It pays to check them out. Of course, anno 2008 it is still far too early to assess whether the US's schedule of implementing democracy in the Middle East will eventually lead to that region, and by extension the muslim world, picking up in the mainstream of forward moving democracies. The Middle East has been a hellhole ever since World War II, and even before that. Maybe, just maybe, the seeds of democracy planted at such a cost in Iraq will lead some day to the arab world coming to terms with its small neighbor, the country of Israel. Maybe the conflict that has jeopardized the west's energy supply for decades will thus become a thing of the past. It's still a big maybe. But then, if this hadn't been tried, one would never have known whether it could have worked. Generations of western diplomats have devoted lives and careers to try to hammer sense in arab and muslim heads and get them to accept the existence in their midst of a sliver of 0.5% of the arab world with 6 million jews on it... all to no avail. The Bush Administration's grand strategy marked the Great Turning Away from a ridiculous, decadelong policy of useless negotiations. The end result still isn't clear, and it is still too early to tell whether it will work. It's just that it takes people with PhD's to not understand that.


Friday, October 24, 2008



... or this one?

Two more weeks to go, and we go for nothing less than VICTORY!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008


It happened in Europe.

If you ever wondered how the policies of the EU and of so many European states can possibly be so self-destructive, it's this:

... so many of the rank and file of the May 68 agitators...

... are now Europes Heads of State, Members of Parliament, and party chiefs. Think of Manuel Barroso, EU Chief, a former Maoist. Think of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, ultrahardcore leftist in his youth, now an influential MEP. Think of Joschka Fischer, who made it German Foreign Minister under the Schroeder government. Think of former Belgian Socialist Party Chairman Willy Claes, who even managed to become NATO Secretary General!

When you go to that voting booth on November 4, and you think you are in for a "Change" because you cannot bear with the strong economic growth, low taxes and record low unemployment of the Bush Administration (that is, until Congress turned majority Democrat in 2006), because you cannot stand the successful conclusion of the War on Islamic Terror, and because you cannot live thru yet another year without a successful terror attack on American soil...

... you are apt to get more change than you ever wanted.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You just hang on New York, San Francisco et al!!! Next year apply for membership of the EU!!! You're almost there!!!

Hat tip Luc Van Braekel.


Sunday, October 19, 2008


Curiously, I only found out about the Kilpatrick relation one month ago, when I attended a speech in Antwerp given by Derk Jan Eppink, a Dutch born journalist and longtime columnist for the daily De Standaard, who now lives in the States because his wife has a high position at the UN. In the Low Countries, Derk Jan Eppink's succinct and to-the-point political analyses have established his fame, grudgingly acknowledged even by the left, and it's only natural that at some point in his career he said De Standaard farewell. In the spring and early summer of 2008, Eppink accompanied several presidential hopefuls on their campaigns (a.o. Giuliani) and, having ample time, he immersed himself completely in the fascinating world of US elections. When describing how Barack Obama, who represents himself as an agent of "change", is actually the product of Chicago's political machine, he mentioned in passing Obama's adoration for Kwame Kilpatrick, the notorious ex-mayor of Detroit, and the involvement of the latter in the murder of prostitute Tamara Green. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

Kilpatrick's controversies started from a wild party in the fall of 2002 involving strippers at the official residence of the mayor—the city-owned Manoogian Mansion. It is alleged by former members of the mayor's Executive Protection Unit that the mayor's wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, came home unexpectedly and upon discovering Kwame with the strippers began to attack one of the women.[24] Allegations began to surface after Officer Harold C. Nelthrope contacted the internal affairs unit of the Detroit Police in April 2003 to have them investigate abuses by the mayor's Executive Protection Unit (EPU). Mayor Kilpatrick denied all allegations and rumors of any misconduct by him or his security team. An investigation by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and the Michigan State Police found no evidence that the party actually happened.[24] Nelthrope and Gary A. Brown, head of the Detroit Police Department's internal affairs unit allege that they were fired by the administration in retaliation for investigating the Mayor and other superiors. Nelthrope and Brown filed a whistleblower lawsuit and were awarded an $8.4 million-dollar settlement.

Additionally, two other officers of the Detroit Police Department, Walt Harris and Alvin Bowman, correctly claimed they were retaliated against for their involvement in investigations that would highlight the mayor's misconduct. Harris was a former member of the EPU, who was identified by the administration as cooperating with the state's investigation of the mayor and subsequently suffered a smear campaign in the media by the Kilpatrick administration.[24]

The murder of Tamara Greene
Tamara Greene was a 27-year-old exotic dancer who went by the name "Strawberry", and who allegedly performed at the Manoogian Mansion party and was, again allegedly, attacked by the mayor's wife, Carlita, the same night. While sitting in her car with her boyfriend, Greene was shot multiple times with a .40 caliber Glock handgun. Although official statement by Detroit Police Department claims that Ms. Greene was shot three times, sources from Homicide Division of DPD have claimed that she was shot 18 times. Her boyfriend was wounded, but he was not shot after the white Chevrolet TrailBlazer driven by the shooter(s) turned around and drove by a second time. This fact led Bowman to conclude that Greene was the intended target and not her 32-year-old boyfriend.[25] She was murdered on April 30, 2003, at around 3:40 am, near the intersection of Roselawn and West Outer Drive.[25][26] Her murder came after a first attempt on her life failed. This led to the theory that this was a "deliberate hit" by a member of the Detroit Police Department,[26] a theory that Bowman would investigate. He alleges his investigation was the reason that he was taken off of the case and transferred out of homicide.[25]

Yet, this is the guy who Obama called a "Great Mayor":

Upon learning more about Detroit's and Michigan's predicaments, I noticed that Detroit is something like Charleroi, and Michigan something like Wallonia. Charleroi, and by extension Wallonia, are economic graveyards, and I guess it has now become clear to most remote observers that the tensions in my country Belgium have everything to do with the unwillingness of Flanders, Belgium's rich north, to pay any longer 6.5% of its GDP annually to fill the bottomless pits in Belgium's south - Wallonia. Why is Wallonia dirt poor and miserable? Why is Charleroi a hellhole of corruption and misery? I guess for the same reason that Michigan and Detroit are: people, despite the evidence, voting for over a century for a party that has not their interest at heart, but only its own perverse interest in continuing its corrupt existence at the expense of... the very people they claim to support. In Michigan, which coincidentally has a Democratic governor, they are called Democrats. In Wallonia, Socialists. But they are two sides of the same coin, and the end result is the same: endless misery for their constituency. In Detroit, Kilpatrick was the iconic image of "democratic" rule. Given the fact that the WHOLE of the entire Democratic Party has moved significantly to the left over the past decades, and that Obama is now the icon of the Democratic Party, this bodes not well for the future of America. In short, America is in for Michiganizing should this walking disaster ever make it into the White House.

Kwame Kilpatrick called Obama "the next President of the United States". When you stand in that voting booth, ask yourself whether you really want to give a scumbag who was charged with eight felonies for a.o. perjury, misconduct in office, obstruction of justice and assaulting a sheriff, who held sex parties in the Mayor's residence, and who used money for public education to treat himself and his family to luxurey travels, what he wants.

Don't say you haven't been warned.