Saturday, January 05, 2013


First, Interpol with Obstacle 1.

British-American indie band, formed in NY in 1997. This is from their 2002 album Turn On the Bright Lights. It ain't bad.

Then - who would have thunk it - French band Phoenix with Girlfriend.

From their fourth studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009).

Good night.


Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A good article about my country - and it ain't comin' from me, but from Belgium's compassionate nihilism, by J. Robert Smith.

"Dear Muslim brothers, why the struggle to Islamize Europe? Patience, brothers, patience. You see, Europeans are accomplishing for you what it would take decades of sweat, toil, assaults, firebombs, ghetto riots, and tears to accomplish yourselves: the conquest of once Christian Europe.
We learn from France 24 that Belgium's progressive thinkers wish to extend euthanasia to minors and Alzheimer's sufferers, thereby tightening the noose - so to speak - in the thriving Industry of Death that's taken hold in Europe and North America (that would be Canada and the United States).
Yes, secular Europeans kill babies by the bushel baskets now. It's called abortion or, in polite circles, "choice." A woman's choice, mind you. You see, in the secular Western world, dear Muslim brothers, women have what your women lack: rights. And a "right" is to abort the baby a woman conceived but finds oh-so inconvenient to birth - considering the father isn't the woman's husband or she may not even know who dad is to share the costs and responsibilities of bringing up baby. Ah, those crazy, silly, fun one-night flings! All gain, no pain!
Europe, if you haven't taken note, is a dying enterprise. Extinction lurks for the European. Ask any demographer worth his salt. Native Europeans are well below replacement birth rates (a norm of about 2.1) that are required just to maintain population stasis.

Belgians, who once stuck to producing fine chocolates, now produce laws that give the sick, the dying, the not-sick-enough, the not-quite-dying, and those-who-want-to-be-gravely ill- and-dead the humane and loving option to kill themselves - or be killed through the equivalent of lethal injection per death row inmates in many U.S. prisons.
But Belgians would protest: "You exaggerate, sir! There are narrow parameters and procedures in our laws for euthanizing a human being. Not just anyone can walk into a clinic for a little schnapps-flavored hemlock."
Yet laws, like missions. creep. A desire to extend the "right" of euthanasia to minors (kids, who, of course, have the maturity to decide if they should be offed) and Alzheimer's sufferers, who suffer, yes, is just another step toward more lenient and global laws governing mercy killing. One day across Europe, among its aboriginals, there will be fab mercy killing parties, complete with cyanide-laced bubbly, sedative-heavy IV drips, and 7.65 Walther PPKs or 6.35mm Model 8s for a more Wagnerian exit.
Suffering - aye, that's the rub. Once in a Christian land of long-ago, there was great value and dignity in suffering - which isn't to say that pain shouldn't be eased for sufferers or comfort rendered. In Christian Europe, though, suffering was once called the Way of the Cross. But secular Europe wants no crosses, dear Muslim brothers; they have no God to make crosses bearable and worthwhile. So they loosen the laws on mercy killing, broaden the universe for those eligible. Kill the babies, kill the sick, kill the addled... kill and kill some more.
So, pray tell, how far off is Europe from the state deciding who lives and who dies? What life has worth and what life is an unwelcome burden and cost? Why not put the seriously mentally and emotionally troubled out of their miseries? How about the schizophrenics - why waste all that care and medication? How about the lame and crippled? The disfigured? Or just the old, who can no longer be yoked for society's profit? And the cantankerous. Who likes cantankerous people, anyway?
This morbid development - this killing field - will come to Europe, in creeps and crawls, as sure as Allah and vestal virgins occupy heaven, dear Muslim brothers.
And who's to say that native Europeans will limit themselves to mercy killings and scrubbing away the defectives? Perhaps, for good measure, and to placate Allah, they'll rub out what's left of the Jews in Europe, bringing favor from you, dear Muslim brothers, for dhimmitude is a seed that grows daily in the hearts of craven Europeans. Lest we forget homosexuals, who progressive Europeans greatly favor now, though with more dhimmitude a-coming, those same progressives may just stake and burn gays, who Allah sees as evil sodomites.
So quiet yourselves, dear Muslim brothers. Your wives and daughters bear many offspring. Withering, dying Europe is being populated by your progeny. Your wives aren't permitted to abort and rarely contracept, even if they wished to deviate from the faith or disobey your authority (and unambiguous Koranic authority you have over woman). You, dear Muslim brothers, honor your old and succor your ill and helpless. The Industry of Death is reserved for infidels. Allah be praised!
Europe is yours one day for the taking, dear Muslim brothers. All you need to do is watch and wait."

The author is right, of course. Belgium followed suit right after The netherlands to implement a euthanasia law in 2002. As with all the laws pushed by do-gooders, they try to adress problems dealing with cases - for which there are always solutions. My wife and I had to decide in 2004 whether to abort a thirteen-month old foetus - it was horribly misformed, could never grow up to a normal person, and would have likely cost my wife her life upon birth. We had our boy - it would have been a boy - aborted, and asked a pastor - on the grounds of UZ Gent (Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent, where the operation took place) to hold a Mass for our pour little creature. That was no problem whatsoever. We did not need a law - we were a case. There are ALWAYS solutions for cases. If you implement laws to adress cases - you invariable get mass abuse of the law. It's what happened with our abortion laws - it's happening already with the euthanasia law. So papa and mama are fed up with spending their sunday afternoon with ailing, demented grandpa? Oh, there will always be a willing doctor at hand to lend an earful when pa and ma decide that gramps is really ready to exchange this sordid bedpissing life for another brighter one. And where lies the limit between performing euthanasia and actively helping someone to commit suicide? Here, too, the law can be stretched to shield off that person with the helping hand.

As for the latest push to extend Belgium's euthanasia law to the demented and the very young with bleeding hearts and a temporary dip, the enthusiastic supporters are - who else? - the SP.a, the Socialistische Partij. From the weekly Knack, in one of it's Flying Pig moments:

"Two SP.a lawmakers, Myriam Vanlerberghe and Marleen Temmerman, introduce this month two law proposals in Parliament whereby two new categories of people get access to euthanasia, namely minors and demented or people who have become 'permanently unconscious'. The Flemish socialists say they are adamantly determined to implement this amendment to the 10-year old law. The SP.A can in all likelihood reckon on support of Open VLD (the Liberals) and Groen (the Green Party) in that debate. CD and V (the Christian Democrats) are reluctant, while N-VA (a Flemish nationalist party) blows hot and cold, according to De Standaard."

Oh, those Socialists and Greens!!! Architects of both the Anti-Racism laws and the Fast-Belgian laws, both specifically aimed to stifle the voice of the one and only sane voice in the Belgian political landscape, the voice of the Vlaams Belang! The former law led to the cordon sanitaire whereby every 'decent' (ahem) 'democratic' party refused to ever enter in a coalition with the VB. The latter led to 600,000 new Belgians in a decade from among the ranks of the countless immigrants flooding our borders - a significant part of them, if not the majority - from muslim countries. Conditions to get that coveted Belgian ID? None. Basically none. Which means Belgium has now hundreds of thousands new Belgians who cannot speak nor write either of the two main languages - not Dutch, and not even French. Massive numbers of pupils among their offspring grow up in a family where only arabic or turkish is spoken at home, and underperform horribly in school as a result. Huge numbers of schools, especially in the big cities, are turning into concentration schools with educational levels dropping like a stone, and effect which basically forces the parents of the autochtons to move their children to 'whiter' schools, which turns the problematic schools into ever more decrepit hellholes - mostly for the teachers, mind you.

But even so, we don't need Euthanasia laws and abortion laws to shrink our authochton part of the population. We don't need the socialist and green pet laws allowing gays to marry. We don't even need New Belgians, nor do we in fact need muslims breeding like rabbits. No sir, why would we need all that when the authochton Belgians themselves have apparently decided to self-destruct in a matter of a couple of generations!!! I get sick - literally SICK - hearing this or that person in his or her fertile age respond to my question of how many children he or she has with 'one'. 'Oh, and is a number two coming'? 'Nooooooooo, one's enough!!!'. And those are the ones who DID make use of their genitals... for procreation. Countless numbers of my acquaintances have decided to simply have no children at all. Of three of my trusted workers - one 52, the other one 50, the third 47, have altogether one son. ONE. Which means two of them - the fifty-ers, are no fathers nor will they ever be. My youngest sister, now 43, took the deliberate decision twenty years ago to have no children - they would hamper her in her self-development. She's under treatment by a shrink now - wonder how that self-development worked out. Me, I'm 47 now, and getting old enough to begin to distinguish entire families who are literally dying out like a candle burning its last wax. Grandpa and grandma from both sides had just one boy and/or girl. The boy and girl marry - no, live together, cause marrying has become sooooooooo obsolete - and have one kid. And it stops there. So four grandparents have one grandchild. Brilliant strategy. End of the line for either family X or family Y. I could fill a book with anecdotes like these.

I truly wonder these days, where are the parental instincts among my contemporaries? It's not only that, I even see an alarming number of singles on the rise. Forty plus old men - one of my best friends is such a case - still living with their mom. Or the one who do move away, live single in either a flat or a house they construct. I know of girls in their late twenties - truly beautiful, attractive girls - living single on an apartment and apparently not dating guys. Ladies, where's your mother instinct? No wait, maybe I should ask first where's your libido?? Same for loads of young men. When I was twenty, I was thinking of sex all the time. Hell, I'm 47, I STILL think of sex all the time; no wait, at least a couple of times every day these days, but in the meantime my head also had to fill with lots of other stuff to take care off so naturally the titties had to make room for more mundane things. But you get my point. I wonder what's on young people's minds these days. Getting to know a lad or broad to date, have fun, get deeper involved, maybe marry and raise a family - it seems to be the last thing on their mind. And what makes it even worse is the total oblivion that's ruling. When i cautiously address the problem in some circle, I get at the very best bored looks - or persons who tell me that they know a family here or there where they have three kids. Three! Can be - I know myself of a couple of those families. Problem is, those pitiful exceptions cannot crank up the overall percentage - which among authochton Belgians stands at about 1.37 children per couple.

We are self-destructing.

This was Outlaw Mike from Belgium, feeling increasingly isolated.


Monday, December 31, 2012


To all our readers of good will, I wish you the Very Best for the New Year that soon will be a fact for everyone on the globe. Thank you for your interest in, and patience with, DowneastBlog over the past years. Lots of succes, love and health to all of you. With regards to the latter, PAY ATTENTION to the signs your body is giving you. A good advice from ole Outlaw! Anything your body seems to be trying to tell you, a feeling you didn't have before and that does not go away in a matter of days, see your doctor. Seriously. With Health, everything stands or falls.

Now go ahead and have some FUN!!!