Saturday, August 22, 2009


Japan, British eighties rock band spearheaded by David Sylvian, a Kent native. Btw, if you ever can, visit Kent. It's the Garden of England. Do at least Dover, Canterbury and Leeds Castle in Maidstone. Japan had a couple of decent hits, a.o. My New Career, Night Porter, Gentlemen take polaroids etc etc. Sylvian cooperated with Ryuchi Sakamoto for some of the soundtrack on Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. If you can't bear the effeminate look of the guy - close your eyes. It was cool in the eighties. Hell, it's been cool ever since. Must be fluorides in the water. Anyway, this might be something anon would label as new old music.

Sex on Fire from Kings of Leon, Nashville, Tennessee snotholes who formed in 2000. It's from their fourth album Only by the night, released one year ago.




Everything I wrote until now on this blog about the perils of islamization is small beer.

From the website of Filip Dewinter, and if you have half a brain, you WILL resist that knee-jerk reaction:

Muslim extremism in Antwerp.

We are living in a nightmare.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dr. Ulfkotte's map about hotspots in Germany in case of widespread civil unrest, if not civil war. The map, originally too small, was made more readable by the folks over at Gates of Vienna. Many thanks guys!

"Lesen Sie, wie Polizeiführer derzeit insgeheim auf die Bekämpfung von schweren Unruhen und auf die Zusammenarbeit mit der Bundeswehr in deutschen Städten vorbereitet werden. Von Internierungslagern bis zu Zwangsdurchsagen im Radio wird derzeit alles vorbereitet. Einige der Polizeiführer sprechen ganz offen über den erwarteten »Bürgerkrieg«, den sie mit allen Mitteln abwehren müssen.“

"Read, how police chiefs are secretly being prepared to confront massive unrest [in the cities' no-go zones - MFBB] and how they should cooperate with the German Army. From detaining camps to martial law announcements via radio everything is being prepared. Some police chiefs openly speak about the anticipated "Civil War", which they have to avoid at all cost."

A day in the life of Police in Berlin:

"...They despise everything which doesn't belong to their cultural sphere - German above all, but also Turkish: The parents reject the legal system and this carries over to the children, says Heisig. Help is unwanted. Social workers report to the court that on visiting families they are threatened and spat on.

Work has become risky for the police too. Agents repeatedly face angry crowds, even when they just want to give parking tickets.

A recent example: when a special response unit arrested two con-men in Neukölln on May 6th, a riot started on the street: About 50 people of immigrant background threatened the agents, according to the police report. The situation calmed down only when reinforcements were requested.

Eberhard Schönberg says that it's not a big thing in Berlin anymore since it happens almost every day. The chairman of the GdP Police Union knows of cases in which colleagues had to barricade themselves inside shops. He says that the state's authority is often completely lost here.

Berlin police reports rarely mention the origin of the offender for typical crimes in the community - out of fear of feeding racist resentments. when in April four men committed a brutal attack on a supermarket, only the internal protocol stated that the perpetrators came from Lebanon and that all had been previously convicted for similar crimes...

Given the size and scope of the phenomenon, it's a crying shame - what do I say, a scandal - that there's virtually no coverage in our state-controlled media outlets. And of course there are those who, again, paint Ulfkotte as an obsessed fearmonger who constantly fails, when disclosing "top secret" information, to identify the origin of the news.


In his book, Ulfkotte cites 850 sources.


Monday, August 17, 2009


From the "This Makes My Blood Boil Department". The Dutch site SpitsNieuws had the following tidbit on August 17, 2009:


Within orthodox islamic schools other cultures and faith are completely shut out. This is the conclusion of Hennie Metsemaekers, a school teacher who worked for one year on the As Siddieq school in Amsterdam.

Metsemaekers recounts her experience in today's Het Parool, as a reaction on City Neighborhood Chairman Ahmed Marcouch's call to provide subsidies for orthodox movements [note: I use here a rather cumbersome translation of the Dutch word 'stadsdeelvoorzitter', something like a lieutenant burgomaster for a part of the city - MFBB]. "We had to eat separately during lunch breaks. We were also greeted differently, and labeled as infidels", says Metsemaekers, who also called upon Educational Inspection to look into the matter.

Metsemaekers allegedly was ordered to tell children that christianity would be abolished. "Around Christmas I had put up models of houses in Amsterdam with little lights, to tell something about Christmas without even mentioning the name. That was forbidden to me." according to the teacher.

Listen, I am not going to mince my words. It's not five past twelve, it's five pas 1 am, and for once I do not mean the time I write this. If these sand apes think THEY can tell us how to behave on our own turf, they are gravely mistaken. Ooooooh, you're upset by my using the word sand apes??? Let me tell you something. If you receive ample supplies of taxpayer money, and:

* still manage to score dramatically below even the most basic educational level

* use part of it to teach your pupils things that are completely incompatible, indeed openly hostile to all values and basic rights that we westerners earned after hundreds of years of bloodshed...

* use the other part of it for extremely shady purposes, of which massive fraud is but the most innocent example

* and still think that after all this, instead of politely saying "THANK YOU", you can get away with a Big, Fat "FUCK YOU, NOW GIMME MORE MONEY"...

... then you are indeed a Fucking Sand Ape.

We need to get our act together, and quick. I cannot repeat often enough that there are literally hundreds of stories like this and worse, all over Europe. I would like to tell you about Tariq Ramadan, who was denied entry in the US, and who now receives a fat cheque every month from the City of Rotterdam for acting as some godforsaken, yes, "Community Organizer" with as task to "integrate" muslims in Dutch society, but who despite his busy schedule has found the time to appear on the IRANIAN state television PressTV to, amongst others, lambast gays in the series 'Islam and Life'. Unfortunately I have no the time Ramadan has, so I can't elaborate. Nor can I elaborate on the expensive vacation this asshole is currently enjoying on Mauritius on the Dutch taxpayer's dime. What do you want, it's the reward of his good buddy Ahmed Aboutaleb for his hard community organizing 'work'. FYI, Aboutaleb is the first muslim mayor of a big European city, in casu Rotterdam, Europes biggest port, and he got there after some shady manoeuvres by - again, who would have thunk it - one of the Dutch socialist parties, the PvdA.

Good God. What IS needed for people to wake up???