Friday, June 01, 2007


For Filip Dewinter, VB-strongman and leader of the VB faction in the Flemish Parliament, it was business as usual again last week, i.e. a full frontal bashfest from the well-meaning community, politicians and media alike, in this country. What had happened? On Wednesday, he hung a sign reading "Zonder Jihad Straat" - No Jihad Street - on a lamppost on the Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout, an Antwerp suburb. Normally I would not have commented on this, but since I picked it up at several English-spoken websites - here, here and here, and found the background lacking, I changed my mind. After the short film, you find some context:

About one year ago, an 18-year old lunatic from Antwerp called Hans Van Themsche bought himself a shotgun, went out on the streets dressed like a Trenchcoat Mafia gangster, and shot a two-year old toddler and her Malinese nanny as well as a Turkish woman sitting on a bench. Only the latter survived. Had it not been for an alert police officer who shot the loon in the stomach, the carnage might have been much worse. The perpetrator obviously being extremely influenced by Nazi ideology and White Power nonsense, for the politically correct establishment the incident was Gefundenes Fressen to attack the Vlaams Belang. For the umpteenth time a "Silent March" was organised to condemn "senseless violence" while in reality the aim was to discredit the VB. An utterly dishonest move, since the VB's streetfighting days are over since 25 years and the pary itslef condemned the crime in the strongest possible terms. In fall 2006, a subsequent initiative was organized, a "Zonder Haat Straat" pamphlet campaign whereby supporters hang such a sign - you guess it, it says "No Hate Street" - behind their windows. Here, too, the idea was and is to discredit the VB by suggesting the party is inciting "Haat" - hate. Hate between the different communities, while the VB is basically only demanding that immigrants abide the law.

Then, from fall 2006 on, a couple of trends became clear. Or rather, one trend, highlighted by several meaningful incidents. First, there's a muslim group operating in full Taliban garb active in Antwerp. To the wider public, it manifested itself for the first time on December 9, when a group of those islamonutters - pakistanis, so it seems, of the sect Da'wah Tabliegh - tried to block the entrance to immigrant youngsters visiting the Roma youth center/dancing in Borgerhout. Try to imagine the scene: bearded fundamentalists appropriating entrance tickets and threatening violence if their less fanatic co-religionists intended to proceed with visiting a western Temple of Doom. A curious conversation took place afterwards with the local imam, a certain Nouredine Talouil. This "gentleman" calls music "a sin". Not a great sin, but a sin nevertheless. In an interview, he deplored that the Da'wah Tabliegh arseholes used violence to block the entrance to the Roma dancing, but discouraged visiting the place anyway. "Discos and concert halls are usually places where youngsters go to to learn bad manners."

Know what I'm thinking of? Police flicks with good cops and bad cops. Only, substitute "cop" with "muslim", and you have Da'wah Tabliegh nutters operating as the "baddies" and Nouredine Talouil as the "goodie". But their aim is the same.

Second, in January four armed and masked men broke in at 8pm in the Lawyer's Office of Marijke Dillen in Borgerhout. Marijke Dillen is the daughter of VB founder Karel Dillen. She herself was not present, but the wife of her business partner was. The perpetrators threatened her with a gun and wanted to know where Mrs. Dillen was. Then the business partner intervened, and after a short fight the perps fled. Mrs. Dillen was moved to a secret location and received police protection.

Thirdly, the islamification of Borgerhout continues unabated. We have already remarked on these pages that during last fall's municipal elections the VB seemed to stagnate in this place. The reason? Not less VB appeal among indigenous Belgians. But a simple question of numbers instead. Indigenous Belgians pack up and leave, since life in the wonderful multicultural utopia does not seem to be that great taking it all together. From time to time, heartbreaking stories emerge where you can read between the lines (or not so between the lines) how our wonderful "new" Belgians interpret concepts like solidarity and mutual respect. Here's an April 7 interview excerpt, from a desperate (indigenous) "shopping street manager", Koen Borms. Note that the shopping street in question is the Turnhoutsebaan, see intro.

"Only a quarter (of the small business owners) want to invest in their business, even though half of them think they could do better". Don't tell me these are indigenous Belgians. "Six 'Belgian' business owners consider to pack up and leave. This would bring the neighborhood in a new negative spiral". Aha. "The indifference is great." And then it comes: "Indigenous shop owners have a very negative idea of their immigrant colleagues. Especially the many telephone and nightshops and barbers cause irritation".

Fourthly, in late April a number of concerned indigenous Belgian clients of Moroccan eateries and pizza parlors on the Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout took to the authorities to report that a significant number of the restaurants and snackbars they frequented had scrapped alcohol off the menu. While it is clear that a number of business owners did so out of free will - they don't feel well selling alcohol, not even to filthy infidel clients - there were strong indications that in a number of cases, a group of fundamentalist muslims had toured the Turnhoutsebaan and warned the owners to get alcohol off the menu, or else! Alain Herremans, Chairman of a society of neighborhood shop owners, noted: "The fear exists that soon (indigenous) Belgian eateries will be targeted." A not inconceivable development, given the fact that the salafist gang has until now disturbed at least one catholic mass by ostentatively entering a church on the Coxplein in Borgerhout and holding a quran in front of the priest!

Tessa Vermeiren, Feminista fighting for the Islamists!!! (and who compared Ayaan Hirsi Ali to suicide bombers)Fiftly, and this starts with a flying pig moment, the socialist mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens, is, for the moment at least, pushing through his plans to forbid town personnel of wearing religious symbols. There is no problem with Christians wearing small crosses, nor with (the very few) jews wearing yarmulkes. There is however a HUGE problem with islamic female town personnel wearing headscarves. Instead of doing like all the rest, they are organizing protests, supported, foolishly enough, by a group of artists, leftists and feminists(!), which set up the action BOEH (Baas Over Eigen Hoofd - Boss Over one's Own Head). In short, these fruitcakes' slogan is that "the woman decides herself whether she wears the headscarf or not". Now, I'm willing to buy that - for the ones who really want to wear it. For those the headscarf has simply become a "fuck you" signal towards everything the West stands for. For the other ones, however... only a loon would believe that salafist-fathered muslim girls not wanting to wear the headscarf could choose themselves. But then we are talking about loons here. Btw, BOEH... If you ever spent some time in Europe in the eighties, you may remember the slogan hey had then was BIEB (Baas in Eigen Buik - Boss in One's Own Belly). The goal then was to liberate European women from the yoke of male chauvinist pigs craving to procreate like, uh, myself, and in this they succeeded wonderfully well since every day in Europe around 3,300 children are murdered in the mother's womb. Or, 1,200,000 a year. Or, over the past 5 years, some 6,000,000 white Europeans who would today have come in handy as a counterweight to a certain reciprocal demographic reality. Btw, 6,000,000 humans killed over a period of five years time reminds me of another age and another breed of socialism. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh yeah, abortioning feminists who labored their entire lives for liberating themselves from the tiranny of their western men and who now fight for the plight of their breeding like rabbits islamic sisters, living pleasant lives under the benign guidance of their muslim men. Anyway, the headscarves controverse is getting very hot, what with the June 10 Parliamentary elections and all, and on May 30, a group of 6 female politicians of islamic background, none of them wearing headscarves, organized an election debate in the Brede IMS School along the... Turnhoutsebaan in Borgerhout. It is a girl's school, and a frightening number of pupils are muslim and wearing headscarves. Many, if not most, indigenous girls have already left. The glorious multiculturalism is a bit too much of a sour apple to bite through, especially if one of the cultures has no interest in multiculturalism. One of the six politicas was Mimount Bousakla, until recently belonging to the socialist party but now member of a centre-rightwing (!) splinter party. Mrs. Bousakla is the muslim politician who in 2004 received death threats from an islamonutter who could not stomach her liberal lifestyle or sumpin.

Mrs. Bousakla was the only woman who dared defend the decision of the mayor to forbid the wearing of religious symbols including headscarves for civil servants while in function. The hall, packed with muslim girl students erupted in jeers. Insults were hurled at Bousakla and she left the building. Or had to leave? Notice that she had police protection. I wonder for what? Global warming mayhaps? Well, these young muslim students are the future (sixtuple) Belgian mothers. They gave a very fine show of their interpretation of a typical western value like freedom of speech indeed. With citizens like them, who needs jihadists?

So, I think that this will do, for starters anyway, to explain that there is definitely something going on not very halal in Borgerhout and especially along its Turnhoutsebaan. It is in this light that one has to see Filip Dewinters "Zonder Jihad Straat" initiative. One would think, that with such an obvious disintegration of a neighborhood and flatly frightening developments, he'd at least get the benefit of the doubt. Or at least someone in charge would start paying serious attention to the slow but unmistakable islamification of not only a suburb, but an entire metropolis.

Not so.

I will spare you the plethora of negative reactions. Suffice to mention the comment made by Karel De Gucht, Belgian Foreign Minister:

Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht (Open VLD) cannot appreciate the "No Jihad Street" action organised by the Vlaams Belang on Wednesday in Borgerhout. "In such a manner you stigmatise an entire population group and you add nothing to society." he stated in a TV debate with VB strongman Filip Dewinter.

What will it take for the Karel De Guchts of our time to wake up?


The June 2, 2007 news from Antwerp.

One dead and three gravely wounded men in shooting an stabbing incident in Borgerhout

Two police inspectors gravely wounded by Moroccans

Police arrests thirty Moroccan youngsters terrorizing supermarket

I know, I'm stigmatizing an entire community.


Monday, May 28, 2007


The Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery, where almost 8,000 American soldiers and airmen rest. May we never forget.

"On Memorial Day, Americans pause with solemn gratitude and deep respect for all our fallen service men and women who have given their lives for our country and our freedom.

Through the generations, the courageous and selfless patriots of our Armed Forces have secured our liberty and borne its great and precious cost. When it has mattered most, patriots from every corner of our Nation have taken up arms to uphold the ideals that make our country a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world. By answering the call of duty with valor and unrelenting determination, they have set a standard of courage and idealism that inspires us all.

All Americans honor the memory of the lives that have been lost in defense of our freedom. Our Nation mourns them, and their example of strength and perseverance gives us resolve. We are also thankful to those who have stood by our service men and women in times of war and times of peace..."

Excerpt from the Memorial Day 2007 Proclamation by George W. Bush, President of the United States.