Saturday, September 06, 2014


Belgian dreampopband Oscar and The Wolf, with Strange Entity.

Although they formed in 2010 already, it took them four years to release their debut album, 'Entity'. Singer's Max Colombie.

Then it's Bob Seger, the Michigan Rocker, with Turn the Page. It's 1973.

This guy's been active non-stop since 1961. Is just shy of 70. Top Class.



Bill Whittle has some things to say about the man who traded five top Taliban commanders for a fucking deserter but refused to attend the funeral of Major General Harold J. Greene... who was killed by a Taliban operative who had infiltrated the ANA.

And over here they still present Obama as some kind of hero.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Summer's gone sang Buffalo Tom in 1995, and it ain't no different in 2014. In much of Europe it was an absolutely wet summer, but during our holiday in Austria in July, we were lucky to have at least a dry first week - sort of. This post needs some serious fleshing out yet, but I'll post it anyway, to let you enjoy the photos already. Gotta add a couple more, then provide some background.

 photo summer2014_Wachau_zps737d6fd8.jpg

The Wachau region as seen from the slopes of the Jauerling (961m). The river in the distance is the Danube.

 photo summer2014_High_Altar_Melk_Abbey_zps8adc490b.jpg

The High Altar in the abbatial church of Melk Abbey, Niederoesterreich. In the center, you can see the statues of Peter and Paul, depicted as saying farewell.

 photo summer2014_Gloriette_zps0bcc8d90.jpg

The Gloriette, a colossal pavillion looking down upon Schloss Schoenbrunn, the Habsburg residence in Vienna.

 photo summer2014_Cafecentral_zps2a061c0f.jpg

Cafe Central, one of the most famous of the renowned Viennese coffee houses.

 photo summer2014_Belvedere_zps85a512cc.jpg

Belvedere Palace, the upper part that is. Once the residence of Prince Eugene of Savoie, it is now home to a rich collection of paintings and sculptures dating from Medieval Times to the present. My wife absolutely wanted to see Klimt's The Kiss, and it was great, but there was also Caspar David Friedrich, Khnopff, Egon Schiele...

 photo summer2014_Stephansdom_zps4cde1db2.jpg

The Michelin Green Guide told me that the Viennese simply adore their Stephansdom. Notice the most unusual roof sporting a motif composed of colourful ceramic tiles.

 photo summer2014_Hallstatt_zps59e8f995.jpg

Hallstatt, which gave its name to the so-called Hallstatt Culture. Since time immemorial, people have been digging salt out of the surrounding mountains.

 photo summer2014_Linz_zps7ca36b16.jpg

The Square in Linz.

 photo summer2014_DomSalzburg_zpse428746d.jpg

The Dom in Salzburg.

 photo summer2014_salzburg_zpsb541b1aa.jpg

Beautiful Salzburg as seen from the fortress.

 photo summer2014_Eisriesenwelt_zps4499f1f7.jpg

The hole that leads to Eisriesenwelt, some forty kloms south of Salzburg.

 photo summer2014_Grossglockner1_zpsb41b7954.jpg

On the way to the Grossglockner. To the left, the Pasterze Glacier - what remains of it. Below the Margaritzespeicher.

 photo summer2014_Haelen_diorama_zps0d7c9c20.jpg

Back in Belgium. In Halen, scene of reportedly the last clash between cavalry divisions in Western Europe, a small museum is dedicated the victory one Belgian Cavalry Divison under General De Witte achieved over Von der Marwitz's Cavalry Corps, on August 12, 1914. Unfortunately I had no time to listen to the fella explaining the troop movements on the 30 square meters big diorama.

 photo summer2014_Haelen_German_Cross_zps24cdb3d4.jpg

Halen, German Cross. I think it was erected in the interbellum, possibly by the Weimar Republic. Originally, the 150 German dead of the Battle of Halen were buried here.

 photo summer2014_Floreffe_zps16c777b0.jpg

Floreffe Abbey, in Floreffe, in the Belgian Province of Namur.

More to follow, sorry for the scant info, as I said will flesh it out yet.


Monday, September 01, 2014


Over at American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus has some sound advice for the GOP:

"...Because I am a black conservative, someone wrote asking me this great question.

"What is it that compels some black men and women to cling to, and follow people like Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, Obama, Spike Lee, Black Panthers, Holder, etc.?”

I have pondered the same question. Some black folks embrace victim status because it provides cover for their laziness and irresponsible lifestyles. Black Judases preach a false, evil gospel of victimhood-ism for profit. Some blacks are racist, pure and simple.

I believe that a majority of black Americans simply have not been exposed to unfiltered conservatism – to blacks articulating how blessed they are to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet.

 photo Lloyd_marcus_zps06ce5bc7.jpgIronically, all of the blacks who are given big microphones to tout the horrors of being black in America are wealthy. The MSM and Democratic Party viciously and relentlessly block any and all patriotic black voices from the main stage – that is, anyone touting achieving success and wealth the old-fashioned way, via education, hard work, and morally right choices. And we know they attempt to silence such voices because their mission is not to empower blacks, but rather to further their big-government socialist/progressive agenda.

Now that America is burning in the flames of racial tension and polarization, it is crucial that Republicans/conservatives finally reach out to black America. I am not suggesting that they offer blacks a Democrat-lite, "America sucks and is somewhat racist, so we will lower standards and give you free stuff" message. Heaven forbid.

I am talking about taking a pedal-to-the-metal conservative message to black America, boldly articulating conservatism's virtues and why it is the best for all Americans. Why it is the most direct route to success.

While I have no problem with packaging our message to better connect with diverse audiences, our rock-solid conservative principles must remain intact. Republicans must reject using the Democrats' insidious tactic of dividing Americans into victimized voting blocs (blacks, women, Hispanics, and so on). After convincing various groups of Americans that they are victims, the Dems request their votes to use as protection money to keep their white racist sexist Republican/conservative enemies at bay. It is disgusting and evil."

Well said, Mr Marcus.

There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that if some field analysis were conducted in America as to which black communties are doing fine, which black people are well-to-do and successful (with the exception of those entertainment idiots who get rich by the ability to sell idiotic jungle sounds to losers)... you would find that they almost always adhere to a conservative lifestyle.

By contrast...

... I am equally convinced - make that, it should be crystal clear to everyone - that the legions of angry black mobs in Ferguson and all the other hellholes where blacks live in squalor... all listen to the siren song of leftist mantras.

America needs preachers. But preachers who spread the gospel of Conservatism among the black community, and expose the false 'progressive' prophets (the NAACP up front), if you allow Outlaw Mike some Bible slang.

The GOP would do well to heed Mr Marcus' advice.