Saturday, June 18, 2016


Via Het Laatste Nieuws, this morning:

 photo 12_suspects_arrested_18june2016_zpscew8tgjq.jpg

New terror cell rounded up: 12 suspects arrested who planned attack during Red Devils soccer match.

"Last night anti-terror units rounded up a new terror cell, the Federal Prosecutor confirmed. In the course of some 40-odd house searches in sixteen towns, 12 suspects were arrested. 152 garage boxes were searched. Weapons or explosives were not found. The suspects would have been planning to execute an attack on Brussels' Rogier Square during the Red Devils' soccer match htis afternoon, VTM News learned [Red Devils = Rode Duivels, Belgium's national soccer team, currently participating in the European Soccer Championship].

In the course of this large anti-terror sweep police searched forty houses in sixteen communes: in Brussels, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Schaarbeek, Anderlecht, Koekelberg, Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Evere, Vorst, Watermaal-Bosvoorde, Ganshoren, Zaventem, Ninove, Wemmel, Fleurus, Tubize and Liège. Forty people were apprehended for interrogation. Of these, twelve were arrested. In the coming hours, the Federal Prosecutor will decide whether they will stay in jail or not.

The Federal Prosecutor stated "that immediate intervention was necessary", but declined to give further information."

The info is a bit confusing, since the article states boldly that the twelve planned a terror attack, which implies there's evidence, while later in the same article "the federal prosecutor will decide whether they will remain in custody or not".

Be all that as it may, the important info is "that immediate intervention was necessary".

No immediate interventions are necessary in Belgium's Armenian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese or whatever communities. We got no problem with them. They contribute, they respect the law. You barely even hear them. They are a bonus to the country.

If an intervention involving FORTY house searches in MUSLIM communities in no less than SIXTEEN communes "is necessary"... there have been some SERIOUS hints. That's SERIOUS cause for concern.

I notice something else: houses were also searched in Ninove, Tubize, Fleurus, away from the big cities.

That means the islamic cancer is metastizing.


Monday, June 13, 2016


The Husseini Islamic Center in Orlando, FLA, reportedly condemns the horrific attack at the Pulse nightclub by Omar Mateen that left 49 dead and scores of wounded:

 photo HIC_lies_zpshtmx0kqv.jpg

"Members of Husseini Islamic Center (HIC), stand united with our fellow Americans in categorically condemning this attack. We share the grief and sorrow of the nation and stand united with the Central Florida community and City of Orlando. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to the families and loved ones who are victims of this tragedy."

Oh really?

As recently as 2013, that very same Husseini Islamic Centre invited a certain Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, a British born islamic "scholar" to speak at the centre's mosque. During that speech, Sekaleshfar said "the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do"....

... and nobody at the HIC objected:

 photo sheikh_farrokh_sekaleshfar_zpsj9gbdhn4.jpg

Here's video of the "event":

“Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence...We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it's the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”

Guess the good sheikh made himself abundantly clear, huh? So, Husseini Islamic Centre, spare us your nonsense and lies. We all know that you condone, even cheer, the murder of 49 of your "fellow Americans".

The supreme irony is, of course, that perhaps nowhere on the planet as many men engage in homosexual behavior as in the muslim world. This article is lifting just a tip of the veil, but there are many, many more hints. But what would you expect in a societal model that condemns its young men full of testosterone to rampage around with basically no one else but their own sex? A societal model that hides its women - especially its most attractive ones! - from view? The islamic world is basically one enormous prison where far too many of the male inmates can only rely on their own sex to let off some steam.

Anyway... as a human and a Christian, although admittedly, far from an ideal one, I offer my sincere condolences to the relatives of those brutally murdered and wounded. This is a tragedy without equal. And, I fear, an omen of things to come, if coward politicians continue to evade the truth about the attack's real nature.


Sunday, June 12, 2016


Théo van Rysselberghe (23 November 1862 – 14 December 1926) was probably the foremost Belgian neo-impressionist painter. Beginning as a Realist, he evolved rather quickly to impressionism, exhibiting at the age of 19 already at the Brussels Salon.

 photo TVR_The_garden_of_feacutelicien_rops_at_essone_zpsxtvnx2bx.jpg

The garden of Félicien Rops at Essone.

Van Rysselberghe, born in Flanders but francophone, since a scion in the Belgian bourgeoisie where Flemish was considered a peasant's language, was also a co-founder of the artistic circle "Les XX" (Les Vingt, The Twenty), a band of progressive Belgian artists rebelling against the prevailing realism of the age - much like a generation earlier the Pre-Raphaelites in England had rebelled against the style of Joshua Reynolds and followers.

 photo TVR_Marguerite_Van_Mons_zpsnypwiesz.jpg

The beautiful and delicate "Marguerite de Mons", a painting of a girl who was mourning her recently deceased mother.

 photo TVR_Les_soeurs_du_peintre_Schlobach_zpskdq5mciu.jpg

Les soeurs du peintre Schlobach.

 photo TVR_swimmer_resting_zpsnqbpzcwo.jpg

Swimmer resting.(1922)

Good night.