Saturday, November 21, 2009


Wendy Mc Donald, priceless 1996 song and video by Spookey Ruben, a Canadian alternative rocker from Toronto. Rather distinctive sound consisting of mixed acoustic and electric guitars and swapping between high and low vocals. His father was a space engineer, hence probably the shots in the video.

Little Green Bag will forever be linked to Quentin Tarantino's 1992 debut film Reservoir Dogs, one of my all-time favourites btw. It was the debut single of the Dutch pop group the George Baker Selection, which, apart from Little Green Bags, produced otherwise rather cheesy stuff. Old enough Dutchmen peeking in will remember Paloma Blanca, and their eartips are coloring red as we speak. George Baker is the artist name of singer and guitarist Johannes Bouwens. Either way, I can't think of a better intro for this brilliant movie. And whatever happened to Tim Roth? And Michael Madsen?


Friday, November 20, 2009


Post upcoming about the appointment of Belgian PM Herman Van Rompuy to EU President, but since not ready yet here two appetizers. If you get sick of it, tomorrow some lighter stuff.

First France. There, Algerians (I will call them Algerians even though they have French passports) tore off the French flag of Toulouse's town hall and replaced it with the Algerian flag:

Then Anderlecht, Belgium. Moroccans (I will call them Moroccans because, when a poll shows only 7% of Moroccans with a Belgian passport consider themselves Belgian, it is clear where their loyalties lay) attacked a police station and threw a molotov cocktail in it.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


French police is losing control of the streets in virtually all big cities. The followong is a video of a publicity stunt gone wrong when the Belgian (hey yeah, I can't help it) advertising company Rentabiliweb promoting god knows what stuff, distributed envelopes with money for free. The fools had announced it days before so that, on the day the distribution would start, a throng of hundreds if not thousands of Cultural Enrichers had appeared on the foot of the Eiffel Tower, where Mailorama, the French branch of Rentabiliweb, would hand out the envelops. Realizing there wouldn't be enough for the 7,000 or more persons who had turned up, Mailorama canceled the event at the last moment. That's when the fun started for real.

No one has to give me or any of the decent people out there money. I suppose you, like me, work for it. Not so for the scum you see in the video. Apparently thousands of "youths" can hang out in the middle of the day in Paris, doing nothing but nevertheless feeling "entitled" to checks for free. And when that doesn't turn up, that apparently justifies demolishing the neighborhood.

Another telling example of French police incapable of asserting its power on the streets in Marseille, when after a soccer match Egypt-Algeria on November 14, which ended in defeat for the latter, all hell broke loose. And not only in Marseille. A majority of muslims in France are Algerians, and apparently they think that if their country loses a soccer match thousands of kilometers away, those stupid French should pay for that. Btw, it really is their country first and foremost, a situation which reminds me of my country, where 93% of Moroccans or people of Moroccan descent feel first like Moroccans and then - possibly - like Belgians. Anyway, in France a soccer match Egypt-Algeria ending in 2-0 is reason enough for this scum to terrorize the Marseille natives and set boats in Marseille's port on fire:

Of course, it's not only the police that get the rough treatment. Firefighters too are subject to insults and beatings. They are molested, thrown rocks and iron bars at, in some cases lynched. Same goes for medical personnel. More info here. Sorry, it's in French and I got no time to translate. Let me conclude that I suspect the usual assholes will show up claiming this has nothing to do with Islam. It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam, which teaches its adherents to despise the West, even though we have given them everything - free education, housing, food, decent medical treatment - with which to succeed in our society. That all, plus the mindboggling attitude of the lefist elites who, even on the funeral pyre of our civilization, stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the horror now engulfing Europe and keep feeding the indigenous Europeans fairytales through the media and the education apparatus, which are overwhelmingly in their hands in all European countries.

While these traitorous idiots keep spouting their vicious les, at the same time, all over Europe, thousands of mosques are being constructed. The photo below shows the mosque of Poitiers, nearing completion. It will have a 21-meter high minaret equipped with loudspeakers and high-power light projectors, and these won't be for playbacking Britney Spears. During the years this abomination was under construction, an estimated 400,000 Iraqi Christians were forced to flee from their country under threat of death, Algeria closed churches by the tens, and persecution and mistreatment of the remains of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism in a great many predominantly muslim countries were continued more intensively than ever. Curiously, facts like these elude the attention of our moral betters, who insist that we have to trust the intrinsic capacity for self-emancipation of the muslim world.


Just so that you know who's the new boss. In Poitiers, of all places. Charles Martel is spinning in his grave.

One last thing.

The mayor of Poitiers, Jacques Santrot, is a member of the Parti Socialiste.

I suspect however, that you suspected that already.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


News from the Belgian contingent in Afghanistan is hard to come by, but since last summer there's a sketchy overview every week via a pdf document downloadable from the MoD website. Currently, Belgium has about 600 plus military personnel in Afghanistan, active in south, east and north Afghanistan.

Operating from KAF (Kandahar Airfield) in Afghanistan's south are six F-16 fighter bombers, which are flying combat missions daily. Crews, ground personnel and a protection squad account for about 125 men. Many flights are recce and "scare" flights, but about every week or so the jets are requested to engage ground targets. E.g., the MoD overview file for 28 0ct/4 Nov states that two F-16's destroyed two 107mm rocket launching sites which were threatening KAF. The weapons used were laser-guided GBU-12 Paveway II bombs.


PhotobucketThen there is the 300-strong detachment securing KAIA (Kabul International Airport). They guard the innermost perimeter, this for both military and civil aviation (besides, the latter is becoming ever more important). The detachment has been there for aeons now (2002, to be exact), and even though it must be one of the safest assignments in the whole of Afghanistan, it's a wonder that apart from a couple of wounded now and then there haven't been fatalities. It is composed of a variety of subunits and changed every three months. Every new batch is transported from Belgium to Dushanbe, Tajikistan with airbuses, then from there to Kabul with C-130's. The 15th Transport Wing has constantly about three to four of these old but reliable and recently updated transports in service between KAIA and Dushanbe, and regularly provides transport services for our allies too. Aviation freaks may be interested to know that the Belgian Air Force will replace its Hercules transports with the Airbus A 400M, but delays in the programme have postponed the first delivery to 2012 at the earliest. As a sidenote, the problems have been such that several countries (Italy, Portugal, South Africa) involved in the project have already quit or cancelled their orders. Which is a shame imho, since the A400M will be a magnificent transport plane once it is operational, capable of delivering a payload of 30 tonnes over a distance of 2450 nautical miles.

Third, a small platoon-sized EOD group of about thirty men is embedded with the Germans in Kunduz. While not in an actual combat role, this group has made itself extremely useful in that it has, over the past three years or so, neutralised or otherwise destroyed litterally tens of thousands of explosives, mostly mines and mortar rounds:


Fourth, a 70-strong OMLT (Operational Mentoring and Liasion Team) is operational also near Kunduz, where they are responsble for the training of an ANA infantry battalion. This is actually Belgium's only ground combat engagement, for while this troop is not supposed to be fighting taliban, the nature of their work implies that they come under fire regularly. The MoD entry for 1 and 2 November e.g. reads that the OMLT and the battalion it is "coaching" were engaged east of Kunduz. Rather exceptionally the Belgian EOD team was present too, clearing IED's around a place called Basoz. After the mission, the 2nd ANA battalion (kandak in Pashtun), the OMLT, and the EOD team moved to Chahar Dareh, but were still taken under fire.


The Belgian camo, see the instructor, is quite good given the bleak surroundings, but the camo of the ANA soldiers strikes me as incongruous. These guys stand out like sores and must be easy targets. You wonder who came up with the folly of kaki in a desert battleground.

A second OMLT team, about thirty-five men strong, will arrive in Afghanistan towards the end of November. They will bring the total of Belgian military personnel in Afghanistan to about 650.

All in all it's not that bad, but still not comparable with the Dutch mission in Afghanistan, which has seen fierce and unfortunately bloody ground combat for a couple of years now. Even so, it's amazing what a difference a government with half of the socialists out can accomplish. The complicated political situation in Belgium has led to a coalition in which the Flemish socialists find themselves in the opposition, while the Walloon socialists are still in the government. Luckily, not in a position where they can do much damage to Belgium's NATO responsibilities: the current Secretary of Defense, Pieter De Crem, is a center-right Christian Democrat and a far more competent personality than his predecessor, the catastrophic André Flahaut of the Parti Socialiste. The current Belgian PM, Herman Van Rompuy, also a Christian Democrat, can be cautiously labeled center-right too. He is actually tipped for the post of EU President, but I'd rather have - and I mean that very honestly - that he stays on his post, because we finally have a degree of stability here. A stability that not only allows us to come up with a more than symbolic military presence near our allies in AF, but also a stability that is rather business-friendly, as opposed to a situation where you have politicians in charge who see the private sector as enemies, like in some recent governments. I guess this is one of the reasons why Belgium, even though we too have seen a rather troublesome surge in unemployment figures, has until now withered the economic crisis relatively well. But more about that later. Time allowing.