Friday, March 12, 2004

This is for those who don't think the war on terror is the most important issue facing us in the coming election.

Unfortunately Spain is too far away for many Americans to relate to, much less find on a map. It will take another attack on our soil to wake up the "Where's my free job and free healthcare?" crowd, and maybe not even then. These clowns are so worried about expanding the size of the government teat they suckle on a daily basis that they fail to realize it will cease to exist should we be become complacent in this war.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I suspect we will not hear as much about this as we did about Justice Scalia. Just a hunch.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Always knew I’d become famous one day but never expected that day would break so soon!
I have been mentioned in The White House! YEEEEAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Well, Prez Bartlet’s one, actually. Uh, ok, and not me personally, but my new party, the Vlaams Blok (Flemish Bloc). Fact remains that I stumble upon these fragments just after joining the anti-immigrationalist Flemish Bloc. This can’t be a coincidence. Some excerpts Ladies and Gentlemen from POTUS himself:

"What's the problem with the Belgian elections, Leo? The intelligence briefing! The anti-immigrationalists are gaining in the North. Doesn't say why or how. I want a CIA briefer here in person every morning, why do I get the front page?"

"The Flemish Bloc is gaining in the North. The Flemish Bloc, ultra-nationalists in Belgium. Skinheads really, neo-nazis. They're wearing three-piece suits, speaking in coded discourse now instead of angry chants, and they're gaining in the North. And everyone wears the same suit, how does anyone know which side they're on anymore?"

Bwah. Sucker calls me a neo-nazi. Sheenie, ya know what “nazi” means? That’s Nazional-Sozialist man. Socialists, reds! In other words, the likes of you!!!

Mark, I'm not forgetting you. This didn't require intelligence nor a lot of time. Btw, Tuchman is a hell of a writer. If you can find the time, read also "The Guns of August" and "The Zimmermann Telegram" (the former on the outbreak of WWI, the latter on how the US became involved in it).
Michael, what's up with this?

You guys better get your act together. Before I get too patriotic, I'll point out that we're all still getting spanked by the Japanese.