Saturday, June 11, 2016


The Happy Mondays with Step On. From the 1990 album Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches.

Madchester band around Shaun (vocals) and Paul (bass) Ryder from Salford, Greater Manchester.

A nice ballad: Christopher Cross with Sailing. From his debut album Christopher Cross (1979).

Singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas.

At the time of finishing this Saturday Night I saw that we had no less than 402 hits from Japan today. Dunno where I earned so much attention from the Land of the Rising Sun, other than that an old post about Unit 731 must suddenly have been picked up by someone who thereafter snowballed it.

Just to make a couple of things clear...

While I reserve the right to point out certain things re the horrible excesses committed by Japanese military personnel during its militaristic regime's tenure, I want to make it clear that I don't hold the Japanese people themselves responsible for that. I want to emphasize that I respect Japan and its citizens TRE-MEN-DOUS-LY. I salute you and your ingenuity, stamina, labor ethic, scientific and technological prowess; your fascinating history and rich culture; your fine cuisine (our family is a regular visitor to a very decent Japanese restaurant in Brussels, Kabuki); and last but not least, your absolutely beautiful country. May we have the good luck to visit it one day.

Also, you must be goddam smart people in allowing immigrants only under the most stringent conditions - especially muslim immigrants. I know your island nation faces its own particular problems, what with your demographic challenges, your tsunamis, your proximity to that North Korean lunatic et al, but of this I am sure: Japan and the Japanese will see things through.

 photo respect_zpsurb75vxm.jpg




Via HLN Online:

 photo muslims_torch_police_car_molenbeek_10062016_zpsentmvi52.jpg

"In Molenbeek, two police cars were torched yesterday evening. Earlier reports had it that youths had set alight one car with a molotov cocktail. During the night a second car was torched. Police arrested a suspect, an 18-year old man. He will be questioned before the prosecutor today, according to Johan Berckmans, spokesman for the Brussels-West Police Zone.

The first car was set on fire in Vierwindenstraat, where in March terror suspect Salah Abdeslam was arrested. There were no wounded. The officers got a call around 18.30h regarding an arson attempt of a garage in an adjoining street. When they checked out the place, they heard an explosion. It quickly became clear that it was their own car which was burning, as well as another car parked nearby.

The second car was torched around midnight in De Rooverelaan, near Brussels West Station. The car in question was an unmarked Peugeot 807 of a branch of a local police service dealing with specific youths. This car would also have been set alight with a molotov cocktail."

A video of the event yesterday evening:

Earlier this week, it became known that at several schools in Brussels muslim pupils as young as eleven years refused to follow swimming and music classes. The swimming classes because of the risk of swallowing some water from the pool and drinking is forbidden during the day when it's ramadan; the music classes were no-no because music is haram.

With every passing day now, it becomes apparent what a gigantic danger muslims pose for civilized societies.

The day is rapidly approaching when humanity will have to deal with this hellish sect once and for all. The best option would be to deport each and every muslim from normal countries to their homelands and let them rot there. But such a thing is impossible without an all-out war. It is clear that the mere existence of this insane moon cult, which makes beasts of those it possesses, is not only a stain on Mankind, but a horrible burden as well, litterally holding humanity back from achieving its full potential.


Friday, June 10, 2016


Islam is DEFINITELY a part of Germany these days.

It barely made the news, perhaps a footnote here, so I suspect probably nothing at all across the pond, but last week an asylum center in Duesseldorf was torched by some of the very refugees it was sheltering.

Via PI-News:

 photo duesseldorf_hamza_2016_zpsycytlkxw.jpg

"Ever more details regarding the torching of the asylum center in Duesseldorf emerge. On Wednesday evening, the two 26-year old North African prime suspects were arrested. Since the beginning of 2016, police had to intervene 89 times in the now burned up hall, the two would have been the instigators in many of the riots leading to the interventions. The plan to torch the building would have originated, according to Express, with "Fat Hamza" (photo), who was angered because he did not get chocolate pudding. Therefore, already on Monday Police had to be deployed to contain the group gathering around the firebrand leader.

(Via L.S.Gabriel)

On Tuesday, asylum cheater Hamza and his sidekick, actually two Moroccans pretending to come from Syria, were pissed off because security had not awoken them for breakfast before the sun came up; yet at noon the whole gang around their fat boss demanded more variety at the buffet, this despite ramadan. Since the guards were slow to respond, Hamza gave the "Feuer Frei" order. Schnapps was poured on a mattress and set alight. Result: around 10 million EUR damage, because Hamza from Casablanca did not get chocolate pudding."

More info at Express.

 photo hamza_casablanca_zpspnmwuuu5.jpg

This is Hamza, a 26-year old refugee from Casablanca. Casablanca is a city in Morocco which reportedly lies somewhere smack in the middle of Syria.

Hamza is simultaneously a world-renowned microbiologist, a nuclear physicist and a rocket scientist who likes to play Beethoven on his piano, paid for with the receipts from lectures he gives on architectural topics, and who in his scarce spare time, when he's not too tired from working his fat ass off for the wellbeing of the good citizens of Germany, writes poetry.

As we know by now, he also has a serious knack for chocolate pudding.



Via The Rebel Media and The Gatestone Institute, a telling video featuring Giulio Meotti:

Meotti is a journalist for Il Foglio, one of Europe's very few decent newspapers.


Wednesday, June 08, 2016


This is our continent, this is our civilization.

And no insane suicidal leftist or greenie multiculti idiot or no backward inbred wifebeating follower of mohammed (may piss, excrement, vomit and menstruation blood be showered upon him in royal quantities) will take it away from us.




Monday, June 06, 2016


A couple of weeks back we had a post on Sadiq Khan's election as Mayor of London, and his dubious ties to extremist muslims.

Turns out it is even far worse, something MSM deliberately chooses to ignore.

A telling video with Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB:

And here is the transcript:

"So, Sadiq Khan is now the Mayor of London. What sort of man is he?

He took his oath on the Koran, so he puts Islam before his country. His brother-in-law was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, and apparently Sadiq Khan is related to four members of a proscribed extremist organisation. One of his aides, Shueb Salar, had to be eventually fired for writing about killing Jews.

Sadiq Khan worked for Liberty civil rights organisation, which included at that time Azad Ali on its board. Azad Ali wanted to kill British soldiers.

Sadiq Khan has represented the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan - after Louis Farrakhan said, we want to kill all the whites.

Sadiq Khan has represented Ali Dizaei, the corrupt Muslim policeman who went to jail for perverting the course of justice.

Sadiq Khan has represented Babar Ahmad, a terrorist linked to al-Qaeda.

Sadiq Khan has represented Shaker Aamer, who toddled off to Syria with a false passport, obviously to do some charity work, according to Sadiq Khan - of course he didn't, the British Intelligence want to know about him.

 photo sadiq_khan_before_after_election_zpsoasw4edn.jpg

Sadiq Khan represented Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is wanting to kill Jews around the world, stone homosexuals to death and adulteresses to death.

Sadiq Khan's represented the Muslim Council of Britain after – after they were dropped by the Labour government for being basically linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has been on Press TV in Iran, calling moderate Muslims Uncle Toms, because they are not proper Muslims, because they're moderates.

He shared stages repeatedly with Muslims calling for the murder of Jews and for the takeover of the West, and because he's represented these people, he's linked to Cage's Adnan Qureshi, who said that Jihadi John was a beautiful young man.

Now, Sadiq Khan will tell you that because he worked in the civil rights industry, these are the people that he came across, because of civil rights issues. But you'll notice they are all particular types of people. You will notice that Sadiq Khan never represented Sergeant Blackman, Marine A. He never represented Tommy Robinson.

We wrote to Liberty - the group, civil rights group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti's Liberty, Sadiq Khan's Liberty – and said, are you going to represent Tommy Robinson? We never got a reply from them, because Tommy Robinson is the enemy of Sadiq Khan, as is Sergeant Blackman, Marine A, the enemy of Sadiq Khan.

And this is a man that is now the mayor of the capital city of England, the Mayor of London, a man who has spent his entire life associating with enemies of Britain, enemies of Jews, enemies of women, enemies of the infidel, enemies of the English basically, the British. This is the man who is now the Mayor of London.

This could never have happened twenty years ago, very unlikely it could have happened ten years ago, but now that the white English native population of London are now a minority, this is the sort of man, with his extremist friends, that can become the Mayor of London - which is an obscenity, it is a catastrophe. It is a sign of a country which is fast disappearing.

I wouldn't mind particularly if he was a Muslim who just happened to be a Muslim, but you do not have that huge range of extremist friends … clearly his sympathies lie with extremist Islam.

How is it possible? Well, we know how it's possible, it's possible because the English no longer remain a proper voting block in their own capital city.

In ten years' time, twenty years' time, we are going to find that what's now happened in London is going to happen in the country on a national basis, and we will have at some point a Muslim Prime Minister, and the media will say, oh he's a lovely man, just like they all said Sadiq Khan was a lovely man, but he's not, and he won't be.

All of these Muslim people involved in politics are driven by Islam. They're not driven by love of England, not a single one of them.

This is why no Muslims should be holding political public office in this country, and Sadiq Khan is a prime example of exactly why not. We've been saying that at Liberty GB for a long time now, and
it's perfectly acceptable, I think, not to have somebody like Sadiq Khan, linked to all of these extremists, running our capital city.

If you think the same that I think about this, and we do not want these people running our political system in this country when they are clearly enemies of England, of us, of you, then please join Liberty GB, because we're standing up and saying it.

Nobody else is. You will not find UKIP saying it.

We need to do something about this, because as I say, in ten years, twenty years, thirty years maximum, this will be an Islamic country run under Sharia law, based purely on the demographics.

So do something about it, join Liberty GB, support Liberty GB, do something, and stop the future of more Sadiq Khans running more cities in this country before we eventually have a Sadiq Khan as Prime Minister with all of the terrible people surrounding him.

So please - do something about it.

Thank you."

You can join Liberty GB here.


Sunday, June 05, 2016


Spent the afternoon with my family and my aunt in Bruges. Some impressions:

 photo saint_walburga_church_zpsujfbr0yp.jpg

The baroque façade of Saint Walburga Church, a former Jesuit Church, now a parish church.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Bruges, Belgium. The term "Basilica" implies something grand, but this building is actually quite small - that's because it was originally built in the 12th century as the chapel of the residence of the Count of Flanders. It consists of the Chapel of Saint Basil below, in Romanesque style, and the Chapel of the Holy Blood upstairs. The latter, on the photo below, is home to the famous Relic of the Holy Blood, allegedly collected by Joseph of Arimathea and brought to Flanders from the Holy Land by Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders.

 photo kapel_Heilig_Bloed_zpsvr03auhw.jpg

To the right, there's an elevated altar of some kind where the relic is displayed:

 photo relic_Holy_Blood_Jesus_Christ_zps2unmxcoh.jpg

I stepped up the stairs and prayed for what I deemed necessary. Don't worry, it had nothing to do with me personally.

Then it was off to the Groeningemuseum. There's a plethora of Flemish/Belgian works spanning five centuries to be seen there, and I was unable to take a photo of possibly the most famous of them all, a work by Jan Van Eyck, foremost of the Flemish Primitives. I will thus have to resort to just post this internet pic:

 photo Virgin_Child_zpsqnoa567q.jpg

The Virgin and Child with Canon Vanderpaele (1434-1436).

Then a magnificent work by François-Joseph Navez (Charleroi 1787 – Brussels 1869), a very successful neoclassicist painter:

 photo Navez_portret_theacuteodore_joseph_jonet_et_ses_deux_filles_zpsadlsfyto.jpg

Portrait of Théodore Joseph Jonet and his two daughters (1832)

Emile Claus (Sint-Eloois-Vijve, 27 september 1849 - Astene, 14 juni 1924), is considered the most important representative of Belgian Impressionism:

 photo Claus_the_river_lys_at_astene_zps3tli9nye.jpg

The river Lys at Astene.

And finally the foremost reason we came to Bruges on this sunny Spring afternoon:

 photo Madonna_met_kind-OLV_Brugge_zpsjph2wsvh.jpg

A very fine example of Roman Catholic Marian art, the Madonna with Child by Michelangelo, on display in the Church of Our Holy Lady. One of the very few works by the famous Renaissance artist outside Italy. It wasn't until a regular reader, KR, corrected an error in an article by Giulio Meotti two weeks back that I learned of the existence of this breathtaking marble sculpture (shame on me). Unfortunatly, since there's no way of getting closer than 15 feet, and since there's bulletproof glass in front of it, the photo is of inferior quality. But far more decent ones can easily be found.