Saturday, June 11, 2016


Via HLN Online:

 photo muslims_torch_police_car_molenbeek_10062016_zpsentmvi52.jpg

"In Molenbeek, two police cars were torched yesterday evening. Earlier reports had it that youths had set alight one car with a molotov cocktail. During the night a second car was torched. Police arrested a suspect, an 18-year old man. He will be questioned before the prosecutor today, according to Johan Berckmans, spokesman for the Brussels-West Police Zone.

The first car was set on fire in Vierwindenstraat, where in March terror suspect Salah Abdeslam was arrested. There were no wounded. The officers got a call around 18.30h regarding an arson attempt of a garage in an adjoining street. When they checked out the place, they heard an explosion. It quickly became clear that it was their own car which was burning, as well as another car parked nearby.

The second car was torched around midnight in De Rooverelaan, near Brussels West Station. The car in question was an unmarked Peugeot 807 of a branch of a local police service dealing with specific youths. This car would also have been set alight with a molotov cocktail."

A video of the event yesterday evening:

Earlier this week, it became known that at several schools in Brussels muslim pupils as young as eleven years refused to follow swimming and music classes. The swimming classes because of the risk of swallowing some water from the pool and drinking is forbidden during the day when it's ramadan; the music classes were no-no because music is haram.

With every passing day now, it becomes apparent what a gigantic danger muslims pose for civilized societies.

The day is rapidly approaching when humanity will have to deal with this hellish sect once and for all. The best option would be to deport each and every muslim from normal countries to their homelands and let them rot there. But such a thing is impossible without an all-out war. It is clear that the mere existence of this insane moon cult, which makes beasts of those it possesses, is not only a stain on Mankind, but a horrible burden as well, litterally holding humanity back from achieving its full potential.


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