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Via The Daily Mail, 25 May 2017:

 photo first_ladies_big_zpsszzyy2bb.jpg

What an ugly, sour, dull, revolting bitch of a wife. No wonder Erdogan is a goatfucker.

As for the other ladies, sorry Melania. Madame Baldvinsdottir is my fave. Mrs. Stropnik is sweet.


Friday, May 26, 2017


Of course it had to happen, the icing on the cake. After all the lame and fake vows by Europe's sophisticated 'leaders' to 'stand united with Manchester', poet Tony Walsh stepped up to pour some vinegar in a thousand wounds. If you haven't just eaten, you can take a look at his toe-curling 'performance' here.

This sums it up nicely:

Via Theo Spark.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


Soon the slaughter at the Ariana Grande concert will be a week behind us. I've been seething all that time at the shameless display of euro cowardice - or at least euro cowardice from the usual suspects: our glib, arrogant, coward politicians and their lackeys in MSM. Indeed, I have NOWHERE come across a statement from a leading politician who labeled the callous terror attack with the proverb 'muslim' or 'islamic'. It's disheartening and depressing, since that is EXACTLY what it was, for the umpteenth time.

Mark Steyn came up with two columns of such remarkable insight and wisdom that I suspect that, a long time from now, these words will be upheld, reproduced, and reoffered on a huge scale to a wiser public - provided islam does not succeed - as the perfect illustration of the insanity ruling our times.

Here are some key exerpts from his post 'Dangerous Woman meets Dangerous Man', May 23, 2017:

"... A few weeks ago the BBC reported that "approximately 850 people" from the United Kingdom have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight for Isis and the like. That's more volunteers than the IRA were able to recruit in thirty years of the "Troubles", when MI5 estimated that they never had more than a hundred active terrorists out in the field. This time maybe it's the exotic appeal of foreign travel, as opposed to a month holed up in a barn in Newry.

 photo independent_nonsense_zpsan2oddir.jpg

No assholes, there are other ways to respond to attacks like in Manchester: calling a spade a spade and IDENTIFYING this mass murder as islamic might be a good start.

Carrying on in Germany, Angela Merkel pronounced the attack "incomprehensible". But she can't be that uncomprehending, can she? Our declared enemies are perfectly straightforward in their stated goals, and their actions are consistent with their words. They select their targets with some care. For a while, it was Europe's Jews, at a Brussels museum and a Toulouse school and a Copenhagen synagogue and a Paris kosher supermarket. But Continentals are, except for political photo-ops on Holocaust Memorial Day, relatively heartless about dead Jews, and wrote off such incidents as something to do with "Israeli settlements" and "occupation" and of no broader significance.

So they moved on to slaughter 49 gays in a nightclub in Orlando - the biggest mound of gay corpses ever piled up in American history and the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11. But all the usual noisy LGBTQWERTY activists fell suddenly silent, as if they'd all gone back in the closet and curled up in the fetal position. And those Democrats who felt obliged to weigh in thought it was something to do with the need for gun control...

So they targeted provocative expressions of the infidel's abominable false religion, decapitating a French priest at Mass and mowing down pedestrians at a Berlin Christmas market. But post-Christian Europe takes Christianity less seriously than its enemies do, and so that too merited little more than a shrug and a pledge to carry on.

So they selected symbols of nationhood, like France's Bastille Day, Canada's Cenotaph, and the Mother of Parliaments in London. But taking seriously assaults on your own nation's symbols would require you to take your nation seriously, and most western citizens are disinclined to do so. As the great universal talismanic anthem of the age has it, "Imagine there's no countries/It's easy if you try..."

So the new Caliphate's believers figured out that what their enemy really likes is consumerism and pop music. Hence the attacks on the Champs-Élysées and the flagship Åhléns department store in Stockholm, and the bloodbath at the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris and now at Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" tour.

In the decade since the Canadian Islamic Congress launched their "flagrant Islamophobia' lawsuits over my book, various comrades such as Ezra Levant and Douglas Murray have noted, correctly, that a principled commitment to free speech has always been a minority concern - and an even smaller minority with respect to free speech about Islam. As the most learned imam John Kerry put it with respect to the Charlie Hebdo massacre, there was "a sort of particularised focus and perhaps even a legitimacy – not a legitimacy, but a rationale..." Those cartoonists, they were all wearing short skirts and asking for it.

Conversely, most other western citizens believe that, to invert Trotsky, if you're not interested in Islam, Islam won't be interested in you. Ariana Grande was eight at the time of 9/11, and most of her fans even younger. They have passed their entire sentient lives in the age of Islamic terror, yet somehow assume it's something compartmentalized and sealed off from them. "Dangerous Woman" is meant to be an attitude, nothing more - an edgy pose in a pop culture that lost any edge long ago; a great T-shirt, like the ones last night scavenged from the merchandising stands and used to bandage the wounded. It must come as a shock to realize there are those who take your ersatz provocations as the real thing, and are genuinely provoked by them.

"Carrying on exactly as before", as The Independent advises, will not be possible. A few months ago, I was in Toulouse, where Jewish life has vanished from public visibility and is conducted only behind the prison-like walls of a fortress schoolhouse and a centralized synagogue that requires 24/7 protection by French soldiers; I went to Amsterdam, which is markedly less gay than it used to be; I walked through Molenbeek after dark, where unaccompanied women dare not go. You can carry on, you can stagger on, but life is not exactly as it was before. Inch by inch, it's smaller and more constrained...."

The day after he ran a short article rightfully blasting the #Stand United bozos:

"...Twenty-four hours after the Manchester attack, I joined Evan Solomon on CFRA in Ottawa to talk about what it meant and where we go. You can hear the full interview here (scroll down if necessary). I began by making the point that I was offended by the media coverage's Orwellian inversion of language - whereby "#ManchesterStrong" means a limp passivity of flowers and candlelight vigils and teddy bears for a couple of days before we all forget it until the next "strong" "united" community gets blown apart.

My thoughts yesterday did not meet with universal agreement. Linda Cianchetti emails:

The killer was the queen of England's clan.

Rothschild Soros club.

Stop zionist Israel jews from manufacturing all this illusion. They are the banking cartel around the world. Stop blaming everyone but the culprits, themselves. Or we will have no respect for journalists and the tales they put out.

Well, thanks for clearing that up.

I get a lot more of this than I used to. I suspect Ms Cianchetti would blame "zionist Israel jews" and "the queen of England's clan" whatever happened, but it's a close call whether she's any more detached from reality than, say, Newsweek fretting about "reprisals" against Muslims or the nincompoop diversicrat who serves as Chief Constable of Greater Manchester sternly warning that we must not "tolerate hate" - by which he means not the hate of people who shred little girls' bodies with nail bombs but the mean-spirited Tweets of people who get angry at the people who shred little girls' bodies with nail bombs.

 photo conor_gaffey_asshole_zpspzmk5soa.jpg

Newsweek's columnist Conor Gaffey, a Monumental Idiot, should have been forced to pull bolts and nails out of little girls' bodies.

 photo ian_hopkins_asshole_zps6mrtdhbp.jpg

If Winston Churchill would have been PM instead of lame duck Theresa May, Ian Hopkins, Manchester's foul, incompetent Orwellian IDIOT of a Chief Constable would by this time have been overseeing rusting whale stations in South Georgia instead of police operations in Greater Manchester. In a sane society, YOU shouldn't be tolerated asshole.

The Official Lies are getting more ludicrous, and (with respect to the investigation of Fleet Street columnists for entirely innocuous observations) dangerous and totalitarian. One further danger of the Official Lies is that their obvious fraudulence bolsters the confidence of Ms Cianchetti and the similarly inclined in their derangements..."

Political correctness will be the death of us.


Sunday, May 21, 2017


In the film Highlander (1986, directed by Russell Mulcahy). When The Kurgan, played by Clancy Brown, enters a church where Connor McLeod, played by Christophe Lambert, is praying for the soul of his long lost love Heather.

This short clip shows Brown in such good form that I never understood why such a good actor never really broke through. Sure, he was great as a prison warden in The Shawshank Redemption, but I don't recall any other memorable roles. Weird.

The first Highlander was good, really, really good. The rest... not so much.


Saturday, May 20, 2017


Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band with Still the Same. From the album Stranger in Town (1978).

A prime example of Heartland Rock.

So Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) killed himself. Pity. I wondered if I'd give a sympathetic nod with either Black Hole Sun or else Fell on Black Days, but the former is too commercial and the latter doesn't seem right given the circumstances. Besides, IIRC we've had both of them already here on Saturday Night Music. So it's gonna be Live to Rise. From the soundtrack of the 2012 movie The Avengers.

Together with his second wife Vicky Karayiannis, Cornell founded the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, which reportedly helps poor, abused and neglected children. RIP Chris. And thanks for your music, one of those things which made the nineties bearable for me.

I notice we've had quite a few people from Venezuela checking in lately. Insofar as you don't belong to the Maduro crowd, I'm very sorry for your predicament. Hang on, don't give up!

Buenas noches.



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Love Melania's headdress.


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Via François Desouche:

18 05 2017

"These are several hundreds of square meters of asphalt left to men only, and where women no longer have the right to roam. Cafes, bars and restaurants are forbidden to them. As are the roadsides, the underground and the squares."

 photo chapelle-pajol_zps3prkuny7.jpg

"... For more than a year now, the Chapelle-Pajol quarter (10th - 18th) has completely changed in outlook: groups of tens of men, street vendors, dealers, migrants adn passersby, guard the streets, harassing women.

Revolted, the women living in this neighborhood have decided to launch a petition to denounce the situation. And their days which are more and more constrained. Young girls can no longer walk the streets unaccompanied, nor wear a skirt or pants sitting too tight, without being met with a barrage of insults: one of them speaks of having had a flurry of burning cigarettes thrown in her hair.

"We are all singled out for an insupportable treatment", exclaims Nathalie (50), who has lived in the quarter for thirty years, and describes a climate never witnessed before: "It's being scolded at, it's the incessant insults. There's a lot of anguish, to the point that we have to modify our regular itineraries, our way of clothing. Certain women don't even dare to leave anymore. An 80 year old woman (!) was sexually harassed as she entered her apartment, and since then has locked herself up..."

Luckily, the French just elected a president who is serious about curbing this disturbing trend.


Monday, May 15, 2017


Yesterday was Mother's Day, and if you are one of those earthlings lucky enough to have a Mother who really cared for you and did her utmost best to guide you thru the minefields of your youth with love - and who looked after you even after you left Hotel Mama - I sincerely HOPE you bought at least some nice flowers.

Now, more proof of liberal lunacy. It seems the days when you could just do that, innocently honoring a normal XX Mother, are OVER. Courtesy the Left. Via Whatfinger:

Leftism is a mental disease.


Sunday, May 14, 2017


A movement that should get more coverage, more praise, and more support:

Lauren Southern, a very young (only 21) Canadian libertarian/conservative author, activist, and political commentator, is a lady to be followed.

Youths of the West, join Génération Identitaire!


Saturday, May 13, 2017


Pixies with Monkey Gone to Heaven. From the album Doolittle (1989).

Three of the original members are still with the band: Black Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Joey Santiago (lead guitar), and David Lovering (drums). Paz Lenchantin (bass guitar, vocals, violin) replaced Kim Deal.

Then Arcade Fire with The Suburbs. From the 2010 album of the same name.

Canadian indie rockband from Montreal, founded in 2001. Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, co-founders, are married. Don't worry, they're XY and XX.

Slaap wel.



I missed the Kevin Crehan case, but here's a quick recap, via the Daily Mail, 30 December 2016:

"A man jailed after leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque has been found dead in his cell.

Kevin Crehan, 35, was halfway through a one-year prison sentence he received in July after admitting the racially-motivated attack on the Jamia Mosque in Bristol earlier this year.

He was accompanied by Alison Bennett, 46, and Mark Bennett, 48, and Angelina Swales, 31, who also pleaded guilty over the incident.
A St George flag with the words 'no mosques' was also tied to the fence outside the building in Totterdown, Bristol, and shouted racial abuse at a worshipper.

Bacon was tied to the door handles and sandwiches made of raw meat and sliced white bread were left at the entrance, in what was described in court by the judge as an 'an attack on England'.

The prison service confirmed Crehan was found dead in his cell at HMP Bristol on Tuesday, December 27.

A spokesman told the Sun: 'HMP Bristol prisoner Kevin Crehan died in custody on Tuesday 27 December."

 photo kevin_crehan_case_zps1qiikgbr.jpg

In Small Britain they put you in the slammer for a YEAR for leaving sandwiches with bacon at a mosque's doorstep.

If the UK's prisons are even remotely comparable to Belgian prisons population-wise, then there is at least a very sizeable minority of inmates who are muslims, probably as many as 30 per cent, if not more. To lock up a man like Kevin Crehan with so many followers of the prophet, a man who had the guts to at least snub an appalling belief system which constitutes a clear and present danger to non-muslim Europeans...

... I call that a murder attempt. Especially in light of the fact that the radicalization of muslims INSIDE prisons shows an even steeper dynamic than of muslims who are not incarcerated.

The British government is only adding more fuel to speculation that it would actually have desired Mr. Crehan's death by not disclosing any information regarding the man's death.

Here are Paul Weston's thoughts on the matter, per Gates of Vienna:

Small Britain has sunk very low indeed.


Thursday, May 11, 2017


Mark Steyn reflects on the implications of the Macron presidency:

En Marche, en marche...

It rings a bell...

Got it! See?


Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Via Riposte Laique:

 photo muslimvote2017_zpssdc4om30.jpg

"The journal La Croix confirms that muslims vote reliably for the left. In 2012, according to Opinion Ways, 93 per cent of them would have voted for François Hollande.

In 2017, in the presidential elections' second round, of these same muslims, with an abstention [(sic) should be participation - MFBB] of 62 per cent, 92 per cent voted for the candidate of En Marche [Macron -MFBB], supported, it should not be forgotten, by the UOIF [Union Islamique de France, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organization - MFBB], Hani Ramadan, Dalil Boubakeur, and thus by all mosques."

Don't forget the fathers, mothers, siblings, uncles and aunts, nephews and nieces, cousins and cousines of Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel (the Nice truck killer), Mohammed Merah (the Toulouse child killer), the Kouachi Bros. (the Charlie Hebdo killers), and Samy Ammimour (one of the Bataclan terrorists). Amongst others.

In other news, North Korea congratulated Macron with his victory, writes Paris Match. The country's ceremonial Head of State, Kim Yong-Nam, was quoted as saying he wished Macron "to succeed in his responsible work towards the development and prosperity of France."

 photo northkorea_macron_zps8vrz6tnc.jpg

If Macron does it the North Korean way with that development and prosperity thingy, what could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, if there are still Jean-Maries, Mireilles, Hélènes, François, Hervés, Louis, Xaviers and Sophies out there after my tirade on the 8th of May, and you voted for Mr Macaroni, know that you are in good company.


Sunday, May 07, 2017


At the end of April, Dalil Boubakeur, Rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, who has called to transform thousands of French churches into mosques, exhorted France's muslims to cast a vote for Macron. Boubakeur was quoted as saying: “The Grand Mosque of Paris and its National Federation (FGMP) call on Muslims in France to vote massively for candidate Emmanuel Macron.”

 photo boubakeur_macron_zpsecjlrjnn.jpg

Given Macron's score of around 65 per cent of the vote vs Marine Le Pen's 35 per cent, it seems that 65 per cent of Fwench consider themselves muslims already.

This is the type of guy they voted for, courtesy The Gatestone Institute's Yves Mamou:

"On April 20, 2017, after an Islamist terrorist killed one police officer and wounded two others in Paris, Macron said: "I am not going to invent an anti-terrorist program in one night". After two years of continuous terrorist attacks on French territory, the presidential candidate said he had not taken the country's security problems into account?

Moreover, on April 6, during the presidential campaign, professor Barbara Lefebvre, who has authored books on Islamism, revealed to the audience of the France2 television program L'Emission Politique, the presence on Macron's campaign team of Mohamed Saou. It was Saou, apparently, a departmental manager of Macron's political movement, "En Marche" ("Forward"), who promoted on Twitter the classic Islamist statement: "I am not Charlie".

Sensing a potential scandal, Macron dismissed Saou, but on April 14, invited onto Beur FM, a Muslim French radio station, Macron was caught saying on a "hot mic" (believing himself off the air): "He [Saou] did a couple things a little bit radical. But anyway, Mohamed is a good guy, a very good guy".

"Very good", presumably, because Mohamed Saou was working to rally Muslim voters to Macron.

Is Saou an isolated case? Of course not. On April 28, Mohamed Louizi, author of the book Why I Quit Muslim Brotherhood, released a detailed article on Facebook that accused Macron of being a "hostage of the Islamist vote". Republished by Dreuz, a Christian anti-Islamist website, Louizi's article gave names and dates, explaining how Macron's political movement has largely been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood militants. It will be interesting to see how many of them will be candidates in Macron's movement in the next parliamentary elections.

On April 24, the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), generally known as the French representative of Muslim Brotherhood, publicly called on Muslims to "vote against the xenophobic, anti-Semitic and racist ideas of the National Front and [we] call to massively vote for Mr. Macron."

La France, Nation des Cons. After the first round of the presidential elections, I opined on several blogs that "The French can be safely relied upon to do the wrong thing time and again", and they did not fail me. I also wrote somewhere that "you cannot expect the French to be reasonable, where a more sensible people like the Dutch nevertheless chose to give Wilders the finger". How right I was.

The French elections once again highlight the fundamental difference between The United States and Europe. In the US, sufficient people stepped forward to make the nation dodge a bullet. Make that an anti-tank round, actually. By contrast, in Europe, we have now had the disappointing results of the Austrian presidential elections where the Austrians were so unbelievably stupid to choose for a senile dhimmi who wants all Austrian women to wear veils in the foreseeable future. We have had the Dutch parliamentary elections where the Dutch instead of Wilders chose for a wussy, Mark Rutte, who was played like a violin by Erdogan. And now we have had the French elections where the cheese eating surrender monkeys essentially chose for a globalist self-hating scoundrel who will flood the nation even more with foreign cohorts who will, guaranteed, openly challenge the state he now leads. More so than in the cases of Austria and The Netherlands, what happened in France on May 7, amounts to national suicide.

But why be surprised? Present-day French may be degenerates, but this did not happen overnight. Almost 500 years ago, then French king François I allied himself with the Ottoman Empire, an alliance which lasted for two and a half centuries. The "most catholic nation" refused to help the Habsburgs when Vienna was besieged in 1683. And for all the praise being heaped upon Charles de Gaulle for being a genuine war hero at a time when France under Pétain cast its lot with the nazis, it was that very same Charles de Gaulle who chose a rapprochement with the Arabs over the Israelis in the sixties, declaring, at a 1967 press conference, that French cooperation with the Arab world would be “the fundamental basis of our foreign policy.” In 1974, in Paris the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation was created, and this was really the start of France's, and by extension Europe's, islamization for good.

With Macron, it's Avant Marche! towards more islamization, more mosques, more terrorist attacks, more whites harassed in the streets, more police officers shot at, more ambulanciers pelted with stones, more no go areas, and a gradual demise of the economy as the effects of Le Grand Remplacement will increasingly be felt. France does not know it yet, but it's a corpse. Go to hell then, cowards and idiots, you were never good neighbors in the first place. Vous aviez la choix entre la République et la soumission. Vous choisissiez la soumission, et vous serez niqués.


Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Just a scene in Dublin. Remember, millions more stand poised to cross the Med.

At least they kept the front garden neat and trimmed the grass.


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

MAY 2ND, 2017.

On May 2nd, 2011, my father died.

It's been six years already. Six years that have gone by like a whirlwind.

I... sometimes wonder whether my father would approve of the course I have followed since then, whether in business or private. I think he would - with caveats, being the cautious person that he was. And admonitions, for there's certainly some paths taken and decisions made that would upset him a little. Or somewhat more than a little.

This should not be about me however, but about him. It's May 2nd again. Time for some reflection... on the wonderful and utterly decent personality that he was. A man who would never use big words like I do, because he didn't need them to make an impression.

And also, time for appreciation... for what he and my mother, them both being war children and from relatively humble beginnings, managed to do for my siblings and me. Financially, yes, but also, more importantly, morally.

It's been six years.

And it's still hard.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me."
~ Psalm 23:4 ~

Rest in peace father. You are not forgotten.



The following video, per PI-News, makes it crystal clear that FRONTEX, the EU organization "guarding" Europes southern flank, is in effect a ferry service, cooperating in an unholy alliance with NGO's and the human traffickers themselves to sluice millions of Third Worlders across the Med:

These are the names of the NGO's deliberately flooding Europe, besotted by their multiculti neomarxist delusions, with millions of welfare seekers: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye und Life Boat.

For over two decades, I donated to Doctors Without Borders (in retrospect, what's in a name?). To be sure, I'm still convinced they did - and might still do - a lot of good work.

But I cannot donate in good conscience to an organization that's actively involved in killing the Europe as we know it. Africa's problems, and the muslim world's problems, have to be solved in Africa; have to be solved in the muslim world. If that does not happen, shipping in millions of Third Worlders from these regions merely boils down to importing the mechanisms that led to their sorry state unaltered onto the streets of Europe.

I want my children, and, hopefully, their offspring, to have a future.

So I just wrote them that I stopped my donations, like, NOW. They will go to the Father Damian Organization instead.


Saturday, April 29, 2017


John Hiatt with Cry Love. From the 1995 album Walk On.

Rocker, singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist from Indianapolis. I bet you actually know a lot of his songs, since they've been covered by an amazing array of artists of all genres.

Fine Young Cannibals with Johnny Come Home. From their debut album Fine Young Cannibals (1985).

Trio from Brummy, consisting of Roland Gift (vocals), Andy Cox (guitars, keyboards) and David Steele (bass, keyboards, synthesizers).

Goede nacht.


Friday, April 28, 2017


Over at The Gatestone Institute, Soeren Kern's umpteenth installment of "A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in..." leaves you breathless, speechless and hopeless:

"March 1. More than 4,000 millionaires emigrated from Germany in 2016, compared to 1,000 millionaires who left the country in 2015, according to the 2017 Global Wealth Migration Review. Before the migration crisis erupted in 2015, millionaires were leaving Germany at the rate of only a few hundred per year. Most of Germany's millionaires, citing deteriorating security, left for Australia, Canada, the United States, Dubai and Israel. The mass exodus of wealth is hollowing out Germany's tax base at a time when the German government is spending tens of billions of euros for the upkeep of millions of refugees and migrants from the Muslim world. The report's editor, Andrew Amoils, warned that the wealthy are a kind of early warning system for society. Due to their financial status, education and international contacts, they can emigrate more easily than others. Over the longer term, however, their exodus portends increased emigration from among the middle class, according to the report.


March 2. Administrators of the Johannes Rau Gymnasium, a secondary school in Wuppertal, asked teachers to prohibit Muslim pupils from engaging in "provocative praying" in public. An internal memo stated: "In recent weeks, it has been increasingly observed that Muslim pupils in the school building are praying, clearly visible to others, signaled by ritual washings in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer mats, and taking up certain postures. This is not permitted."

March 3. An 18-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia was charged with murdering an 87-year-old woman at a retirement home in Neuenhaus. Police said the accused entered the facility through an unlocked back door with the aim of having sexual intercourse with elderly residents. He sexually assaulted a 59-year-old paralytic, entered an adjacent room and sexually assaulted an 87-year-old man. He then beat the man's wife, who was sleeping in the same room. The woman died from her injuries. The accused is being housed in a psychiatric hospital.


March 9. A 37-year-old migrant from Kosovo, identified only as Fatmir H., was arrested after he injured nine people, including two police officers, with an axe at the central train station in Düsseldorf. Police said Fatmir H. suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and was in an "exceptional mental state" at the time of the attack.

March 10. An unidentified man brandishing a machete attacked an 80-year-old man in the Kalkum district of Düsseldorf. The perpetrator remains at large. In Hamburg, six people were injured when two youths with tear gas attacked a train carrying 50 people. The perpetrators remain at large.

March 10. Germany spent more than €23 billion ($25 billion) on the reception, accommodation and care of migrants and refugees in 2016, according to Bundestag Vice President Johannes Singhammer. The average annual cost per migrant was approximately €11,800 ($13,000). In Berlin alone, the actual amount of money spent on migrants was twice as much as initially budgeted: €1.27 billion rather than €685 million.


March 11. Police in Essen foiled a jihadist attack on a shopping center at the Limbecker Platz. Essen Police Chief Frank Richter said he had received "very concrete indications" on the plot to attack the facility, which has more than 200 stores and an average of 60,000 visitors on any given Saturday. Police arrested two Salafists from Oberhausen, including one who had fought for the Islamic State in Syria.

March 12. The number of crimes committed by asylum seekers and refugees in Baden-Württemberg increased significantly in 2016. Statistics showed a total of 251,000 criminal suspects, of whom 107,417 were non-Germans, mostly from Turkey, Romania and Italy. Of the non-German criminals, 25,379 were asylum seekers and refugees (up from 18,695 in 2015). They committed 64,329 crimes in 2016, an increase of nearly 20% over 2015. Syrians were the most frequent offenders 4,053 (2015: 1,253), followed by Gambians 2,346 (2015: 1,592) and Afghans 1,934 (2015: 638). The number of suspects from Kosovo fell from 1,531 to 1,094 and Serbs from 1,488 to 1,224. Criminals from those two countries were increasingly being deported in 2016. Police noted a 95.5% increase in the number of physical assaults involving at least one migrant, to 7,670 cases in 2016.

March 13. The number of crimes committed by asylum seekers and refugees in Bavaria increased significantly in 2016. Statistics showed a total of 274,633 criminal suspects of whom 180,023 were Germans (+0.3%) and 94,610 were non-Germans (+14.9%). Of the non-German criminals, 26,332 were asylum seekers and refugees, an increase of 57.8% compared to the previous year. The proportion of migrant suspects to all suspects was 9.6%, an increase of 3.2% (in 2012 the share was 1.8%). Among the migrant suspects, Syrians were the most frequent offenders at 16.1% (2015: 11.1%), followed by Afghans with 14.3% (2015: 10.1%), Iraqis with 8.8% (2015: 4.6%) and Nigerians with 6.8% (2015: 5.4%). "The increase in crime in Bavaria in 2016 is mainly due to foreign suspects, especially immigrants," said Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.

March 14. A migrant from Kosovo who has lived in Germany for 28 years and is an active member of the hardline Islamic Salafist movement demanded that the Meierfeld secondary school in Herford provide his ninth-grade son with a prayer room "so that he can perform the Friday prayer on time and without disturbance." The man also prohibited his son from attending music lessons, which he said are banned by Islam. Previously, the man demanded that the Friedenstal secondary school, also in Herford, provide a prayer room for another of his sons.


March 17. A ten-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan sexually assaulted a 75-year-old woman in Tyrol (Austria). Police said they believe he has committed at least five other offenses of the same kind.


March 23. The Mannheim Labor Court rejected a lawsuit filed by a 40-year-old Muslim nurse who claimed that she was unfairly terminated after only one week by a nursing home because she refused to wash male patients. The woman, who has been living in Germany for three years, told the court that she wants to integrate into German society but does not understand why her former employer could not accept that her religion forbids her to wash men. The court ruled that the employer was entitled to dismiss employees during the six-month period of probation.

 photo muslima-refuses-wash-males2017_zpspalu7apf.jpg

"Muslima nurse refuses to wash male patients on religious grounds." As the saying goed, 'Life is hard and then you die', but it could be worse: "Life is hard and before you die you land in a hospital where a follower of the prophet refuses to wash you".


March 24. The Berlin Police Department announced the creation of a special task force to investigate acid attacks. At least six women in the city have been attacked with acid since the beginning of 2017. The latest attack occurred on March 14, when a 41-year-old pedestrian was attacked by an unknown cyclist in Prenzlauer Berg district of the capital.

March 24. A 31-year-old Afghan migrant brandishing a hammer attacked a 59-year-old man riding a bicycle in the Bergedorf district of Hamburg. Police said the attacker, who was found soaked in his victim's blood, was "psychologically ill."

March 24. A 30-year-old man shouting "Allahu Akhbar" and "you are all going to die" forced the temporary closure of the central bus station in Bamberg. Police said the man showed "clear signs of mental illness." They added that an arrest warrant was not issued due to his illness.


March 27. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that Turkey's National Intelligence Agency had provided Germany's BND intelligence service with a list of names of hundreds of alleged followers of the Islamic Gülen movement in Germany. The movement is led by Turkish preacher Fethullah Gülen, who has lived in the United States since 1999. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed Gülen for the failed military coup in July 2016. The list, which includes addresses, telephone numbers and photographs of those concerned, proved that the Turkish government has been secretly spying on persons, associations, schools and other institutions linked to Gülen in Germany.

 photo Humboldt_university_madness_zpsr5mcx7d5.jpg

March 28. Humboldt University of Berlin announced it will open an Islamic theology institute. The objective of the program is "to impart academic foundations in Islamic theology for training imams and to qualify students for a school teaching post." Humboldt University will become the sixth university in Germany to teach Islamic theology. Berlin Mayor Michael Müller revealed that the institute is being paid for by German taxpayers: €13.5 million ($14.5 million) of government funding will secure the institute's finances through 2022. Humboldt University President Sabine Kunst rejected calls for a joint "Faculty for Theology" for Christians, Muslims and Jews: "The first step is to set up the Institute for Islamic Theology at the HU. We want this to be a success. It is important that this key project is not overloaded by a much broader idea."

An Islamic Theology Institute? Why not? As the above curriculum of undeniable cultural enrichment brought about by islam's ever growing footprint in Germany shows, the study of islam should be stepped up ASAP.

Insanity. Stark insanity.


Thursday, April 27, 2017


After the first round of the Fwench presidential elections Daniel Dolomez, the socialist mayor of Annezin in the northern French Département of Pas-de-Calais, announced that he would probably step down. The reason? In Annezin Marine Le Pen's FN had chalked up a deft score of 38.07 per cent. Mr Dolomez was quoted as saying: "This is a DISASTER! It is very well possible that I resign because I cannot consecrate my life to dumbasses!!!" Via De Standaard:

 photo dolomez_connards_zpsprrwbde1.jpg

"I cannot consecrate my life to dumbasses!!!"

Dumbasses, dumbasses vous dites monsieur? As Prof Williams is wont to say, let's investigate! The following video shows a representative batch of Emmanuel Macron's supporters, you know, the educated bunch, the guys and gals with a degree, the sophisticates:

I know it isn't Saturday night yet, but...

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes. Oh, and Mr Dolomez, let the door hit you on your way out!!!



Over at American Thinker, Jack Cashill reminds us of the glorious beginnings of the Earth Day Movement:

"... With Earth Day come and gone, I could no evidence of public recognition for one of the holiday's founding fathers, the only slightly atypical Ira Einhorn, the soi-disant "Unicorn."

In the way of background, the first formal Earth Day did not take place on the vernal equinox, as originator John McConnell had hoped. Rather, it took place on April 22, 1970, a Wednesday. How this seemingly arbitrary date was picked has been lost to history. No one has taken public credit for choosing it. Still, one does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to suspect that the choice of date might have had something to do with the fact that April 22, 1970 was Vladimir Lenin's one hundredth birthday.

Whoever chose the date chose wisely. The springtime pageantry gave students a pleasant reprieve from their strenuous anti-war activities and proved to be a huge success. It also gave Einhorn the chance to mark publicly the shift in his activism from antiwar to environmentalism.

Einhorn attributed his change in direction to the "the accelerating destruction of the planetary interconnecting web." Not everyone was as tuned in as Einhorn – only the "few of us activists who took the trouble to read the then available ecological literature." Or so Einhorn explained in his book Prelude to Intimacy.

"We intuitively sensed the need to open a new front in the 'movement' battle," he continued, "for Chicago '68 was already pointing towards Kent State and the violence of frustration that lead to the Weathermen and other similarly doomed and fragmented groups."

Although Senator Gaylord Nelson usually gets the credit for organizing that first Earth Day in 1970, it was people like Einhorn who were putting the pieces together on the ground.

Einhorn's terrain was Philadelphia. By his lights, environmental protection required a fundamental transformation of society or, as he phrased it, "a conscious restructuring of all we do." To pull off so ambitious a program, Einhorn claimed to have enlisted a happy cabal of business, academic, and governmental factions. Together, they formed a broad popular front to deal with this unraveling of the planetary web, much as the Soviets organized popular fronts ostensibly to deal with the threat of fascism in the 1930s. And recall, this was back when "global cooling" was the reigning anxiety.

Whether or not Einhorn did as he claimed, there is no denying how well he had insinuated himself into the upper reaches of Philadelphia's good deed-doer set. Ira had a "brilliant network," a local oil executive would later tell Time magazine. "He knew enough corporate people to get our projects funded simply by strolling into people's offices and asking for the money."

These connections would come in handy just nine years after that first Earth Day, when police found the battered and "composted" body of Einhorn's girlfriend, Holly Maddux, in a steamer trunk in Einhorn's apartment. She had been stashed there for eighteen months.

 photo ira_einhorn_zpsx9yjgblx.jpg

At his bail hearing, one after another of the city's liberal elite took the stand to sing the accused murderer's praises. These included a minister, an economist, a corporate lawyer, a playwright, and many more – what Time called "an unlikely battalion of bluebloods, millionaires and corporate executives."

Representing Einhorn was none other than future Democrat and Republican U.S. Senator Arlen Specter. The combined clout of these worthies swayed the judge to set bail at $40,000, only $4,000 of which was required to put Einhorn back on the streets.

Fronting the money was Barbara Bronfman, a Montreal socialite who had married into the conspicuously liberal Bronfman family, they of Seagram's fame. After Einhorn jumped bail, Bronfman continued to funnel money to Einhorn for some seven years.

French police did not catch up with the self-dubbed "Unicorn" until 1997, sixteen years into his subsidized European exile. In protesting extradition, Einhorn claimed to have been persecuted because he had given his life to "the cause of nonviolent social change." That boast did not overly impress the French, but in their eagerness to spite the United States on the human rights front, they kept Einhorn in country for another five years.

Justice finally felled the Unicorn twenty-five years after he killed would-be flower child Maddux. Einhorn's best line of defense at his 2002 trial in Philadelphia was that somebody – the CIA, most likely – stuffed Maddux's body into the trunk and secreted the trunk in his closet to frame him. Einhorn might have tried the "some other dude did it" defense, but cop-killer and fellow Philadelphian Mumia had already played that one out..."

Oh oh oh our Moral Betters the lefties and greenies!!! Why oh why can't we Rightwing Neanderthal brutes emulate these paradigms of virtue???


Wednesday, April 26, 2017


A fascinating video of how time is kept by Big Ben, the clock in the tower at the north end of Westminster Palace (although the Clock Tower itself is usually also called Big Ben, its offical name is Elizabeth Tower).

Don't miss the info on the designer of the tower, the clock face and its dials, Augustus Pugin. The clock's mechanism is the work of Edmund Beckett, 1st Baron Grimthorpe, QC, and of Sir George Biddell Airy KCB PRS, mathematician and astronomer (and Astronomer Royal from 1835 to 1881!).

Hat tip my uncle R.


Sunday, April 23, 2017


A very erudite and to the point article by The Gatestone's Institute's Soeren Kern:

* "Those who come to France are to accept France, not to transform it to the image of their country of origin. If they want to live at home, they should have stayed at home." — Marine Le Pen.

* "It [France] is one nation that has a right to choose who can join it and a right that foreigners accept its rules and customs. — François Fillon.

* Jean-Luc Mélenchon has called for a massive increase in public spending, a 90% tax on anyone earning more than €400,000 ($425,000) a year, and an across-the-board increase in the minimum wage by 16% to €1,326 ($1,400) net a month, based on a 35-hour work week.

* Benoît Hamon has promised to establish a universal basic income: he wants to pay every French citizen over 18, regardless of whether or not they are employed, a government-guaranteed monthly income of €750 ($800). The annual cost to taxpayers would be €400 billion ($430 billion). By comparison, France's 2017 defense budget is €32.7 billion ($40 billion).

Here are the five candidates for France's presidential elections:

 photo french_presidential_candidates_zpstva9gh4j.jpg

From left to right: Fillon, Macron, Mélenchon, Le Pen and Hamon.

a.) Emmanuel Macron

"Macron, 39, a former investment banker, was an adviser to incumbent Socialist President François Hollande. Macron, whose core base of support consists of young, urban progressives, has been called the "French Obama." He insists that he is neither left nor right and has tried to position himself in the political center, between the Socialists and the conservatives — and as an alternative to Le Pen's populism.

Macron is business friendly and has called for cutting corporate taxes and for investing in infrastructure. He sparked outrage in February when he described France's colonial legacy in Algeria as a "crime against humanity."

His meteoric rise has been propelled by a scandal which has damaged the standing of Republican candidate François Fillon, and because the Socialists fielded Benoît Hamon, an unpopular candidate.

Macron's policy positions include:

* European Federalism: Macron has repeatedly called for a stronger European Union. At a January 14 political rally in Lille, he said: "We are Europe, we are Brussels, we wanted it and we need it. We need Europe because Europe makes us bigger, because Europe makes us stronger."

* Immigration: Macron has repeatedly praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door migration policy, which has allowed more than two million mostly Muslim migrants into Germany since January 2015.

* In a January 1, 2017 interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, Macron accused critics of Merkel's open-door migration policy of "disgraceful oversimplification." He said: "Merkel and German society as a whole exemplified our common European values. They saved our collective dignity by accepting, accommodating and educating distressed refugees."

* In a February 4 rally in Lyon, Macron mocked U.S. President Donald Trump's pledge to build a wall with Mexico: "I do not want to build a wall. I can assure you there is no wall in my program. Can you remember the Maginot Line?" he said, referring to a failed row of fortifications that France built in the 1930s to deter an invasion by Germany.

* Islamic Terrorism: Macron has said he believes the solution to jihadist terrorism is more European federalism: "Terrorism wants to destroy Europe. We must quickly create a sovereign Europe that is capable of protecting us against external dangers in order to better ensure internal security. We also need to overcome national unwillingness and create a common European intelligence system that will allow the effective hunting of criminals and terrorists."

* Islam: Macron has said he believes that French security policy has unfairly targeted Muslims and that "secularism should not be brandished to as a weapon to fight Islam." At an October 2016 rally in Montpellier, he rejected President Hollande's assertion that "France has a problem with Islam." Instead, Macron said: "No religion is a problem in France today. If the state should be neutral, which is at the heart of secularism, we have a duty to let everybody practice their religion with dignity." He also insisted that the Islamic State is not Islamic: "What poses a problem is not Islam, but certain behaviors that are said to be religious and then imposed on persons who practice that religion."

In a nutshell, this is the perfect candidate for smug arrogant bobo voters, either singles or unmarried couples of which the female gave birth to their only kid when she was 39. With the exception of the economy, this candidate has it wrong on so many counts that his good ranking in the polls is itself a clear marker of how deep France is already mired in horse manure. The "More Europe" would be acceptable if the top honchos would actually have Europe's interest at heart. His open-door migration policy is in one word insane. The comparison of strong, guarded European borders to the Maginot line is over the top since that "Line" could easily be bypassed, and his assertion that terrorism has nothing to do with islam alone should be sufficient for every thinking, normal human being to discard this candidacy in the blink of an eye.

b.) Marine Le Pen

"Le Pen, 48, a former lawyer and the youngest daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front party, has campaigned on a nationalist platform. She has called for a referendum on pulling France out of the European Union, abandoning the euro single currency, halting immigration and restore controls at French borders.

Le Pen, who has been called the "French Trump," has vowed to fight radical Islam, close extremist mosques and forcibly deport illegal immigrants. On March 2, the European Parliament voted to lift Le Pen's immunity from prosecution for tweeting images of Islamic State violence. Under French law, publishing violent images can be punished by up to three years in prison and a fine of €75,000 euros ($79,000). Le Pen posted the images in response to a journalist who compared her party's anti-immigration stance to the Islamic State. She denounced the legal proceedings against her as political interference in the campaign and called for a moratorium on judicial investigations until the election period has passed. Le Pen is also under investigation for allegedly misusing EU funds to pay for party staff, including a personal bodyguard. She has denied any wrongdoing and said the investigation was aimed at undermining her campaign. "The French can tell the difference between genuine scandals and political dirty tricks," she said.

Le Pen's policy positions include:

* European Federalism: "Everyone agrees that the European Union is a failure. It did not deliver on any of its promises, particularly on prosperity and security.... That is why, if elected, I will announce a referendum within six months on remaining or exiting the European Union..."

* Immigration: Le Pen has said that she wants to cut immigration to no more than 10,000 people a year. She has also called on migrants to adapt to French culture: "Those who come to France are to accept France, not to transform it to the image of their country of origin. If they want to live at home, they should have stayed at home."

*Islamic Terrorism: Le Pen has repeatedly vowed to crack down on Islamic terrorism. On February 5, she said: "In terms of terrorism, we do not intend to ask the French to get used to living with this horror. We will eradicate it here and abroad." After the April 20 jihadist attack in Paris, she reiterated: "We must tackle the root of the evil. It is Islamist fundamentalism, the ideology that their terrorists are harnessing."

* Islam: Le Pen has vowed to restrict the practice of Islam in the public square. She wants to ban all visible religious symbols worn in public, including Muslim headscarves and Jewish skullcaps. She has compared Muslims praying in the streets to Nazi occupation: "For those who want to talk a lot about World War II, if it is about occupation, then we could also talk about it [Muslim prayers in the streets], because that is occupation of territory. It is an occupation of sections of the territory, of districts in which religious laws apply. It is an occupation. There are of course no tanks, there are no soldiers but it is nevertheless an occupation and it weighs heavily on local residents."

The comparison with Trump is, from my POV, not wholly inaccurate. Here too, I see a candidate who would not have been my first choice. It is undeniable that the EU as an economic project, by allowing free trade within its borders, has had a major positive impact on the economies of most European countries. Where it went wrong is that the stifling political correctness so rampant in all strata of European society has led to the EU project being led and represented by dedicated leftists and globalists (Juncker, Mogherini, Schulz, Timmermans, Verhofstadt and many, many others). That said, Le Pen's forte is the fact that she sees islam for what it is: a clear and present danger, a deadly menace, an existential threat, which will ultimately destroy the Europe as we know it. I don't like her anti-americanism, and I'm not impressed by her viewpoints on economic issues. But any candidate who honestly wants to curb back the metastizing of the islamic cancer that's eating Europe deserve's every normal person's full support.

c.) François Fillon

"Fillon, 63, a former Prime Minister under President Nicolas Sarkozy and now the Republican candidate for France's 2017 presidential election, has pledged to defend traditional French values and identity. "This country is the daughter of Christianity, as well as the Enlightenment," Fillon has said. "I will put the family back at the heart of all public policy."

Fillon, who has been called the "French Thatcher" for his conservative policies, wants to end France's 35-hour work week, cut public spending by €100 billion ($107 billion), shrink the size of government by cutting 500,000 civil service positions, abolish a wealth tax and reduce immigration. He also wants to invest heavily in national security.

Fillon had been favored to win this race until he became the subject of a criminal investigation over allegations that he used government money to pay his wife and children more than €1 million ($1.1 million) for jobs they never did. He faces charges of embezzlement.

Fillon's policy positions include:

* European Federalism: Fillon has said that he is not in favor of more European integration. In an essay for Le Monde, he wrote: "Let's put aside the dream of a federal Europe. It is urgent to re-establish a more political functioning, so Europe can focus its action on well-defined strategic priorities."

* Immigration: Fillon has called for quotas limiting immigration based on the capacity to integrate. At a rally in Nice on January 11, he said: "France is generous, but it is not a mosaic and a territory without limits. It is one nation that has a right to choose who can join it and a right that foreigners accept its rules and customs. We have six million unemployed and nearly nine million poor people. Immigration must be firmly controlled and reduced to a strict minimum."

* Islam: Fillon has vowed to exert "strict administrative control" over Islam in France. He has also described radical Islam as a "totalitarianism like the Nazis." After the April 20 jihadist attacks, Fillon repeated his pledge to crack down on radical Islam. "Any movement claiming Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood will be dissolved," he said.

Fillon would be an acceptable candidate if one would not be certain that he doesn't mean a word he says. Nuff said.

d.) Jean-Luc Mélenchon

"Mélenchon, 65, is head of the newly-established La France Insoumise ("Unsubmissive France"), a political movement supported by the Left Party and the French Communist Party. Mélenchon, who has been called the "French Bernie Sanders," has campaigned on an anti-capitalist, anti-globalization platform and vowed to put an end to "economic liberalism." He has called for a massive increase in public spending, a 90% tax on anyone earning more than €400,000 ($425,000) a year, and an across-the-board increase in the minimum wage by 16% to €1,326 ($1,400) net a month, based on a 35-hour work week.

Mélenchon's policy positions include:

* European Federalism: Mélenchon has pledged to redefine France's future relationship with the European Union. He has promised to negotiate a "democratic reconstruction" of European treaties, and to withdraw from the EU if it fails to meet his demands. "Europe, we'll change it or leave it," he said during an interview with France 2 television on April 7. He has also questioned France's continued use of the euro single currency.

* Immigration: Mélenchon is opposed to immigration quotas. He called for undocumented workers to be legalized. He has called for re-establishing a ten-year residence permit for foreigners, and for all children born in France to obtain automatic citizenship."

Mélenchon is living proof that in France, sheer and utter lunatics can have a serious shot at the presidency.

d.) Benoît Hamon

"Hamon, 49, the Socialist Party nominee, was a former education minister under President Hollande but quit the government in protest of its pro-market policies. Although he defeated former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, a party heavyweight, in the primary run-off on January 29 by a margin of 58% to 42%, he is now polling last among the top five candidates.

Hamon has promised to establish a universal basic income: he wants to pay every French citizen over 18, regardless of whether or not they are employed, a government-guaranteed monthly income of €750 ($800). The annual cost to taxpayers would be €400 billion ($430 billion). By comparison, France's 2017 defense budget is €32.7 billion ($40 billion).

Hamon, who has been called the "French Jeremy Corbyn," in reference to the leader of the British Labour Party, also wants reduce the French work week from 35 to 32 hours and make it more difficult for companies to fire people. He wants to legalize cannabis and impose a tax on robots and computers; the tax would apply to any technology that takes away jobs from humans.

Hamon's policy positions (platform here) include:

* European Federalism: Hamon favors further European integration, especially on social issues. He has also called for "a process of social convergence with a national minimum wage set at 60% of each country's average wage." He has also called for the reformation of eurozone governance. "Only a complete revision of the European treaties could give the eurozone an institutional framework capable of correcting the founding mistakes of the Economic and Monetary Union," he wrote in a policy paper.

* Immigration: Hamon has said that France does not have an immigration problem. In an interview with Le Parisien, he said: "Immigrants now occupy low-skilled jobs for which there is little competition with French workers. I think our country does not have an immigration problem." Hamon favors "a more equitable" distribution of asylum seekers in Europe and believes that France can accommodate more. He wants to allow migrants to obtain work permits after three months of being present in France. He has called for doubling the number of asylum seeker reception centers.

* Islam: Hamon has come under fire for appearing to turn a blind eye to Islamic customs. In December 2016, after France 2 broadcast undercover television footage of daily life in Sevran, a heavily Islamized suburb of Paris, Hamon defended the Muslim practice of prohibiting women from entering bars and cafés. "Historically, there were never women in the coffee shops," he said. He added that "the French Republic is to blame for the fact that there are social ghettos where today public spaces can be off limits to women."

Only slightly less insane than Mélenchon, Hamon is your run of the mill self-hating leftozoid idiot.

Today's elections will show whether the French are serious about national suicide. In a nutshell, candidates Macron, Hamon, Mélenchon guarantee the continued and accelerated death spiral of the French nation which will lead to implosion and civil war in two decades. Candidate Fillon might be able to prolong that with one decade. Candidate Le Pen, while possibly as incapable as the rest of halting France's downfall, has at least a slight chance of buying some time for the rest of Europe to get serious about the mortal danger posed to the continent by further islamization. At least in this respect, resistance against the islamic onslaught should by all means be a European project.

Personally, I'm not at all optimistic about the outcome. The French can safely be relied upon to do the wrong thing time and again. The Dutch are a more sensible people, yet they gave the finger to the one politician and political movement who could have saved their country. It is not realistic to expect a people like the French to be more reasonable than the Dutch.

That said.... for what it's worth, DowneastBlog supports Marine Le Pen and the Front National:

 photo MLP_zpsnumvoido.jpg

Bonne chance!!!!


Saturday, April 22, 2017


The Raconteurs with Steady as she goes. From their debut album Broken Boy Soldiers (2006).

Short lived indie rock band which formed in 2005 in Detroit. Their frontman was Jack White (ex The White Stripes).

Midlake with Roscoe. First song on The Trials of Van Occupanther (2006).

Folk rock band from Denton, TX, which has thus far shown some more stamina since they've been around for 18 years now. Even though the original frontman, Tim Smith, left in 2012.

Goede nacht.



Turkey continues to crack down on the pitiful remnants of Christianity in the country, as this Armenian Weekly article shows:

 photo Turkije_discriminatie_Assyrische_Christenen_zpsov3cmscd.jpg

"The sculpture, an Assyrian winged bull known as a lamassu, was removed on Jan. 8, after Turkey placed an unelected district governor in charge of the Diyarbakir municipality under the emergency decree issued after the abortive coup of last year.

The Turkish government has been escalating its pressure on Christians and their cultural heritage. The Christian co-mayor of Mardin, Februniye Akyol, 28, was removed from her post by the Turkish government on Nov. 16, 2016, and replaced by the governor of the city, Mustafa Yaman.

Born and christened Fabronia Benno, the former mayor hails from Tur Abdin, the heartland of Syriac Christians in southeastern Turkey. However, Benno had to run for office under her official Turkish name, Februniye Akyol, because of the institutionalized prohibitions by the Turkish government on non-Turkish languages. In 2014, she became the first Christian woman to lead one of Turkey’s metropolitan municipalities.

The Assyrian people, as well as Chaldeans and Syriac Christians, have inhabited the Middle East since the beginning of recorded history. The scholar Hannibal Travis wrote in his comprehensive article ‘‘Native Christians Massacred − The Ottoman Genocide of the Assyrians during World War I,” that: “The Assyrian homeland is in northern Mesopotamia, present-day Iraq, where the ancient cities of Assur and Nineveh were built. For 300 years, Assyrian kings ruled the largest empire the world had yet known. The Assyrian Church of the East records that the Apostle Thomas himself converted the Assyrians to Christianity within a generation after the death of Christ. Christianity was ‘well established and organized’ in Mesopotamia by the third century CE.”

 photo februnye_akyol_zpsd0j5lfym.jpg

"Once the rulers of the greatest empire in history, Assyrians have been turned into a persecuted minority in their native lands as a result of continued massacres and pressure at the hands of Muslims and the absence of support or protection from the West. According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), every fifty years there has been a massacre of Assyrians.

“The Assyrians and other Ottoman Christians, like the Jews, had suffered from centuries of discrimination and official segregation; were charged with being agents of foreign powers and scapegoated for military defeats and looming threats in a rhetoric of ethnic elimination; and were physically and culturally exterminated in large numbers by means of massacres, rapes, expulsions, and attacks on homes and religious institutions carried out by genocidal state apparatuses and local irregular forces,” Travis explains.

The Assyrian Genocide, commonly known as Seyfo (sword), took place between 1914 and 1923 in the Ottoman Empire.

The Assyrian claim for autonomy was never realized, which made the Assyrian community completely vulnerable at the hands of the oppressive governments in the region. For example, the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, which set the boundaries of republican Turkey, did not recognize Assyrians as a distinct community with their own religious and national identity and failed to offer special protections for them.

Today, only around 25,000 Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs remain in Turkey. And the official denial of their language, nationality and culture continues. Only some of the Kurdish-governed municipalities in Turkey have taken actual steps to revitalize the Christian heritage in the region. The recently removed Assyrian sculpture had also been erected by the pro-Kurdish Diyarbakir municipality."

While the Moroccan community in Belgium is resource number one for jihadists, terrorists and criminals, the threat posed by the Turkish community is of a different nature: their fierce nationalism is proof that they first and foremost consider themselves Turks and not Belgians. And anyone who has witnessed a rally of these (mainly) pro-Erdogan zealots realizes that these people don't feel themselves Belgians to even the slightest degree:

 photo turkish_diaspora_Belgium_zps0ipfmf9x.jpg

If you think these people are Belgians, I have a bridge across the Bosphorus to sell you. The Turkish diaspora in Belgium voted overwhelmingly "yes" for more constitutional power for Erdogan (read: for more islamic supremacist theocracy): a staggering 78 per cent.

 photo turkish_diaspora_Germany_zpsfiof7i8q.jpg

Same situation, although to a lesser degree, in Germany, where around 63% of Turks voted for giving Erdogan more power. The discrepancy between the percentages is due to the fact that in Germany, the Kurds, who are understandably anti-Erdogan, constitute a far larger proportion of the Turkish community than in Belgium. Either way... the fanaticism of these "New Germans" does not bode well for the future.

The demographic evolution in Europe being what it is - a catastrophy for white Europeans - what is it that our moral betters makes fell so secure that they are convinced our offspring will not suffer the same fate at the hands of the neo-ottoman usurpers vis-à-vis the sorry remnants of Assyrian Christianity?


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Like every year, DowneastBlog wishes its readers of good will a Happy Easter!!!

Jesus is the Resurrection

“I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die."
John 11:25-26 (NLT)



ABC with When Smokey sings. One of three singles drawn from the 1987 album Alphabet City.

Founder and only constant member is Martin Fry.

Kelly Clarkson with Since U Been Gone. Album Breakaway (2004).

Singer/songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas.

Go gentle into that good night.


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Against the backdrop of all the political and military upheaval and tremendous turmoil the world is witnessing, the following story may seem but a fait divers. Unfortunately, it is not. It's a study in microcosm of the silent transformation taking place all over the western world, a transformation the MSM does it utmost best to keep under wraps. But now and then a story like this seeps through - even though, in this case, it's in a regional chapter of Het Laatste Nieuws.

Omen of things to come:

 photo xena_moessens_zpsoabb2cw8.jpg

"On a De Lijn bus [De Lijn, lit. The Line, Flemish public bus transportation company - MFBB] a 14 year old girl received a hard blow against the head from someone among a large group of allochthon youths. She called her father, who right away took his car, managed to trace the bus, and blocked it. The youths could escape however, since the bus driver opened the rear doors out of fear for trouble.

by Kristof Pieters

It happened on the Grote Markt in Beveren, in the province of East Flanders. Xena Moessens (14) had boarded the bus at her home in the town of Moerbeke and was on her way to her father's house in Melsele. "There was almost no one on the bus, but when it passed public swimming pool The Mermaids in the Pastoor Steenssensstraat a large group of allochthon youths came on board. They numbered around forty, aged between 12 and 15, and they had apparently taken a day off to the swimming pool after which they were now headed towards Antwerp again. I was simply looking out the window when I received a hard blow against my head. I turned around and asked them why they had hit me. They didn't answer. I then took a seat in the front of the bus. I had become frightened however and did not dare to get out anymore. I was afraid they would give chase. That's why I called my father from the bus and explained what had happened."

Afraid of all the bruhaha

Robert Moenssens is a dockworker and had just gone to sleep after a night shift. "After my daughter's telephone I jumped out of my bed and drove right away to bus stop Pultina in Melsele to stop the bus. I told the driver that he had to call the police, because someone hit my daughter. The man opened the rear doors however and said that I should stop them myself. He was very afraid that the gang would otherwise wreak havoc. I addressed the group of youths and asked who had hit my daughter, but they ran in all directions. Police arrived shortly thereafter and gave chase immediately, without result however. There is now a complaint against unknowns. Police did promise to ask for the bus's camera images.

Robert called for witnesses on Facebook and immediately got a lot of incensed reactions. "Apparently it's not the sole case", he concludes. "Just like in recreational domain De Ster large groups of youths from Antwerp are causing a lot of disturbance in swimming pool The Mermaids. I hope actions will be taken to stop this. My daugher barely dares to take the bus anymore and is completely traumatized. She now has a bulge and a headache, but next time it could be worse."

Several conclusions can be drawn from this story:

a.) an ordinary bus in Flanders, which is boarded by a single white girl and around forty moroccan youths: voilà in a nutshell an efficient illustration of the truly ca-ta-stro-phic demographical evolution the West is witnessing. Authochton women are barren, with a typical Belgian woman rearing perhaps 1.3 or 1.35 children, while her allochton counterpart, more often than not reduced to a stupid breeding hen, produces at least 3 or 4, often 5. It does of course not help that the media, the cultural sector, gossip magazines and soaps are projecting day in day out the virtues of the gay lifestyle. There's not a soap anymore in which 'sympathetic' gay characters don't figure.

b.) The girl "left her home in Moerbeke and was on her way to her father's house in Melsele": we can conclude that Xena's parents are either divorced or at least no longer live together. This, too, is a telling illustration: very large percentages of authochton children have divorced parents or, when they weren't married in the first place, parents who have separated. The model of the family as the cornerstone of society has received severe blows, and one of the main factors in this sorry development is the war the left has been waging against the traditional family.

c.) The bus driver's coward reaction, which boils down to lying low until the storm passes, is typical of the majority of authochton Belgians. The brave reaction of Mr Moessens - reacting with vigour and determination to muslim scumbags assaulting his offspring, is heartening - until you read that the reactions he gets via Facebook hint at a far larger number of similar cases whereby the parents of the assaulted teens did nothing

d.) Of note is also that IF a single authochton individual is directly confronting a mob of aggressive muslims, the latter suddenly turn tail. This gives hope that in the event of a civil war, numbers will not be the only factor. A critical mass of determined Whites will always be able to gain the upper hand against large feral mobs of low IQ adversaries.

It all does not bode well for the future, and future generations of authochton men and women can expect increasing levels of hostility and aggression. It is therefore advised that Whites learn at least self-defence techniques, as well as how to use weapons efficiently.


Sunday, April 09, 2017


Via PI-News:

"In der nordägyptischen Stadt Tanta wurden heute bei einem Sprengstoff-Anschlag 21 Christen getötet und 42 verletzt. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass Mohammedaner den Palmsonntag zu einem symbolischen Angriff auf das Christentum genutzt haben. Erst im Dezember hatte ein Selbstmord-Attentäter des Islamischen Staates in einer Kirche in Kairo (Foto) mit einem schweren Bombenanschlag fast 30 Menschen in den Tod gerissen."

"In the northern Egyptian town of Tanta, today 21 Christians were killed and another 42 wounded in a bomb attack. It is assumed, that muslims chose Palm Sunday for a symbolic attack on Christianity. Last december, an IS suicide bomber carried out a similar attack in Cairo which cost almost 30 people their lives."

Pray for the victims.

UPDATE: Fox News reports:

"At least 43 people were killed and more than 100 injured in two separate Palm Sunday attacks at Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, each carried out by the ISIS terror group.

The first blast happened at St. George Church in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, where at least 27 people were killed and 78 others wounded, officials said.

Television footage showed the inside of the church, where a large number of people gathered around what appeared to be lifeless, bloody bodies covered with papers.

A second explosion – which Egypt’s Interior Ministry says was caused by a suicide bomber who tried to storm St. Mark's Cathedral in the coastal city of Alexandria -- left at least 16 dead, and 41 injured. The attack came just after Pope Tawadros II -- leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria -- finished services, but aides told local media that he was unharmed.

At least three police officers were killed in the St. Mark’s attack, the ministry told The Associated Press."


Saturday, April 08, 2017


Living Colour with Cult of Personality. From their debut album Vivid (1988).

Funk metal pioneers from NYC. Frontman is Vernon Reid, who is actually from London, UK. Living Colour have been around since 1984 (although between 1985 and 2000 they were in limbo).

Level 42 with Heaven in my hands. From the 1988 album Staring at the Sun.

This was the first album without the Gould Bros., although Rowland Gould ('Boon') did write a couple of numbers, a.o. this one.

Slaap wel and MAGA!



A noteworthy article by Cortney O'Brien over at Townhall, April 8:

"Townhall columnist Walter E. Williams received the prestigious Bradley Prize from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Thursday night in the nation’s capital, recognizing his lifetime of championing conservative ideals. For years, Williams has defended conservatism in his nationally syndicated column and in hundreds of radio and television appearances. He has also been a teacher for half a century, teaching at George Mason University for 36 of those years. These two aspects of his life, Williams explained in his acceptance speech, are exclusive.

Williams credited his teachers for treating him like an adult and “not giving a damn about his self esteem.” He contrasted his academic experience with the snowflakes of today, noting that too many teachers and employers “care more about people’s feelings rather than their performance.”

He elaborated on the usual suspects.

“Many professors, particularly those on the socialistic side of the political spectrum, use their classrooms to proselytize students. While professorial proselytization is common and accepted at most universities, I believe that to use one’s classroom to push one’s personal beliefs is both immoral and academic dishonesty.”

The teacher-student relationship, he concluded, has been hijacked by those who would rather be political pundits than educators.

“It is a cowardly act to take advantage of student immaturity by indoctrinating them with the professor’s opinions before the student has developed the maturity and skill to examine other opinions."

 photo walter_williams_zpsaibea69u.jpg

Williams lives by this mantra in his own classroom. In each semester, should his lessons become too subjective, he gives his students permission to raise their hands and remind him that they signed up for his class to "learn economics, not be indoctrinated with his values."

Williams' fellow 2017 Bradley Prize winners included political scientist Peter Berkowitz, the Tad and Diane Taube Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Columbia Law School Professor Philip Hamburger and Chris DeMuth, Fellow at the Hudson Institute and former president of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. You can read more about the recipients here."

Williams and Sowell. Two giants. Too bad they have such advanced ages already, and their succession is nowhere in sight. Or am I missing something?


Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Raheem Kassam is Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News London and an indispensable voice in the fight against the leftist/islamic alliance.

He asks a rather pertinent question:

 photo raheem_kassam_tweet_zpsrikjiso4.jpg

... only thing is, I've been asking myself the same since about 25 years, if not more...


Saturday, April 01, 2017


Men at Work with Overkill. From the 1983 album Cargo.

Aussie pop/rockband, formed in Melbourne in 1978 by Colin Hay (lead vocals), Ron Strykert (guitar), and Jerry Speiser (drums); soon thereafter they were joined by John Rees (bass guitar) and Greg Ham (keyboard, flute). Defunct since 2002.

Coldplay with What If. Album X&Y (2005).

Chris Martin is an idiot and I don't want to know what he did behind his ex Gwyneth Paltrow's back, but Parachutes was promising, A Rush of Blood to the Head was brilliant, X&Y was very good. And that was that.




From the NOAA Archives:

"The Arctic seems to be warming up. Reports from fisherman, seal hunters, and explorers who sail the seas about Spitzbergen and the eastern Arctic, all point to a radical change in climatic conditions, and hitherto underheard-of high temperatures in that part of the earth’s surface.

In August, 1922, the Norwegian Department of Commerce sent an expedition to Spitzbergen and Bear Island under the leadership of Dr. Adolf Hoel, lecturer on geology at the University of Christiania. Its purpose was to survey and chart the lands adjacent to the Norwegian mines on those islands, take soundings of the adjacent waters, and make other oceanographic investigations.

Ice conditions were exceptional. In fact, so little ice has never before been noted. The expedition all but established a record, sailing as far north as 81° 29′ in ice-free water. This is the farthest north ever reached with modern oceanographic apparatus.

The character of the waters of the great polar basic has heretofore been practically unknown. Dr. Hoel reports that he made a section of the Gulf Stream at 81° north latitude and took soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters. These show the Gulf Stream very warm, and it could be traced as a surface current till beyond the 81st parallel. The warmth of the waters makes it probable that the favorable ice conditions will continue for some time.

In connection with Dr. Hoel’s report, it is of interest to note the unusually warm summer in Arctic Norway and the observations of Capt. Martin Ingebrigsten, who has sailed the eastern Arctic for 54 years past. He says that he first noted warmer conditions in 1918, that since that time it has steadily gotten warmer, and that to-day the Arctic of that region is not recognizable as the same region of 1868 to 1917.

Many old landmarks are so changed as to be unrecognizable. Where formerly great masses of ice were found, there are now often moraines, accumulations of earth and stones. At many points where glaciers formerly extended far into the sea they have entirely disappeared."

 photo noaa-changing-arctic_zpsj7pqijcr.jpg


 photo changing_arctic_1922_B_zpspgfjvtvp.jpg

Is there global warming? I guess there is. Around 0.6 degrees Centigrades since 1950.

Last summer, I was in the Austrian Alps, more precisely the Hohe Tauern, where I climbed Grossglockner with two buddies. We started out from the Glocknerhaus, a relatively Spartan hotel near the Margaritzespeicher. Up the valley we could see what remained of the Pasterze Glacier below Grossglockner. There is indeed not much left.

However... behind the hotel there's a photo display consisting of some 5 or 6 billboard-like info panels with photos dating back to the 1860s or so.

On these displays you could clearly see that before the end of the 19th century, the retreat of the Pasterze Glacier had already begun... although the CO2 output of the world's industries was but a tiny fraction - perhaps as little as 2% - of what it is now. Make it 2%, for the sake of the argument.

Am I to believe that the Alpine glaciers started retreating because of 2 per cent of today's CO2 output?

I won't.