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Comment 849. E K Cohen From Arizona, USA: To Mr. Mayor Freddy Thielemans: My US Army father did not endure the Battle of the Bulge so that I could watch Belgians kneel before barbarian invaders. Shame on you!

Freddy Thielemans, Grand Mufti of BrusselsOK, so what happened? On September 11, 2007, the SIOE organization [Stop The Islamization of Europe - MFBB] intended to organize a demo in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament, to protest against what they call the "invasion of muslim customs". In particular, SIOE protests against the encroaching influence of islamic sharia law on relations within Europes muslim communities - and, by extension, to the relations of muslims with indigenous Europeans. Societal trends and separate cases give indeed ample reason for concern, and to name but a few we cite the results of a 2006 UK poll, which revealed that 40% of British muslims wanted sharia law to be introduced in parts of the country; the purposeful "soft" expulsion and discreet intimidation of indigenous shop owners by their moroccan counterparts in Borgerhout, Antwerp; the steeply rising number of honor revenge cases, e.g. in Rotterdam; the molestation of gays and muslim apostates in Amsterdam, the continentwide building of highly visible mosques, funded with money from the Gulf region and under the auspices of Milli Gorus, the Muslim Brotherhood etc etc etc...

Europe had to wait a long time for it, but apparently we are reaching a point whereby sufficient indigenous Europeans are saying "Enough is enough". And so it was that three apolitical European organizations, concerned about the growing influence of Islam, decided to bundle their forces and hold a peaceful demonstration against the Islamization of Europe in Brussels. The event was scheduled for the 11th of September, the West's most symbolic date in its conflict with political islam, and indeed SIOE planned to hold a 1-minute silence to commemmorate the victims of 9/11. SIOE groups the UK's No Sharia Here, led by Stephen Gash, the Danish SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark) from Anders Gravers, and last but not least the German Pax Europa, under the chairmanship of Dr. Udo Ulfkotte.

The aims of SIOE, as stated on their site, are:

1° SIOE exists to legally combat the overt and covert expansion of Islam in Europe.

2° SIOE condemns racism as the lowest form of human stupidity, but considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense.

3° SIOE states that Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself and some of the hadiths which comprise sharia law.

4° SIOE sees that such incompatibility is self-evident when those tenuous democracies in countries where Islam is the dominant religion are scrutinized.

You can agree or disagree with these aims, and personally, with regards to 3°) and 4°) I am still waiting for the US-led effort to implant democracy in the ME to succeed. I still hope the resulting growth in wealth and prosperity, coupled with the Rule of Law, will allow afree enough intellectual climate to take root from which truly moderate religious scholars will step forward, proposing more benign teachings of islam. At the very least, greater material wealth in the ME will in itself stem the influx of muslims in Europe, who now flee their native countries because they live in squalor and under tyranny, and who seem not to comprehend that the very lifestyles they import here are exactly the reasons they lived in squalor and under tyranny.

But these are only minor differences. While the US's prodigious and bold undertaking in the ME can, and should, continue its way, the current ongoing Islamization of Europe does present a "clear and present danger", to be addressed immediately and simultaneously. This really is a clash between civilizations, and typically for our respective cultures, the West's move to finally bring the muslim world in line with the rest of humanity is highly visible and open, while their move to cast a whole continent back into the Middle Ages is mostly a treacherous and covert affair, planned and orchestrated from MB headquarters and Ministries of Religious Affairs.

Well then, as late as Tuesday 7 August, SIOE's Ulfkotte and co-organizers had a meeting with some fifteen Brussels police officials and according to Ulfkotte "there were no problems whatsoever". Two days later, on 9 August, the demonstration had been forbidden by Brussels' Mayor, Freddy Thielemans. According to press reports, he did so after conferring with police and "other services", and he "feared that there would be incidents between demonstrators and immigrants who live in the neighborhood." His spokesman Nicolas Dassonville added:

"The danger for public order is too great. There is an important immigrant community nearby which might react. Moreover, the organization uses islamophobic language."

As if to provoke, Thielemans and Dassonville hastened to declare that every year, they receive between five and six hundred requests for demonstrations, and that over the past five years they only forbade five or six. So there you have it. An apolitical organization asks for permission to stage a demonstration to highlight a very obvious and worrisome development, and is denied the right to protest. By contrast, last year muslim organizations staged a demonstration in Brussels against the headscarf ban, WITHOUT EVEN HAVING ASKED PERMISSION, and... were given a free hand. The news of Thielemans' capitulation to islamic radicals, since that is what it is, caused quite some uproar in the Belgium. In response to this, Thielemans declared "that it was not so much violence from islamic immigrants he feared, but rather from rightwing extremists". Which is, of course, total bullshit. Ulfkotte's SIOE most emphatically distances itself from any political leanings or agenda, and has clearly demanded its demo be not abused by politicians of whatever stripe for their own purposes. Mr. Ulfkotte:

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
"We are no extreme rightwing stone-throwers but peaceful people who want to come up for our rights. Is this no longer possible in the Capital of Europe? This strenghtens us in our resolve. Has radical islam advanced so much that a scared mayor takes such decisions? We will possibly hire lawyers to fight this decision."

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte knows what he is talking about when the subject is islam. This professor and former journalist spent twelve to fifteen years in islamic countries, mostly as a correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and his experiences with this backward, mysogynic and utterly inhuman "religion" were so bad that back home in Europe he endeavoured on a personal quest to make westerners aware of the dangers of islam. Recently, during an interview with Muenchener Merkur, he remarked on his motives:

"I have seen executions in KSA and in Yemen, how hacked off hands were attached to the City Gate. I have seen stonings of women, how people are classified in different categories and experienced the antihuman world view of muslims."

Thielemans' decision to stifle freedom of speech becomes understandable when we learn about the person behind the name. He is a prominent member of the Parti Socialiste, the "Party of 1,000,000 scandals". This is not the time to elaborate on the subject, but it is safe to say that very likely no other party in the western hemisphere has such a dismal record of scandal, fraud, gross incompetence, political murder and silencing of political opponents. The Parti Socialiste has been governing Wallonia, Belgium's southern French-speaking half, for over sixty years. In so doing, they have so thoroughly ruined Wallonia morally, economically and financially that Wallonia cannot survive without important financial transfers from rich Flanders, Belgium's northern half. Yet further evidence of the bankruptcy of the Parti Socialiste way of governance was offered this week, when stats comparing cardiac arrests in Ghent, a typical Flemish city, with those in Charleroi, a typical Wallonian city, revealed that as a male citizen in Charleroi your chances on an acute cardiac arrest are twice as high as in Ghent.

The almost completed Essalam Mosque in RotterdamIt is a common phenomenon in all European areas that where socialists are losing indigenous votes, they start catering to the audiences they see as the next most important vote reservoir: immigrants, and in Europe that means mostly islamic immigrants. The prime constituency among these are not the first generation workers who came here searching for jobs, but rather the second and third generations, marred by high unemployment and characterized by their growing radicalization (third generationers are often far more religious than their predecessors). For over two decades now these people have been told by socialist politicians that the reason they live in squalor is not their own culture, but (western) society and racism from indigenous locals. This story fell not on deaf ears in a community which is notorious for its lack of self-criticism and love for conspiracy theories. In short, this is how socialism and islam found each other, and it shows. Brussels is the Belgian city with the largest number of islamic immigrants, and not surprisingly the PS is Brussels largest party. In the City Council, it holds 17 of the 47 seats. Of those 17, 10 are Muslims. The PS's coalition partner are the Christian-Democrats, with 11 councillors, of whom 2 are Muslims. Taking apart the non-islamic immigrants, then less than half of the City of Brussels' governing coalition, 13 out of 28 councillors, are native Belgians - among them Thielemans. And it is not so hard to imagine how the 10 muslim councillors in his fraction of 17 advised him how to deal with a "Stop the Islamization of Europe" demonstration.

This is not the first time that Freddy Thielemans - btw, not related to Toots - reveals himself to be a big friend of muslims, even though his buddies utterly despise his party's "progressive" ethics such as gay marriage, gay adoption, the facilitating of abortion etc etc. He is a notorious bon vivant - his rosy-red, fat appearance being so typical for a lot of Parti Socialiste bigshots - and last year, when he had to undergo a medical treatment on account of his lavish lifestyle, he appointed as Deputy Mayor the Algerian born Faouzia Hariche, who is, you guess it, a muslim. One explanation for Thielemans' love for the followers of the prophet is that they, like him, hate Christianity and Christians. A nice illustration thereof is the incident he had with his colleague of Angoulême, France. Angoulême and Brussels compete with each other for the title of European Cartoon Capital. Delegations from both rivals visit each other though, and in April 2005, when the Angoulême delegation led by Mayor Philippe Mottet, was visiting Brussels and having a drink with Thielemans, the latter received an SMS on his cell phone informing him of the death of Pope John Paul II. Instantly Thielemans, an atheist, exclaimed to those present: "Du champagne pour tout le monde et de l'eau pétillante pour M. Philippe Mottet!" [Champagne for everyone and sparkling water for Mr. Philippe Mottet! - MFBB]. The center-right Mr. Mottet (he is a member of Sarkozy's UMP as well as a catholic) and his delegation left the meeting in disgust prematurely, and were not present on an inauguration ceremony the following day. Apparently the brave Mr. Thielemans has no fear of offending adherents of certain other religious denominations.

Job 'the Muslim Brotherhood is not dangerous' Cohen, Mayor of AmsterdamThielemans' refusal to grant permission for SIOE's demonstration is but one illustration of how, throughout Europe, socialism and islam have gotten in bed with each other. All over Europe, prominent socialists take care not to "offend" their newfound constituency, muslims. Take Amsterdam, for example, where recently the Jewish (!) mayor, Job Cohen, of the Dutch socialist party PvdA, upon learning of the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood in the building of Amsterdam's Westermoskee, declared that the MB was "not a dangerous organization". The radical islamist organization MB, founded by Hassan al-Banna in 1928, is known to have spawned several terrorist groups, like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. As if that wasn't bad enough, Cohen found it necessary last month to apologize for... several of the late Theo Van Goghs rowdy opinions on islam. Across the Channel, Cohen's colleague in the British Capital is even farther down the cliff. The lunatic Ken Livingstone, nicknamed "Red Ken", already made headlines by calling a Jewish journalist a concentration camp guard, befriending Hugo Chavez and apologizing for British Muslims leaving for the ME to commit terrorism. Livingstone is the big promotor of London's Mega Mosque Project, the Markaz, which is designed to accommodate up to 70,000 worshippers. The organization behind the Markaz is Tablighi Jamaat, according to the FBI an organization with ties to... Al Qaeda.

Bertrand Delanoe, Mayor of ParisIn Paris, the openly gay Socialist Mayor Bertrand Delanoe does his utmost best to please the followers of the prophet, just like his Dutch and British counterparts. The new Al-Dawa mosque and the planned adjacent socio-cultural centre will be built on a terrain of 3,000 square meters, generously offered by Mr. Delanoe - whose office also organizes yearly events at the occasion of the Ramadan. In October 2006, Mr. Delanoe personally inaugurated a new "Institute of Muslim Cultures", built in an old state school in the Rue Léon, Paris. A zeal like that is a bit strange, given that Mr. Delanoe narrowly escaped death in 2002 when he was stabbed in the stomach by... a muslim. Upon arrest, the perpetrator, a certain Azedine Berkane, admitted he "disliked gays".

Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit, to the leftOver to Berlin, where the end of this year will probably see the completion of the new Ahmadiyya Mosque in Pankow, a neighborhood in the former East Berlin. Berlin's mayor is a jolly good fellow by the name of Klaus Wowereit, openly gay and like so many socialists (he's a prominent member of the SPD) a pork barrel spender, see this TIME article: "Even though the financial and economic situation of a city may be bad," Wowereit says, "you must show a sense of enjoyment in life." Enjoy the good life while you still can, Mr. Wowereit. Btw, now that we were talking about pork and pork barrel spending, last year, during a television debate with his Christian Democrat contender for burgomaster of Berlin, Mr. Wowereit declared himself to be in favor of a "world-open Berlin" [Weltoffenes Berlin], as well as a strong advocate of the building of the new Ahmadiyya mosque in Pankow. It can be seriously doubted whether the good people of said mosque appreciated Mr. Wowereits concern and support, since their website cites, a.o., Khalifa [a religious bigshot in the Ahmadiyya sect] Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who wrote that the higher visibility of homosexuals in the West (couples walking hand in hand, Gay Pride parades etc.) can be connected to the consumption of pork meat! Probably Mr. Wowereit simply ate far too much Schweinefleisch.

Philippe Moureaux. Caliph of Molenbeek, BrusselsThis list would not be complete without Philippe Moureaux, the mayor of Molenbeek, one of the 19 communes of Greater Brussels. Moureaux is one of the top Parti Socialiste officials in the whole of Brussels, and Molenbeek is his personal fiefdom. It was he who, in 2005, forbade his police officers to drink coffee and eat sandwiches in the streets during Ramadan. He also ordered them to limit their patrols significantly. Today, Molenbeek is a hotbed of Islamic extremism. Apart from his career in local politics, Moureaux has also been, in times past, a pivotal figure in Belgium's federal political arena, where he was deeply involved in drafting the law allowing non-Belgians to vote in municipal elections, as well legislation against racism and xenophobia. Over the years, this legislation was time and again amended until it was tailor-made, so to say, to "kill" the Vlaams Blok - or so Moureaux & Co thought. That was in 2004, and the VB only escaped being completely outlawed by changing its name. Philippe Moureaux' hatred of the VB is not only because of the "racism" he and his ilk perceive in this party or in each and everyone who dares to object to obvious problems caused by muslim immigrants. No, this man hates Flemings because he is a racist himself, and a fierce anti-Fleming racist at that. I have known him for over twenty-five years now, and during all this time I have never heard this cretin utter a single word in Flemish. I bet however, that by now he does speak quite a mouthful of arabic. After all, he married a muslim wife.


The following comment was left on a De Standaard poll page, put up to feel the pulse with regards to the rightness of Thielemans' decision. The comment is from a Flemish student living in Molenbeek.

As a Flemish student in Molenbeek I seem to discern a problematic, cultural islamic influence: during the day or at night I have, until now, never been harassed. Women on the other hand are inevitably addressed at night if they aren't accompanied by a man. Young muslims call the women then denigrating names and follow them on foot or with their cars. I am not talking here about threats or robberies. Still, this practice is daily bread and legally speaking difficult to penalize. As a consequence, women feel unsafe and dare no longer venture out alone at night. And even if there are more than two, they still prefer that a boy accompanies them. In this way muslim culture, in a subtle way, achieves its goal. Namely that the woman without headscarf has no business on the streets at night. And so the indigenous woman unwillingly accepts muslim culture. Like I already said, the deeds look futile, the consequences are not!!! Frederic.

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