Saturday, December 02, 2017


Carly Simon with You're so vain. Album No Secrets (1972).

Two years ago Simon revealed the name of one guy, but only the one featuring in the second verse:

"You had me several years ago
When I was still quite naive
Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair
And that you would never leave
But you gave away the things you loved
And one of them was me
I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and"

That would have been Warren Beatty. It's possible. I once read somewhere that he scr*wed close to 13,000 women. How his d*ck never felt off from a bazillion venereal diseases is beyond me.

Pearl Jam with Not for you. From the 1994 album Vitalogy.


Just one item among many in the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad: at Charleroi Internatinal Airport (BSCA) a luggage labourer was arrested some ten days ago because he had threatened to shoot police officers with a Kalashnikov.

"A BSCA (Brussels South Charleroi Airport) luggage handler was arrested some ten days ago. The man, also a union chief, had uttered threats against the police on his Facebook page, a source close to the investigation said on Thursday. House searches and wiretaps also revealed that he pressed other personnel to engage North Africans specifically. As a result of the matter, the BSCA management called for Thursday evening for a special meeting of the Board of Directors.

The suspect had drawn attention by making terrorist threats on his Facebook page, the Sudpresse newspapers reported. According to a source close to the investigation he would have declared to be willing to "shoot police officers with a Kalashnikov". A judicial enquiry was immediately opened and the suspect's admittance badge was desactivated on orders of the prosecutor.

Federal Police in Charleroi conducted house searches. There were also wiretaps. The info obtained revealed that the union chief would have exerted pressure on colleagues to engage his family members and persons of a North African background when hiring. The suspect was arrested some ten days ago. The arrest for one month was confirmed by a court in Charleroi.

Possibly new arrests will follow in the coming days."

A couple of things we can conclude right away:

a.) so the suspect pressed his colleagues to hire his family members and persons of North African background. Translation: the suspect is either a Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian. The cronyism is typical for this kind of people. He threatened to commit terrorist acts: it is safe to conclude he is a muslim.

b.) the guy is a luggage handler. And he has made terrorist threats. How VERY reassuring.

c.) he is a union chief: doesn't surprise me in the least. The kind of people unwilling to work. It is practically certain that he is a FGTB union chief, FGTB being the socialist union. Muslims overwhelmingly support the PS (Parti Socialiste).

BSCA is a small but neat international airport which I have used a couple of times. In particular I recall a flight I took from there to Milan in spring 2012 (if memory serves) and how AGHAST I was upon discovering that the chaps checking our luggage at the metal detectors were all three young bearded Moroccans. I remember I was wondering if this was another example of Political Correctness gone berserk. I have some stomach troubles and always carry sparkling water with me since that is helpful. One of the three leering types ordered me to take the little bottle out of my luggage and drop it in a nearby bin. Of course, he was following procedure, but it did cross my mind that it was exactly because of his ilk, who murdered close to 3,000 people on that fateful day in SEP 2001, that this restriction was now in place.

But that I had to leave my bottle behind was small beer next to the disgraceful thing I had witnessed just before. Two or three passengers before us there was a seventysomething dignified grey lady IN A WHEELCHAIR, and she had to take her coat off for a search. I swear that's the truth.

Anyway, E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y there are hints and articles and pieces of info and newsflashes and anecdotes that inform us that the presence of a muslim component in a population constitutes a clear and present danger. There's basically two kinds of muslims: a small minority that is toying with the idea to commit terrorism and/or effectively engages in it. Then a grand majority that is largely sympathetic to the former but who choose to let demography have its way. They are counting on womb jihad and alas, it is incredibly effective.

So, as dangerous as the former may be with regards to direct physical harm, it's the second category that in the long term will destroy our once prosperous society.

I see that we have readers from all over the planet. I assure you that this silly little topic is less than the morsel of ice on top of the top of the iceberg. If you are still able to, SHUN MUSLIMS FROM YOUR COUNTRIES. ISLAM IS A CANCER FOR HUMANITY.


Thursday, November 30, 2017


I was reading an article this evening by Townhall's esteemed Larry Elder in which he opined to 'Dump Roy Moore'.

This affair having been in the spotlights for about a month now, I think I've come to the correct conclusion and that's that by now it's safe for Conservatives to instead continue to support him.

I made my case in the comments section and, duuuh, this is the message I got from Townhall:

"Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Townhall."

After which naturally, it won't show up anymore after a couple of minutes or a bit more. Hey Townhall, seriously??? Puzzled, I checked my text and wondered what had gotten the TH censors' so upset - okay, coded checkscans to filter out a certain vocabulary to then let it pass the judgment of flesh and bloods - that they considered it offensive enough to dump it. Was it the word 'sex'? Can't I use that anymore??? Breast perhaps? You gotta be kidding me? Libturd? Who are you, Jonah Goldberg or George Will?

At the time of writing it's possible that TH posted my comment anyway. But just in case they have gone gaga re the use of some spicy prose, I'll repost my original comment here in full.

"This is no time to go wobbly Larry.

It's been about a month since the last of the accusers came out. Properly translated: THAT'S-ALL-THERE-EVER-WAS. Sorry, I read the stories about the girls having the legal age of consent and the one below it. To say that this is small beer vis-à-vis the exploits of a ton of liberal demonrats is an understatement.

Of course I found it a bit creepy that a 30 year old would make sexual advances to a 14-year old. But if I have read it correctly, at the point where things started to get hot, she asked him to stop - and he complied. End of story. NOTHING HAPPENED. Your average liberal? He would have gotten brutal and raped her. If anything, the stories of the plus 16 yo's he dated reveal that Moore was actually perhaps not straightforward enough, which I gather is why the girls broke it off in the first place. Think about it. Dating for a couple of months and all that happened was a chaste kiss? Standard procedure in my book is that after a month or so a guy tries to slip his hand under her shirt and begins tinkering with the bra. And I guess that article of faith in Outlaw Mike's Dating For Dummies still makes me a monk in the eyes of many. The behaviour of Moore in the cases of the girls of legal age of consent reveal a psychological profile that is com-ple-te-ly at odds with the bogus image of a child molester.

I've been pondering it a lot over the past few weeks and while I'm no psychoanalyst I think that Roy Moore was, and still is, a decent man whose carnal instincts were held VERY much in check by his Christian beliefs. A man who like every normal XY felt and feels attracted to the fairer sex. But perhaps to such an extent that it took him a mighty lot of time to muster the courage to make a move towards an attractive female, which might have meant that by the time he turned Cape 30 he had probably gotten afraid of approaching females his age, who he reckoned would be far more experienced and who would have made an utter fool of him. I think that it is entirely possible that Roy Moore thought that with young girls the risk of being humiliated was less (and believe me, women ARE able to humilate men, shockingly so, speaking of experience here). And the 14 year old? She may have looked like a 17 year old. Some girls have amazing breast sizes when barely in puberty.

No, I'm sorry. While I was initially reluctant to continue supporting Moore, I'm now more or less convinced this is just a replay of the peeing Russian prostitutes scenario and all the bruhaha over the President's locker room talk. A big nothingburger, but the latter led to that weasel of a Ryan suspending his (shaky) support of Donald Trump.

Real conservatives should not make the same mistake here. Roy Moore is by all accounts a decent man and a far, far better choice for Alabama than that immoral libturd he's running against."

Get real, Townhall!


Monday, November 27, 2017


Poor Aussies. Only now are they coming to appreciate that gay marriage is the next best thing.

O'er here in Europe and the States, we are LONG past that. Though I have to give it to our progressive brethren, they fooled me. I though legalizing paedophilia would come BEFORE the transgender madness, not the other way round.

Mark Steyn weighs in:

In fact, social progress is less gay than bi: It swings both ways. After the vote, many of our Aussie readers wrote to draw my attention to the fact that the areas most fiercely opposed to the joys of same-sex marriage were not the dusty rural backwaters but the western half of Sydney. In Blaxland, for example, 73.9 per cent voted against "marriage equality".

How could that be? In The Sydney Morning Herald, Western Sydney University professor Andy Marks decided to examine the question:

~ What makes their attitude so different to that of the rest of the nation? Census data goes some way to addressing that question. Marriage rates in Blaxland are higher but so is the proportion of couples separated.

Okay. So a lot of marriage in the area. Anything else?

~ The proportion of the electorate's residents enrolled in university or tertiary education is higher than the NSW and national average but the level of qualification attained lags, slightly.

Gotcha. Slightly reduced rate of university degrees. Fascinating. What else?

~ Religion is a point of significant divergence. Only 13.4 per cent of Blaxland residents describe themselves as having "no religion" compared to 25.1 and 29.1 per cent at the state and national levels.

Ah. Religion. Care to explore that point? Whoops, sorry, time to move on:

~ Linguistically, the difference is similarly pointed with 25.5 per cent of the electorate's households speaking "English only" at home contrasting with NSW and Australian averages of over 68 per cent.

Interesting. Do all these married, moderately under-qualified non-anglophones have any other distinguishing characteristics? Say, the number of cars parked in the driveway?

~ Household income levels are low as are rates of home and motor vehicle ownership. Unemployment is well above state and national levels.

At which point Professor Marks gives up and says something about "an incredibly complex debate" before signing off and going back to his day job.

Can you spot the missing word, boys and girls? It begins with "Mus-" and ends with "-lim". Officially, one in three residents of Blaxland are Muslim - which you might think is a more relevant statistic than, say, low rates of motor vehicle ownership. But no. The trick with "engaging in an incredibly complex debate" is to eschew the word "Muslim" in favor of words like "complicated". ABC reporter Nadia Daly:

Many of these electorates are very religiously, ethnically, culturally diverse areas and that makes it complicated to pinpoint why it was so strong.

If you want something less "complicated", here's me talking about the demographic changes in western Sydney last year:

~ Mr Steyn said the cultural changes that come with Muslim migration should be acknowledged and discussed. One of those entirely obvious "cultural changes" manifested itself in the gay-marriage vote, but apparently to the total befuddlement of the Australian media.

This is not a phenomenon confined to Oz. Me again, from earlier this year:

~ Just to spell it out even more plainly, last year YouGov polled Britons in general on their attitudes to the aforementioned sodomites. Seventeen per cent thought homosexuality was "morally wrong". If that sounds unnervingly high to you, what's the reason? Over-sampling in East Belfast? A few rural backwaters not quite up to speed on the new gayer-than-thou Britain? No. In most parts of the country about 15 per cent declined to get with the beat. But in diverse, multicultural London, 29 per cent of the population regarded homosexuality as "morally wrong".

So all those ninnies in the streets of London protesting 300,000 Ulster haters they'd never heard of twenty minutes earlier are surrounded by two-and-a-half million haters every day of their lives - in the Tube, in the restaurants, in the shops and offices of their supposedly vibrant, progressive metropolis.

So London is the most "homophobic" part of Britain just as Sydney is the most "homophobic" part of Australia. Gosh, you'd almost get the idea that diversity=homophobia. As in the imperial metropolis, all these recalcitrant constituencies Down Under vote Labour - and they all have significantly higher fertility rates. Which means that, an election cycle or two down the road, Britain and Australia's principal left-of-center parties will be attempting to reconcile their commitment to gay rights with their electoral viability. Me one last time, from the Speccie in 2004:

~ A few weeks back I was strolling along the Boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montreal when I saw a Muslim woman across the street, all in black, covered head to toe, the full hejab. She was passing a condom boutique, its window filled with various revolting novelty prophylactics, 'c*m rags', etc. It was a perfect snapshot of the internal contradictions of multicultural diversity. In 30 years' time, either the Arab lady will still be there, or the condom store, but not both. Which would you bet on?

In Sydney it's the west, in London it's the East End, where, compared with the Seventies and Eighties, the orientational cleansing is already palpable:

It's not quite the "Gay-Free Zone" promised by the posters of the Sharia Patrols, but it's getting there.

Social progress ebbs and flows, in Britain and Australia as in Egypt and Afghanistan. And, as their numbers increase, members of the, er, Complicated community will one day decide: Let's get it undone.

To underscore Mark's point, you might want to ponder two very recent events in the Kingdom of Belgium, which takes pride in being one of the first countries on the planet to legalize gay marriage.

The first one concerns the participation of the Belgian King, Filip I, in an iftar this year in a muslim family in Ghent with EIGHT children. I reported on this glorious event earlier this year:

"Luckily, just a couple of days ago, lest the Belgian muslim community feel excluded, the Belgian King himself, Philippe I, visited a muslim family in Ghent to participate in an iftar ceremony. Via a Flemish gossip magazine, Story:


King Philippe took a seat at the table of the Benhaddou family in Ghent to share iftar. That is the moment at dusk when a muslim family can break fasting during Ramadan. "This is a lesson for all of us, for society as a whole", said the King. Eating together during iftar means being together and put aside differing opinions, and that's something the King wanted to partipate in for a change. The Benhaddou parents emigrated from Morocco and raised in Ghent six sons and two daughters who all studied. All of them were present to share a meal with Philippe. "Mom and pops have done a fantastic job" the King said admiringly. "I have four, but you have eight, unbelievable. And all of them have magnificent curriculums." Son Khalid is an imam who is fighting radicalization among muslim youths. "The King showing that he wants to meet muslims during ramadan is a very strong signal", he [Khalid, MFBB] said."

King Philippe, never the sharpest knife in the Belgian royalty's drawer, proves here for the umpteenth time that like virtually all the other power players in the upper echelons of Belgian society he has drunk the Kool Aid till all was up and then asked for another fill. After 51 years in this life, and having known Philippe I all this time (at least from the moment I became a sentient subject of the Belgian Monarchy), I have yet to hear the first smart thing coming out of his mouth. It's not that he is evil or decadent, but the man simply has made it a sport to treat Belgians to the grandest collection of senseless bromides - and vent soapy feel good opinions à volonté. Only when international politics are concerned, like e.g. when a Hungarian madman wants to erect borders along Europes soft underbelly or a fake blonde nutjob somewhere in North America is boasting that he will build a Wall or that Farage bloke manages to get enough Brits to vote for a Brexit, does the King's voice assume a more ominous timbre, he forgets for a moment his role as a nice fluffy teddybear, and he has the guts to call aforementioned gentlemen "False Prophets", like he did last year on Belgium's National Holiday, July 21:

King Philip last year, when he warned against "false prophets" who want to exploit "emotions, rupture lines in our societies, and vulnerabilities" and who "point to easy scapaegoats and thus make the chasm between religions, peoples and ultimately all of us, only deeper". Thank Allah the Belgian King acknowledges the Real Prophet, the Perfect Man! Allahu Akbar!

Never mind that the fantastic job that mom and pops Benhaddou have done was greatly facilitated by the fact that eight kids in Belgium means the family received such a TON in child allowances - paid for by filthy infidels, in particular those in the north - that it was absolutely unneccessary that mom went to work also. Nasty people suggest that Ma Benhaddou wasn't allowed to anyway, and that the only green light she ever got was to lie back, open her legs wide, and think of Rabat, but these are just rumors of sour hatey hate types, prolly Jews. Anyway, in addition to that, families with eight kids don't even have to pay income taxes, so that's a bonus en plus. As for all those fantastic diplomas the Benhaddou offspring has collected, the only one mentioned which is deemed interesting enough is Son Khalid's, who got a Masters in Molecular Biology, whooops, sorry, he's an islamic scholar who, wait for it, specializes in "fighting radicalization among muslim youths"! Just what Belgian industry, starving for IT geeks, experts in nanotechnology, and engineers in automation and micromechanics, was waiting for! As you can see the Belgian taxpayer dough supporting them fertile families certainly pays off!

The second event is our Queen Mathilde becoming godmother of the SEVENTH child in a muslim family, also in Ghent. A screenshot from Het Nieuwsblad:

GHENT - As a young soldier in the Algerian Army he received life-threatening wounds and was maimed for life. Now Embarek Tebbi can call no one else than Queen Mathilde the godmother of his seventh and youngest daughter Zaineb (6 months). "It's a miracle I can live to enjoy this."

It's long been a tradition in Belgium that the King becomes godfather of the seventh son in a family, and the Queen the godmother of the seventh daughter. When on October 20 number seven, Zaineb, was born, the family, living in Ghent, on the recommendation of friends and family, sent a letter to Queen Mathilde. Now that she accepted to become godmother, papa Embarek Tebbi (46) and mama Hadjira Sadki (42) are glowing with pride.

Especially Tebbi is overjoyed. He speaks of a 'miracle'. With his family he lives now safe and sound in an apartment in Ghent, but his face tells of the horror he lived through. "Actually I should have died as a young soldier in an attack in the nineties in Algeria", says Tebbi. "Terrorists carried out a gas attack in our base, with tens of killed as a result. But I survived, against all odds."

We can safely conclude that father Tebbi, despite having been maimed for life - no doubt by Christian crusaders - and having received life-threatening wounds, could nevertheless still count his crown jewels as part of the inventory post the gas attack. I suspect however that he's on Social Security, the poor sod. Ditto for mom Sadki, although I fear that even without having given birth to seven children, she would not be (allowed to be) part of the Belgian workforce. But why would pop and mom, as long as there are still gullible infidels willing to finance their own destruction?

To conclude, take a good, hard look at these twats:

And now at these ones:

The future belongs to those who show up. Any sensible person willing to place their bets on the rainbow chicks?

I'm signing off. I got myself depressed. Oh yeah, if you are an Aussie and you voted 'Yes' in that stinkin referendum, you can go royally fuck yourself asshole. Or your same sex partner, and I hope you get stuck.


Sunday, November 26, 2017


You gotta ab-so-lu-te-ly check out these guys' site, their mini-docus on their bike rides in exotic locations are awesome. Their latest one is about their trip in the Faroe Islands, an archipelago in the North Atlantic consisting of some 18 islands, home to around 50,000 people.

Here's a video of their exploits:

Some stills, all of them courtesy NorthSouth of course:

Breathtaking! But if you feel tempted to go there yourself, as I do, be sure to go in summer. The pics above were shot in June. Guess it's a bit less hospitable in December.

But one day I gotta go there. That's for sure.