Saturday, December 02, 2017


Just one item among many in the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad: at Charleroi Internatinal Airport (BSCA) a luggage labourer was arrested some ten days ago because he had threatened to shoot police officers with a Kalashnikov.

"A BSCA (Brussels South Charleroi Airport) luggage handler was arrested some ten days ago. The man, also a union chief, had uttered threats against the police on his Facebook page, a source close to the investigation said on Thursday. House searches and wiretaps also revealed that he pressed other personnel to engage North Africans specifically. As a result of the matter, the BSCA management called for Thursday evening for a special meeting of the Board of Directors.

The suspect had drawn attention by making terrorist threats on his Facebook page, the Sudpresse newspapers reported. According to a source close to the investigation he would have declared to be willing to "shoot police officers with a Kalashnikov". A judicial enquiry was immediately opened and the suspect's admittance badge was desactivated on orders of the prosecutor.

Federal Police in Charleroi conducted house searches. There were also wiretaps. The info obtained revealed that the union chief would have exerted pressure on colleagues to engage his family members and persons of a North African background when hiring. The suspect was arrested some ten days ago. The arrest for one month was confirmed by a court in Charleroi.

Possibly new arrests will follow in the coming days."

A couple of things we can conclude right away:

a.) so the suspect pressed his colleagues to hire his family members and persons of North African background. Translation: the suspect is either a Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian. The cronyism is typical for this kind of people. He threatened to commit terrorist acts: it is safe to conclude he is a muslim.

b.) the guy is a luggage handler. And he has made terrorist threats. How VERY reassuring.

c.) he is a union chief: doesn't surprise me in the least. The kind of people unwilling to work. It is practically certain that he is a FGTB union chief, FGTB being the socialist union. Muslims overwhelmingly support the PS (Parti Socialiste).

BSCA is a small but neat international airport which I have used a couple of times. In particular I recall a flight I took from there to Milan in spring 2012 (if memory serves) and how AGHAST I was upon discovering that the chaps checking our luggage at the metal detectors were all three young bearded Moroccans. I remember I was wondering if this was another example of Political Correctness gone berserk. I have some stomach troubles and always carry sparkling water with me since that is helpful. One of the three leering types ordered me to take the little bottle out of my luggage and drop it in a nearby bin. Of course, he was following procedure, but it did cross my mind that it was exactly because of his ilk, who murdered close to 3,000 people on that fateful day in SEP 2001, that this restriction was now in place.

But that I had to leave my bottle behind was small beer next to the disgraceful thing I had witnessed just before. Two or three passengers before us there was a seventysomething dignified grey lady IN A WHEELCHAIR, and she had to take her coat off for a search. I swear that's the truth.

Anyway, E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y there are hints and articles and pieces of info and newsflashes and anecdotes that inform us that the presence of a muslim component in a population constitutes a clear and present danger. There's basically two kinds of muslims: a small minority that is toying with the idea to commit terrorism and/or effectively engages in it. Then a grand majority that is largely sympathetic to the former but who choose to let demography have its way. They are counting on womb jihad and alas, it is incredibly effective.

So, as dangerous as the former may be with regards to direct physical harm, it's the second category that in the long term will destroy our once prosperous society.

I see that we have readers from all over the planet. I assure you that this silly little topic is less than the morsel of ice on top of the top of the iceberg. If you are still able to, SHUN MUSLIMS FROM YOUR COUNTRIES. ISLAM IS A CANCER FOR HUMANITY.


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