Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Two BAF fighter bombers destroyed a small modular refinery operated by ISIS in western Iraq. However, the attack took place around Christmas already, and the info around it is very scant.

 photo BAF_Jordan2015_zpss3cmi8qg.jpg

The six BAF F-16's on the Jordan AF base they are operating from.

Via Het Nieuwsblad:

"Belgian F-16 fighter bombers have, during the past week, in a nightly raid, destroyed an Iraqi oil refinery of terror group IS, according to a military source on Sunday.

The raid involved two planes and took place in the desert in Iraq's west. IS had installed a modular refinery on the spot, where fuel was being produced for the organization's vehicles.

According to the Belgian F-16 pilot, who wants to remain anonymous, early Thursday morning four laser guided 250-kg bombs were released which destroyed the target.

The pilot added that no casualties on the ground were observed, since at the time of attack the refinery was inactive."

250 kg-bombs? Laser-guided? Although the BAF also uses JDAM's, these must have been GBU-12 Paveway II's.

The good news is that our jets are apparently doing something useful. Although in the greater scheme of things, I fear attacks like these amount to little more than pinpricks. Far more planes and far more ordnance should be used.

The bad news is that we have to learn this from a pilot who wants to remain anonymous. Ergo, NOT via an official channel. Ergo, NOT via some MoD's spokesman. Ergo, the info on the Belgian Air Force's exploits against ISIS is being curtailed.

At the end of the year our planes had released around sixty bombs, or about two every three days. While a very modest tally, the strikes obtained were in all likelihood sufficiently significant to at least warrant some briefings from the MoD. Yet these have not materialized. Which seems strange, since during the first two~three weeks there were some press conferences held where the planes' missions were being detailed.

There can be only one explanation for the current radiosilence, and that is that some jackasses in the government have urged the MoD not to tout successes against ISIS. ISIS support on Belgian social network sites frequented by muslims is large. Are the cowards in government afraid to ruffle the delicate sensitivities of our muslim "compatriots"? Are they scared too much publicity may induce ISIS terrorists to some payback on our soil (as the jihadis offed in Verviers were obviously planning)? Or both?

Probably the latter. Memo to these cowards: if you dare not say out loud that Belgian bombs take out islamic terrs in the desert of Iraq because you're afraid of the reactions of our supposedly well-integrated followers of the prophet (may piss, crap, vomit and menstruation blood be showered upon him in prodigious quantities), then you have a serious problem with that part of our population.

But keep stickin your head in the sand, idiots.


Saturday, January 24, 2015


First Deacon Blue with Dignity, the single taken from their debut album Raintown (1987).

Scottish rock/blues band, formed in Glasgow in 1985. We will forgive them that bit about reading Maynard Keynes.

Then it's The Undertones with It's going to happen! Released as a single in 1981.

Blokes from Derry, Northern Ireland. Singer's Feargal Sharkey.

Good night.



Bill Whittle, eloquent as always, on America's supposedly violent "gun culture":

Yes, I know. There don't even have to be violent shootouts for fatalities. This week, our "quality" "press" almost gleefully reported on the death of a two-year old Floridan toddler, Kaleb Ahles, who fatally shot himself with a gun he had taken from a map compartment in his father's car. A very tragic accident.

Curiously though, that same "press" remained mute on the number of perfectly healthy foetuses murdered in the womb throughout the States in the same week. Perhaps the number is so high it's embarrassing even for leftists?

Or not? Because they considered the defeat of the pro life bill in Congress, despite the GOP controlling it on both levels, a victory.

Leftism is a mental disease.


Friday, January 23, 2015


Fewst eppirens on di internesjenal seen four our nuw PI M, Charles Michel (MR):

Outlaw Mike sliips wel ad nite, tanks too da efisjent belzjian sicuriti fourcis!!!



Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Via our pals at Gates of Vienna.

In Wuerzburg, Michael Mannheimer is to Wuegida what Lutz Bachmann is to Dresden's PEGIDA. Of 183 children he recently counted in a kindergarten, just two were German. Mr Mannheimer claims that in Pforzheim, a city in Germany's west, in the Saar region, 90% of all children under three years of age are muslim, from 17 different countries...

... It might be. Two of the German transporters we regularly see are from Pforzheim. Both are in their early fifties and right before last Xmas, I found out that they were both childless. Don't give me crap about this anecdote being a statistical fluke, I know what the fertility is among German autochtons, and it is well below replacement level.

Anyway, listen to Mr Mannheimer:

I especially liked the part when the crowd is starting to chant "Luegenpresse". As a matter of fact, Belgium's own Luegenpresse par excellence, newspaper De Standaard, apparently had lots of fun this week with statements made by Steven Emerson on Fox News, in a debate hosted by Jeanine Pirro. Now it is true that Mr Emerson made the unfortunate comment that “There are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in,” - but the uproar that caused has definitely had a smokescreen effect on the very real substitution of Britain's autochton population by immigrants, and then especially muslim immigrants.

Of course Birmingham is not a muslim city. YET. But give it twenty more years and it MIGHT BE. That is the core tenet in Mr Emerson's story.

De Standaard is one of those newspapers willing to disperse such smokescreens, and if sufficient gullible readers are willing to be misled, what Emerson warned against WILL come true.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


There's a youtube video gone somewhat viral of Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam and prominent Dutch socialist (the mainstream party PvdA, not the SP), in which he apparently admonishes young muslims who refuse to take for granted freedom of expression, telling them to "f*ck off". At least that's how most Anglosaxon commentators translate Aboutalebs "rot op", although "f*ck off" is actually harsher. A more apt translation for "rot op" would be "get the hell out of here!".

Aboutalebs not-unclear language obviously earned him the sympathy of many a western observer from all sides of the political spectrum. One of them is one of my favourite bloggers, CDR Salamander, whose naval-oriented blog I've been following since the beginning (2004, to be precise). The CDR has several often recurring topics, and a near constant are the FbF's - Fullbore Fridays. Posts generally dealing with personae or units having shown exceptional gallantry or military prowess. I've basically always agreed with his assessions of those selected - but I have grave issues with his last two choices. The first, ten days ago, was Egyptian General al-Sisi. Now, this man during a recent speech at al-Azhar university indeed said remarkable things - for a muslim. More on him, time allowing.

The second was Ahmed Aboutaleb, of "rot op" fame. CDR Salamander last Friday:

"The last week has seen a sickening parade of morale and physical cowardice in the defense of essential liberty. Afraid of what may happen if they stood with the French, politicians and much of the press instead hid behind "responsible speech" - which is their way of cowering in the face of threats against the very freedom they need to exist. That is the true Islamophobia - a twisted partonizing attitude that you cannot risk offending even in the slightest the tender feelings of a Muslim because, well, they just can't take it like everyone else and might become dangerous. A phobia of the followers of Islam: Islamophobia.

Heck, even last night I was reminded why I used think I was of the left. It used to be that there was a very libertarian streak on the left, but in the last 30 years they have been swamped by the Stalinists. One of the last of the traditional libertarian leftists I have found myself in rough alignment with is Bill Maher of all people.

Well, this week I am bringing in another man of the left who has it right. He gets extra points because he is Dutch. He speaks with the directness of a Dutchman, gets the enlightenment, and - more than most - he has stepped in to the field of fire to defend the flag.

The Salamander freedom fighter of the week is Ahmed Aboutaleb, member of the Labour Party, de Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA), and mayor of Rotterdam."

Er, no, CDR. Mr Aboutaleb is no freedom fighter. Counting on him as such would be a grave error. And why?

Oh, you might want to look at what he has overseen in "his" Rotterdam: the conclusion, in 2010, of a building project involving The Netherland's largest mosque:

 photo essalam_moskee_zpsaea23fa2.jpg

Here is what Dutch daily De Telegraaf had to say about it on 17 december 2010:

"ROTTERDAM - After more than seven years, on Friday The Netherland's biggest mosque, the essalam mosque on Colosseum Road in Rotterdam, will be opened. The prayer house will be inaugurated by mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and town selectman Hamit Karakus. Photo: anp

Over the past years the [construction of the] mosque has had its share of troubles. There has reportedly been much influence from abroad, in particular from the UAE's Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al-Maktoum. There were also quarrels between the mosque's management and its faithful. This conflict was finally resolved before court. Construction itself was also halted for a long time. In order to complete the mosque, town selectman Hamit Karakus had to step in. He finally got the project back on the rails again, with as end result a completed mosque in Rotterdam-South."

Let us not dwell on the problems during construction, they involved only the refusal to pay some of the builders' invoices and the violation of town regulations concerning the building of large structures. Let us also not dwell on the quarrels between the mosque's management and around 150 of its intended worshippers, quarrels between muslims themselves are sympathetic traits of people of that faith. And let us certainly not dwell on how "Hamit Karakus got the project back on the rails again", as if a threat to withdraw the building permit, coming from a muslim himself, could ever have been considered a danger to the future of this mosque.

No, what we have to focus on here is that it is no coincidence that when you appoint a muslim Mayor of a huge city like Rotterdam, as PvdA Chairman Wouter Bos did in 2008 - a fact we lamented on this very blog - the emergence, sooner or later, of a mega-mosque is practically a given.

Rotterdam's essalam mosque featured in a blogpost of mine on August 10, 2007. As you can see, it was then still in the scaffolds:

 photo DB_2007_zps5f649cd6.jpg

But today, in the Year of Our Lord 2015, it is completed, and its minarets and dome part of Rotterdam's skyline:

 photo essalam_rotterdam_zpsf5dd1604.jpg

The purpose of this blogpost is to show that we should not be FOOLED by "enlightened" muslims like Ahmed Aboutaleb. At heart, he is as much a muslim supremacist as his muslim "compatriots" cheering for ISIS. Thing is, Aboutaleb is the man who is content to take a stroll towards the ultimate goal, whereas the triggerhappy blokes boarding planes for Turkey would like to sprint. We can also put it another way: Aboutaleb is MUCH SMARTER. The anger revealed by Aboutaleb in the video above - is it really triggered by the refusal of muslims to come to terms with a quintessentially western concept as freedom of expression?

Or is it anger because the gung-ho dumbasses are obviously confirming in a big and loud way what Geert Wilders & Co have been claiming for years?

My bet would be on the latter. The Charlie Hebdo massacres, the "Young Dutch" wanting to join ISIS - they are thwarting the long-term plans of clever strategists like Ahmed Aboutaleb. To Aboutaleb, twelve dead cartoonists are a nuisance since they constitute a wake-up call for a considerable number of Europeans. Not considerable enough, for sure. A disheartening number of European natives are still dazed and confused and high on the LSD of multiculturalism. But I am sure Mr Aboutaleb can miss Charlie Hebdo repeats like the plague. Because two, three or seven MORE .... and getting building permits thru for mega mosques WILL get more difficult.

NO CDR Salamander, as good as your judgment is in countless matters, I fear that you are seeing the Mayor of Rotterdam, who is no Mayor of Simpleton, in a far too rosy light. Mr Aboutaleb is no freedom fighter. He's a general angry because some dumbass private stepped on a twig, accidentally lit up a flare, or talked too much prior to the Big Offensive. Last week, when a pastor of some small Syrian church community in exile in Rotterdam pleaded with Aboutaleb to "talk with the imams, check what they are saying and rein them in", all the poor man got was a sneer about him not being fully assimilated because of his poor mastery of the Dutch language.

CDR, may I suggest a more apt choice for FbF? Take Filip Dewinter, a leading personality of the Vlaams Belang, in fact, still its most public face.

Only one week ago, Mr Dewinter held a speech in the Belgian Federal Parliament to commemmorate the victims in the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and he opened his discourse by showing perhaps the most famous "motoon" of all - in this instance one personally autographed and handed to him by Kurt Westergaard himself, ten years ago:

 photo FDW_jan2015_motoon_zps2b4de6dd.jpg

Aboutaleb a freedom fighter because he said "rot op"? Nope. It's taqiya, although granted, most of the Dutch muslims may have been too stupid to recognize one of their core concepts at work when dealing with infidels.

But Dewinter holding up THE motoon in a Federal Parliament, right on the heels of the killings? Plainly visible in front of the cameras? On a youtube movie that has the capacity to go viral?? THAT TAKES GUTS.

Alas, I fear Mr Dewinter will not receive freedom accolades very soon. If anything, the showers with liberal doses of faeces that he has endured during his entire 30-year long political career will continue to go on for some time.

But maybe, or rather, without a doubt...

... at some point in the not too distant future...

... when it will have finally dawned on the most ardent bien pensants that they are now living in the dar-al-islam and are now faced with all the niceties on offer in islamic societies, many may remember Mr Dewinter's incessantly delivered dire warnings, and he may finally get the Freedom Figher credit he so richly deserves.

But by then it will be too late.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


Exile with Kiss you all over (1978). Arguably their biggest hit. Exile formed in 1963 in Richmond. The Richmond in Kentucky, that is, not the one in Virginia.

The appearance of scantily clad women is purely coincidental and what is more, islam has nothing to do with it.

Belgian band Wallace Collection with Daydream.

From the 1969 album Laughing Cavalier.

Slaap wel.



Another poignant video by the man I have come to regard as one of the Right's principal intellectual torchbearers, Bill Whittle:

As you are reading this, a (modest) vanguard of around 30 paratroopers have been deployed in Antwerp today to protect mainly Jewish sites. The mere fact that the Army is needed is an omen of things to come. All thanks to our moral betters, the prime champions of multiculturalism.


Friday, January 16, 2015


Via our brothers-in-arms over at Gates of Vienna, a video of a speech Geert Wilders, Chairman of the Dutch Freedom Party (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), gave on January 14 before the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch Parliament's Lower House. GoV reader SimonXL provided the translation, famed blogger Vlad Tepes did the subtitling.

Found this cartoon on Theo Spark. The more I look at it, the more plausible it seems...

 photo futures_zpsf92627f9.jpg



About twenty minutes last night after learning that Federal Police had rolled up an islamic terror cell in Verviers, East Belgium, the De Standaard newspaper ran a story featuring the Verviers imam, a relatively recent convert by the name of Franck Amin Hensch. Mr Hensch was dumfounded by the news and was at great pains to assure us all that the jihadis were but a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny minority in Verviers, that the bishop of Liège had just visited his Assahaba mosque and that relations were SWELL and so on and so on, and yada yada yada.

The article is in the paying section right now, and since I'm unwilling to fund a leftist rag of lunatic world-betterers I refrained from picking it up again today.

OK. Reality check.

Check out the following document issued by the University of Ghent regarding islamic cultural enrichment in Verviers:

"Located one block down the street from a prior Al-Aqsa Belgium address in Verviers is a
complex of Islamic facilities tied to Al-Aqsa Belgium and the Belgian Muslim Brotherhood. A newspaper
article on the Hodimont complex traces its origin to an unidentified Islamic association that had been in
operation since at least 1993.57 According to that article, the building housing the complex is an
abandoned tannery built in 1936 and bought in 2001 at a cost of 200,000 Euros, financed from the
proceeds of an inheritance that specified the establishment of a mosque. As of January 2005, Hodimont Complex
the 6000 m2 space was reported to include Internet facilities, a cafeteria, Arabic language classes, youth and women’s committees, and a mosque that occupies the largest amount of space.58 The mosque may have been known earlier as Mosquée As Salem but is now called Mosquée Assahaba.59 60 Attendance has been put at over 1,300 for Friday prayers of which
25% were reported to be women. As of October 2007, Belgian documents refer to Yahya Lamaalaoui as the Imam for the mosque, with an address down the street from addresses associated with probable El Hajjaji family members. 61
In addition to the mosque, there are at least two other organizations operating from the complex. The first is known as the Complex éducatif et Culturel Islamique de Verviers (CECIV). CECIV was established in May 2004 as a successor to the unidentified association mentioned above and its constitution specifies Islamic youth and social purposes including
cultural, sport, educational, and festival activities.62 The original officers of CECIV were Hassan Swaid (President), Abdeljallil El Hajjaji, Driss El Hajjaji, Mohamed Darfoufi, and Mohamed Arabate. Hassan Swaid is German with an address in Aachen, the former location for the head office of the Al-Aqsa Foundation. In 2003, Swaid was listed as a member of the
Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland, the Muslim Brotherhood organization in....

Read further by following the link, it makes me sick to post more of it here.

Oh, and anyone of you willing to convert to mooslimism, listen to the wise recommendations of imam Franck Amin Hensch on Iqraa TV...

... which is also known as Tariq Ramadan Chain.


Sunday, January 11, 2015


 photo douchebag_zpsda9d4867.jpeg

I will leave it to Mark Steyn to describe the pompous full of themselves cowardly assholes who felt obliged to participate in the march in Paris today:

"MARK STEYN: These men [the Charlie Hebdo staff - MFBB] were exceptionally brave. Most of the people expressing solidarity with them are not that brave. I'm not that brave. But when the Canadian Islamic Congress attempted to criminalize my writing, I fought back, and I pushed back, and I got a law changed in the Canadian Parliament, because that's how important I think freedom of speech is. But I wasn't asked to die for it like these guys were. And to be honest, it makes me vomit to see people holding these Princess Dianafied candlelit vigils, and using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie - I am Charlie -and in effect appropriating these guys' sacrifice for this bogus solidarity. It makes me sick to see all these 'the pen is mightier than the sword' cartoons that have appeared in newspapers all over the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, everywhere, from other cartoonists, again expressing solidarity with these very brave men - but not doing what they did...

These guys are dead because back in 2005, these Danish cartoons were published in an obscure Jutland newspaper, and a bunch of fanatics went bananas and started killing people over them. So a couple of publications on the planet, including mine in Canada, and Charlie Hebdo in Paris, published these cartoons... Le Monde didn't, and the Times of London didn't, and the New York Times didn't, and nobody else did. And as a result, these fellows in Charlie Hebdo became the focus of murderous rage. If we'd all just published them on the front page and said "If you want to kill us, you go to hell, you can't just kill a couple of obscure Danes, you're going to have to kill us all", we wouldn't have this problem. But because nobody did that, these Parisian guys are dead. They're dead. And I've been on enough, I've been on enough events in Europe with less famous cartoonists than these who live under death threats, live under armed guard, have had their family restaurant firebombed - it's happened to a Norwegian comedienne I know - have come home and found their home burned, as a Swedish artist I know happened to. And all these people doing the phony hashtag solidarity, screw your phony hashtag solidarity. Let's have some real solidarity - or if not, at least have the good taste to stay the hell out of it."

I have been warning on these pages against the dangers of islam for some eleven years now. I've done my part. A very modest part for sure, and like Mark Steyn I'm NOT pretending I'm brave. I have no trouble at all to admit that, although they were hardcore leftists, the murdered chaps at Charlie Hebdo were far braver than me. But even so, I've got my head screwed on right. The same cannot be said of all the doofuses and hypocrites marching today. And it certainly cannot be said about Karen Armstrong, who also felt obliged to add her two cents:

 photo karen_armstrong_douchebag_zps780bb452.jpg


10 JANUARI 2015 | Dominique Minten

It does not help to put the blame for muslim terrorism in islam's shoes. 'And certainly not if we want to change the hearts and minds in the muslim world', says religious historian Karen Armstrong.

* Search for justice is as important in religious history as crusades or jihad
* Historically speaking islam has a better track record for religious tolerance than Christianity
* islam is preaching the importance of justice, equality and dialogue

Naturally, it had to be that leftist rag of moral perverts at De Standaard to give a forum to this lunatic woman, right on the heels of the mass murder at Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket. Coincidentally, last week Armstrong actually published the Dutch translation of her book 'Fields of Blood', in which she 'tries to set the record straight' regarding the perceived culpability of religion as the prime instigator of bloodshed throughout history. Ah, a new book by a Morally Superior Person! An event that is gefundenes Fressen for the creeps at De Standaard. It is hard to fathom why the author of the article, Dominique Minten, found it necessary to include Armstrong's assertion that 'islam is preaching the importance of justice, equality and dialogue' in his summary, since pretending those three items are values held high in the muslim world is so demonstrably false that one could just as well claim that Napoleon was the world's first grand scale tour operator, specialized in European travels. Justice? Tell that to untold hundreds of thousands of muslim women who dare not even report that they have been raped lest they be not accused of zina. Equality? That a FEMALE author like Armstrong dares even to mention the upholding of equality as a parameter for judging islam speaks bookmarks about her intellectual sanity. Dialogue? Every dialogue with islam is a monologue. THEY never yield an inch.

As long as people like the #JesuisCharlie idiots and Karen Armstrong get bigger airplay than the sceptics, we will NEVER get out of this mess, to the contrary.

Oh. Yes. Armstrong's book Fields of Blood reminds me of sumpin. It was hard to detect among all the coverage dedicated to the Kouachi Bros. and Mr. Coulabaly, but it didn't escape Outlaw Mike's radar. Via Business Insider:

"The jihadist group Boko Haram has pulled off what is perhaps the deadliest attack of its ongoing, five-year-long insurgency in northern Nigeria.
Boko Haram, extremists opposed to Western-style education and secular governance in Nigeria, carried out a multiday attack in the northeast of Nigeria, focusing on the town of Baga. According to Musa Alhaji Bukar, a senior government official who spoke to the BBC, Baga, which once had a population of about 10,000 people, is now "virtually nonexistent."

The multiday rampage focused on Baga and the surrounding towns and villages. The militants razed an estimated 16 towns around Baga, according to the BBC.

“These towns are just gone, burned down,” Borno State Senator Ahmed Zanna told NBC News. “The whole area is covered in bodies.”

The rampage has led to the deaths of an estimated 2,000 Nigerian civilians, and has sent approximately 10,000 people fleeing into neighboring Chad, according to the Associated Press.

Boko Haram's rampage throughout the region is a direct blow to the prestige of the Nigerian military.

Baga, which Nigerian troops abandoned on Jan. 4 after a day of fighting, was set to host the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF), a coalition of troops from Nigeria, Chad, and Niger whose expressed purpose was to defeat the Boko Haram insurgency.

At the time of the attack, only Nigerian troops were present.

Boko Haram's assault in Baga has comprised of two phases, according to Time. The offensive began on Jan. 3 in a push against the MNJTF base and lasted until Jan. 4. This assault was followed up by an assault on Baga itself and the surrounding towns, which lasted from Jan. 6 until Friday."

 photo bokoharam_2015_zpse63b64c5.jpg

Quite a field of blood, huh? 2,000 dead? That's about 167 Charlie Hebdos. And nary a peep from our lamestream media. Kudos to CNN, see screenshot above, for at least paying some attention.

Heartening memo to the 2,000 Nigerian corpses out there: DO-NOT-WORRY!!! Even adding your bullet riddled bodies to islam's tally will not significantly imperil the muslim world's better track record for religious tolerance vis-à-vis Christianity! Doctor Armstrong says so!!!


Saturday, January 10, 2015


Dutch rightwing website (they do exist) De Dagelijkse Standaard (no connection whatsoever with the fuckwads at Belgium's De Standaard "newspaper") reports that in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish deli shootings a website 'NIET MIJN ISLAM' (NOT MY ISLAM) has been put online, obviously to offer those bazillions of peace loving, terrorism-denouncing muslims who just want to go on with their lives an outlet to make it be heard that the Kouachi Brothers have nothing to do with the real teachings of the prophet.




This is what 'NIET MIJN ISLAM' looks like:

And in just three day, NOT MY ISLAM collected around 12,000 likes!!!




Dutch muslims overwhelmingly denounce terrorism after all!!!!! Look for yourself on their first page, Mohammeds and Aishas and Mehmets and Fatimas liking and liking and liking and licking and liking and kiling, erm liking etc etc etc:

A fine sample of the Dutch ummah:

Frauke Van Der Veek,
Maureen de Vries,
Coen van Zantvliet,
Hedwig Mooren,
Peter Flevoland,
Judith Lensink,
Stephan de Wit,
Janine Cobelens,
Manon Gloudemans,
Roene Rooyens,
Maartje de Puy,

PHEW!!! For a moment there, I feared that the Dutch muslims would stay silent! If that does not convince you that islam is a religion of peace after all I don't know what can.


Monday, January 05, 2015


Dumb & Dumber in French is spelled François Hollande. The supertax, originally meant for all Frenchmen and -women earning one million EUR, is going, not with a bang, but a whimper.


"...It beggars belief that with so much evidence on the outcomes, really dumb economic decisions keep getting repeated. But French socialist President Francois Hollande’s 75% supertax on high earners set a new high watermark for insanity – one definition of which is the act of repeating the exact same thing but expecting a different result. Economic realities have forced Hollande to quietly shelve the supertax. Too late, though, to assist his low popularity among the same voters who loved the idea when it was mooted ahead of his election.

By Eric RANDOLPH of Agence France-Presse

Once a flagship policy of French President Francois Hollande, the 75-percent “supertax” on top earners limps into its final weeks this month having sparked plenty of controversy but few economic results.

It was no surprise that the policy, which expires on February 1, would be quietly dropped: it was only ever slated to last two years and the Socialist government has for months declared it would not be renewed.

The tax had also been watered down until it was barely a shadow of the “exceptional contribution to solidarity” proclaimed by Hollande when he came to power in 2012.

France’s top court had declared as unconstitutional the original plan to levy the tax on all individuals earning one million euros ($1.2 million).

The government came back with a version that made companies pay the 75-percent rate only for the portion of employees’ salaries above the million-euro ceiling.

But by then, it had already become a symbol of France’s opposition to big business and attracted high-profile derision.

Actor Gerard Depardieu stormed out of the country in a huff over the tax and took up Russian citizenship in 2013. It was reported he only paid six-percent tax in his new home.

“I am leaving because you consider that success, creation, talent — anything different — must be punished,” he wrote at the time..."

 photo FrancoisHollande-Lrsquo-idiot-du-village_zps82667fd9.jpg

And because it worked SO WELL in France, the Belgian Parti Socialiste is now proposing... a millionaire tax too!!! Granted, the levy would be less. So let's call them instead of dumb just a little bit short on furniture in the attic.


Saturday, January 03, 2015


Hans Zimmer's Cornfield Chase, from the Interstellar soundtrack.

Gotta see that movie soon.

Genesis with Paperlate.

From the 1982 EP 3X3.




In the wake of Chancellor Merkel's disgusting comments regarding PEGIDA, denouncing them as people "with hearts full of hate", I have the pleasure of posting here a video, per our friends at Gates of Vienna, of Mr Ulfkotte offering sixteen good arguments for Germans to join PEGIDA's street marches against the islamization of the Vaterland.

It is clear that Germany's bien pensants have tuned their radar on PEGIDA. Unfortunately, even the Church Establishment has chosen to parrot Madam Merkel's outrageous vilification. In Cologne, the clergy haved decided to turn out the lights of the famous Cologne Cathedral in protest against a PEGIDA march in that city. It is a sign of the times that these false priests care more - far more, actually - about the "wellbeing" of their "fellow" muslims than about those of their own faith who, literally EVERYWHERE where muslims rule, are being harassed, discriminated, tortured and even killed EACH AND EVERY DAY, making Christianity the most persecuted religion of the planet. SHAME to the Cologne clergy!


Thursday, January 01, 2015


Dang. Barely have I put up a modest post about the economical and financial disaster that is Germany's so-called 'Energiewende', or there's an insightful article from Jeffrey Folks over at American Thinker, regarding Obama using the same flawed arguments to strive for green energy which led to Germany's disastrous experiment with (especially) wind and solar:

"President Obama has committed the U.S. to a 26% to 28% reduction in carbon emissions from 2005 levels by the year 2025. Is a reduction of that magnitude workable? The German experience with energiewende (“energy transition”) proves that it is not.

Having already begun its costly phase-out of nuclear power, Germany plans to rely on renewable sources for more than 35% of its needs by 2020 and 80% by 2050. The country is now more dependent on wind and solar to power its large industrial economy than ever. The result has been a colossal disaster.

German customers, both residential and commercial, pay twice what Americans pay for electricity. As higher energy costs filter through the economy, German industry is no longer expanding, consumers are purchasing fewer consumer goods, and job growth is stagnant. This is a recipe for national decline.

Germany’s GDP declined by .6% in the second quarter of 2014. In the third quarter, German GDP increased by just .1%, below that of the EU overall. The real problem is not so much current growth, or lack of it, but future growth as the cost of renewables sinks in. Anticipating this cost, German industry has cut domestic capital investment and shifted jobs overseas. According to a recent report, German capital investment fell by .9% in the third quarter of 2014. Capital investment is among the most reliable indicators of future economic growth.

The irony is that as Germany and other countries shift to renewable fuels to combat global warming, global temperatures show no sign of warming. Even if they did, Germany’s contribution to warming would be a fraction of one degree over the next century. Germany produces only 2% of global greenhouse gases. With an IPCC consensus of 3 degrees Celsius warming by 2100, and with man-made warming supposedly accounting for 40% of that, Germany’s contribution would be .024 degrees. Given the proven inaccuracy of IPCC forecasts in the past, Germany’s contribution to warming would likely be less than .024 degree or even zero. Is it worth impoverishing a nation, punishing retirees on fixed incomes, and forever dashing the hopes of a generation of young job seekers just to make an ideological point?

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Compared to the U.S., which relies on fossil fuels and nuclear for 90% of its electricity needs, Germany derives less than 80% from fossil and nuclear, and it has been rapidly moving away from both (with nuclear to be phased out by 2022). As costs mount, business investment is fleeing Germany.

The recent decline of oil prices, along with sustained low prices for natural gas, makes Germany’s energy transition seem all the more doubtful. Germans pay 35 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity. Why not pay 12 cents, as Americans do?

The price differential between renewables and natural gas is even more compelling. With an import price just under $9 per mBtu, German electricity prices should be closer to 25 cents per kWh. And with the prospect of U.S. gas exports beginning in 2015, the European import price could decline further. A 43% cut in electricity prices, from 35 cents to a potential 20 cents, would revive growth in the German economy and in the EU as a whole. All that’s necessary is for Germany to abandon the energiewende and embrace clean fuels like natural gas and clean coal as the solution to its energy needs.

Fortunately, a light bulb seems to have been turned on among German lawmakers, who in June 2014 voted to curb future subsidies for renewables. The plan, which calls for a clawback of up to 40% of subsidies from future clean-energy producers, should slow the conversion to wind and solar, and may eventually rescue the German economy from some of the ruinous cost of renewables.

Yet just as Germany retreats from wind and solar, Obama is committing America to a renewables program that sounds a lot like the failed German experiment. Obama’s climate deal with Chinese Premier Xi calls for a 26 to 28% cut in U.S. carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2025. What did Obama get in return for this toxic pledge? A promise that China would begin cutting emissions by 2030—but by no more than they are already likely to be cut.

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That doesn’t sound like much of a deal. The only thing Obama got in return is a bundle of cash from well-heeled environmental donors. That cash might help the Democratic Party in future elections, but the China deal will harm ordinary American workers for decades to come...."

Readers should not get me wrong. I do think that there is what I would call a substantial niche market for wind and solar power. In locations benefiting from relatively constant and predictable wind fluxes, windfarms might be an option. In the same manner, for certain localized industrial applications in regions with lots of sunshine solar furnaces, as pioneered by France's Odeillo plant, might be a solution for a.) cheap energy and b.) reducing the need for conventionally generated power. The same goes for small relatively isolated communities awash in sunlight: there solar power towers, like Spain's PS10 might be an attractive alternative. Hydropower and tidal power: same story. And I do believe that it makes great sense to ASAP develop technically sound electric cars - for them to be there by the time real alternative energy arrives.

But politicians and the media should be honest in acknowledging that wind and solar will NEVER be able (unless some efficient means to store the generated power is developed, which I doubt very much) to substitute for the massive energy provided by power plants using fossil fuel and nuclear power. To strive to do so with arguments rotating around the CO2-"threat" is a second lie.

Humanity's energy needs can only be solved adequately, and in the long term, through fusion. Until that arrives, we simply have to rely on the current means of production - and Earth can certainly take a few more decades of CO2-"pollution" augmented by nuclear power (with, in the latter field, a gradual shift from U235 fuel to thorium).