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Magnificent photography by Richard Sidey:

Hat tip my uncle R.


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With all the mayhem of Europe's immigrant invasion, the US with similar problems along its southern border, Russia's ever more brazenly sabre-rattling, China's financial conundrums afflicting the rest of the planet etc, it would be easy to miss the following story. Yet it deserves scrutiny because it's a fine study in microcosm of muslim stealth jihad - which, I have come to believe, is actually worse than armed jihad.

Our buddies at Gates of Vienna (PBUGOV) posted the following video, which shows exerpts from a testimony in favor of a proposed Bill for the Provincial Assembly in Quebec, Bill 59 to be exact. That "Bill" would effectively implement UN Resolution 16/18 and boil down to enforcing sharia-based Islamic blasphemy laws in Canada's French-speaking part.

Watch an imam named Salman Elmenyawi pleading for passing Bill 59 before the Commission des Institutions at the National Assembly in Quebec City, and don't miss the very end of this clip. Like the Baron said, "Some people say that Mr. Elmenyawi made a “veiled threat” against Quebec, but to my mind, it’s about as veiled as Miley Cyrus" ... "If you don’t pass this bill, daddy-o, you gonna run into a little Muslim trouble, dig?”

GoV reader Sassy did the translation, and the indispensable Vlad Tepes the subtitling:

THINK about it.

Salman Elmenyawi has openly advocates the death penalty for those who leave islam, favors stoning for sharia trespassers...

... in the eighties he was the proprietor of a small company specializing in sales of electronic equipment and alarm systems. Canada's highest police authority, in Quebec named La Gendarmerie Royale du Canada, accused him of illegally exporting sensitive electronics to Pakistan, amongst others very specific inverters and condensors used in installations that can enrich uranium (!).

He has also stated emphatically that, were Canada to implement limitations on wearing the veil like in France, he "was ready to fight" - in the litteral sense.

Today, this bearded ape is urging before a Canadian Assembly that a bill should be passed which would make criticism of islam illegal.

WHEN ARE PEOPLE FINALLY GOING TO WAKE UP and send these assholes packing?


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The Macedonian border:

At the 0:21 mark you hear a Culture Enricher shout "Not halal"!

And we should let these assclowns in???


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A compelling article on the IKEA murders in Sweden, via The Gatestone Institute:

"A surge of rage has washed over otherwise docile Sweden. After a double homicide at an IKEA store in Västerås, where an illegal alien stabbed two random Swedes to death, more and more people are questioning why the government is exposing Swedish citizens to murderers from across the globe.

On August 10, news of the IKEA murders shocked Sweden. Two asylum seekers from Eritrea (the second largest source of asylum applicants in Sweden), were suspected of having grabbed knives from the kitchenware department and attacked two random Swedes. The victims were 55-year-old Carola Herlin and her 28-year-old son, Emil.

The elder of the two asylum seekers, a 36-year-old man, had twice been denied residency status in Sweden -- because he had already been granted residency it in Italy -- but he had not yet been deported. (Eritreans without residence permits in other EU-countries automatically get to stay in Sweden.)

 photo carola_herlin_zpsw6cye5fe.jpg

Carola Herlin and her son Emil were victims of the evil ideology of multiculturalism.

The killer also inflicted life-threatening injuries on himself, and underwent several surgeries before the police could finally question him. On August 14, he confessed. His 23-year-old compatriot was released from custody, because the police no longer believe he had anything to do with the murders or had even known what his friend was planning to do.

Fear has now struck the Swedes. Even those who had routinely brand critics of immigration and multiculturalism racist, were shaken to the core. Questions flooded the social media: Who are these people that are let into Sweden? How many of them are not innocent victims of war, but in fact war criminals and other criminals, hiding among the refugees? And should we pay billions in taxes to support and shelter citizens of other countries, while some of them try to kill us?

The fact that the police refuse to deny the persistent rumor that one of the IKEA victims was beheaded, only adds fuel to the fear.

So many questions and no answers. No one from the government has even bothered to make a statement about the horrific double murder. None of the mainstream media has confronted the government about the violent crimes committed by asylum seekers against Swedes. On the contrary – the media have done the utmost to convince Swedes that everything is safe and sound in Sweden. Better than ever, in fact. The day after the double murder, Sweden's largest morning paper, Dagens Nyheter, published an article titled, "After all, deadly violence on the decline." The article begins:

"In recent weeks, several brutal murders have been committed, and many people ask themselves where society is headed. The answer is that Sweden has, after all, become a safer place. Deadly violence has been on the decline for some time."

Nowhere does the article explain that the reason deadly violence has been on the decline is that emergency medicine is now able to save the lives of a lot more victims of knife- and gunshot-injuries. The so-called Laser Man, for example, shot a number of immigrants in Sweden in the 1990s. Forensic pathologist Jovan Rajs commented, "The Laser Man shot eleven people, and one of them died. In the 1930s eight or nine would have died, in the 1970s about five, and today probably none."

Ergo, deadly violence remains on an even level thanks to better health care in Sweden, but all other kinds of violent crime (including attempted homicide) has gone off the charts. Violent crime is up 300% and rape is up 1,472% since 1975, the year the Swedish Parliament decided to turn homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country.

Ninety percent of asylum seekers to Sweden lack proper identification papers, so in reality no one knows how many murderers, rapists and thugs hide among the 100,000 or so people granted asylum in Sweden every year.

Frustrated Swedes are now howling with powerlessness on social media. The normal democratic order, where citizens can contact politicians or the media to make their voices heard, has all but evaporated. Newspaper websites have removed the reader comment fields, and the politicians hide behind a wall of officials, who brand callers expressing concern "racist," and hang up. Thousands bear witness to this on Facebook. One person who actually got to talk about her uneasiness is Ewa, who writes on Facebook about calling Immigration Services:

"Well, I've unleashed the devil now. I called Immigration Services and demanded to talk to a Unit Manager. ... I gave him an earful about every injustice I could think of, like how badly we treat our elderly and how we take away their homes and give them to asylum seekers. I also told him how unsafe Swedish women feel due to all these gang rapes perpetrated by asylum seekers and other foreigners. Also asked him if we all have to be beheaded before they stop taking in these kinds of people. ... Now I'm sitting here, feeling completely empty after crying, screaming, discussing, raging and getting all this frustration out of me. Told him there are many of us who feel depressed because of what Immigration is doing. He was really sorry I feel this way. Yes, I told him, a lot of people feel this way but they are afraid to open their mouths because then they are labeled racist. You don't even have to be a Sweden Democrat to see that our country is falling apart more and more with each passing day. Something you and all the rest at Immigration Services are responsible for. Where do I apply for asylum, I asked, when the day comes and I can no longer live here? Our country is ruined economically, socially and so forth and you are responsible. He answered that it was the politicians who decided about this, but that they would do everything in their power to make things better."

Another woman, Amanda, wrote on Facebook that she e-mailed Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. She noted that "nothing may change, but at least I've made my voice heard." Her e-mail read:

"Hi, why did the Prime Minister feel it was essential and urgent to go and talk about the fire at the mosque in Eskilstuna, no one even knew what started it when he held his speech? But now, he's as silent as the grave. Why? It's his/your unconditional and lax immigration policies that have enabled this culprit to move freely in society, despite having received a deportation order not just once, but twice. Can you tell me if this is something the citizens of this country should get used to, that immigrants, upon receiving deportation orders, kill people in order to get a lifelong contract with the Swedish state? It is your personal responsibility every time this happens, I hope you know that. Because this is nothing if not a political issue regarding immigration, and... its massive consequences to an entire nation."

The mosque fire in Eskilstuna that Amanda referred to happened December 25, 2014, and is one of many incidents affecting Muslims and other immigrants that have received huge attention, while the rape epidemic in Sweden is basically ignored. After the fire, the Prime Minister was quick to make a statement:

"It is despicable, a despicable act. We will never tolerate this type of crime. People who want to practice their religion should have the right to do so. Today I feel great sympathy and empathy for those affected."

Three months later, it turned out no crime was behind the mosque fire, and police dropped the investigation. Most likely, it was caused by an accident or children playing with fire.

But when a Swedish woman and her son are brutally knifed to death in the most Swedish of all places – an IKEA store – the Prime Minister has nothing to say.

The Swedes are not prone to rebellion. To find a citizen that took up arms and marched on the citadels of power, one has to go back to the days of Gustav Vasa – the king who during his reign, 1523-1560, founded the nation-state of Sweden.

Although Sweden today is not occupied territory, it is governed by a power that has shut down the democratic process by the "December Agreement" of 2014. In the general election that year, the only party critical of mass immigration, the Sweden Democrats (SD), became the third-largest party in Parliament. The left-wing and center-right blocs then agreed to lock SD out of political power, but SD refused to be silenced. When the left-wing minority government budget was presented one month after the election, SD voted for the opposition's budget – a shocking and unique occurrence in the Swedish Parliament. Here, it is considered "good manners and decorum" to vote for your own budget proposition first, then lay down your vote and let the government win. But after the Sweden Democrats' "coup," Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (of the Social Democratic Party) was forced to govern with a center-right budget during his first year in office.

One would think that this came as a pleasant surprise to the center-right opposition, but that was not what happened. No one wants support from the "racist" Sweden Democrats. Rather than call a snap election, the two blocs entered into an agreement in which the center-right opposition promises to abstain from voting when it comes to important issues such as a proposed budget.

Thus, the December Agreement is in reality a kind of "relay-race" dictatorship: The left-wing government gets to do what it wants for the next four years, and after that, for next the four years (if there is a change of power), it will be the center-right government's turn. This means both parties are free to ignore the 58% of Swedes who now feel that immigration is too high, and may choose to vote for the Sweden Democrats in the next election.

When the Swedes got the news about the December Agreement, they did what they usually do – clenched their fists in their pockets, formed Facebook groups and wrote angry comments on Twitter and Facebook. But the politicians congratulated each other on once again restoring order; they ignored the people's concern that democracy had now become even more eroded.

A well-known stand-up comedian, Magnus Betnér, thought it a good idea to mock frightened Swedes in a YouTube clip:

"Yes, it's really tragic two people were murdered in IKEA. ... but... it's not dangerous; Sweden has never been safer than it is now. ... Very few of you guys watching this clip will be murdered. And those of you who are, will be murdered in your own homes."

When the establishment refuses to take people's concerns seriously, rumors on social media spread fast. A stubborn rumor claims that Carola Herlin was beheaded by the Eritrean murderer. According to sources interviewed by Gatestone, the woman had her throat slit and was also stabbed in the abdomen. Her son tried to defend himself, but received a deadly stab wound to the stomach.

When Dispatch International called Per Ågren, the police investigator in charge of the case, and asked him about the rumor, he said: "I'm not going to confirm... describe anything at all about what happened, except to say that two people were murdered. You won't find out how from me."

One of the first measures taken by the police after the IKEA murders was to start guarding all the buildings housing asylum seekers in the county. There was some apprehension concerning "dark forces," the police claimed, without specifying who these "dark forces" were. The night of August 15, an asylum house in Arboga had to be evacuated after someone shouted something about a bomb outside. Now the mainstream media were really on their toes: Carola and Emil Herlin, according to their reports, had been "at the wrong place at the wrong time."

The newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed an anonymous woman who said, "My cousin has lived here for over a year. He told me the Swedes are the nicest people in Europe. Then something like this happens. I could never have imagined."

Once again, it is supposedly the Swedes who should bow their heads in shame. Supposedly, we are not the ones grieving; we do not have the right to be frightened to death over the immigration policy of our rulers – it is the asylum seekers who are the victims, even when they kill, rape, rob and abuse.

The burning question is: What will the people do, whom no one will listen to? In East Germany of 1989, the people took to the streets, scaled the Berlin wall and made the government to resign. The other communist dictatorships of Eastern Europe fell in similar ways. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the right to bear arms), exists to ensure that the citizens are able to seize power from a tyrannical government.

If powerlessness drives people to answer violence with violence, maybe one should not ask why Swedes are "racists" if they do not want the highest immigration level in Europe?

The most relevant question is why one government after another has chosen to spend Swedish taxpayers' money on citizens of other countries. While Swedish students take a plunge in the PISA tests, 60% of the welfare benefits go to immigrants who make up about 15% of the population. Healthcare and other social services are deteriorating, according to many Swedes, while violence is exponentially increasing. When more and more Swedes feel that they are being badly treated in their own country, the politicians have created a powder keg ready to explode at any minute.

The truth is that even the docile Swedish people have a limit. When those in power expose us to bloodbaths, whether in the Big Square of Stockholm in 1520 or at IKEA in Västerås in 2015, there will always be those who are ready to overthrow the mighty. Just as in Gustav Vasa's day, a lot of Swedes have firearms. They are not as easy to come by as in the United States, but more and more Swedes are getting hunting licenses, and are thereafter legally able to buy guns. From now on in Sweden, anything can happen."

Ingrid Carlqvist is editor-in-chief of Dispatch International.

This case is not the first, nor, I fear, will it be the last, courtesy our moral betters in the media, politics, education and the "cultural" sector. In these segments of society dark forces are at work who a.) make sure not too much attention is given - if at all - and b.) who perversely reckon on the general public to quickly forget what happened. Quick test: how many among you remember a similar incident in Norway in late 2013, whereby another illegal immigrant from South Sudan, who also had his asylum application rejected, murdered three native Norwegians on a bus?

His victims were the bus driver, Arve Haug Bagn (55), another man in his fifties whose name I have been unable to find, and Margaret Molland Sanden, a 19-year-old biotechnology student at the Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences. A crying shame:

 photo Margaret-Molland-Sunden_zpso66imcby.jpg

You don't remember? The likes of Mona Sahlin and Gustav Fridolin will be elated to hear that.


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Depeche Mode with It's No Good.

Album Ultra, 1997.

Rush with Digital Man.

From the 1982 album Signals.

Slaap wel. And thank God there were gun-toting American blokes, prolly clinging to their religion too, on that Thalys train, or we would be talking about 30, 40, 50 or more dead and MSM, whorenalists and the usual suspects would be worrying about backlash against mooslims.


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A small story which cleverly hides a far bigger story. Via Het Laatste Nieuws Online:

 photo rabot_multiculti_insanity_zpsemyvc6ox.jpg

"Dirty homo! Leave!" It is but one Facebook soundbite Kristof from the Victor Frisstraat posted Wednesday night. It was promptly shared 200 times on the social network site. Similar insults have become a daily routine for him and his partner (28). Quite a shocker in a city which has included LGBT integration in its governing charter.

Three years ago the couple moved into the multicultural Rabot neighborhood. "We knew what we were doing [which is actually interesting, this remark shows they did expect trouble - MFBB], but the houses here are cheap and living in a multicultural neighborhood sounded like a fancy thing. Moreover, on has the right to choose where he lives", so he starts his story. "The first year everything was hunky dory. We tried to establish contact with the neighbors and there were no problems. But the last two years have been hell. We are constantly provocated. An example: they park in front of our garage. It is however clear there's a garage. When we address the guy [who parked in front of our garage - MFBB] we get insults hurled at us or even threatened physically."

Wednesday evening Kristof's partner, upon returning home from shopping, saw that the car of his neighbor across the street was again parked in front of their garage. When he walked over to ask the man to drive away, "Dirty homo! Leave!" was the only thing he got to hear. "The situation escalated completely. While we called the police, the man's wife called nine Turks. Police only arrived after three quarters of an hour, judged this was a simple neighbors' quarrel, and left again. We were left on our own."

Feeling insecure

That was asked too much for Kristof. "Talking to those neighbors won't do anyway. It's not that we live in fear now, but we don't feel safe anymore. But we don't think of leaving! Otherwise they've got what they wanted. Things really have to change. Ghent is portrayed in the media as a friendly and sympathetic city. It is indeed a beautiful city, but it's not always that peaceful. Things have to change."

Since then, the Facebook message was shared hundreds of times and more than 400 people gave a thumbs up. "We did not expect it would go that viral." Yesterday morning Kristof's partner contacted mayor Daniel Termont (SP.a). He was very upset. "This is unacceptable. I asked our corps chief to investigate whether the police really left without doing anything. And I will ask the Head of the Office of Integration to contact those involved asap. Accepting LGBT's is a priority."

Termont's promises were not void, because the couple did get a phone call from both the Office of Integration and the local police. "That felt good! It is their intention to organize a meeting soon to tackle the problem."

Police is stating that with regards to the incident Wednesday evening they did not get a call for homophobic violence. "We did get a call for a wrongly parked car and threats". "When our officers arrived, the car was gone and it was quiet. Our people could not see anything wrong."

Sorry Kristof and partner, but I bet you voted for Termont. Should have voted for Vlaams Belang. Oh yes, but they are Nazis, right?

Good luck with the multicultural pipedream.


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Your tax dollars at work.

"Planned Parenthood is working hard to counter the steady drip of damning videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress, but not even the highest priced Washington, D.C. flacks are likely to be able to erase the thought picture of someone cutting through a child’s face with scissors.

Holly O’Donnell and her Planned Parenthood colleague were harvesting organs that day at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, a mega-clinic in San Jose, California that has an annual budget of $100 million or 10 percent of the national organization.

O’Donnell, who turned whistleblower after leaving StemExpress, said the child was the most fully developed she had seen up to that point. She describes in great detail how the newly aborted boy was rinsed off and prepared for dissection.

Her colleague called her over and, according to O’Donnell, said, “Hey Holly, come over here, I want you to see something kind of cool, kind of neat.” O’Donnell said she was flabbergasted to see “…the most gestated fetus and closest thing to a baby I’ve seen.”

Her colleague then took an instrument and “tapped the heart and it starts beating.”

O’Donnell says, “I am sitting here looking at this fetus and it’s heart is beating and I don’t know what to think.” She said she didn’t know if the child was alive or dead but “it had a face. It wasn’t completely torn up. Its nose was very pronounced. It had eyelids and its mouth was pronounced.”

The medical technician said the child was so intact that they could “procure a lot from it. We’re going to procure a brain.” The tech told O’Donnell they would need to “go through the face.” The medical tech took scissors and cut through the child’s lower jaw up through the mouth. O’Donnell was directed to cut the rest of the way through “the middle of the face.”

“I can’t even describe what that feels like,” said O’Donnell. O’Donnell had to take the boy’s remains and put him in a bio-hazard container and “then I realized I was the only person ever to hold that baby.”

“That was the moment I realized I couldn’t work for [StemExpress] any more,” she said."

Still not a peep from De Standaard. By contrast, last Friday they were shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that Walter Palmer had been a naughty boy long before he killed Cecil The Lion:

 photo palmer_walter_zpshyh4qiwh.jpg

"The storm following the killing of Cecil The Lion is not even over before Walter Palmer finds himself in the eye of yet another. It appears that the hated dentist cut his teeth in earlier nasty cases."

I ain't gonna give Dr Palmer a pass if he did something illegal. But the difference between the attention given to a dentist cutting his teeth in earlier nasty cases and StemExpress/Planned Parenthood nastily cutting through nearly fullgrown baby boys' faces is striking.

 photo planned_parenthood_horror_zps6rsqfmww.jpg

They cut through his face to get to his brains. Reaction of De Standaard:


Congratufuckinglations you prog bastards.

And they call us Nazis.


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A French woman recounts how the sudden arrival of thousands of illegal immigrants turned her mother's life upside down. Via our buddies over at Gates of Vienna. Translation by Vlad Tepes.

The torrents of illegal immigrants penetrating Europe are a telltale sign of the failure of other people and races to build decent societies where there is a modicum of good governance, the rights of the individual are respected, and serious efforts are undertaken by the State as well as by its citizens to make the best use of the available resources to enhance chances for everybody.

As I have stated before, there are two dynamics behind the massive flux of illegals towards "Fortress Europe". First, the waves from Africa are caused by the failure of the socialist model, which post-decolonisation was eagerly promoted/exported by the First World's leftists. Kaunda in Zambia, Rawlings in Ghana, Machel in Mozambique, Nasser in Egypt, Nyerere in Tanzania... they all tried the leftist recipes, they all failed.

The irony is that there is perhaps light at the end of the tunnel for quite a good many of these countries, especially - I'm not kidding - sub-Saharan ones. Indeed, economic growth in quite a few of these countries hovers around 4.5 to 5 per cent - courtesy capitalism which is finally being discovered as the prime engine of economic development. Many of the blacks on the rickety boats crossing the Mediterranean actually hail not from sub-Sahara Africa, but from the Sahel and West and East Africa - not surprisingly countries where the second factor in the exodus comes into view: islam.

Indeed, the second component of the immigrant wave which finds its origin primarily in the Middle East is caused by the failure of islam as a societal model. There's no need to elaborate here - the naked truth is staring us in the eyes. Only leftists can't see it because of the pink or red hue of their glasses.

Frenzied efforts to try to provide shelter for the hordes besieging our continent will not help. In Belgium's case, for instance, it is terribly disappointing to learn that the responsible Minister, Theo Francken, of the supposedly center-right N-VA party, has announced his intention to provide thousands upon thousands of new places for the arrivals in derelict hotels or unused army barracks by 2016. A move like that will only have a reinforcing effect upon the migratory waves.

Not until we are able to call a spade a spade and pinpoint the 'root causes' to failed societal models in the immigrants' countries, will any serious progress towards solving the refugee crisis be made.

In the meantime, native Europeans who don't have the benefit of living in the posh quarters Europe's "elites" prefer, will pay the price for the mayhem.


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The State Television's news service, De Redactie, was overjoyed today to let us know hundreds of asylum seekers were waiting in line since the small hours before the offices of the Dienst Vreemdelingenzaken, that's "Office for Refugees/Foreigners" for you:

 photo asiel2015_zpsfdvsfbkq.jpg

Spot the hottie fourth, erm, fifth, from the left. My oh my, those legs!

There was an accompanying video and it is my great pleasure to offer you some snapshots taken from the part where the interviewer starts asking them hapless noble souls where they come from. Here goes:

 photo asiel_syria_zpsrzhnvjtm.jpg


 photo asiel_somalie_zpsgi1nyvli.jpg


 photo asiel_irak_zpsrpwsfqlp.jpg

"We come from Iraq."

 photo asiel_irak2_zpshtyrqsfq.jpg


 photo asiel_irak3_zpslyhuahke.jpg

This joker wins the Outlaw Mike Award for Originality 2015: "I want to let my family come over from Iraq". Sure! We can't wait for them to arrive!

 photo asiel_afghanistan_zps6unouyxi.jpg

"Afghanistan." Wonderful! With a little luck, there's a Hindu Kush Elon Musk hiding behind this noble façade.

What do all these guys have in common huh? Red Sox fans? Guardian readers? (maybe!!!) Amy Schumer fans? Formula 1 pilots?

I will tell you: they ALL come from muslim countries, thereby confirming what every person with half a brain knows: islam as a societal model is a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE.

We import these bozos, we import their pathological lifestyle and its ramifications for OUR society. By doing so, we are sowing the seeds for harvesting, in the near future, the same godawful mess that caused these 1 digit IQ idiots to flee in the first place.


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Via Theo Spark, Bill Whittle's latest afterburner, The Great Unlearning:


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Tubeway Army with Down in the Park, a number from the 1979 album Replicas.

Postpunk/new wave band around Gary Numan, one hell of a weirdo.

Lily Allen with The Fear.

From the 2009 album It's not me, it's you.



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 photo Malmo_violence_2015_zpstffekpc3.jpg

"Hundreds of new officers are set to be appointed in a move to boost Malmö's police force, following a series of numerous shootings and explosions in the southern Swedish city in recent months, the national police chief revealed on a visit to the city.

“The police in the south is the prioritized area and will receive most of the new police officers in 2015 and 2016. At the moment, slightly more than 90 officers [are being appointed], in January just above 100, and in summer 2016 there will be further additional staff, but the figure has not been determined yet,” Dan Eliasson told regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

His announcement comes just weeks after a regional police union raised concerns that police staff shortages in the city were putting the public at risk, as around a third of the 705-strong Malmö force were on holiday.

But after a meeting with regional heads of Malmö 's police force on Wednesday, Eliasson pledged to step up presence in the area.

“All of the Swedish police force's resources are available to them. We have already reinforced Malmö with staff for the acute situation, but if more is needed I am prepared to make those decisions. It could be reconnaissance resources, investigators, bomb technicians, helicopters, anything,” he told Sydsvenskan.

Just hours after his announcement officers were called to a series of car blazes across the city. A group of men were seen breaking into and setting a car on fire on Annebergsgatan south of the central Pildammarna park in the early hours of Thursday. The incident was followed by another two vehicles going up in flames in the Oxie area of the city shortly thereafter..."


A chilling article, via The Gatestone Institute: the Swedish military has all but vanished:

"... In the fall of 1998, General Wictorin had his plan for the historical transformation all worked out. But his big mistake was that he had not grasped that the politicians had now identified defense as an area ripe for major budget cuts. When the state budget was presented, two days after General Wictorin proposed his plan, the defense budget was 15 billion kronor short (about $1.9 billion USD in 1998 dollars). In the documentary, General Wictorin says: "It demanded magic tricks we could not perform. Our plan went straight in the trash; with these cuts, it was not possible to implement it."

Then everything just unraveled. In 2000, the Swedish Parliament made a new decision on defense -- to cut the budget by half. Compared to 1985, there was now only:

*Fifteen percent as many Army combat units
*One tenth as many local defense units
*Half as many Home Guardsmen
*Half of the Air Force
*One quarter of the Navy

 photo russian_parody_swedish_army_zpsff0uabnd.jpg

The modern Swedish military, built up over a hundred years, was scrapped in ten or eleven years. According to the military historian Wilhelm Agrell, the dismantling process was inconceivably vast. Every last item stored in the mobilization repositories was hauled away to central storage bases. The process quickly got out of control, and before long, no one knew where anything was. The whole maneuver also turned out to be quite a bit more costly than expected. Nothing went according to plan, and then it was time for the next big decision on how the military should be handled.

In 2004, more units were scrapped and 5,000 military personnel (25% of the total) were let go.

"The new defense," said Agrell, "was supposed to be in place in 2004, but at this time, everything was a screaming mess. There was no new defense and not enough money. What to do? Well, the politicians once again ordered more cutbacks."

This was what was left:

*Six percent of the combat units
*No local defense
*The Home Guard was once again cut in half
*100 airplanes instead of 200

A navy cut in half, with only seven surface vessels and four submarines..."

The castration of the Swedish military is such a hilarious joke for the Russians that Russian TV broadcast this (badly made) video about it:


Leftist rag De Standaard is happy to let you know that Swedish fashion label Acne has launched a new collection of males:

 photo acne_genderequality_zpsojvvolf8.jpg

"Men sympathizing with the concept of gender equality, can now root for their cause even more with the new collecion of Swedish fashion label Acne Studios. At least if they are not afraid to walk around with the statement 'Please call me girl' on their chest.

Acne designer Jonny Johansson perhaps let himself inspire by Chanel's protest or else he thought it was about time to do his bit in the war on women: several sweaters and shawls in his winter collection have their own slogan, e.g. 'Woman Power', 'Gender Equality' and 'Radical Feminist'..."

Memo to 'Jonny' Johansson: if you really, really want to do your part in the 'War on Women', you could perhaps better change them slogans to something like 'Stop Clitoridectomy in Malmo', you bloody balless earthworm.

I'm too goddam tired, rest of the stories follows, I just post this to force myself to continue. Too many blogposts stay in the scaffolds although edited for three quarters, and then I never get around to finish 'em and get them posted.

Stay tuned, Sweden's far worse than you think.