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But don't expect our quality media to tell you that. Some stills followed by a VTM video provided with subtitles, courtesy Vlad Tepes and our buddies over at Gates of Vienna.

 photo filipina2_zpsjvctuxqg.jpg

She's clearly veiled. She may be from Mindanao's south, where the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and Abu Sayyaf group are active. Of course, I do not think there's a direct link with these organizations. And true, nobody reported having heard "Allahu Akbar". But what is clear is that we have here again a muslim wreaking havoc among infidels.

 photo filipina1_zpswkiff1wq.jpg

She was neutralized by Brussels South Police with a shot in the arm. In the meantime, the three victims have left the hospital. They were far luckier than the hapless Polish woman who was killed in Reutlingen, Germany, and the British woman in Queensland, Australia, who fell victim to more dedicated followers of the prophet.

The VTM video:

Naturally, the AB (Apologization Brigade) was out in full force again blaming "psychological troubles". Even if that is true, does it not begin to strike you that so many Stabbers for Allah seem to be "psychologically troubled"? Might that have something to do with inbreeding, which is rampant in the muslim world?

Some fleshing out yet later on, hopefully.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


One more item in an endless procession of insane decisions with the aim of destroying the fabric of our western societies: via François Desouche:

 photo muslim_cunt_Canadian_police_zpsibw6mljh.jpg


"The wearing the islamic veil by muslim female members of the Royal Police of Canada (Gendarmerie Royal du Canada) is allowed as of now, the Canadian government announced on Tuesday 23 August."

"...The decision "to allow the female muslims to wear the hijab [in the service], if they wish so" is aimed at encouraging them "to envisage a career within the Royal Police of Canada", declared Scott Bardsley, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Safety, thereby conforming the information received by the daily La Presse..."



Monday, August 22, 2016


A rather frightening article by Professor Dr. Guy Millière of the Université de Paris over at The Gatestone Institute.

"...The slaughter of French priest Father Jacques Hamel on July 26 in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray was significant. The church where Father Jacques Hamel was saying mass was nearly empty. Five people were present; three nuns and two faithful. Most of the time, French churches are empty.

Christianity in France is dying out. Jacques Hamel was almost 86 years old; despite his age, he did not want to retire. He knew it would be difficult to find someone to replace him. Priests of European descent are now rare in France, as in many European countries. The priest officially in charge of the parish of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Auguste Moanda-Phuati, is Congolese.

 photo father_jacques_hamel_zpseozm5nsp.jpg

The reaction of the French bishops was also significant. Speaking in their name, Georges Pontier, chairman of the Conference of Bishops of France, called on Catholics for a day of fasting and prayer. He also asked Muslims living in France to come to church to "share the grief of Christians." He added that Muslims are welcome in France.

The decision to deliver a message of brotherhood is consistent with the spirit of Christianity. The wish to welcome Muslims to France but to leave completely aside that the assassins of Father Jacques Hamel acted in the name of Islam and jihad seem signs of willful blindness, severely pathological denial, and a resigned, suicidal acceptance of what is coming.

The assassins of Father Jacques Hamel are what is coming. One of them, Adel Kermiche, was born in France to immigrant parents from Algeria. His path looks like the path followed by many young French Muslims: school failure, delinquency, shift towards a growing hatred of France and the West, return to Islam, transition to radical Islam. The other, Abdel Malik Petitjean, was born in France too. His mother is Muslim. His father comes from a Christian family. Abdel Malik Petitjean nevertheless followed the same path as Adel Kermiche. A growing number of young French-born Muslims radicalize. A growing number of young French people who have not been educated in Islam nevertheless turn to Islam, then to radical Islam...."

Here is a very telling exerpt. French kids - by which I of course mean Jules, Juliette, Louis, Joséphine, Bernard etc... - are litterally being brainwashed into believing they have to hate themselves for "crimes" committed by their forebears:

"... The French education system does not teach young people to love France and the West. It teaches them instead that colonialism plundered many poor countries, that colonized people had to fight to free themselves, and that the fight is not over. It teaches them to hate France. But it erroneously describes Islam as a religion that brought "justice, dignity and tolerance" wherever it reigned. Seventh-grade students spend the first month of the school year learning what Islamic civilization brought to the world in science, architecture, philosophy and wealth. A few weeks later, they have to memorize texts explaining that the Church committed countless atrocious crimes. Economics textbooks are steeped in Marxism and explain that capitalism exploits human beings and ravages nature. The Holocaust is still in the curriculum, but is taught less and less; teachers who dare to speak of it face aggressive remarks from Muslim students. A 2002 book, The Lost Territories of the Republic (Les territoires perdus de la république), exposed the problem. Since then, the situation has worsened considerably...."


"French mainstream media do their best to hide the truth. Abdel Malik Petitjean and Adel Kermiche are described as troubled and depressed young people who slipped "inexplicably" towards barbarity. Their actions are widely presented as having nothing to do with Islam. The same words were used to depict Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the jihadist who murdered 86 people in Nice on July 14th. These words were used to depict all the jihadists who killed in France during the last few years. Each time, Muslim intellectuals are invited to speak, and invariably explain that Islam is peaceful and that Muslims are guilty of nothing.

The anger expressed by political leaders after the attack in Nice has already faded. Some political leaders in France call for tougher measures, but speak of "Islamic terrorism " very rarely. They know that speaking too much of "Islamic terrorism" could be extremely bad for their future careers.

All political parties, including the National Front, talk about the need to establish an "Islam of France." They never explain how, in the internet age, the "Islam of France could be different from Islam as it is everywhere else.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently said that France would become an example -- a "center of excellence" in the "teaching of Islamic theology."

 photo valls_collaborator_zpseboou8gh.jpg

The horrible French PM Manuel Valls. "Islam has entirely its place in France, in Europe. It's a great challenge for the years that come: show that islam is completely compatible with democracy, with the Republic, with equality between men and women, with dialogue." With a despicable traitor like Valls, who in a normal world should be fired right away and forbidden to ever again hold public office in no matter what capacity, France might just simply surrender like it's 1940 all over again.

"For several days after the attack in Nice, it seemed that the country was on the verge of explosion. This is no longer so. The French population seems resigned.

Manuel Valls was criticized when he argued that the French should learn to live with terrorism. Critics of that view now are rarer. The French sense that Islam in France is here to stay. They see that the risks of riots in lawless zones are huge and that all those in positions of responsibility think and act as if it were too late to reverse the course. Fear fills the air.

The French Jewish philosopher Shmuel Trigano recently published an article entitled, "Sacrificing victims for not having to fight the murderers." The French collectively accept the sacrifice of victims because they feel France will not have the strength and the fortitude to fight ruthless murderers. Most of the French seem helpless.

A book written by Antoine Leiris, the husband of one of the victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015 became a bestseller. It is called, You Will Not Have My Hatred. (Vous n'aurez pas ma haine) The author describes what happened at the Bataclan concert hall as a twist of fate, and say that he feels "compassion" for those who killed his wife.

What is happening today is a continuation of what has been happening here so far this century. In 2001-2003, France experienced a huge wave of anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims supporting the "Palestinian cause." The French government denied that the attacks were anti-Semitic. It also denied that they were perpetrated by Muslims. It chose appeasement, expressed loudly its own support for the "Palestinian cause," and added that the revolt of a "part of the population" was "understandable." It asked Jewish organizations to remain silent. French Jews began to leave France. Many of them recalled an Islamic phrase in Arabic: "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." In other words, first Muslims attack Jews; then when the Jews are gone, they attack Christians. It is what we have been seeing throughout the Middle East.

Attacks against non-Jews began in 2005: riots broke out all over France. The French government again chose appeasement, and said that the revolt of a "part of the population" would be "heard."

A Jew, Ilan Halimi, was tortured for three weeks and then murdered in Paris in 2006. Then, more Jews were murdered in Toulouse in 2012 and in a Paris suburb in 2015."

 photo halimi_zpswwk0hc8l.jpg

Ten years ago, Ilan Halimi was lured by a muslima of Iranian descent, Sorour Arbabzadeh, to an apartment where he was tortured for three weeks by a muslim gang led by Youssouf Fofana.

"... Now more and more often, non-Jews are attacked. The French government has repeatedly talked of war, but each time returns to a policy of appeasement.

Today, appeasement reigns, virtually unchallenged. All French political parties are choosing appeasement over confrontation, and hardly dare to call the danger by its name: radical Islam. The French choose submission: they have no real alternative.

Jews continue to flee. Synagogues and Jewish schools throughout the country are guarded around the clock by armed soldiers. Jews who are still in France know that wearing a skullcap or a Star of David is extremely dangerous. They seem to see that appeasement is a dead end. They often emigrate to the country that appeasers treat as a scapegoat and that Islamists want to destroy: Israel. They know that when in Israel, they might have to confront jihadists like those who kill in France, but they also know that Israelis are more ready to fight to defend themselves.

French non-Jews now see that appeasement will not allow them to be spared.

If they look around them in Western Europe, they see there are no more safe places; they have nowhere else to go. They know that hundreds of thousands of migrants in Germany can easily cross nonexistent borders. They know there are thousands potential jihadists in France, that the worst jihadi crimes in France are still to come, and that the authorities have no will to stop them.

There will be no civil war in France. The jihadists have won. They will kill again. They love to kill. They love death. They say, "we love death more than you love life."

One of the nuns present in the empty church said that after slaughtering Father Jacques Hamel, Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malik Petitjean smiled. They were happy."

Dr. Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris, is the author of 27 books on France and Europe.

Food for thought.

And an incentive for action.


Saturday, August 20, 2016


Billy Joel with A matter of trust. From the 1986 album The Bridge.

A musician I appreciate very much. Yup, that's his then-wife Christie Brinkley with their daughter Alexa in that video.

Coldplay with Yellow. Album Parachutes (2000).

Hat tip OutlawDaughter, who reminded me of their debut single.

Two nice unpretentious songs for a Saturday night, huh?


Friday, August 19, 2016


In Strasbourg, as in so many European cities, Cultural Enrichment is in full swing. Not that you would know it from Belgium's prime news outlet De Standaard: last time I checked, about 25 seconds ago (at the time of writing it is 10.40pm over here in Belgistan), they were still decrying the fate of a muslim who lost his wife in the March 22 attacks (at the hands of Jewish Vlaams Belang members as we all know), while simultaneously celebrating the news of Paul Manafort's resignation from the Trump campaign.

So it's up to me to let the world - at least outside outside al-France and Germanistan - know that: (via PI-News)

 photo strasbourg_attack_2016_zps8e70p0jm.jpg

"On Friday morning, in Strasbourg's Jewish quarter, a Jew was attacked and wounded with a knife by a muslim. After the first stab in the stomach, the victim (62) was able to escape. According to eyewitnesses the attacker bellowed "Allahu Akbar", French media reported. He was then forced to the ground by passersby and delivered to a hospital. Already in 2010 the very same islamic culture enricher would have stabbed another Jew in the same city. Back then, he was acquitted as he was deemed "unaccountable" [read mentally unstable - MFBB]. The "unaccountable ones" populate now the whole of Europe and what PI has been labeling for years as the logical consequence of Europe being overwhelmed en masse with islam-oriented haters is coming: muslim folklore, just like the Israelis' daily bread and butter, is making itself felt and will affect the lives of all "infidels". The new Gaza Strip is coming into being smack in the middle of Europe (lsg)."

In case some ludicrous and dishonest De Standaard editor or columnist reads this, it's YOUR job I'm doing here asshole. And I'm not even paid for it.


Thursday, August 18, 2016


American Thinker's Carol Brown took note of a tweet from lesbian CNN commentator Sally Kohn, and gives us much to ponder re the absurd mindset of liberals:

"... Here’s a tidbit from the oversized trough of absurdity courtesy of the left: Sally Kohn is a political commentator on CNN and a lesbian who, last year, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post where she announced: “I’m gay. And I want my kid to be gay, too.”

OK. So this piece isn’t about that tidbit from the oversized trough of absurdity, but it gives you a glimmer into that which is Sally Kohn (who, by the way, is also self-consciously sweet in an I’m-innocent-and-trying-my-best-but-I-am-right-and-you-know-it type of person who lectures on the need for mutual respect while, for example, referring to Newt Gingrich during one interview as “peach pit”).

But I digress.

Yesterday, in response to Donald Trump’s (excellent) speech on national security, Kohn tweeted the following:

 photo sally_kohn_tweet_zps2eqbobrr.jpg

So Sally Kohn thinks a subset of Muslims who call themselves “progressive Muslims” believe in Sharia. And apparently that’s a good thing. (I wonder what part of sharia law is her favorite. Burqas, stoning, or throwing homosexuals off of rooftops?)

That’s how far gone the brains of leftists have become, marinated such as they are in a slop of lies, misinformation, and a worldview disconnected from reality.

I don’t care what descriptor comes before the word “Muslim.” If a person believes in Sharia, they do not believe in liberty. Certainly a female and a member of the LGBT community should be alert to that fact since women and homosexuals don’t fare too well under the Sharia. To put it mildly.

So as of Wednesday, August 17th, count Ms. (?) Kohn all in for sharia.


 photo Sally_Kohn_zpswtwho4l6.jpg

Here's Sally Kohn singing the virtues of the gay lifestyle!!!

 photo is_throws_gay_man_off_roof_zpscnuwkqes.jpg

And here Sally Kohn's emancipated heroes do the same!!!

It's the same over here, of course. Currently there's some bruhaha re the decision of some French Côte d'Azur mayors to ban the burqini from their beaches. The Flemish (supposedly) center-right party N-VA right away proposed similar measures.

Who do you think is supporting the burqini?

Why, the Socialists and the Greens of course!!!

Take the socialists e.g., the SP.a's Youth Chapter next weekend organizes a "Dive In for Freedom" (!!!) in the Belgian beach resort of Oostende. Via HLN Online:

 photo Young_socialists_insane_zpsqwcpdtum.jpg


OSTEND. The Young Socialists, the youth chapter of the SP.a, next Sunday organize on Ostend beach a "Dive In For Freedom". This they do to counter the N-VA proposal of law to ban the burqini on Belgian beaches..."

It is now official. If you are a leftist, you are mentally challenged.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Via PI-News, a street war between Kurdish PKK zealots and the Turkish fascists of the Grey Wolves:

"Sonja Prousek from Café Aida near Vienna's Stephansplatz in an interview with Zeitung Österreich: „Pensioners have cried, children lost their parents. Forks, knives, spoons, drinks and food landed on the ground. We had to close our business, because clients and personnel fled to our other cafe in the Bognergasse.“

Thanks but no thanks you fucking politicians for unleashing the hellish way of life of muslims on the lives of the peaceful, law abiding and hard working citizens of Europe. Because all cultures are equal, is it not, except our own western culture, which is inferior and has to atone for grievous sins against humanity.


Monday, August 15, 2016


As I have stated on many occasions before, here and elsewhere, Trump is not my idea of a Conservative. Heck, I guess he's nobody's idea of a Conservative.

But like Rummy used to say, you go to war with the army you have, not with the army you would like to have.

Long ago I decided that the only viable Republican candidate with a fleeting chance of beating The Monster was Donald Trump.

I won't change that opinion because of some irrelevant gaffes.

I made up my mind and my support will continue to go to the designated nominee.

Biff Spackle explains much more forcefully than I ever could why yours should go to The Donald too:

 photo never_trump1_zps3ddeasw1.jpg
 photo never_trump2_zpspcn5gru1.jpg

Should the most horrible thing come true - a win for an America-hating, corrupt, lying, incompetent, dishonest bitch of a woman who litterally goes over dead bodies to satisfy her personal and insatiable thirst for power...

... then don't say afterwards "Wir haben es nicht gewusst".


Sunday, August 14, 2016


Via PI-News:

 photo childmarriages_germany_zpsiutvyy0l.jpg

"In a telling article Die Welt reports today on the phenomenon of the rising number of "child marriages" in Germany. As it should, causes, background and analyses from several sides are quoted, politically correct considerations aren't mentioned. The groups that bring the perverse practice of "child marriages" to our enlightened country are muslims and Roma:

~ ... They are back again - the child brides, mostly married off to elderly men. The child marriage is an accompaniment to the refugee wave, but it is performed here too, in the framework of sharia law or in roma families, under the radar of the authorities. The Laender [the German "regions", like Hessen, Thueringen, or Nordrhein/Westfalen etc - MFBB] count 1,000 of them. But the real figure is higher.

That too, the reality itself that's hiding behind the notion of "child marriage" is named. Die WELT cites the German Police Union Chief Rainer Wendt, who thinks is of the opinion that the word "child marriage" is deceiving:

"They are not husbands, but often child molesters, who should be punished."

We have met this Rainer Wendt guy before. He may be a Union boss, but he seems to be a very reasonable fellow.


Saturday, August 13, 2016


Over at The Gatestone Institue, Robert Jones has a sobering article on Turkey's tradition of murdering Christians:

"Christians in Turkey are still attacked, murdered or threatened daily; the assailants usually get away with their crimes.

In Malatya, in 2007, during the Zirve Bible Publishing House massacre, three Christian employees were attacked, severely tortured, then had their hands and feet tied and their throats cut by five Muslims on April 18, 2007.

Nine years have passed, but there still has been no justice for the families of the three men who were murdered so savagely.

First, the five suspects who were still in detention were released from their high-security prison by a Turkish court, which ruled that their detention exceeded newly-adopted legal limits.

The trial is still ongoing. The prosecutor claims that the act "was not a terrorist act because the perpetrators did not have a hierarchic bond, their act was not continuous and the knives they used in the massacre did not technically suffice to make the act be regarded as a terrorist act."

If the court accepts this legal opinion of the prosecutor, it could pave the way for an acquittal. However, given the many "mysterious" rulings of the Turkish judiciary system to acquit criminals, these killers could also be acquitted by a "surprise" ruling any time."


"On February 5, 2006, Father Andrea Santoro, a 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest, was murdered in the Santa Maria Church in the province of Trabzon. He was shot while kneeling in prayer at his church. Witnesses heard the 16-year-old murderer shout "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is the Greatest") during the murder.

After the murder, a 74-year-old priest, Father Pierre François René Brunissen, from Samsun, led the next church service in Santoro's church, which boasted barely a dozen members. Because no one volunteered to replace Santoro, Father Pierre was instructed to travel from Samsun to Trabzon each month to care for the city's small congregation.

"This is a terrible incident," Father Pierre said. "It is a sin to kill a person. After all of these incidents, I am worried about my life here."

In July, 2006, he was stabbed and wounded by a Muslim in Samsun. The perpetrator, 53, said that he stabbed the priest to oppose "his missionary activities."[1]

The attacks against the Christian culture in Anatolia continue in modern times -- even after Turkey joined the Council of Europe in 1949 and NATO in 1952.

Turkey's countless agreements with Western organizations do not seem to have reduced the hatred for Christians there. In March, 2007, as the Christian community of Mersin was preparing for the Easter, a young Muslim man with a kebab knife entered the church and attacked the priests, Roberto Ferrari and Henry Leylek.

Mersin, in southern Turkey, is home to Tarsus, the birthplace of Saint Paul, and to several churches dating from the earliest Christian era.

Bishop Luigi Padovese, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, said: "We do not feel safe. I am very worried. Fanaticism is developing in some groups. Some people want to poison the atmosphere and catholic priests are targeted. Anti-missionary films are broadcast on TV channels."

At a commemorative ceremony for Father Santoro in February, Bishop Padovese said:

"Today, we are asking the question we asked four years ago: Why? We are also asking the same question for all other victims so unjustly murdered even though they were innocent. Why? What was it that they tried to destroy by murdering Father Andrea? Just a person or what that person represented? The aim of shooting Father Andrea was definitely to shoot a Catholic cleric. His being a Father became the reason of his martyrdom.

"The message of Christ on the cross is clear. 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.' Had they known, they would not have done that. It is wrong to extinguish a life to uphold an idea. It is wrong to think that a person who disagrees with us is at fault and should be destroyed. This is the fundamentalism that crumbles a society. For it wrecks coexistence. This fundamentalism -- regardless of what religion or political view it belongs to -- might win a few battles but it is doomed to lose the war. This is what history teaches us. I hope that this city and this country will turn into a place where people can live as brothers and sisters and unite for the common good for all. Is the Allah of all of us not the same?"

"No, unfortunately, the Allah of all of us is not the same.

Just four months later, in June, 2010, it was Padovese's turn to be murdered. This time the murderer was the Bishop's own driver for the previous four years. The driver first stabbed the bishop, then cut his throat, while shouting "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.

At the trial, the driver said that the bishop was "Masih ad-Dajjal" ("the false messiah"), then twice in the courtroom he loudly recited the adhan (Islamic call to worship)...."

 photo santoro_padovese_zps4myfqzua.jpg

"... The total population of Turkey is about 80 million; believers of non-Muslim faiths -- mostly Christians and Jews -- comprise 0.2%. Nevertheless, anti-Christian sentiment is still prevalent in much of the Turkish society. [3]

There seems to be a pattern: Murders of Christians are committed stealthily in Turkey: It is "ordinary people" who murder or attack Christians, then the judiciary or political system somehow finds a way of enabling the murderers or attackers to get away with what they have done. Sadly, most of these crimes are not covered by the international media, and Turkey is never held responsible.

Turkey, however, signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in 1995 and was officially recognized as a candidate for full membership in 1999. Negotiations for the accession of Turkey to the EU are still ongoing.

How come a nation that has murdered or attacked so many Christians throughout history, and which has not even apologized for these crimes, is considered even a suitable candidate for EU membership? Because of the threat of blackmail to flood Europe with Muslims? Turkey will flood Europe with them anyway. There is even a name for it: Hijrah, spreading Islam (jihad) by emigration. Exactly as Muslims have done inside Turkey.

And what kind of a culture and civilization have many Muslims built for the most part in the lands that they have conquered? When one observes the historical and current situation in Muslim-majority countries, what one mostly sees are murders, attacks and hatred: Hatred of non-Muslims, hatred of women, hatred of free thought and an extremely deep hatred of everything that is not Islamic. Many Muslims that have moved to the West have been trying to import political Islam to the free world, as well.

Muslim regimes including Turkey have not achieved civilized democratization that would enable all of their citizens -- Muslims and non-Muslims -- to live free and safe lives.

While Muslims are pretty much free to practice their religion and express their views on other religions or on atheism anywhere in the world, Christians and other non-Muslims can be killed in Turkey and other Muslim-majority countries just for attempting peacefully to practice their religion or openly express their views.

"Multiculturalism," which is passionately defended by many liberals in the West, could have worked wonders in multi-ethnic and multi-religious places such as Anatolia. But unfortunately, Islamic ideology allows only one culture, one religion, and one way of thinking under their rule: Islam. Ironically, this is the central fact these liberals do not want to see.

Much of the history of Islam shows that the nature of Islamic ideology is to invade or infiltrate, and then to dominate non-Muslims.

In general, Muslims have never shown the slightest interest in peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. Even if most Muslims are not jihadis, most do not speak out against jihadist attacks. Many thus appear quietly to support jihadis. That there are also peaceful Muslim individuals who respect other faiths does not change this tragic fact.

That is why non-Muslims in the West have every right to fear one day being exposed to the same treatment at the hands of Muslims. The fear non-Muslims have of Islamic attacks is, based on recent evidence, both rational and justified.

Given how unspeakably non-Muslims are treated in majority Muslim countries, including Turkey, who can blame them for being concerned about the possible Islamization of their own free societies?

Why does Turkey, which seems to hate its own Christians, want to have visa-free access to Christian Europe, anyway?"

Robert Jones, an expert on Turkey, is currently based in the UK.

Why indeed? Why does Turkey want visa-free access to Christian Europe? Now, that is one question. But another question, perhaps even more pertinent, is why so many of our elites are so hellbent on ADMITTING Christian Europe's age-old muslim foe??? AFTER Erdogan raided Zaman, AFTER he took away opposition party members' basic parliamentary rights, AFTER years of jailing journalists, AFTER sacking tens of thousands of public servants, judges, officers and teachers deemed AKP-hostile post the recent failed coup...

... Jean-Claude Juncker, EU Commission Chairman, of the Luxembourgian Christian Social People's Party CSV no less (!!!), tells the world: "Closing the EU door for Turkey would be a grave error."

What a godforsaken, lunatic POS. And this creep is the EU's top dog. God help us.



Last Friday, at a Hannover court (that's Hannover in Germany), the trial against 32-year old Daniel F. began. Sadly, when his 27-year old girlfriend Vanessa Muenstermann broke their relationship, Daniel F. was still under the impression he was entitled to punish her in the customary way - i.e., customary in whatever third world hellhole he came from: with an acid attack.

I'm not speaking out against multiracial relationships, but, although I don't like to say it out loud, white women should think twice before embarking with black men. It doesn't have to be bad - but from what I've been able to witness thus far, even in my very own family (talking about one of my nieces here), it usually does not end well.

By contrast, relationships between Whites and Asians seem to be far more stable.

 photo Daniel_F_zpsvwhciaf3.jpg

Will Miss Muenstermann now reject multiculturalism, even though she is as good as blind to one eye and as good as deaf to one ear?

I seriously doubt it. The effects of 5 decades of leftist brainwashing are not easily undone.

Anyway, this humble post as well as the previous one are just some tidbits of evidence that there's a huge - yuge - hatefest brewing against the White Race, which is weakening on a daily basis. Indeed, as a percentage of the world population Whites are diminishing rapidly. In absolute terms, same trend.

The knives are being sharpened, and if you are white, you better be prepared.



Via François Desouche:

At least five Somalis beat a single 13-year old Danish boy, Noah Anker. Omen of things to come.

The father, Brian Anker, wrote on Facebook: "my patience has reached the limit".

Really Mr Anker? Took quite some time huh?


Friday, August 12, 2016


A video from Brazil, but nothing to do with the Olympics: a couple of technicians apparently used to great heights perform some maintenance tasks on lightning rods along the statue of Christ The Redeemer's arms:

The statue of Christ the Redeemer (in Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) was built between 1922 and 1931 on top of the 700-metre Corcovado mountain, and for its construction reinforced concrete covered with soapstone (steatite, a metamorphic rock rich in magnesium) was used. The Polish-French designer Paul Landowski chose for an Art Deco style, but the head is the work of the Romanian sculptor Gheorghe Leonida. Actual construction was by the engineering duo Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot, a French national. The statue of Christ The Redeemer weighs 635 metric tons and has a height of 30 metres (98 ft), not counting the 8-metre (26 ft) pedestal. Its arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide.

Hat tip my uncle R.



Via Creeping Sharia, an interesting video of a political debate between Miriam Shaded, and Leszek Samborski of the Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform, Donald Tusk's party) on Polish TV, in which they debate the banning of islam in Poland.

Personally, I am also very much in favor of banning islam in my own country. Unfortunately, since 1972 islam is a recognized religion in Belgium, which means its imams are paid and "screened" mosques receive subsidies. This means it is already firmly entrenched in society's fabric - and we also do not have Poland's luxury of muslims constituting a mere 0.1 per cent of the population (there are an estimated 700,000 muslims in Belgium, or about 6 per cent).

No, the first step should be to suspend that recognition. Muslims would still be free however to practice their "religion".

But merely this to happen, in a politically correct climate that's as sick as in Belgium, would already be a miracle.

As for Miriam Shaded, that's one lady to follow! She's the President of the Estera Foundation, which has set itself the goal of bringing Syrian Christian refugees to Poland. She is a very strong critic of islam.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Over at the indispensable The Gatestone Institute, Giulio Meotti writes:

"...Last month, the Wall Street Journal published an interview with France's director of domestic intelligence, Patrick Calvar. "The confrontation is inevitable," Mr. Calvar said. There are an estimated 15,000 Salafists among France's seven million Muslims, "whose radical-fundamentalist creed dominates many of the predominantly Muslim housing projects at the edges of cities such as Paris, Nice or Lyon. Their preachers call for a civil war, with all Muslims tasked to wipe out the miscreants down the street."

These Salafists openly challenge France's way of life and do not make a secret of their willingness to overthrow the existing order in Europe through violent means, terror attacks and physical intimidation. But paradoxically, if the Islamists' threat to Europe were confined to the Salafists, it would be easier to defeat it.

There is in fact another threat, even more dangerous because it is more difficult to decipher. It has just been dubbed by the magazine Valeurs Actuelles, "the quiet conquest". It is "moderate" Islam's sinuous project of producing submission. "Its ambition is clear: changing French society. Slowly but surely".

That threat is personified in the main character of Michel Houellebecq's novel, Submission: Mohammed Ben Abbes, the "moderate" Muslim who becomes France's president and converts the state to Islam. And from where does President Ben Abbes start his Islamization? The Sorbonne University. It is already happening: Qatar recently made a significant donation to this famous university, to sponsor the education of migrants.

In France, the quiet conquest has the face of the Union of the Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF), which a Simon Wiesenthal Center report charged with "anti-Semitism, advocacy and financing of terrorism and call to Jihad... "

Not only does UOIF not encourage the integration of Moslems in France," the report states, "it actually provides a nursery for the most radical Islamist positions."

In Italy we have just witnessed the strategy of this "moderate Islam." The largest and most influential Islamic organization, l'Unione delle comunità ed organizzazione islamiche in Italia (Ucoii), sponsored Milan's first Muslim councilwoman, Sumaya Abdel Qader, a veiled candidate of the center-left coalition. Qader's husband, Abdallah Kabakebbji, openly called for the destruction of the State of Israel: "It is a historical mistake, a scam", he wrote on Facebook. His solution? "Ctrl + Alt + Delete".

Qader won the race over a real moderate Muslim, the unveiled Somali activist, Maryan Ismail. I met Mrs. Ismail at a pro-Israel forum in Milan. After losing the election, she broke with Italy's Democratic Party in an open letter: "The Democratic Party has chosen to dialogue with obscurantist Islam. Once again, the souls of modern, plural and inclusive Islam were not heard".

Take two "stars" of this French "moderate Islam." The first one is Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, the motto of which is: "Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

Ramadan does not hide in Raqqa or shoot at French citizens. By applying for French citizenship, he would like to become one of them. His office is in the Parisian suburb of Saint Denis; he has written 30 books and he has two million Facebook followers. Ramadan has academic chairs all over the world, he is the director of the Research Center for Islamic Law in Doha (Qatar) and the president of the European Muslim Network. He publicly campaigns for Islam along with Italy's former prime minister, Massimo D'Alema. Ramadan recently explained his vision for Europe and France: "Islam is a French religion and the French language is a language of Islam".

Ramadan's project is not the hoped-for Europeanization of Islam, but the not-hoped-for frightful Islamization of Europe. He opposes the assimilation of Muslims into French culture and society. A few days before the election in Milan, Ramadan was in Italy to endorse the candidacy of Sumaya Abdel Qader.

The second French "star" is Dalil Boubakeur, the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris. In 1989, Boubakeur justified the persecution of Salman Rushdie by Ayatollah Khomeini. In 2002, he testified for the prosecution against the writer Michel Houellebecq. In 2006, he sued Charlie Hebdo in court, after the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons. Last year, Boubakeur called for the conversion of churches into mosques and asked to "double" the number of mosques in France...."

 photo qatar_subversion_sorbonne_zpsvdeajbvo.jpg

"...Qatar, with its Al Jazeera television megaphone, is also very active in sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood Islamic radicalism all over Europe. The Qatari royal family, for example, in 2015 donated £11 million to Oxford's St. Anthony's College, where Tariq Ramadan teaches. Qatar also announced that it was willing to spend $65 million in the French suburbs, home to the vast majority of the six million Muslims in France.

Today in Europe, several scenarios are possible, including the worst. Among them, there is a civil war, which many are beginning to talk about, including Patrick Calvar, the director of domestic intelligence. This is what the Islamic State is looking for: unleashing a blind repression so that the Muslim population will show solidarity with the revolutionary minority. Yet, there is still worse possible outcome: that nothing happens and we continue as is.

The end is more important than the means. The Islamic State has the same goal as most of the members of so-called "moderate Islam": domination under the sharia. Many supposedly "moderate Muslims", even if they do not commit violent acts themselves, support them quietly. They support them by not speaking out against them. If they do speak out against them, they usually do so in coded terms, such as that they are "against terrorism," or that what concerns them about violent acts by Muslims is the possibility of a "backlash" against them.

Violent jihadis, however, are not the only means of transforming Europe, and perhaps are even counterproductive: they could awaken the nations they attack. Soft and more discreet means, such as social pressure and propaganda, are even more dangerous, and possibly even more effective: they are harder to see, such as the West's acceptance of dual judiciary and legal systems; sharia finance (if there had been a "Nazi finance" system, in which all financial transactions went to strengthening the Third Reich, what effect might that have had on World War II?), and the proliferation in the West of mosques and extremist Islamic websites. Although there are indeed many real "moderate Muslims", there are also still many who are not...."

Even when not counting the MSM's non-coverage of this essential information, there's so many grassroots as well as established organizations, bloggers, pundits et al distributing this vital knowledge that one could muse that, to paraphrase the great Winston Churchill, "never in the field of human conflict so many got told so much by so many and still did not do anything with it".

If it continues like that, we are definitely not headed for our finest hours, quite the contrary.