Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Via The Daily Star, August 14, 2018:

"Riots have torn through Sweden, as gangs of masked youths torch cars and throw stones at police in a destructive rampage.

Footage shared on Twitter shows some of the largest blazes in the Trollhättan area north of Gothenburg, Sweden's second-largest city.

As many as 40 young people are believed to have hurled missiles at the police and torched dozens of cars in a car park outside a hospital and shopping centre.

Police say they are also battling gangs setting fire to cars in Hjällbo, northeast of Gothenburg; in Malmo, in the south of the country; and in the city of Helsingborg."

That's the sanitized version.

For the truth you better consult Pamela Geller:

"Officers said Tuesday that up to 100 cars had been either burnt to or vandalized in the city and in nearby towns such as Trollhattan, an industrial area with high unemployment, and Falkenberg. Falkenberg contains gender-segregated asylum seeker homes and police have been repeatedly attacked en mass in nearby Trollhattan, with well knows Islamic State fighters hailing from the area. Such areas, with large migrant populations, have become hotspots for violence in the Nordic nation in recent years with many described as “no-go zones.”

Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city.

Sweden is to hold national elections in less than a month, and left-wing Prime Minister Stefan Löfven reacted angrily to the latest attacks, blasting the perpetrators directly.

“I’m getting pissed off – really! My question to these people is what the hell are you doing?” he said on a radio show according to Aftonbladet, promising to push for harsher penalties against those involved. “It seems very organized, almost like a military operation,” he said, adding: “My message to those involved is that there is no disappointment, frustration, or injustice that motivates you to turn on someone else’s car.”

What a sorry, PATHETIC excuse not only for PM, but for a mere man. Balless, childless Lofven is the same dork who expressed astonishment when President Trump a year and a half ago pointed to Sweden as the posterchild for the dangers of allowing unbridled (muslim) immigration. Oh how all the holier-than-thou types reacted. Let's recap, via Tribune dot com, FEB 20, 2017:

"STOCKHOLM: Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said Monday he was “surprised” by US President Donald Trump’s remarks linking the arrival of a wave of migrants with a supposed rise in violence in the Scandinavian country.

“I was, like many others I believe, surprised by the comments made about Sweden this weekend,” Lofven said during a joint press conference in Stockholm with visiting Canadian Governor General David Johnston.

Trump, speaking in Florida on Saturday, said; “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible”.

World joins Swedes in mocking Trump’s terror[ble] lie

The comment baffled Swedes and provoked much mockery on social media as nothing major had happened there on Friday evening.

“We have opportunities, we have challenges, we’re working (on) them every day. But I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread,” Lofven said.

Former prime minister Carl Bildt was less diplomatic: “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” he wrote on Twitter on Sunday."

Ah, Carl Bildt, another leftist asshole. The question "Mr" Bildt is what have YOU been smoking? And what ARE you smoking? And speaking about smoking, how about Gothenburg being smoked out:

With every passing day we are witnessing the horrible consequences of importing en masse the Third World in our civilized societies - and to make matters worse, in the grand majority of cases the islamic part of the Third World.

Things will run their inevitable course, and the end won't be pretty. This is just a start:

Perhaps most heartbreaking of all is this snippet from Breitbart:

Police chose not to arrest the “young people” at the scene and have since contacted their parents, reports state.

Contacted their parents huh? Like, "Hello Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mahmood, we have to talk about your dear son Mohammed (PBUH) Mahmood since it appears your littl'un last night decided to throw a party ✨- all very understandable of course ha ha 😜, and, ah, it got a little bit out of hand 🙄, and now there's a LOT more CO2 in the air and you know the planet can't have that 😢. Not that it's SO bad haha LOLZ 🤣🤣🤣 now could we just sort this out over a cup of tea please and then all will be right 😊 💕💕?"

FOOLS. Sweden the Humanitarian Superpower? Looks more like a Schtoopiditarian Superpower to me.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Some of us may have heard about the case of Elin Ersson, the Swedish student activist who prevented the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker (and known criminal) by live-streaming her protest to Facebook from inside the plane due to fly from Goteborg to Istanbul. Regular Lurker Leo Norekens mentioned it in the comments section last week - maybe you noticed.

Paul Joseph Watson has now posted a brief but damning diagnosis of the terminal pathology Mrs Ersson, and so many others, suffer.

Meanwhile, Goteborg is burning, but it's got absolutely nothing to do with the kind of poor sods Mrs Ersson is so proud to stand up for. More on that tomorrow.


Sunday, August 12, 2018


Giulio Meotti over at The Gatestone Institute has the goods on the increasing number of in-your-face muslim manifestations throughout Europe:

"A few months ago, a global media tempest erupted after Polish Catholics held a mass public prayer event across the country. The BBC deemed it "controversial", due to "concerns it could be seen as endorsing the state's refusal to let in Muslim migrants".

The same controversy, however, did not erupt in Britain when 140,000 Muslims prayed in Birmingham's Small Heath Park, in an event organized by the Green Lane Mosque to mark the end of Ramadan.

France is debating whether or not to block prayer on the street. "They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying" Interior Minister Gerard Collomb announced.

"Public space cannot be taken over in this way", said the president of the Paris regional council, Valérie Pécresse, who led a protest by councilors and MPs. In Italy, hundreds of Muslims prayed next to Colosseum, and Muslim prayers were held in front of Milan's Cathedral.

The numbers are telling. When Muslims throughout Europe celebrated the final day of Islam's holy month of Ramadan with public prayers, city squares -- from Naples (Italy) to Nice (France) -- overflowed. The annual Birmingham event began in 2012 with 12,000 faithful. Two years later, the number of the faithful rose to 40,000. In 2015, it was 70,000. In 2016, the number was 90,000. In 2017, it was 100,000. In 2018, the number was 140,000. Next year?"

This has absolutely got NOTHING to do with peacefully concluding a period of fasting. Whereby the fasting is bogus anyway, since during the evenings and nights muslims gobble and guzzle down what they missed during daytime, and then some - but that's another aspect.

No, mass manifestations like this are a challenge, they are meant to be a show of force, a means to INTIMIDATE.

May the scoundrels who allowed this gruesome invasion, which in time will devour beautiful, neat, prosperous, efficient, and competent Europe, one day pay their fair share.


Saturday, August 11, 2018


I deeply, passionately love the mountains. Dunno why that is - apparently my neurons are wired just that way. But Nature played a trick on me. I'm not completely free of vertigo. So while I cannot resist the call of the mountains, chains and via ferrata do scare me - every time again I have to conquer my inner self before I can conquer the iron ladder with the steps driven in bare rock. And I'm definitely never gonna end up halfway a perpendicular stone wall the way some of the guys in the following video do:

Until six years ago, I dreamed of one day making it to the top of the Matterhorn. I came as far as the Hoernlihuette, at 3,320m, looked up at that great conical mass that's the real thing, and knew I would NEVER make it to THAT top. I know my limits and am content with that; my mind is at ease. And there's still so many lesser summits to scale which are within my reach. For next year I have set my sights on Switzerland's Weissmies (4,017m). I climbed Allalinhorn (4,025m) in the same canton - Wallis - with no problems whatsoever (using the services of a guide to be sure). And I'm told that if you can do Allalinhorn Weissmies won't be a problem either. Both mountains are perfect for beginners and would be alpinists like your servant. Another vid with somewhat less glamour gives you an idea of a Weissmies ascent:

We will see! John Muir I know how you felt but for the moment I gotta concentrate on filling both the summer gaps in my finances AND the coffers of the Belgian State!




So apparently, today, August 11, is Gay Pride Day in Antwerp. Enjoy it while you can all of you pervs, because by 2030 or so, when the Sinjorenstad will have turned into an islamic hellhole, I guess the City Council will be somewhat less flexible in issuing permits for this kind of shit:

The gay pride insanity brings me to a compelling article on a directly related subject, over at American Thinker, by David Solway:

"... Although I regard the reduction of identity to one's sexual preferences, whatever these might be, as a diminishment of the complex spectrum of human personality, I have nothing against the practice of homosexuality – to each his own – and considered it a non-issue and none of my business. I do not like to interfere in other people's personal lives. Then and now, however, I believed as a matter of principle that redefining marriage was another kettle entirely. People can manage their private passions as they wish, provided they remain within the common law, but marriage has to be defended not only as a binding compact between two people and an expression of religious faith, but as a social institution whose role is twofold: the preservation of cultural life and the procreation of the species.

For these reasons, marriage can be only a contract between a man and woman. Love, companionship, spiritual and intellectual reciprocity are desirable goods, but from the institutional perspective, such golden qualities are sufficient though not necessary conditions. As the backbone of the social covenant and the sine qua non of reproductive duration, marriage is more than merely a ritual performance or a consumer accessory. Romance and compatibility will sweeten and strengthen commitment and avowal, but the essential point is that the contractual heterosexual union is the driving force of human culture and the warranty of human survival.

When the institution of marriage is compromised; when single mothers proliferate and are even applauded; when children are separated or alienated from their parents; when the bonds of heterosexual intimacy are breached; when gender politics sabotages concord between the sexes; when same-sex couples receive the same rights, privileges, and rewards as child-bearing couples; and when matrimony becomes the prerogative of any group whatsoever with no relation to fecundity or cultural stability, the underpinnings of Western society will inevitably collapse.

This is why Marxism, for example, considers marriage an institution that needs to be destroyed, since procreant marriage with all its attendant responsibilities is the foundation of bourgeois society. This is why its dissolution or misprision is a prerequisite for the revolutionary socialist state in which the pivotal loyalty of the individual belongs to the sovereign collective, not to the family. And this is why calling two men or two women in a union "marriage" has been serially championed by the left.

Marriage in its orthodox acceptation may be in some respects a flawed institution; nevertheless, it is imperative. It is, as I've argued, the basis of civilizational survival, just as the heterosexual union in whatever form it may assume guarantees the survival of the race. Gay "marriage," taken to its reductio ad absurdum, would terminate in the disappearance of the human race from the face of the Earth. In weakening the institution of marriage, gay people calling themselves spouses actually endorse the logic of species annihilation."


Friday, August 10, 2018


As you may have guessed, I was away on vacation with the family, though not for the full three weeks since the radio silence. I consider myself lucky that once again, we had a great time with lots of fun and exciting new sights and sounds. Summer vacation 2018 took me first solo to Bavaria where I climbed Germany's highest, the Zugspitze (2962m). I took the pic below on final approach.

I got there by way of the Reintalroute, which is the easiest one. Easiest one, not counting of course the ascent by cable car, haha. Indeed, the summit of the Zugspitze is a bit of a circus, with scores of tourists coming up without breaking a sweat, to then gobble down bratwurst in the eateries on top, spend their euros on silly tourist stuff in gift shops etc. To be sure, I took the cable car back down, because I figured that if I took the same way back I'd never make it to my hotel before midnight. Indeed, the day before I hiked from Garmisch-Partenkirchen via the Bockhuette and the Reintalangerhuette to the Knorrhuette (ca. 2,050m), where I stayed for the night. I had originally planned to then push right thru to the summit in the morning, take a few pics and get back the same way; but the trek from Knorrhuette to summit took me 4 hours, and it was around eleven when I finally got there. It wasn't doable to get back down to the Knorrhuette and all the way back from there to GP in the remaining daytime. So I took the easy way down. Even so, once at the bottom of the valley, near the Eibsee, I still had to hike an estimated 18 (?) kloms back to the hotel. Anyway... it was fun, exciting, tough at times, and above all beautiful Bavaria was gloriously baking in the sun with a magnificently blue canopy over it.

I hurried back to Belgovakia, did a couple of last minute chores I hadn't been able to finish, then packed the family in the good ole Outlaw Wagon which has carried us safe and sound to so many places, from Achill Island to Niedzica and from Geiranger to Lago Maggiore. And over Nuremberg we reached Prague. Now, Prague was a revelation and a shock. Can't remember if I ever saw so many palaces on so few square kloms. It was... breathtaking, and after only one day the family was in serious danger of Cultural Overkill. This is Saint Vitus Cathedral, the top attraction of Hradcany Palace, but my pitiful photo does not do right at all to the beauty and glory of Prague's Crown:

You will have to go see Prague yourself, and trust me, you won't regret it!

Then it was off via Brno and then through Slovakia to Poland's Tatra Mountains, more precisely Zakopane, where I had booked a mountain hut for a week.

Below the view from our cottage, Chata Stacha on Mount Gubawovka in Zakopane. The silhouette of the distinctive mountain you see there, the Giewont, can, with some imagination, be perceived as that of a sleeping guy, and indeed, Zakopanians refer to Giewont as 'the sleeping Knight'. 'Knight', cause the guy they have in mind is an ancient Polish King, Boleslaw the Brave.

I went up Giewont too. It's only 1894m, and it gives no problems from whatever direction you approach it. Only the last 100m or so pose a bit of a challenge, as the summit is a butte with steep sides you have to negotiate using chains fastened in the rock walls. After Giewont I hiked up the Kondracka Kopa (2005m), why not? It's just crossing the saddle between the two and then up about 250m over a decent path. Look at The Sleeping Knight's head (the part with the cloud plume is his breast, the indentation his throat, the summit his head), between it and the tree leaves to the right is the saddle and the featureless summit of Kondracka Kopa.

It was all over far too soon, and it's a damn pity time is as short in supply here as sane people, cause there's so much else I'd like to elaborate on - Cracow comes to mind. But alas. Anyway, on our last but one day we drove from Zakopane over Zywiec (famous for its beer) and Bielsko Biala to Karpacz, which like Zakopane is a bit of a mountain resort. Only thing is, the Tatras at Z-Town have alpine allures, while the mountains behind Karpacz are far lower and gentler, even though they are called the Giant Mountains. Highest among them is the Sniezka, the summit of which Poland shares with the Czech Republic. As it happens, the Sniezka, at 1,603 meters, is Czechia's highest. On the summit there's a postmodern conflagration of UFO like disks from the communist era:

And this is what the gentle mountains on both sides of the Czech/Slovak border look like:

I'm not a great photographer and I still got an old iPhone4, so these pics prolly don't excite wow feelings towards Central Europe, but trust me, the place is more than worth a decent vacation. So many things to see and do yet, but you won't hear me complainin' - it was oooookay.



Sunday, July 22, 2018


Check out Code 291 and find out that the World's First Feminist Government are the New Totalitarians.


Saturday, July 21, 2018


The Strumbellas with Spirits. From the 2016 album Hope.

Canadian weirdos, formed in Ontario in 2008. I don't have the foggiest idea what the lyrics are about but it's summer and it's a catchy tune.

Billy Joel's An Innocent Man. From the 1983 album with the same title.

Concept album paying homage to soul and doo-wop, which were popular when Joel was a teen and young adult. And he really is an innocent man. And decent.



Saturday, July 14, 2018


This may come as a shocker to some but I do like genuine French chansons. Julien Clerc with Utile. From the album Utile (1992).

Otherwise it's a leftist bozo.

Coldplay with The Scientist. Album A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002).

Cripes. Sixteen years ago already. These guys are getting old.

Slaap wel.


Friday, July 13, 2018


A video full of metaphors. Juncker drunk as a monkey symbolizing the current EU leadership. A twat dangling nonsensically from a rope, what better image to capture the essence of a Europe that has lost its footing?

Watch and weep. Meanwile, euroweenies are pounding themselves on the chest for bravely floating a Trump blimp over Westminster.

Impotent, senile, increasingly irrelevant Europe, I hate you.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018


President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom Kavanaugh once clerked.

That's a nice little family there. A relief from unwise latina women and bitches who would prefer to lower the age of consent to 12.

Via FOX News:

"Senate Democrats and liberal groups vowed to resist what could be a dramatic and long-lasting rightward shift on the Supreme Court.

Within seconds of Trump's announcement in the White House Monday night, the far-left political action committee Democracy for America called Kavanaugh, 53, a "reactionary ideologue" whose confirmation would "directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights."

And in a statement, the Women's March said ominously: "Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States."

"Stripping a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body is state violence," the group continued. "We cannot let this stand. We will raise our voices and take to the streets.""

"Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States."

Yeah right. Never mind 55 million perfectly healthy foetuses terminated by these bastards. Until last week I had never heard of Kavanaugh, but judging by the liberals' reaction he's got to be good. The following graph places Mr Kavanaugh ideologically right near Judge Clarence Thomas. If that turns out to be true, it's yet another promise on which the President makes good.

Sitting here in Belgistan, it's overcast and all along the horizon is a mottled grey cloudfront whereas until yesterday the sky was bright blue with not a speck in sight. I now suspect very much that change has got everything to do with liberal doom and gloom across the Pond. Good for them!

Personally I would have liked Amy Barrett better, but if RPG croaks, who knows? Bet I'll see lightning flashes then in them clouds.

And now let's hope Mr Kavanaugh gets nominated, but why wouldn't he? This POTUS is all about WINNING, which under the previous Prez had become a forgotten sport.


Saturday, July 07, 2018


Suede with Stay Together. Released as a single in 1994.

English alternative rock band around Brett Anderson, formed in London in 89. If you're able to stand his voice, they got some relatively good material (not too much, but Trash is OK too).

Manic Street Preachers with A Design for Life. From the 1996 album Everything Must Go.

Three Welsh lunatics - there were four, but Richey Edwards disappeared forever in 1995 - but at least with enough talent to produce around 10 moderately to great songs, and Motorcycle Emptiness is simply brilliant.

Slaap wel.



Last Tuesday evening, in the western French city of Nantes, a culture enricher with a criminal record you could warm a house with during winter was accidentally shot by a police officer.

And then all hell broke loose.

Three different quarters of Nantes erupted in violent riots:

Via PI-News:

"In der westfranzösischen Stadt Nantes ist es am Dienstagabend nach der Tötung eines schwerkriminellen „jungen Mannes“ (22), durch einen Polizisten in dienstgemäßem „Putativ-Notwehr-Exzess“ zu schweren Zusammenstößen und veritablen Bürgerkriegs-ähnlichen Exzessen gekommen. Nachdem sich das selbstverschuldete Ableben des „jungen Mannes“ im fast ausschließlich von Migranten bewohnten Prekär-Stadtteil Breil-Barberie gegen Abend wie ein Lauffeuer verbreitete, stürmten mit Molotowcocktails bewaffnete Jugendlichen die 300.000-Einwohner-Stadt Nantes. Der Zorn „zahlreicher Bewohner“ (Mainstreammedien) richtete sich gegen alles, was nicht niet- und nagelfest war."

Gist of the story: "In the Western French city of Nantes, on Tuesday evening, after a notorious 22-year old criminal was shot dead by a police officer, scenes reminiscent of a civil war played out. As the news of the "young man's" sought-after death spread like wildfire in the Breil-Barberie city district (heavily populated by migrants), scores of "youths" armed with molotov cocktails stormed the streets in the city of 300,000.

"Lokale Sicherheitskräfte rückten zunächst mit einem Großaufgebot an, um die aufkeimenden Krawalle zu ersticken. Binnen kurzer Zeit sei die Lage dann eskaliert: Randalierer hätten Brandsätze auf Polizisten geschleudert, dutzende Autos angezündet, Geschäfte geplündert und sogar ein Feuer in einem Einkaufszentrum gelegt. Die Sicherheitskräfte setzten zwar Tränengas ein, um die aufgebrachte Menge auseinander zu treiben, was sich bei dem aggressiven Migration-Mob als untauglich herausstellte. Die Unruhen betrafen mehrere als „Brennpunkte“ – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes – geltende Stadtteile."

Local security services tried to stem the tide. In a very short time the situation escalated: police were pelted, dozens of cars torched, businesses ransacked and even a shopping center was set alight...

"Der Staatsanwalt von Nantes, Pierre Sennès, beschrieb die Lage am späten Abend als „sehr unruhig und unübersichtlich“. Zur Verstärkung wurde eine Division weiterer Polizeikräfte aus Paris in den bretonischen Brennpunkt entsendet. Ein Bewohner von Nantes erklärte schockiert, er habe „Detonationen“ gehört: „Es hat überall gebrannt, sie waren dabei, alles kaputt zu machen.“"

The state prosecutor for Nantes, Pierre Sennès, described the situation in the evening as "very unruly and confusing". Police reinforcements from paris were called in. An inhabitant declared, visibly shocked, that he had heard "detonations": "it was burning everywhere, they tried to destroy everything".

"Zuvor war „ein junger Mann“ wegen einer Ordnungswidrigkeit bei einer Fahrzeugkontrolle gestoppt worden. Bei der Kontrolle habe er „so getan, als wolle er aus dem Fahrzeug aussteigen“, und sei dann „gegen einen Polizeibeamten gefahren“, sagte der örtliche Polizeidirektor Jean-Christophe Bertrand: „Wir haben ihn ruhig gebeten, den Motor abzustellen, auszusteigen und mit den Polizisten auf die Wache zu fahren“, schildert Bertrand den unkontrollierten Ablauf der Kontrolle."

Before a "young man" [Abu Bakr Fofana - MFBB] had been stopped during a traffic control. He swerved away with his car [under surveillance no less in a narcotics case! - MFBB] in such a way that a police officer was wounded. Local Police Chief Jean)-Christophe Bertrand stated that he was asked calmly to stop the engine, get out of the car, and accompany the police to the local precinct.

„Es hat gedauert, bis wir die Identität des Mannes klären konnten. Gegen 5:30 Uhr heute Morgen wussten wir, dass er der Polizei bekannt war“, erklärte die Polizei-Präfektin des Departements. Der 22-jährige Multikriminelle stammt aus Garges-les-Gonesse (Val d’Oise) und wurde laut Staatsanwaltschaft seit Juni 2017 per Haftbefehl gesucht. Ihm wurde unter anderem bandenmäßiger Diebstahl und Hehlerei vorgeworfen. Nun auch ein Mordversuch an einem Polizisten."

By 5:30 on Wednesday morning it became clear that the dead youngster was actually an acquaintance of the police. The 22-year old from Garges-les-Gonesse (Val d'Oise) was being sought after since June 2017 for organized theft and selling of stolen goods.

On his blog, Thomas Joly reports that scores of new Frenchmen and -women took to the streets after the riots to "demand justice for Fofana":

Which is a howler of cosmic proportions really, considering that at age 22 young Fofana was already a seasoned criminal.

After three days of riots, François de Rugy, who is Chairman of the Assemblée National (the lower chamber of French Parliament), tried to enter the Breil quartier in Nantes in order to reach out to the New Frenchmen and Frenchwomen and feel their pain, but his car was encircled by an angry mob and forced out, François Desouche reports. In the United States, this would mean that Speaker Paul Ryan would try to get into, dunno, St Louis or Baltimore after a serious riot to sob for the Trayvon Martin du jour and they had felt compelled to set the city center ablaze to calm their nerves, but that Paul would get the cold shoulder treatment.

So Paul Ryan's colleague is forced out of Breil/Nantes, it is time to wonder where Boy Macron is in all of this? Well, when Nantes was in flames he was partying in a nightclub in Lagos, Nigeria, to "celebrate African creativity":

Speaking of African creativity, in an amazing display of said quality the protestors decided to torch a school also:

More examples of African/muslim creativity at work:

If you import the Third World, you become the Third World.

There is one bright spot however: the personal vehicle of the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland (Parti Socialiste, but I suspect you suspected that already) was torched too:

Johanna Rolland, staunch champion of all things multicultural as long as it has nothing to do with Chateau Petrus, the Panthéon, Honoré de Balzac and Gustave Flaubert, Amiens Cathedral, the works of Molière, the Bayeux tapestry or gruyère cheese, to name but a few, is a great friend of her muslim co-citoyens. So much so that in 2015 she rushed to their defense when some "islamophobic" tags were discovered on the Al mohsinine mosque in Nantes:

At the time, Rolland shared her indignation with this outrageous act of vandalism via Twitter:

Good to know the lady has her priorities straight.

This was Outlaw Mike reporting from Europe, the Solar System's biggest Open Air Lunatic Asylum.