Sunday, May 24, 2015


We all know - or we all should know - that Hillary Clinton's eulogy for the fallen at the Benghazi US Embassy attack was as fake as Heidi Montag's boobs.

Not only that, she was LYING when she attributed the attack on the video 'Innocence of Muslims', made by Nakoulah Basseley Nakoulah. This is what she said to the father of NAVY Seal Tyrone Woods:

Speaking to the “Lars Larson Show,” father of Seal Tyrone Woods — who died defending the consulate and Benghazi — told about his experience of meeting the President and Secretary Clinton at the memorial service for the fallen a few days after the attack. Charles Woods said that the President “couldn’t look me in the eye” and “mumbled” an “I’m sorry” but that it didn’t seem “genuine”. He said the same of Secretary Clinton and that Clinton assured him that they were going to “arrest and prosecute” the man that made the scapegoated youtube video critical of Islam.

As a result, Mr. Bassely got indeed arrested - a crime in itself.

Now, with the publication of the carefully selected emails she deemed good enough to fool the Great Unwashed that she was bona fide with her email server, some other unsavoury facet of Hillary Clinton's fauxlogy has become public. Madam Clinton must have overlooked that.

This is what she writes in her "memoir" Hard Choices on Ambassador Chris Stevens regarding the immediate aftermath of the embassy attack:

"My thoughts immediately went to Chris. I had personally asked him to take on the assignment of Ambassador to Libya, and I shuddered to think that he and our other people on the ground were now in danger."

And this is the ugly truth about all the Chris here, Chris there buddy talk. Via Lachlan Markay's twitter account:

 photo email_chris_stevens_zpsdp2hcio3.jpg

Chris Smith huh? Funny, all the chummy talk gave me the impression they'd been together since kindergarten.

What a pathologically dishonest BITCH. Should have called her "memoir" Lie Hard.

Any American out there willing to vote for this monster with an endless trail of dead bodies behind her - you've got to be INSANE.


Saturday, May 23, 2015


Soft Cell with Tears Run Rings. Early eighties synthpop band around Marc Almond and Dave Ball. IIRC Soft Cell comes from a furry cocoon-like two-person sofa they used to perform in. Were pretty ghey you know. Not that I care.

Catchy tune, but forgive ole Outlaw the terribly wrong video. Eighties ya know.

TAFKAP with Dinner with Delores. Only hit drawn from the 1996 album Chaos and Disorder.

If you missed the extinction of the Dinosaurs, 65 million years ago today, then you prolly don't know TAFKAP stands for The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Slaap wel.


Friday, May 22, 2015


As much as I loathe so many bigwig GOP figureheads who pledge adherence to real conservatism just before elections, then snub their constituencies after, it's clear that even so, a GOP-controlled Congress is a step in the right direction.

One of the things that you believe when you call yourself a Conservative - that you should believe - is that Man is Unique. And that it is his God-given right to make use, to the fullest extent, of the riches of the Earth.

Of course, we should do so wisely. Not only because ruining our habitat would endanger our species, but also out of respect for the wonder that our planet is.

It follows naturally that, as Humanity advances through the ages, our ever enhancing technology compels us to not limit ourselves to this World (no matter how Unique it is itself) and reach for the stars.

Naturally, we should forever cherish Earth as "the place where it all began". But our Destiny is Out There and just like discovering the New World 500 years ago led to Humanity making great strides forward, discovering New Worlds in Outer Space will lead to our species' Next Grandiose Phase. Unrivalled development of technology, unimaginable riches in natural resources, colossal trade volumes, the understanding of hitherto mysterious physical phenomena, and possibly the evolution of the Human Mind towards as yet unfathomable capabilities (mastery of mind over matter, telepathy) may literally lay just over the horizon.

The Left does not see it that way. These wretched creatures want us to stay on this planet and resort to pitiful navel-staring. They have abandoned God and Christianity's vision of Humans as utterly unique beings. The Christian Scripture cites God who, while blessing the first humans, tells them to "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

By contrast, leftists have created their own God, the State, and replaced Christian and other religions with their own one, essentially a pagan belief that worships "Gaia" and which makes Man subordinate to Earth. Where Christians are told to "increase in number" - a quintessentially optimistic, hopeful vision - leftists want the exact opposite: they want us to decrease in number. Mainstream leftism has thus far refrained from openly calling for a deliberate reduction of the Earth's population, but the idea certainly lives in their circles. It pops up now and then, sometimes rather explicitly, and has historically had strong advocates among the feminist (Margaret Sanger) and environmentalist (Rachel Carson, Paul Ehrlich) branches of the Leftist Tree. A hint of what these people have in store for humanity was given when rich leftist lunatics erected the so-called Georgia Guidestones and inscribed in them the chilling message "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature". Given the fact that the most horrible mass murders in history originated from leftist ideologies (70 million dead in Communist China, at least 30 million dead in the USSR, 6 million dead Jews under National Socialism, between 1.5 and 3 million dead by the Khmer Rouge), sensible humans should have every reason to dread the means by which the fine specimen of our Moral Betters who are responsible for that ugly "monument" in Elbert County, Georgia, want to "maintain humanity under 500,000,000". Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a Greenpeace offshoot, once famously said that earthworms are more important than people. Thank God that this lunatic does not hold his finger on the trigger of some doomsday device that would finish nine tenths of the world's population - but by no means do not make the mistake that he's an isolated leftist loony.

 photo GeorgiaGuidestones_zpshcxok7sx.jpg

We rightwingers think differently. We do see that the Earth's population increases and as such becomes a heavy burden for the planet's resources. We contend however that if more countries had embraced capitalism, general prosperity levels would be much higher than they are today, and as such the population growth would definitely have been much slower. How ironic is it that the main reason for people staying poor in developing countries, and thus having so many children, is because their leadership embraced socialist policies! Post WWII Thailand and Tanzania had comparable levels of prosperity and population growth rates. Tanzania most definitely adopted some form of afrosocialism, best exemplified by their disastrous 'ujamaa' project. Thailand by and large chose for a more capitalist approach. Today, Thailand's population grows at about a quarter of the speed of Tanzania's!

At the same time we know that God was only joking when He said that we should fill merely "the earth". Or if he did not joke, that the unimaginative bloke who translated His Words omitted the 's' at the back end of 'earth'. Indeed, why shouldn't we fill countless other Earths???

At some point a surplus population must and will leave Earth. 150 years ago a substantial portion of Irish left Eire because it could no longer sustain them, and settled in the United States to ultimately flourish to such an extent, that they now outnumber several times those who stayed on the emerald island. In the same manner, at some point in the future a substantial portion of humans will leave Earth bound for other planets, and as time goes by they will one day outnumber those left on the Mother Planet. Irish in the States celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. In times to come, those humans on faraway colonized planets who can trace their ancestry back to a country called the United States of America will perhaps still celebrate the 4th of July.

This is why it's a crying shame that a man like Charles Bolden is still NASA Administrator. A couple of years back, Bolden made an immortal fool of himself when he stated that henceforth NASA's core mission should be an "outreach to the muslim world":

It's been five years since Bolden's NASA Muslim Outreach Program got kickstarted, and imho the results obtained thus far do not exactly warrant continuing the program:

 photo ISIS-NASA_Muslim_Outreach_Iraq_zpspxjyc5ac.jpg

Probably even Bolden realizes this, which is why, being his Master in the White House's sock puppet, these days he argues for a 2 billion dollar NASA budget for "earth science" instead. We all know what that means: Global Warming studies. You see, Obama having identified the Rise of the Oceans as THE challenge facing America, what better use of NASA satellites than to map the enemy's advance from orbit?

Well, here I come back to my intro with there being some use for republican lawmakers in control of the House, since even despite being jelly-spined, their marginally higher common sense at least thwarted Obama's and Bolden's budget plans. American Thinker's Christopher Carson reports:

"Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee voted for a significant change in NASA's priorities. Instead of the nearly 2 billion dollars requested by President Obama for "earth science" (read: global warming studies), the Republican House cut funding down to $1.68 billion, a merciful change in the right direction and enough to incur the ire of both the administration and Democratic critics like Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who blasted the bill. (Mikulski claimed without evidence that global warming is damaging Maryland's Chesapeake Bay).

The House Committee also helpfully bumped up funding for planetary exploration at the expense of "climate change" studies. With a total NASA budget of $18.5 billion, NASA has been ordered to spend $4.76 billion next year on exploring the planets, a huge increase from the current level of $4.36 billion. What's special about this increase is that the Committee's budget is ordering NASA to go to Europa by 2022.

Europa is a moon of Jupiter that's covered in ice but has a massive, liquid-water ocean underneath its frozen surface, kept warm by radiation from the moon's inner core. When betting on extraterrestrial life in our own solar system, Europa is near the top of the hand, because on Earth, wherever you find liquid water, you find life. In theory, a mission to Europa could detect signatures of subsurface life and pave the way for a future lander that could melt through the surface layer and "swim" underneath in the ocean. The good news is that the Committee has directed NASA to launch its Europa Clipper mission within seven years with the new SLS launch system.

Congress has also prescribed a separate "Ocean Worlds Exploration Program" to "discover life" in the moons of Saturn – namely, Titan and Enceladus. Titan has a methane atmosphere and lakes, which might be conducive to life of some kind, and Enceladus has water vapor plumes that shoot out from the moon's poles from a Europa-like subsurface ocean. Basically, this new initiative would allow NASA to plan out future missions to the Saturnian system but would not yet authorize a new mission per se.

The search for extra-solar planets also gets a needed boost next year, with new funding for the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) to directly photograph exoplanets circling other stars. The telescope could detect signatures in these planets' atmospheres that might mean that life is present on their surfaces.

This bolder direction toward exploration and away from gazing at the Earth itself from orbit caught some surprising flack from the NASA administrator himself, Charles Bolden, who exclaimed that "the House proposal would seriously reduce our Earth science program and threaten to set back generations [sic] worth of progress in better understanding our changing climate. … [T]his would affect our ability to prepare for and respond to earthquakes, droughts, and storm events." How anyone could ever predict an earthquake, let alone from near-Earth orbit, was left unsaid.

Ultimately, the Democratic Party's current obsession with "climate change" stems from its lack of imagination, lack of adventure, and lack of vision. In 1962, JFK gave a stirring address in which he spoke of mankind's destiny in space: "We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard." To this administration and its allies in Congress, the call seems to be closer to "we choose to stare at the Earth from orbit and to wish away the pause in global warming, not because it is hard, but because it is easy."


This is where we should be headed first: Mars. We should be there by 2030.

 photo Mars_Base_zpsnkgvl6js.jpg

And no lame, abject failure of a NASA Administrator and Obama acolyte, who revealed more of his inner convictions than he probably wanted to by naming his firstborn son "Che", should stand in the way.

And beyond that?

 photo milkyway_zps0gvekjgq.jpg

Who will tell? Let us boldly go where no man has gone before!

Leave it to the likes of Charles Bolden to boldenly stay where we all have been since time immemorial.


Sunday, May 17, 2015


From the Stop The World, I want to get off it Department. VDare reports:

News from the world’s most advanced multicultural dictatorship.

When the Islamic State terrorists are ready to retire from beheading, crucifying and burning innocent human beings, they will now enjoy a nice benefits package in Stockholm, Sweden, that includes free housing, health care and financial support.

In fact, Sweden’s own soldiers don’t even get the same benefits.

And some officials are suggesting the law-abiding population pay for the services so ISIS fighters can reintegrate into society.

A program to help ISIS fighters rejoin society is already in place in Sweden’s Örebro Municipality, where jihadists can obtain “psychological help to overcome traumatic experiences they may have suffered while fighting in Iraq and Syria,” according to Business Insider Australia.

 photo sotloff_zps1v7b2x2l.jpg

Thank goodness: a Swedish government programme is now in place to offer the poor black-clad ISIS grunt to the right psychological counseling, health care, free housing etc. And a job, don't forget the job!!! Marie Harf would be proud!!!

The Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that councilor Rasmus Persson advocates offering terrorists jobs so they don’t feel alienated. Stockholm has released a document outlining its “strategy against violent extremism.”

Persson told the news program Tvärsnytt, “We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back, and to prevent them from returning to the fighting, and that they should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through.”

Now the idea is spreading to other parts of the country. Sweden’s official coordinator against violent extremism, Mona Sahlin – a former leader of the Social Democrat Party – advocated using taxpayer funds to pay for the services.

Still, you can’t argue with results. Surely such generosity has at least reconciled “Swedish” Muslims to Western society.

In February, Sweden’s resident expert on “Islamophobia,” a Swedish convert to Islam, joined the jihadist ranks and is now fighting with ISIS.

In November 2014, the Swedish government estimated between 250 and 300 of its citizens have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

Just two months ago, Sweden’s national job agency fired all of its own contracted “immigrant resettlement assistants” because they were recruiting fighters for ISIS.


Keep in mind, these kinds of exercises in pathological self-hatred are still not keeping people from calling Sweden a “racist” country.

Mona Sahlin, Mona Sahlin?

Oh yes, I remember! Had a story featuring her once, in 2010 that was.

 photo monasahlin_zpsbwkgrudj.jpg

A couple of other priceless money quotes from Mona Sahlin:

* On October 22, 2000, she explained to Göteborgs-Posten newspaper, that if two people are equally qualified for a job in an enterprise with few immigrants, "the one who is called Muhammad should get the job. It should be counted as a merit to have another background than Swedish."

* She has never hidden the fact that she wants Sweden to become less Swedish and more multicultural. In 2001, she said in a radio interview that, "the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back."

Now that we are at it, it doesn't surprise me in the least that Sweden's gonna pamper them poor returning PTSD-ridden ISIS bravehearts. What else can you expect from a two meter long blonde blue eyed Minister of the Interior Ardalan Shekarabi?

Oooooooh I'm being so RACIST again!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2015


Foo Fighters with Big Me.

From their 1996 debut album Foo Fighters.

It had to happen one day. Iggy Pop with Lust for Life. Dates from 1977.

James Newell Osterberg jr. aka Iggy Pop because of a band called The Iguanas he played in when in High School. Man can't keep his shirt on, and these days it's really become an embarrassment.

Goede nacht.


Friday, May 15, 2015


At first I thought this was a Flying Pig moment: The Guardian admitting sea ice around Antarctica being at a record high:

 photo Guardian_flyingPig_moment_zpsnqhb0lnd.jpg

"Sea ice around Antarctica is currently at record levels for May, part of a trend of increasing ice around the frozen continent making it harder to resupply and refuel research stations.

More than 50 scientists are gathering in Hobart in Tasmania this week for a series of workshops on techniques to more accurately forecast sea ice levels in the polar region, aiming to save millions of dollars in shipping costs.

They will also hope to avoid a repeat of the problems suffered by the Akademik Shokalskiy, the research vessel caught in a sudden freeze in December 2013.

Rod Wooding, from the Australian Antarctic Division, said last year ships “couldn’t get anywhere near” the Australian research site, Mawson station, requiring a year’s worth of supplies and fuel to be flown in by helicopter.

“[That] is inadequate for the long-term sustainability of the station,” Wooding said. “Other national programs have had similar problems, the French in particular, the Japanese also....”

Alas for me however, and luckily for The Graudian, Tony Worby was on hand with a bulletproof explanation:

"...Scientists were initially puzzled by the increasing sea ice around the continent, which reached record levels in September 2014, but have concluded it is “very largely driven by changes in wind”, Tony Worby, the chief executive of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre said.

“Those changes of wind are driven by the depletion of ozone in the stratosphere and the increasing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.”

The El Nino phenomenon, too, “drives changes in pressure which drives changes in wind which drives changes in sea ice”, he said.

Antarctica is also surrounded by ocean, leaving sea ice “completely free to expand however it wants to”, in contrast to the Arctic region, which is landlocked by Russia, Greenland and northern Canada...."

It's them nasty changes of wind caused by greenhouse gases!!!!!!!!!!! Who would have thunk it???

Dream on people, dream on....


Thursday, May 14, 2015


As Christianity is now the most persecuted religion on the planet and Christian churches are disappearing at an alarming rate all over the muslim world, our moral betters are tripping over their feet to grant cheap ground and loans to muslim committees dedicated to building mosques. A project among thousands, via François Desouche:

"As Dalil Boubakeur, Chairman of the French Council of the muslim cult, calls for doubling the number of mosques in France within two years, certain projects are already well addvanced. At Chevilly-Larue, a building of 1,180 square metres with large windows in oriental style, takes form smack in the middle of the Brittany neighborhood.


The Association of muslims of Chevilly-Larue [a town of 20,000 near Paris, in the Val de Marne Département; MFBB], or AMC, has criscrossed France, The Netherlands, Belgium and even Sweden to collect money for the project. "We have already spent between 1.2 and 1.4 million EUR on the project", says AMC's Chairman, who does not disclose the estimated total cost of the mosque.

The ground floor offers space for 800 men, the first floor is planned for 600 women. Four study halls (for school support, arab lessons, civil codes, and the koran) as well as a conference hall are also planned. "The goal is to invite non-muslims too for cultural events"."

 photo chevilly_larue_mosque_zps9gdleotg.jpg

As time goes by, I am beginning to find it near impossible to fathom why all over Europe our politicians, basically from all stripes, and all the way down from the top national level to town selectmen in small localities, are so hellbent - what else can you call it - to facilitate the installment of islam in our countries. The scale of the building projects, the express inclusion of facilities to help spread the muslim message - clearly elevating the mosques from being "merely" places of worship to cultural centers intended to safeguard and reinforce the muslim "way of life" - all point to a gargantuan scheme of cultural invasion. This is a movement that seeks to DOMINATE.

Two thousand years ago, the Romans conquered Gaul, which encompassed much of today's France. They enforced their culture manu militari, and no indigenous forces could stop the Roman juggernaut. In many places the locals simply submitted, realizing it was better to yield than to be destroyed.

Now, when you have offered the token resistance to save some military honor, there is actually little shame in surrendering to an obviously vastly superior culture which holds the promise - a promise on which the Romans more than delivered - of a better life under its aegis, as measured by countless parameters including some kind of rule of law, better infrastructure, superior education, vastly improved food production and so on. So much better became life for the ordinary European, from Hispania to Armenia Major and from Britannia to Cyrenaica, that the phrase Pax Romana, a period of at least two centuries of peace and prosperity in the Empire's realm unseen until then in human history, has lost nothing of its luster since it was first coined in 55AD by Seneca the Younger, a Roman philosopher and statesman.

It is another thing entirely when it's the other way round - when a superior culture surrenders to a "culture" of followers of an illiterate, treacherous, murderous child rapist.

The "culture" of islam has nothing to offer to us but blood, sweat and tears, without holding the prospect of at least reaping the rewards of the suffering. Islam can give Europe, and by extension the entire planet, only backwardness in a myriad domains, genetic deficiencies, sluggish finances, unjust punishments, destruction of vast cultural treasures, moribund economies, loss of freedom, and ultimately the stifling of what I would label "The Human Momentum". Humanity's advance throughout the ages, spearheaded by technological innovation, will gradually come to a screeching halt. Muslims are no technological innovators, far from. The best and brightest among them can grasp some of the underlying science and use that knowledge to simply use the technology and/or make bad copies. How ironic it is that the most visible exponent of the worldwide muslim 'Renaissance', ISIS, has to rely on western weapons, for they can't produce their own. That for their PR they have to engage blokes raised in London or Paris who, when among the infidels, learned the craft of making flashy videos, for the desert rats among them are capable only of making bad quality snuff movies.

It is actually heartrendering - I mean totally, completely HEARTRENDERING - when in an age where we should actually be able to expect Man to set foot on Mars in the very near future, where nanotechnology holds the promise of making passenger jets with 2 per cent of the material currently used, where widespread use of robotics in the medical/surgical field is becoming a fact, the muslim cavalry with its "centers of learning" in their plethora of new mosques, where pupils will learn NOTHING but the ramblings of a syphilis-ridden murderer, is just around the horizon.

Can you imagine the Roman Empire, with its advanced road networks, superior agricultural production techniques, refined literature, superb armies, and grandiose urbanism, laying down its collective head for a culture of barbarians who live in smoky thatched huts, still rely on merely hunting and fishing for food, and slit each other's throats for no reason in the blink of an eye?

You can't imagine that?

Look at Europe then.

It's happening right under your nose.


Monday, May 11, 2015


Too goddam tired to make this a decent post, but just enough so that you know that over the weekend, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Hasselt, in Belgium's eastern province of Limburg, to address an enthusiastic crowd of 25,000 Turks in the Ethias Halls.

The purpose of this visit? According to our lamestream media, "to garner votes for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Turkey".

And that was all HUNKY DORY according to De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Het Belang van Limburg et al...

Upon learning of this visit, I had a feeling of, WHAT THE F*CK????

For years I have known that Belgians of Moroccan origin are still considered by Morocco as being Moroccan citizens. This goes so far that Morocco even issues lists with approved names to be given to newborns, lists which many a Belgian town has accepted and applied when registering babies, "because it made their work easier".

But that Belgians of Turkish origin are still considered as Turkish citizens was new to me. And I was actually flabbergasted to learn that they are still able to vote for politicians in Turkey. I mean, WTF??? What kind of a travesty does this make of "integration"???

Look, just LOOK, at those flags, at those frenzied crowds:

 photo erdogan1_zps32buibag.jpg

 photo erdogan2_zpsgyi1uy0j.jpg

 photo erdogan3_foto_raymond_lemmens_zpsazwj9edc.jpg

 photo erdogan4_foto_raymond_lemmens_zpszat1je8b.jpg

Belgians? MY ASS. A fifth column, and out in the open.

I sincerely HOPE that one day we will be able to make the bastards who opened our borders for these deranged islamic fanatics PAY. And pay DEARLY.

Too tired, too angry to write more, to flesh it out, to give it some substance.


Were I to immigrate to another country...

... that would most likely be a decision based on rational grounds, and backed up by the intellectual honesty to reward that country with my loyalty, to offer my best services, to be a model citizen.

It's not that I would forget the motherland, my culture, where I came from, what dishes I like.

But first and foremost, once I would have taken the step to go to that other country, I would do my damnedest best to be a loyal subject.

Now look at those asshats in the photos above.

What do you think these traitors consider themselves first and foremost?


Or Turks?

To ask the question is to answer it.


Sunday, May 10, 2015


Where would the Right be without Mark Steyn? Even being sick he manages to propel a hell of a column onto the web which puts to shame not only the usual suspects from the left and PEN cowards, but also queasy would be rightwingers à la Bill O'Reilly. Sorry Bill, but Freedom of Speech is non-negotiable.

"I'll have more to say about the elections in the days ahead, but for now let me offer a whole-hearted good riddance to Ed Miliband, the now departed Labour leader who, in a desperate last-minute pander, offered to "outlaw Islamophobia". That was the British political establishment's contribution to a rough couple of weeks for free speech, culminating in the attempted mass murder in Garland, Texas.

That's what it was, by the way - although you might have difficulty telling that from the news coverage. The Washington Post offered the celebrated headline "Event Organizer Offers No Apology After Thwarted Attack In Texas", while the Associated Press went with "Pamela Geller says she has no regrets about Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that ended in 2 deaths". The media "narrative" of the last week is that some Zionist temptress was walking down the street in Garland in a too short skirt and hoisted it to reveal her Mohammed thong - oops, my apologies, her Prophet Mohammed thong (PBUH) - and thereby inflamed two otherwise law-abiding ISIS supporters peacefully minding their own business.

It'll be a long time before you see "Washington Post Offers No Apology for Attacking Target of Thwarted Attack" or "AP Says It Has No Regrets After Blaming The Victim". The respectable class in the American media share the same goal as the Islamic fanatics: They want to silence Pam Geller. To be sure, they have a mild disagreement about the means to that end - although even then you get the feeling, as with Garry Trudeau and those dozens of PEN novelists' reaction to Charlie Hebdo, that the "narrative" wouldn't change very much if the jihad boys had got luckier and Pam, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer and a dozen others were all piled up in the Garland morgue.

 photo MohammedtheFalseProphet_zpsgbxqnmwj.jpg

If the American press were not so lazy and parochial, they would understand that this was the third Islamic attack on free speech this year - first, Charlie Hebdo in Paris; second, the Lars Vilks event in Copenhagen; and now Texas. The difference in the corpse count is easily explained by a look at the video of the Paris gunmen, or the bullet holes they put in the police car. The French and Texan attackers supposedly had the same kind of weapons, although one should always treat American media reports with a high degree of skepticism when it comes to early identification of "assault weapons" and "AK47s". Nonetheless, from this reconstruction, it seems clear that the key distinction between the two attacks is that in Paris they knew how to use their guns and in Garland they didn't. So a very cool 60-year-old local cop with nothing but his service pistol advanced under fire and took down two guys whose heavier firepower managed only to put a bullet in an unarmed security guard's foot.

The Charlie Hebdo killers had received effective training overseas - as thousands of ISIS recruits with western passports are getting right now. What if the Garland gunmen had been as good as the Paris gunmen? Surely that would be a more interesting question for the somnolent American media than whether some lippy Jewess was asking for it.

As for the free-speech issues, some of us have been around this question for a long time. I wrote a whole book about it: Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West - well worth a read, and I'm happy to autograph it for you. On page 123 I write about Jyllands Posten and the original Motoons:

*The twelve cartoonists are now in hiding. According to the chairman of the Danish Liberal Party, a group of Muslim men showed up at a local school looking for the daughter of one of the artists.

*When that racket starts, no cartoonist or publisher or editor should have to stand alone. The minute there were multimillion-dollar bounties on those cartoonists' heads, The Times of London and Le Monde and The Washington Post and all the rest should have said, "This Thursday we're all publishing the cartoons. If you want to put bounties on all our heads, you'd better have a great credit line at the Bank of Jihad. If you want to kill us, you'll have to kill us all..."

*But it didn't happen.

The only two magazines to stand in solidarity with the Danish cartoonists and republish the Motoons were Charlie Hebdo in Paris and my own magazine in Canada, Ezra Levant's Western Standard. Ezra wound up getting hauled up by some dimestore imam before the ignorant and thuggish Alberta "Human Rights" Commission whose leisurely money-no-object "investigation" consumed years of his life and all his savings. But he was more fortunate than our comrades at Charlie Hebdo: He's still alive.

In Copenhagen, in Paris, in Garland, what's more important than the cartoons and the attacks is the reaction of all the polite, respectable people in society, which for a decade now has told those who do not accept the messy, fractious liberties of free peoples that we don't really believe in them, either, and we're happy to give them up - quietly, furtively, incrementally, remorselessly - in hopes of a quiet life. Because a small Danish newspaper found itself abandoned and alone, Charlie Hebdo jumped in to support them. Because the Charlie Hebdo artists and writers died abandoned and alone, Pamela Geller jumped in to support them. By refusing to share the risk, we are increasing the risk. It's not Pamela Geller who emboldens Islamic fanatics, it's all the nice types - the ones Salman Rushdie calls the But Brigade. You've heard them a zillion times this last week: "Of course, I'm personally, passionately, absolutely committed to free speech. But..."

And the minute you hear the "but", none of the build-up to it matters. A couple of days before Garland, Canadian Liberal MP (and former Justice Minister) Irwin Cotler announced his plan to restore Section 13 - the "hate speech" law under which Maclean's and I were dragged before the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission and which, as a result of my case, was repealed by the Parliament of Canada. At the time Mr Cotler was fairly torn on the issue. We talked about it briefly at a free-speech event in Ottawa at which he chanced to be present, and he made vaguely supportive murmurings - as he did when we ran into each other a couple of years later in Boston. Mr Cotler is Jewish and, even as European "hate" laws prove utterly useless against the metastasizing open Jew-hate on the Continent, he thinks we should give 'em one more try. He's more sophisticated than your average But boy, so he uses a three-syllable word:

*"Freedom of expression is the lifeblood of democracy," said Cotler, who was minister of justice under Paul Martin.


Free speech is necessary to free society for all the stuff after the "but", after the "however". There's no fine line between "free speech" and "hate speech": Free speech is hate speech; it's for the speech you hate - and for all your speech that the other guy hates. If you don't have free speech, then you can't have an honest discussion. All you can do is what those stunted moronic boobs in Paris and Copenhagen and Garland did: grab a gun and open fire. What Miliband and Cotler propose will, if enacted, reduce us all to the level of the inarticulate halfwits who think the only dispositive argument is "Allahu Akbar".

Alas, we have raised a generation of But boys. Ever since those ridiculous Washington Post and AP headlines, I've been thinking about the fellows who write and sub-edit and headline and approve such things - and never see the problem with it. Why would they? If you're under a certain age, you accept instinctively that free speech is subordinate to other considerations: If you've been raised in the "safe space" of American universities, you take it as read that on gays and climate change and transgendered bathrooms and all kinds of other issues it's perfectly normal to eliminate free speech and demand only the party line. So what's the big deal about letting Muslims cut themselves in on a little of that action?

Why would you expect people who see nothing wrong with destroying a mom'n'pop bakery over its antipathy to gay wedding cakes to have any philosophical commitment to diversity of opinion? And once you no longer have any philosophical commitment to it it's easy to see it the way Miliband and Cotler do - as a rusty cog in the societal machinery that can be shaved and sliced millimeter by millimeter.

Do what the parochial hacks of the US media didn't bother to do, and look at the winning entry in Pam Geller's competition, which appears at the top of this page. It's by Bosch Fawstin, an Eisner Award-winning cartoonist and an ex-Muslim of Albanian stock. Like many of the Danish and French cartoons, it's less about Mohammed than about the prohibition against drawing Mohammed - and the willingness of a small number of Muslims to murder those who do, and a far larger number of Muslims both enthusiastic and quiescent to support those who kill. Mr Fawstin understands the remorseless logic of one-way multiculturalism - that it leads to the de facto universal acceptance of Islamic law. All that "Prophet Mohammed" stuff, now routine even on Fox News. He's not my prophet, he's just some dead bloke. But the formulation is now mysteriously standard in western media. Try it the other way round: "Isis News Network, from our Libyan correspondent: Warriors of the Caliphate today announced record attendance numbers for the mass beheading of followers of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..."

On Fox the other day, Bill O'Reilly was hopelessly confused about this issue. He seems to think that Pam Geller's cartoon competitions will lessen the likelihood of moderate Muslims joining us in the fight against ISIS. Putting aside the fact that there is no fight against ISIS, and insofar as the many Muslim countries in the vast swollen non-existent "60-nation coalition" are going to rouse themselves to join the fight it will be because the Saudi and Jordanian monarchies and the Egyptian military understand it as an existential threat to them, put aside all that and understand that Islamic imperialism has a good-cop-bad-cop game - or hard jihad, soft jihad. The hard jihad is fought via bombings and beheadings and burnings over barren bits of desert and jungle and cave country in the Middle East, Africa and the Hindu Kush. The soft jihad is a suppler enemy fighting for rather more valuable real estate in Europe, Australia and North America, so it uses western shibboleths of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" to enfeeble those societies. And it does so very effectively - so that when a British soldier is hacked to death on a London street in broad daylight, you can't really quite articulate what's wrong with it; or that, upon the death of the ugly king of a state where Christianity is prohibited, the Christian ministers of Westminster Abbey mourn his passing; or that, when Australians are held siege in a Sydney coffee shop, the reflexive response of progressive persons is to launch a social-media campaign offering to battle Islamophobia by helping Muslims get to work; or that, when violent Muslims stage their first explicit anti-free-speech attack on American soil, everyone thinks the mouthy free-speech broad is the problem. This soft jihad goes on every day of the week, and Bill O'Reilly doesn't even seem to be aware that it exists..."

Spot on Mark.

As a sidenote, or actually not, I recall that when I was a student in Ghent in the late eighties, Pope John Paul II came to Belgium and all over Ghent you could see those pink posters behind windows of student homes.

Posters with a bare butt on it, and a trumpet stuck in the anus. The caption read: "Welcoming concert for the Pope".

And who can forget that cunt Sinead O'Connor tearing up a picture of, again, Pope John Paul II, while exclaiming "Fight the Real Enemy":

Apparently there were no Garry Trudeaus around to sympathize with the hurt feelings of Christians in general and Catholics in particular all around the world.

But then those students and Sinead Fucking O'Connor knew in the back and front of their minds, indeed, in every cavity and nook of them, that they could do their blasphemy of the Christian faith WITH IMPUNITY. They knew there was NO chance some christian zealot would chop their heads off or blow their brains out.

And that is fine with me! I am a Christian myself, although admitted, not a very good one (though I try). And people are FREE to mock my faith. They have a right to do so. I don't care, and I go my own way while thinking "the deed is the punishment".

Anyway, let's see the sliver lining in the Garland shooting cloud:

 photo nadir_soofi_elton_simpson_zpsamz9asbx.jpg

Good riddance.

Have fun with your 144 virgins assholes. I hope they are all transgenders with syphilis and halitosis.


Saturday, May 09, 2015


You may have heard about the six PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) members declining to attend a gala where the yearly PEN Award for Freedom of Expression Courage was handed to Charlie Hebdo's editor-in-chief, Gerard Biard, and a cartoonist who coincidentally missed the Kouachi Bros. a couple of months back by showing up late. Said event took place in Manhattan's Museum for Natural History - not that that matters.

This is what one of the six, a mr. Carey, emailed as an excuse, stating that the award "stepped beyond the group’s traditional role of protecting freedom of expression against government oppression".

“A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue for PEN America to be self-righteous about?” he wrote.

He added, “All this is complicated by PEN’s seeming blindness to the cultural arrogance of the French nation, which does not recognize its moral obligation to a large and disempowered segment of their population.”

Reminds me of Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau's view re Charlie Hebdo:

“by attacking a powerless, disenfranchised minority with crude, vulgar drawings closer to graffiti than cartoons, Charlie wandered into the realm of hate speech.”

Well, here's Bill Whittle chopping up their arguments:

Bloody Phucking Phools. You got to be absolutely BLOODY-PHUCKING-PHOOLS to classify the mohammed following 10% of France's population as a "disempowered" segment or a "disenfranchised minority"! Knock your head sideways on a table so that the sawdust puffs out you complete idiots. Go tell France's cops who dare not enter the close to 1,000 no go zones that they are dealing with a "powerless minority"!


Sunday, May 03, 2015


Via HLN Online,

 photo turken_afwezig_herdenking_genocide_2015_zpsrqndbnpn.jpg

On Thursday April 30, the Chairman of the Belgian Parliament's Lower House [the "Kamer"; MFBB] asked MP's to observe one minute of silence to commemmorate the Armenian Genocide, which historians agree started one hundred years ago last week. Several MP's of Turkish origin were conspiciously absent. "One hundred years ago the Armenian genocide took place", said Lower House Chairman Siegfried Bracke (N-VA). "We have the moral duty to keep remembering this, history may not repeat itself and we have to continue to keep working on this by engaging ourselves for peace and justice".

Alas for Mr Bracke, during the one minute of silence only a few MP's of Turkish origin were present, like Ozlem Ozen and Nawel Ben Hamou (both of them Parti Socialiste). Neither of them are considered bigshots. Actually only one high-profile MP with Turkish roots participated in the commemmoration, and she is Turkish/Kurdish: Zuhal Demir (N-VA).

 photo turks-AWOL_zpsxwdmptvo.jpg

The other MP's of Turkish origin stayed away from the event, and apart from the 'foot soldiers' they include virtually the entire who's who of their group, among them Veli Yüksel of CD&V [soi-disant Christian Democrats; MFBB], Fatma Pehlivan (SP.a), Emir Kir (Parti Socialiste) and Meryem Almaci (Groen!).

And of course said gentlemen and ladies had the inevitable excuses: Veli Yüksel had already called off that very morning "because of sickness". Almaci had "several important meetings" which had already been scheduled long beforehand, etc etc etc.

With longtime readers of DowneastBlog the name Veli Yüksel may ring a bell. Indeed, three years ago I ran a post with some info regarding, a.) the halal certificate for the Port of Zeebrugge the "Christian" "Democrat" port chief, Joachim Coens, was so proud of, and b.) the top "Christian" "Democrat" candidate for the 2012 municipal elections in Ghent, who happened to be a muslim (!).... Veli Yüksel. Given Ghent's importance in Belgium, that's kind of having a Jew as top candidate for the party of Ali Khamenei in the municipal elections in Qom, Iran, that bastion of democracy according to Bill Clinton, but I digress.

Anyway, Mr Yüksel's slogan at the time was: "VELI YUKSEL HAS A PLAN FOR GHENT - EVERYONE INCLUDED":

Looks like last Thursday the Turks by and large, Mr Yüksel up front, chose not to be included.

Thank you, you well-integrated ladies and gentlemen MP's of Turkish origin, for showing us so clearly where your loyalties and priorities lay.


Saturday, May 02, 2015


On May 2nd, 2011, my father died.

His passing left a yawning gap in our family that cannot be filled anymore.

God bless.



As per usual with Bill Whittle, a rebuttal of "progressivism" that's as eloquent as it is true: