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First the Cato Institute video. An excellent comparison between Chile and Venezuela:

Augusto Pinochet was not your ideal grandpa, but he saved Chile the horrible ordeal of Venezuela. Chileans should be grateful for that.

Then a video by Prager University: "How's socialism doing in Venezuela"?

Americans are next year offered the choice between More Winning or 'democratic socialism'. In the UK, the chance that a communist like Corbyn becomes PM is nog unthinkable.

Which begs the question: how many Venezuelas does the world need before people finally begin to understand socialism belongs in the dustbin of history?


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Had to happen one day. Fleetwood Mac with Go Your Own Way. From the iconic Rumours album (1977). Recorded (largely) in Sausalito's Record Plant.

One of the sounds I grew up with. Snicker.

John Cougar Mellencamp with Jack and Diane. Album American Fool (1982).

Your typical American Fool, but I do appreciate his work for Farm Aid.

Slaap wel.



All hail to the great state of Alabama which passed the Human Life Protection Act, and I hear that Missouri will follow suit.

Don't fall for the fake argument of this law forcing women to carry genetically impaired foetuses or the offspring of rapists. That argument is as old as the hills, and it's a lie. Liberal legislation has enabled the abortions of perfectly healthy human beings in the OVERWHELMING majority of cases. In the few single digit - or less than single digit - cases where the above mentioned categories come into play, I'm sure there are ways to find a humane solution. If the baby's birth really poses a threat to the health of the mother - as was the case during my wife's second pregnancy for instance - well, any sensible hospital staff does not even need a vehicle like the HLPA. These things can be discussed and solved on the spot, serenely and discreetly. And if the baby's father is a rapist, why does no one ever talk about the many couples out there incapable of having children? If a woman absolutely does not want to raise the child - which is of course perfectly understandable - well, I hear that in the US at least, the number of people waiting to adopt a child is almost forty times the number of 'available' children. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that most would welcome children conceived in rape.

In short, it's better to trust human common sense and not have bad legislation which will immediately be exploited for completely other ends than the ones it was purportedly designed for. Roe vs Wade has resulted in the deaths of between 55 and 60 million foetuses which were neither genetically impaired or fathered by sexual predators. I'm not saying that having no legislation at all, or legislation like Alabama's HLPA, is always a good thing. I am just saying that sometimes it's better to stick with less than ideal laws severely restricting abortions - which may, alas and indeed, sometimes result in a tragic outcome - than providing laws that spell doom for litterally millions.

Anyway, predictably, the left lost its head collectively. One such idiot proved for the umpteenth time that leftists simply CANNOT grasp the concept that out there, there are good, decent, intelligent people who just happen to have another opinion. As Saint Winston once said, "some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage."

Via RedState:

That twat is another excellent example of the left's idea of freedom of speech and expression: "Sure, you can say what you want as long as it's exactly what I think". Straight out of the textbook of Frankfurter School icon Herbert Marcuse, more precisely from his 1965 essay 'Repressive Tolerance':

"Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.

Surely, no government can be expected to foster its own subversion, but in a democracy such a right is vested in the people (i.e. in the majority of the people). This means that the ways should not be blocked on which a subversive majority could develop, and if they are blocked by organized repression and indoctrination, their reopening may require apparently undemocratic means. They would include the withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups and movements which promote aggressive policies, armament, chauvinism, discrimination on the grounds of race and religion, or which oppose the extension of public services, social security, medical care, etc."

In short, freedom of speech for mee but not for thee, cause you disagree with mee. A staple of the left since time immemorial.

For more info, a little more than one year ago, we had a blogpost up about the Frankfurter School and its wretched teachings.

Anyway, kudos to that police officer for teaching that twat a lesson. Though she being a liberal, it's a safe bet she will have learned nothing.


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I have never had a high opinion of the Dutch King, so this series of photographs of him joining an iftar dinner is no surprise for me.

Of special interest is that women and men eat separately, but the Monarch of the Most Tolerant Nation On Earth apparently has no problem with setting the clock back fourteen centuries. Via GeenStijl:

Never mind the blonde gal at Willem Alexander's side. It's not his wife Queen Maxima. Must be a staffer or something. Anyway, the ONLY reason that this twat is allowed to sit at male-dominated tables is because of WimLex.

Apartheid in The Netherlands, A.D. 2019. The real howler is that in the photo below, you can see the King having a good time with muslim male chauvinist pigs - not that feminists have a problem with them - below a photo of Anti-Apartheid icon Nelson F. Mandela (F for Fucking, cause he was a commie terrorist, but I digress).

In other news, earlier this year The Netherlands Times reported that dozens could have been killed in a terrorist attack which was foiled last September:


"The Netherlands escaped a terrorist attack that could've resulted in "dozens of victims" with the arrest of seven suspects in Arnhem and Weert in September last year, the Public Prosecutor said in court on Thursday - the first proforma hearing in this case. Only three of the six suspects still in detention were present at the hearing, AD reports.

"The suspects said goodbye to friends. These suspects were on the way to commit an attack, with dozens of victims. The Netherlands escaped a major attack", the Prosecutor said.

According to the Prosecutor, the attack was to happen at a festival. The suspects discussed how they would get ready outside the festival, and then go in and commit an attack. "They also talked about tactics: how should they do it? And what to do if one of them is tagged by the police?" They decided not to walk too close to each other, and detonate their bomb vest if they police grab them, the Prosecutor said.

The Prosecutor stressed that there was never a real danger, because the police infiltrated this group and foiled their plans. "But how different it could have been. If the string had broken with the infiltrators, we might have had dozens of victims."

The police infiltration started on May 18th last year, after intelligence service AIVD informed the police that main suspect Hardi N. was planning an attack. The police infiltrators made first contact with the group on June 5th in Arnhem. The suspects were eventually arrested in Arnhem and Weert on September 27th.

Shortly before their arrests, four of the suspects attended firearms training at a home in a holiday park in Weert, Limburg. What they did not know is that the two men who gave them training and provided the firearms, which had been made safe, were undercover police officers. The home was full of eavesdropping equipment and cameras. When the four left the park in a van, they were arrested. Three others were arrested in the Arnhem region. One of the seven suspects has since been released and did not have to appear in court on Thursday.

The suspects who did have to appear are 34-year-old Hardi N., 21-year-old Wail el A., 21-year-old Nabil B., 21-year-old Morat M., 30-year-old Shevan A. and 26-year-old Nadeem S. All of the suspects originally came from the Arnhem region, but some of them moved to Rotterdam and Vlaardingen recently. Their homes were searched after their arrests..."

Dammit, I digress again. Cause that foiled terrorist attack had nothing to do with islam.


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Although it's a Dutch ad, produced by the PVV (Partij voor Vrijheid, Geert Wilders' party), it might as well serve for my dear fellow countrymen and -women (all three of them), since in little more than a week there's going to be parliamentary elections in Belgium.

Ignore the danger at your own peril. But if you are a sane and alert person, vote for people and parties who want to stop the horrifying process of islamization of our countries and indeed, our entire continent.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Time to start a new series, "This is the Enemy", and what better enemy to focus on first than the ultraleft LGBTQ community? Via Newswars:

"Converse has announced the release of a new line of shoes celebrating LGBT culture alongside a marketing campaign featuring characters of various sexual orientations, including an 11-year-old ‘drag kid’ who goes by the stage name ‘Desmond Is Amazing.’

“We’re happy to launch our Pride Collection, partnering with six individuals connected to the LGBTQ+ community who show the power of expressing one’s true self,” the apparel company tweeted on Monday.

Desmond is highlighted on the Converse website wearing a flamboyant outfit and make-up, striking a dramatic dance pose alongside a quote stating, “There is no normal.”

A brief bio describes him as a “drag kid / lgbtq+ advocate.”

Desmond Napoles has autism, according to his parents, who say that his ‘drag performances’ help him to cope with his disability.

He began to garner attention in 2015 after dancing in the NYC Pride Parade, and amid rising popularity on social media, Napoles was invited to appear on Good Morning America, where he danced for the audience and was paid a visit from three adult drag queens.

In late 2018, disturbing video footage surfaced of Desmond performing at gay bars in Brooklyn and San Francisco, while grown men threw bills at him, and shortly afterwards, journalists discovered Desmond had appeared in a interview with infamous 90s “club kid” Michael Alig, who had spent 17 years in jail for the killing and dismemberment of a fellow clubber and drug dealer.

“On Alig’s show ‘Pee-ew!’ 10-year-old Desmond sat between Alig and Alig’s fellow ‘Club Kid’ Ernie Glam, making stilted conversation about the child’s favorite television shows, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ and ‘Dragula,'” LifeSite reports. “Over their heads was a painting of a cartoon child skipping rope over the word ‘Rohypnol.’ Rohypnol is a well-known date rape drug often used to incapacitate victims marked for sexual assault.”"

Here are a couple of videos the bastards at YouTube won't yank:


I will repeat it again. Over here at DowneastBlog we don't hate homosexuals and lesbians. Personally, although I haven't delved in the how or why of people being gay, I tend to believe that one cannot 'blame' someone being that way anymore than one can blame someone for having freckles or blonde hair. To the best of my knowledge, the percentage of gay people in society is around 3 per cent. I might add that one of my four best friends is gay. He lives with his partner, a Swiss man, near the town of L. And my friend is one of the nicest chaps you will ever meet. When he confided his being so in 1989 or thereabouts, I told him I didn't care.

But there's a kind of bipolar disorde, for want of a better denominator, between the acceptance by society of a mere biological fact and not dwelling upon it any more than necessary, and the outright promotion of the gay lifestyle the way we witness it now. Especially in a time when Whites are literally on the road to extinction.

If you are a sane person, fight this dangerous and destructive propaganda with all your might.


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Said that joker.

No pun intended!


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All of them should be deported. ALL - OF - THEM. Via Breitbart:

"The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported Friday that the Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia (MAS Philly) had uploaded a video of children wearing Palestinian attire and singing jihadist songs.

The video, which was uploaded to the center’s Facebook page on April 22, appears to be one of several videos uploaded in celebration of “Ummah Day.” (The word “ummah” refers to the worldwide Muslim community.) The center uploaded several other videos to its Facebook page, each featuring children making presentations that represented other Muslim countries. However, the Palestinian video now appears to have been deleted.

In the video, which MEMRI reposted with subtitles, the children are shown singing jihadist or terrorist songs, praising the “blood of martyrs,” a reference to suicide bombing. They also sing “Our Palestine must return to us,” and recite speeches praising suicide bombers: “They compete with one another to reach Paradise.” They add: “We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque … and we will subject them to eternal torture.” One child wears a t-shirt showing a map of Palestine on which Israel has been eliminated.

Such videos of children pledging their loyalty to terrorism are common on Palestinian television, particularly but not exclusively in Gaza, which is run by the Hamas terrorist group. Other Palestinian Authority publications extol the virtues of terror; to this day, the Palestinian government pays stipends to jailed terrorists and the families of dead ones.

In a statement posted to the MAS Philly Facebook page Saturday, the center said “not all songs were properly vetted.” It added: “This was an unintended mistake and an oversight in which the center and the students are remorseful.” "

An unintended mistake huh? The center and the students are remorseful huh?

MY A - S - S. We have heard that song before.


"The Hadith makes it clear that Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them or protect themselves. There are several forms:

a.) Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true as it relates to the Muslim identity. This is a Shiite term: the Sunni counterpart is Muda'rat.

b.) Kitman - Lying by omission. An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills "it shall be as if he had killed all mankind") while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of "corruption" and "mischief."

c.) Tawriya - Intentionally creating a false impression.

d.) Muruna - 'Blending in' by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance others."

Be a fool at your own peril.


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Over at American Thinker, Peter Skurkiss with a piece about about the once respected magazine Time drooling over Pete Buttigieg and his 'husband':

"An early pioneer of conservative talk radio was the late Bob Grant (1929–2013), who broadcast out of New York City. Often when Grant was commenting on some outrage in the news, he'd say, "It's sick out there and getting sicker." If only he knew how his words would ring ever more true in the years to come.

This is not a family. It's a TRAVESTY of a family.

The case in point is the cover of the current Time magazine. It is a photograph of "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg and his "husband" Chasten Buttigieg standing close together with the caption "First Family." (Permit me a minor digression here. If Chasten is the "husband" of this couple, why are both of them using Buttigieg's last name and not Chasten's, which is Glezman? I guess I'm too old and deplorable to understand such nuances.)

This cover and its accompanying story is an in-your-face, full-blown endorsement of homosexual "marriage" and the effort to make it appear normal. Here we are seeing propaganda at its finest. It is an example of what the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) meant when he talked about "defining deviancy down."

Moynihan based this observation of the work of sociologist Emile Durkheim, who said there is a limit to bad behavior that a society can tolerate before it starts to lower its standards. Is this not what we have been seeing since the 1960s? One insult to the family, to fatherhood, to patriotism, and to normality itself ratchets traditional standards down. At that point, the system digests the changes, rests for a brief time, and then the Left begins its next assault. The trajectory is always down, never up.

I have been following the 'defining deviance down' process for more years than I care to remember. At first I was shocked at what the counterculture was able to get away with. Now I unfortunately believe that the end is not yet in sight in America's race to the gutter."

The near-pathological obsession of the left with gay relationships is astounding, even more so in light of the simply catastrophic demographic evolution in both Europe and North America, especially in the former. WHY is popular 'culture' doing its very best to extol the virtues of a lifestyle that is barren, anti-evolution and profoundly unhealthy? Here, for example, is a short trait about the health risks involved for gay males:

"Unhealthy sexual behaviors occur among both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Yet the medical and social science evidence indicate that homosexual behavior is uniformly unhealthy. Although both male and female homosexual practices lead to increases in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the practices and diseases are sufficiently different that they merit separate discussion.

1. Male Homosexual Behavior

Men having sex with other men leads to greater health risks than men having sex with women1 not only because of promiscuity but also because of the nature of sex among men. A British researcher summarizes the danger as follows:

“Male homosexual behaviour is not simply either ‘active’ or ‘passive,’ since penile-anal, mouth-penile, and hand-anal sexual contact is usual for both partners, and mouth-anal contact is not infrequent. . . . Mouth-anal contact is the reason for the relatively high incidence of diseases caused by bowel pathogens in male homosexuals. Trauma may encourage the entry of micro-organisms and thus lead to primary syphilitic lesions occurring in the anogenital area. . . . In addition to sodomy, trauma may be caused by foreign bodies, including stimulators of various kinds, penile adornments, and prostheses.”2

Although the specific activities addressed below may be practiced by heterosexuals at times, homosexual men engage in these activities to a far greater extent.3

a. Anal-genital

Anal intercourse is the sine qua non of sex for many gay men.4 Yet human physiology makes it clear that the body was not designed to accommodate this activity. The rectum is significantly different from the vagina with regard to suitability for penetration by a penis. The vagina has natural lubricants and is supported by a network of muscles. It is composed of a mucus membrane with a multi-layer stratified squamous epithelium that allows it to endure friction without damage and to resist the immunological actions caused by semen and sperm. In comparison, the anus is a delicate mechanism of small muscles that comprise an “exit-only” passage. With repeated trauma, friction and stretching, the sphincter loses its tone and its ability to maintain a tight seal. Consequently, anal intercourse leads to leakage of fecal material that can easily become chronic.

The potential for injury is exacerbated by the fact that the intestine has only a single layer of cells separating it from highly vascular tissue, that is, blood. Therefore, any organisms that are introduced into the rectum have a much easier time establishing a foothold for infection than they would in a vagina. The single layer tissue cannot withstand the friction associated with penile penetration, resulting in traumas that expose both participants to blood, organisms in feces, and a mixing of bodily fluids.

Furthermore, ejaculate has components that are immunosuppressive. In the course of ordinary reproductive physiology, this allows the sperm to evade the immune defenses of the female. Rectal insemination of rabbits has shown that sperm impaired the immune defenses of the recipient.5 Semen may have a similar impact on humans.6

The end result is that the fragility of the anus and rectum, along with the immunosuppressive effect of ejaculate, make anal-genital intercourse a most efficient manner of transmitting HIV and other infections. The list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse is alarming:

Anal Cancer
Chlamydia trachomatis
Giardia lamblia
Herpes simplex virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
Human papilloma virus
Isospora belli
Viral hepatitis types B & C

Sexual transmission of some of these diseases is so rare in the exclusively heterosexual population as to be virtually unknown. Others, while found among heterosexual and homosexual practitioners, are clearly predominated by those involved in homosexual activity. Syphilis, for example is found among heterosexual and homosexual practitioners. But in 1999, King County, Washington (Seattle), reported that 85 percent of syphilis cases were among self-identified homosexual practitioners.8 And as noted above, syphilis among homosexual men is now at epidemic levels in San Francisco...."

Read the rest here. Sorry if you just ate.

But be all that as it may... the overenthusiastic promotion of gay lifestyles by our moral betters comes in the worst of times, demography-wise. Whites are a dying race. There's no denying it anymore. Here, for instance, are the last two pages of a quarterly bulletin issued by an association of former students of a High School somewhere in Flanders. I'm sure it's the same story from De Panne to Sint-Pieters-Voeren. This is the last but one page, dealing with the "Overlijdens", the recently deceased (parents, uncles, aunts, brothers of former students):

Twelve dead and counting, wait indeed, there's more. The last page mentions another two deceased, and then we come to the paragraph with the newborns ('Geboorten'):

So, in short, we are talking here about fourteen people who have left us, and one replacement. Minus fourteen and plus one makes minus thirteen.

Or how about this? Here are two other telling pics, from a run of the mill parish church in Flanders, as you can find them anywhere from the North Sea to the German border. In Belgian Catholic churches, it is customary to provide two placards near the church entrance to display either remembrance cards and little crosses of the recently deceased, on the one hand:

In this case, eight people...

Or, on the other hand, little shells with the names of recently baptized children:

One. Just one. A little darling by the name of Lore.

Sure, you will argue that not all young parents are baptizing their children anymore. Well, that's fair. Still, I would wager, without checking any data, that a slight majority still does it. There used to be a time, not too long ago, when the little shells could reliably be used as a parameter for births. But okay, let's assume that only one newborn 'Biobelgian' out of two is baptized. Assume that for this little one who got sprinkled with Holy Water, there's another one who was not. That still leaves us with eight dead people vs two who will step in their place. Not good arithmetic. Especially not when, alas, we have to conclude that year after year, the number of people who choose to depart from this world WITHOUT Christian rites is ALSO steeply on the rise. On that first placard, there's perhaps three people missing who opted for having their ashes thrown and scattered in the wind without the Catholic church having a say in it. Not enough for our comparison to cancel out, percentage-wise, the non-baptized newborns, but we're getting there, certainly. Europe, more so than North America, can't seem to put Christianity out there with the garbage bags fast enough.

So Europe has apparently decided not to procreate anymore, at least the natives. And to discourage those who would still think of making kids themselves, there's now a gargantuan propaganda effort at work to fool our youngsters into believing that males buttplugging other males, or females doing females, is just as wonderful and normal - actually, even more so - than what heterosexuals do between the sheets.

We are already destroying ourselves.

But it seems that for the left things still don't go fast enough. The Time propaganda hit job, see above, is but one piece of evidence among a gazillion.


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During which Sparky Sweets, PhD, tells us a thing or two about Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, in the following Thug Notes installment:

I must have read it some eight to nine years back in this commemmorative edition of H.P. Lovecraft:

I thought it lacked some plot substance, but overall it was a good read. Lovecraft does have a beautiful, measured, clear writing style, even though these days it must come over as a tad old-fashioned. But if you are into books, buy Necronomicon, it'll be a nice and worthy addition to your library.

While we are at it, here's some Lovecraft 101:

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday, May 02, 2019

MAY 2ND, 2019.

It's been 8 years since my father died.

My father started working at age 14 and quit at 74. He died three years later, not a month and a half after his 77th birthday. He enjoyed a full pension a whole three years and three months. And I find myself wondering, was all that toil, all that labour, all that sacrifice, necessary?

For him personally, perhaps not. He could have had an easier old day. But it enabled my three siblings and me to pursue higher studies. It was my parents' daily travail - cause let's certainly not forget my mother - day in and day out, year after year, that made our lives more rewarding and comfortable. It's not that we grew up to be carefree and spoiled brats; it's that their efforts gave us a very serious head start in life. Something the four of us benefit from to this day. May my wife and I be able to do the same for our kids.

My father. What an example.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me."
~ Psalm 23:4 ~

Rest in peace dad. You are not forgotten.


Wednesday, May 01, 2019


More news about the mechanisms behind the riots following the alleged sexual abuse of a 4 year old girl of Guinese parents in primary school Ecole No. 1 in Schaarbeek, Brussels.

As we have seen, a thorough medical examination of the child revealed only that the blood in her underwear was manifestly not the result of sexual abuse, but of an infection caused by bad hygiene. For perhaps obvious reasons the parents of the kid refused to acknowledge this and kept insisting their child had been sexually assaulted by school staff. That's an echo of another notorious case in Antwerp some six years back, where muslim parents of primary school 'De Blokkendoos' went so totally berserk over alleged sexual abuse by a female autochton teacher that the woman in question broke down psychologically. In that case, a judicial enquiry proved beyond doubt that nothing happened, but the false rumours kept spreading like wildfire via social media, and in the end the teacher, Magalie Alpaerts, mentally incapable to resume work, lost her job.

As for this case, here too, the excessive and violent reactions were fueled by what cannot be labeled otherwise than 'fake news'. And the main culprits are:

a.) one Yusuf Yildiz, a Schaarbeek City Council member for cdH, a centrist party. cdH used to be the Walloon, French speaking counterpart of the 'Flemish' 'Christian' 'Democrats' until some twelve years ago, when the then Chairwoman, Joelle Milquet, decided that the 'C' for 'Christian' was sooooooo old-fashioned and from then on cdH simply meant 'centre démocrate Humaniste'. But I digress. Anyway, via HLN, a screenshot of Yusuf Yildiz' short film, which he spread via social media and wherein he stated, without proof whatsoever and BEFORE the results of the medical examination were in, that the girl had been sexually assaulted:

Yildiz put the film on Friday on his FaceBook page, and litterally labeled the case “the sexual abuse of a 4 year old child on École 1”. The video was viewed almost 160,000 times and shared more than 3,000 times.

b.) One Abobakre Bouhjar, Parti Socialiste.

c.) One Cellou Satina Diallo, City Council member for the Parti Socialiste. He, too, would have exhorted his followers to take violent action. This is a list of 'Mr' Diallo's demands:

By his own confession, 'Mr' Diallo spent the entire morning and noon following the results of the medical examination before the school entrance, sharing photos and films, and oh so happily fanning the flames of anti-white sentiment. Which is quite rich, since as a City Council member he is paid to look after Schaarbeek's best interests, and not waste his time out in the streets... while his salary is ultimately being paid by those same hated Whites. But how could our community organizer be bothered by such mundane things as, dunno, doing something about Schaarbeeks potholes, when gullible Flemings continue to lavishly pour their tax money in the bottomless sinkholes of Brussels and Wallonia?

Yusuf Yildiz, Abobakre Bouhjar, Cellou Satina Diallo... if Population Replacement was the Brussels Underground, we would have reached the end of the line by now. This is what happens when 'progressive' parties put wholly unqualified people on lists with the naked aim to garner as many votes as possible from the imported voting cattle in their districts. And if you import the Third World, you become the Third World. If nothing is done to counter this, the local firestorm which we have been witnessing these past days on the streets of Schaarbeek will one day engulf the entire nation.

Anyway, affter reading how a number of two-digit IQ 'officials' were able to stoke serious unrest in a Belgian commune, I was reminded of an article by Mark Steyn in The Irish Times a full 16 years back, with the apt title "The sting in Sudan's tale of vanishing penises":

"I haven't really followed Sudanese current events closely since, oh, Gen Kitchener's victory over the Mahdi at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898. But a recent story from that benighted land happened to catch my eye.

Last month mass hysteria apparently swept the capital city, Khartoum, after reports that foreigners were shaking hands with Sudanese men and causing their penises to disappear. One victim, a fabric merchant, told his story to the London Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi. A man from west Africa came into the shop and "shook the store owner's hand powerfully until the owner felt his penis melt into his body".

I know the feeling. The same thing happened to me after shaking hands with Hillary Clinton. Anyway, as Al-Quds reported, "The store owner became hysterical, and was taken to the hospital." The country's "Chief Criminal Attorney-General" Yasser Ahmad Muhammad told the Sudanese daily Al-Rai Al-A'am that "the rumour broke out when one merchant went to another merchant to buy some Karkady [a Sudanese beverage]. Suddenly, the seller felt his penis shrivelling".

The invaluable Middle East Media Research Institute, in its exhaustive coverage, noted that the penises of Khartoum were vulnerable not merely to handshaking. "Another victim, who refused to give his name, said that while he was at the market, a man approached him, gave him a comb, and asked him to comb his hair. When he did so, within seconds, he said, he felt a strange sensation and discovered that he had lost his penis."

Tales of the vanishing penises ran rampant round the city, spread by cellphones and text messages. Sudan's Health Minister Ahmad Bilal Othman said that the epidemic was "scientifically groundless", and that it was "sorcery, magic, or an emotional problem".


There's something rather sad about a culture that has to import even its pathologies. The telling detail of the vanishing penis hysteria is that it was spread by text-messaging. You can own a cellphone yet still believe that foreigners are able, with a mere handshake, to cause your penis to melt away.

Aside from its doubts in its collective manhood, Sudan is no laughing matter. Two million people have been slaughtered there in the last decade. The Christian minority is vanishing a lot faster than that fabric merchant's wedding tackle. Osama certainly found the country fertile ground for his ideology: Sudanese mujahideen have been captured as far afield as Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan. An economic basket-case with a 27 per cent literacy rate has managed to find enough spare cash to export revolutionary Islam to many other countries. And they've got half-a-billion dollars' worth of state-of-the-art Chinese weaponry from Iran.

A handshake-fearing guy with a cellphone is one thing; what happens when the handshake-fearers have cellphones and a suitcase nuke? It's at the intersection of apparently indestructible ancient ignorance and cheap, widely available Western technology that the dark imponderables of the future lie...."

Well, what do you know. Here we are, sixteen years later, and Sudan has come to Belgium, only in this case Sudan is Guinee. Those throngs of Third World flotsam are UN-EM-PLO-YA-BLE in any society where asphalt roads are more numerous than earthen ones, and yet they are here, all of them have a roof over their heads, all are well fed and cared for, and everybody has a smartphone, courtesy taxpayer money from Belgium's dying white population. The 4 year old girl in question was examined in a top notch hospital (say what you will about Belgium, but our Health Care system still ranks among the best of the world), yet the highest post all the bottle, egg and banana skin throwers in the Schaarbeek demo could aspire to is that of janitor in that establishment.

Well okay, the most capable among them.

It is not going to end well.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019


For the second day in a row, heavy turmoil at a primary school in Schaarbeek, one of the most Culturally Enriched communes of Belgium's capital Brussels. The reason? Yesterday, monday 29 April, a 4 year old schoolgirl's parents found blood in her underwear after school and right away threw a tantrum, claiming their daughter had been sexually assaulted by school staff.

Such was the bruhaha that ensued - with a crowd of over 200 rapidly forming at the school entrance, that authorities found it necessary to medically examine the kid.

What do you know, this morning Police communicated the results of the examination publicly, and the responsible hospital's conclusions were that the blood in the kid's underwear resulted from an infection caused by bad hygiene.

This was not what the Guinese father of the child wanted to hear, and he stated loudly, in front of the accumulated crowd, that he did not accept the results of the medical examination.

Whereupon all hell broke loose. Several Culturally Enriching parents wanted 'justice' and demanded the school be closed and the staff given their pink slip. Most demonstrators were from the Guinese community, but there were also Cultural Enrichers from other countries where the mean IQ is 68.

At around 11.30 this morning parents and demonstrators who kept refusing to accept the conclusions in the medical report started throwing eggs and bottles at the police, which thereupon deployed officers in combat gear.

At 2.15 pm the situation escalated again and police used tear gas to disperse the Cultural Enrichers.

This nice group photo shows the logical endpoint of the successful immigration policies of our moral betters: a multicultural, colourful society where gay formerly catholic whites, Chinese buddhist transgenders and ginger haired lesbians from Eire live peacefully side by side with black muslimas. Progress! Oh yeah, the latter now demand that the school be closed. I am certain that doing so will notch up the IQ of their offspring with at least 5 points per month.

End conclusion: the gullible cream white Belgian taxpayer just coughed up in the neighborhood of possibly 20,000 EUR for mobilizing a medical staff to examine the 4 year old, several police squads including a group in riot gear, tear gas canisters, repairing thrown in school windows, damage to two police vehicles, medical aid for one Cultural Enricher who got wounded in the melée, disrupting traffic and lessons, harassing school staff and what not. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU Guinese muslims, you're doin' a mighty foin job of transforming this boring old Belgique into a vibrant progressive example to follow!!!

If you import the Third World, you become the Third World. Wait until the effects of the Marrakesh Pact kick in.


Sunday, April 28, 2019


No spoiler alert. Try 'em. They are worth your time.

1.) Primer (2004).

About time travel.

2.) Looper (2012).


3.) The Signal (2014).


4.) Predestination (2014).

Again, time travel. A heck of a story.

5.) Moon (2009).

OK, if you're only gonna watch one, take this one.



Saturday, April 27, 2019


First Johann Sebastian Bach with the Badinerie of his Orchestral Suite #2 In B Minor, BWV 1067.

As noted before, in an earlier post, BWV stands for Bach Werke Verzeichnis, or Bach Works Catalogue.

Then Ennio Morricone with Gabriel's Oboe, from the soundtrack of the 1986 movie The Mission, a film by Roland Joffé.

I don't know how long ago it is that I watched this movie, probably more than two decades, but it was certainly a long time before I knew and appreciated its historical context. If next time you come across another Christianity-hating nitwit here's another argument with which to put him/her/it in place: the existence of a Jesuit Republic in what is now Paraguay, from 1609, when it was founded by the Jesuit Superior Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, to around 1768, when it was overrun by Spanish and Portuguese colonial authorities. The arts and some kind of proto-industry flourished there, and cities had paved streets and beautiful buildings. The 'Republic', where the native population, mostly Guarani Indians, lived free and slavery was forbidden, consisted of initially 30, then later 23 so-called reducciones. Its downfall came because of the 1750 Treaty of Madrid, which caused the ceding of Latin American land by Spain to Portugal, and conspiracies in Europe against the Jesuit Order. It is a topic well worth studying.

The title 'Gabriel's Oboe' refers to the character of Father Gabriel, portrayed by Jeremy Irons, playing his Oboe in a successful attempt to win the Guarani over to accepting him in their community.

Good night.



AfD is now sporting ads for the upcoming European elections which depict a 19th century painting, "Le Marché d'Esclaves" (1866), by the French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme.

The caption reads: "So that Europe does not become Eurabia. Real Europeans vote AfD":

It was to be expected that self-loathing Europeans would start hollering and asking to remove these ads. But I was a bit surprised to notice that there were echoes across the Pond. Via Deutschlandfunk:

"Das US-Museum „Clark Art Institute“ aus Massachussetts fordert die AfD auf, ein Gemälde des Malers León Gérôme nicht länger für ihren Wahlkampf zu nutzen.

Die Nachrichtenagentur AFP zitiert den Direktor, Olivier Meslay, mit den Worten: „Wir verurteilen es strikt, dass dieses Werk dazu verwendet wird, die Positionierung der AfD zu untermalen. Wir haben der Partei geschrieben, damit aufzuhören.“ Meslay räumt aber ein, dass es keine Urheberrechte gebe, die dem Museum eine juristische Handhabe bieten könnten.

Bei dem Gemälde geht es um das Werk „Sklavenmarkt“ des Franzosen Gérôme aus dem Jahr 1866. Das Werk ist im Besitz des Clark Art Institutes und zeigt eine nackte Frau, die von Männern mit Bart und Turban begutachtet wird. Dazu heißt es auf dem Werbeplakat der AfD: "Damit aus Europa kein ‚Eurabien‘ wird“.

In short, Olivier Meslay, the curator of Clark Art Institute, Massachusetts, where Gérôme's paiting is displayed, calls on AfD to no longer use the artwork in its campaigns. AfD is lucky that Meslay himself (a Frenchman, in the communist state of Massachusetts: what could go wrong?) admits that he has no legal power to stop AfD from doing just that.

Closer to home, this is a typical take by our moral betters as to why using "Le Marché d'Esclaves" is not done. Via 'Bento', ultraleft idiot and dhimmi Fabian Goldmann:

"Das Gemälde heißt "Le Marché d'esclaves" – Der Sklavenmarkt – und ist im Jahr 1866 der Fantasie des französischen Malers Jean-Léon Gérôme entsprungen. Heute ist es im Besitz des amerikanischen "Clark Art Institute".

Das stellt schon das Infoheft zum Gemälde klar (Clark Art Institute):

- Es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass der Künstler eine solche Szene beobachtet hat, denn es gibt, wenn überhaupt, wenige Zeugnisse solcher Sklavenmärkte.

Die abgebildete Szene hat es also sehr wahrscheinlich niemals gegeben.

Das ist auch gar nicht verwunderlich. Gérôme ist einer der bekanntesten französischen Maler des "Orientalismus". So wird die klischeehaft-mystische Verklärung der arabisch-islamischen Welt bezeichnet. Im Europa des 19. Jahrhunderts war sie in der Kunstwelt ein absoluter Trend.

This childless, balless and clueless 'shining' example of European Progressive Manhood claims that the problem with AfD using 'Le Marché d'Esclaves' is a bad case of 'Orientalism' burping up, a term first coined by useless dhimmi idiot Edward Said.

Said posited that 'Orientalism' - the depiction or even imitiation of aspects of Eastern societies and culture in the nineteenth century, was bad art at best, for the scenes in 'orientalist' artworks were born out of the fevered imagination of 19th century Western European artists who had never set foot in the East, and appalling white supremacist paternalism vis-à-vis Oriental culture at worst.

Goldmann would do well to watch this 16-minute video shedding light on islamic slave trade in Western countries. After viewing it, he might not be so eager anymore to parrot Clark Art Institute's 'the depicted scene possibly never took place':


"Ohio State University history Professor Robert Davis describes the White Slave Trade as minimized by most modern historians in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500–1800 (Palgrave Macmillan). Davis estimates that 1 million to 1.25 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th, by slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone (these numbers do not include the European people which were enslaved by Morocco and by other raiders and traders of the Mediterranean Sea coast), 16th- and 17th-century customs statistics suggest that Istanbul's additional slave import from the Black Sea may have totaled around 2.5 million from 1450 to 1700. The markets declined after the loss of the Barbary Wars and finally ended in the 1830s, when the region was conquered by France.

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans were captured by Barbary pirates and sold as slaves in North Africa and the Ottoman Empire between the 16th and 19th centuries. These slave raids were conducted largely by Arabs and Berbers rather than Ottoman Turks. However, during the height of the Barbary slave trade in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Barbary states were subject to Ottoman jurisdiction and ruled by Ottoman pashas. Furthermore, many slaves captured by the Barbary corsairs were sold eastward into Ottoman territories before, during, and after Barbary's period of Ottoman rule.

The Barbary Muslim pirates kidnapped Europeans from ships in North Africa’s coastal waters (Barbary Coast). They also attacked and pillaged the Atlantic coastal fishing villages and town in Europe, enslaving the inhabitants. Villages and towns on the coast of Italy, Spain, Portugal and France were the hardest hit. Muslim slave-raiders also seized people as far afield as Britain, Ireland and Iceland.

In 1544, the island of Ischia off Naples was ransacked, taking 4,000 inhabitants prisoners, while some 9,000 inhabitants of Lipari Island off the north coast of Sicily were enslaved.870 Turgut Reis, a Turkish pirate chief, ransacked the coastal settlements of Granada (Spain) in 1663 and carried away 4,000 people as slaves. In 1625, Barbary pirates captured the Lund Island in the Bristol Channel and planted the standard of Islam. From this base, they went ransacking and pillaging surrounding villages and towns, causing a stunning spectacle of mayhem, slaughter and plunder. According to Milton, ‘Day after day, they struck at unarmed fishing communities, seizing the inhabitants, and burning their homes. By the end of the dreadful summer of 1625, the mayor of Plymouth reckoned that 1,000 skiffs had been destroyed and similar number of villagers carried off into slavery.’871 Between 1609 and 1616, the Barbary pirates ‘captured a staggering 466 English trading ships.’

In 1627, Pirates went on a pillaging and enslaving campaign to Iceland. After dropping anchor at Reykjavik, his forces ransacked the town and returned with 400 men, women and children and sold them in Algiers. In 1631, he made a voyage with a brigand of 200 pirates to the coast of Southern Ireland and ransacked and pillaged the village of Baltimore, carrying away 237 men, women and children to Algiers."

To conclude: the depiction of the naked white female among muslim slavetraders is not only far more than a 'figment of the imagination', but in all likelihood it was commonplace for centuries.

Thus, AfD has EVERY right, and I would say even the moral duty, to use this painting in its campaign.


Thursday, April 25, 2019


Via The New York Post:

Socialists, communists, greens, progressives...

... they all have a reverse Midas Touch. Everything they touch turns to shiite.

Oh wait, let's not longer talk about progressives. Call 'em regressives instead!


Sunday, April 21, 2019


What is absolutely astounding is how basically every media outlet from left AND right anxiously avoids mentioning the 'religion' of the Sri Lanka terrorists. This, for instance, is from Het Laatste Nieuws. They do come up with two names, Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed, names which do not immediately conjure up images of Fiji or The Salvation Army, and yet...

... HLN manages to write a ENTIRE article without the words 'muslim', 'islamic', or even 'jihad' - even as the Zahran Hashim chap in the photo above is making the ISIS sign! Now, if it were 'only' leftist outlets, one could understand. However, even 'rightwing' news outlets also fail to use the dreaded JIM acronym, check out this Fox News article e.g..

A rare exception is The Daily Mail, which offered this nugget of information:

"Ten days ago, according to documents seen by the AFP new agency, Sri Lanka's police chief Pujuth Jayasundara issued an intelligence alert to top officers warning Islamist suicide bombers planned to hit 'prominent churches'.

'A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama'ath) is planning to carry out suicide attacks targeting prominent churches as well as the Indian high commission in Colombo,' the alert said.

The NTJ is a small radical Muslim group in Sri Lanka which has no history of mass fatal attacks, but came to prominence last year linked to the vandalism and desecration of Buddhist statues."

Kudos to the Mail for not being one of the proverbial three apes. Btw, notice that? There have been some serious rows between Sri Lankan muslims and Sri Lankan's Buddhists, which are a clear majority. Yet the muslims chose to direct their attacks primarily against Christians, who represent only 7 per cent of the population and who do everything to stay under islamic radars. If anyone still doubts which group most pisses off the followers of the prophet, this is it. And yet world leaders, unfortunately including even President Trump, seem to be scared shitless to even wink as much in the general direction of Mecca. ALL of them are clueless, or pretend to be. ALL of them are shocked, shocked, shocked I tell you, and on top of that they are also SHOCKED, imagine, at this horror! Which, naturally, they condemn "in the strongest possible terms". There's a whole coven of 800 pound gorillas stampeding around in the room defecating, burping, urinating, and smashing all the porcelain on the ground, and still our fucking politicians and their lackeys the media whores pretend to hear and see NOTHING and fake ignorance about the motives and ideology behind this UMP-TEENTH massacre! From Belgian PM Charles Michel over Putin, Macron and Theresa May to the Pope himself, they all went Ilhan Fucking "Some people did something" Omar. It sure wasn't "some people did something" after Brenton Tarrant and accomplices gunned down 50 mosquegoers in NZ in March: suddenly anybody an inch to the right of David Brooks was in one way or another co-guilty. As far away as Austria, PM Sebastian Kurz - who real rightwingers would do well to keep a very close eye on because the brat is far too slick to be trustworthy - vowed to take down Martin Sellner's 'Identitaere Generation'!

Now compare the outrage and the name-calling following the Christchurch terror attack to this. In these Easter bombings at least four times as many people lost their lives at the hands of muslim terrorists... and everybody is CLUELESS as to the motives behind, and origin of, this latest mayhem. One such spineless politician was New Zealand's horrible PM Jacinda Ardern. This is a transcript from the Fox News link I provided earlier:

"New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemned the "devastating" attacks, and referred to the March 15 shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch in which 50 died.

"New Zealand condemns all acts of terrorism and our resolve has only been strengthened by the attack on our soil," Ardern said. "New Zealand rejects all forms of extremism and stands for freedom of religion and the right to worship safely."

How true do the words of Australian Senator Fraser Anning now sound:

"Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of the faith on an industrial scale."

The man was BLASTED worldwide.

But he spoke the Truth, and nothing but the Truth.



DowneastBlog wishes its readers of good will a Happy Easter:

Please take some moments today to pray for the victims of the gruesome attacks perpetrated by muslim terrorists against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. As of now, 2pm local time, news is that there have now been eight acts of terror and the death toll would be over 200 already. In the Saint Sebastian Church in Negombo alone, at least 67 people were killed, and many more wounded and maimed.


Saturday, April 20, 2019


Hans Zimmer's The Oil. From the soundtrack of Dunkirk (2017).

If you check out the comments on this video's YouTube address, you can see a lot of glowing comments. Hafta say I cannot really sympathize, since I went away from seeing Dunkirk slightly disappointed. To me, it was not so much a movie as an artistic exercise.

The Shadows with Atlantis. Released as a single in 1963.

If you say The Shadows you say Hank Marvin. And Bruce Welch. And Fender guitar. And Vox amplifier.




More ominous signs of the intellectual, cultural and moral rot taking hold among our "elites": a Middle School Principal in Chicago has decided that an innocent 1930s mural depicting white children having fun in a winter landscape has got to go because it is not 'diverse' enough. Via The Chicago Sun-Times:

"A Depression-era mural depicting white children playing outside in the winter was removed from Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park because school officials said it failed to represent the school’s diversity.

While some said the mural was upsetting to students of color who felt it excluded them from the school, a local historian likened the removal to a “modern-day book burning.”

Julian Principal Todd Fitzgerald announced the weekend removal in an email sent to school staff Monday.

“I have had students approach me pointing out that this picture does not represent our student body or the diversity of Oak Park,” Fitzgerald wrote. “We will be working with the Social Justice Club and our parent Diversity Committee to create a mural/canvas that better represents Julian Middle School.”

Cynthia Brito Millan, a coordinator for the middle school’s Social Justice Club, said the push to remove the mural began in February at a district school board meeting. Students expressed frustration about an atmosphere of exclusion for students of color — who make up 45 percent of the student body — and cited the mural as an example.

“This mural made students feel invisible because it doesn’t reflect the current student body,” Brito Millan said. “How can a student learn in a healthy environment when they don’t feel they are being seen?”

What utter madness. Should The Nightwatch (1642) by Rembrandt Van Rijn, on display in the Nachtwachtzaal in the Amsterdam Museum....

... not better be relegated to the darkest corner of the museum's attic, lest "people of color" in The Netherlands' already very diverse society feel excluded?

Or these busts of past administrators at Harvard Medical School:

All despicable Whites! How horrible!!! Would it not be better to get rid of at least a couple of them to better reflect today's die-versity? Preferably of the ones suspected of harboring conservative thoughts?

Oh wait. Let's not give anybody ideas.

Here is the self-hating asshole/clown/jerk responsible for this insane decision, "Dr" Todd Fitzgerald:

You can email the skunk on this address:


Do not mince words. Call the bastard by his/its name. No need to be civil. There is a war going on.


Saturday, April 13, 2019


Jeff Wayne with The Eve of the War. From his debut album Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds (1978).

The voice at the beginning is actor Richard Burton. The singer is Justin Hayward from The Moody Blues. As for the composer, Jeff Wayne, in his youth he was apparently so smitten by H.G. Wells's book that he decided to make a concept album of it.

Her's with What Once Was.

Her's was an English indie rock band from Liverpool, England, consisting of Stephen Fitzpatrick (vocals, guitar) and Audun Laading (bass guitar, backing vocals). Fitzpatrick was also a drummer, but they decided to simply use a drum machine instead. Her's formed in 2015 and they had only one full-length album, released in August 2018. Tragically, the duo was killed, along with their tour manager Trevor Engelbrektson, in a horrific head-on car crash and subsequent fire in Arizona on March 27, 2019. A very tragic loss, given the obvious talent of the duo. RIP and God bless.

Hat tip OutlawDaughter.

Good night.



I have a perfect barometer of my own. My hands. When it's getting colder, not for just a day, or even two, but for a prolonged period, I start having chapped hands. To the point that they start bleeding and that I leave bloodstains every time I write something with a ballpoint pen, or even just put a simple signature on some document.

It is now almost the middle of April, and I am having chapped hands. Earlier this week I was slightly embarrassed to shake a customer's hand, for fear of leaving blood on it - not that I got something nasty to transmit, thank God.

But indeed, for some ten days now, temps over here in Flanders are down by at least some five degrees vs what is considered 'normal' for this time of the year. And when I checked out HLN this morning, this caught my eye:

IN THE COMING NIGHT, IT FREEZES ALMOST EVERYWHERE: UNTIL MINUS 4 DEGREES CENTIGRADE. Apple growers in Haspengouw have been working hard for the past nights with fire pots and covers to protect their blossoms from freezing temperatures.

And that is baaaaad news for the left and their newfound heroine Anuna De Wever, mastermind (or so she thinks) of the weekly climate marches of thousands of school children skipping class for the climate.

Over at American Thinker, Todd Royal takes the case of MMGW to the woodshed:

"In January 2012, sixteen eminent scientists published an article in the Wall Street Journal, titled, “No Need to Panic About Global Warming. If mankind is causing global warming then how do you explain:

“Today’s CO2 concentrations worldwide average about 380 parts per million. This level of CO2 concentration is trivial compared with the concentrations during earlier geologic periods. For example, 460 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, CO2 concentrations were 4,400 ppm, and temperatures then were about the same as they are today. With such high levels of CO2 the Earth should have been boiling.”

It seems more reasonable to be agnostic based upon this fact:

~ According to the Climate.gov website, the current global average temperature is roughly ‘shy of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. About 55 million years ago – just after the age of the Dinosaurs – the era known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) saw average global temps as high as 73 degrees Fahrenheit.”

As humans only showed up about 100,000 years ago how do you account for the PETM era? Supposedly, 97% of scientists agree man is the cause of catastrophic GWCC. When in fact that statement is false. Moreover:

~ “A recent study reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies found that just 36 percent of earth scientists and engineers believe that humans are creating a climate change crisis. A majority of the 1,077 respondents in the survey believe that nature is the primary cause of recent GWCC.”

What if you believe the 97% scientist debate then why hasn’t this information been widely reported?

~ “The media ignore a petition on the Internet signed by more than 31,000 scientists, including 9,029 PhDs, 7,157 with a master’s of science, and 12, 715 with a bachelor of science degree, all of whom dispute the global warming thesis.”

The GWCC narrative also took a hit when a March 2019 NASA study found the famous Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland was starting to grow again “after retreating about 1.8 miles and thinning nearly 130 feet annually since 2013,” but is growing the past two years (2016-2018). Past natural variability seems to be the cause instead of vetting the scientific consensus that “demands to prove that rising CO2 is causing an effect like melting Greenland ice.”

Are there other factors that determine earth’s heating and cooling other than CO2? According to Professor A. Balasubramanian from the Centre for Advanced Studies in Earth Sciences, University of Mysore:

~ “The climate of a region (or whole earth) is determined by radiation energy of the sun, and its distribution and temporal fluctuations. The long-term state of the atmosphere is a function of variety of interacting elements. They are: Solar radiation, Air masses, Pressure systems (cyclone belts), Ocean Currents, Topography.”

CO2 is a factor that influences regional and global temperatures, and there are considerable questions about the role it plays in recent warming trends in the 20th and 21st century. Climate scientist Vijay Jayaraj cites these weather facts to make the case the earth is actually in danger of global cooling:

~ “There is poor correlation between CO2 emissions and global temperature. Between 2000 and 2018, global temperature showed no significant increase despite a steep increase in carbon dioxide emissions from anthropogenic sources. The same was the case between the years 1940 and 1970. When carbon dioxide concentration increases at a constant and steady rate and temperature doesn’t follow the pattern, we can be certain that carbon dioxide is not the primary driver of global temperature.”

MIT atmospheric physicist, Richard Lindzen, one of the world’s leading climatologists, also believes CO2 is not the main factor in GWCC and figuring out GWCC is a dicey proposition. He questions whether the earth is warming, cooling or somewhere in between – in other words Dr. Lindzen is a skeptic because he doesn’t know if CO2 is the main driver of weather. Climate scientists acknowledge life on earth happens because of the Earth’s positioning in the solar system to the sun and “that the sun is the biggest influencer and driver of global temperature.”

But our moral betters know better of course. Actually, while I wouldn't say I'm scared shitless, I do look forward to the upcoming May elections with more than dread. The ecoloons, i.e. the green parties, especially Groen! in Flanders, stand a good chance to win big, say 15 per cent of the electorate. This is the leading triumvirate of the Flemish Greens:

From left to right Petra De Sutter, formerly Peter De Sutter, but he got his dick chopped off. In other circumstances I would be sympathetic to the guy's plight, however, that dreadful appearance hides a mini-dictator. Then, in the middle, Meyrem Almaci, party chairwoman AND muslima. Don't let her liberal looks fool you, she's all for furthering the ongoing islamization of our formerly Christian countries. Finally to the right Kristof Calvo, a neocommunist who takes econutterism to troposheric heights, and is a proven liar. Some party leadership, huh?

Do these warmists look like clowns?

Yes they do.

But make no mistake, they are dangerous clowns. They are all ideological scions of Jos Geysels, Green party leader in the nineties and one of the leading architects of the cordon sanitaire, which has effectively put my party, the Vlaams Belang, in political quarantine for about a quarter of a century by now. De Sutter, Almaci and Calvo are the kind of people who, if you were living in the German 'Democratic' Republic and they were your neighbors and they caught you listening to Radio Free Europe, would report you to the Stasi.

If they win big enough, they will be incontournable when a government has to be formed, and that will mean carbon taxes, severely curtailing the use of company cars (in spite of the traffic jams, still hugely popular with the working population, even indispensable), enforced vegetarianism, and the installation of a "Climate Czar", yet another completely useless public 'function' whereby some green hack will get dictatorial powers to force all of us big carbon-footprinted chavs to spare Gaia...

It's articles like Todd Royal's that are needed to be brought to attention, for they offer solid arguments with which to fight the reigning climate lunacy.

Spread them wide and far.


Friday, April 12, 2019


As per usual, Mark Steyn nails it:

"~The real problem, in America, Britain, Canada, Oz, NZ, is not the left, who know what they want and are serious about getting it, but the pansy right. It's easy to mock AOC and Justin and Jacinta Ardern, but all they're doing is sailing full steam ahead for their desired utopia. The right, who profess to disdain the final destination, nevertheless follow along, albeit at a more desultory rate of knots.

Sir Roger Scruton

We see this routinely in their urge to "distance" themselves: In Washington, as I mentioned the other day, House Republicans ostentatiously distanced themselves from their colleague Steve King, because in an ill-advised interview with The New York Times he appeared to endorse "white supremacist" concepts such as "western civilization". For some of us, it's hard to see the point of a conservatism that distances itself from western civilization.

The same fate has now befallen the most thoughtful and serious of living conservative philosophers, Roger Scruton. I have a modest acquaintance with Sir Roger, both personal (he's married to a friend of a friend) and professional: We once appeared in a debate moderated by none other than Margaret Thatcher. Mrs T obviously adored Roger and reckoned I was there just for the cheap laughs.

But that was then, and this is Theresa May's Tory Party. So Roger Scruton gave an interview to The New Statesman, which is left-wing but once employed him as its wine critic. But that was then, etc. At the new New Statesman he fell into the hands of one of those lefties whose goal in the interview is to talk to you for two hours and then pluck three partial quotes uttered twenty-five minutes apart that destroy your career and get you banished from public life. In this case, it was various Scrutonisms on China, Islam, Hungary and homosexuality, all of which are worth thinking about seriously.

But, as I say, that's the leftie hack's objective, and you can't blame him for achieving it. Douglas Murray, quite rightly, is more disgusted by the craven pile-on of so-called conservatives:

Within four hours of Eaton tweeting out his misquotations of Britain's most prominent living philosopher, the housing minister (James Brokenshire) announced that Scruton had been dismissed with immediate effect from his role as Chairman of the 'Building Better Building Beautiful Commission'. The sacking from this unpaid, advisory position came because of these 'unacceptable comments'.

James Brokenshire, "Communities Secretary" and Fake Conservative. With rightwingers like these, who needs wet floorcloths?

What's the point of James Brokenshire? He is the so-called "Communities Secretary" and was formerly a most undistinguished Northern Ireland Secretary. But, more importantly, what's the point of the Conservative government in which he sits? Roger Scruton is a humane and decent person: He wrote a novel about the girls of Rotherham, which none of the more fashionable literary types could be bothered with. He thinks seriously about everything from "Islamophobia" to social dancing. If there is "no place for the likes of Scruton" in public life, then there is no place for conservatism either. Douglas Murray again:

Even today the chances are that when you show up at any institution which has a position in the gift of the government the person still in charge there will be someone who used to write press releases for Tony Blair some two decades ago. And in nine years what have the Conservatives managed? Nothing. Or almost nothing. They pat themselves on the back for their heroism in a single successful appointment, only then – as Brokenshire showed today – to reverse and retreat when a left-wing magazine pumps inaccurate quotes onto social media.

There are many reasons to feel contempt for the modern Conservative party. Personally I can see no reason, after the fiasco they have made of Brexit, to ever vote for them again.

Indeed. I wish Douglas were correct that in nine years the Tories have managed merely to accomplish nothing. On everything from Brexit to Scruton to their new Internet clampdown they are making things worse."

Don't miss Douglas Murray's take, in The Spectator, on the scandalous sacking of Sir Roger Scruton:

"So the New Statesman decided to interview Sir Roger Scruton. Perhaps there are those who think that Scruton should not have agreed to be interviewed by the New Statesman, the left-wing magazine being unlikely to conduct a fair interview. But Scruton was the magazine’s wine columnist for many years, and under the editorship of Jason Cowley the magazine has been a slightly fairer and less battily leftwards publication than it was of old.

But today the magazine’s deputy editor, George Eaton, took to social media to announce the results of what he is parading as a ‘gotcha’ interview. The interview – which Eaton conducted himself – was, he promised, positively crammed full with ‘a series of outrageous remarks’. Eaton later posted a picture of himself drinking champagne to celebrate the fate of his interviewee, with the caption “The feeling when you get right-wing racist and homophobe Roger Scruton sacked as a Tory government adviser.” Eaton has since deleted the picture. Here it is."

George Eaton of The New Statesman, Deputy Editor of that rag and asshole superdeluxe. Sir Roger Scruton made the mistake of thinking leftists can be reasonable and trustworthy. I am no world class philosopher, but that's an error I would not have made.

"So what are the ‘outrageous remarks’? It appeared that Scruton had said that Islamophobia is ‘a propaganda word invented by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to stop discussion of a major issue’. Which is true. He also said that ‘Anybody who doesn’t think that there’s a Soros empire in Hungary has not observed the facts.’ A fact which is also true. Obviously since the British Labour party became a party of anti-Semites it has become exceptionally important to pretend that anti-Semitism is equally prevalent on the political right in Britain and that to criticise any of the actions of George Soros is in fact simply to indulge in anti-Semitism equivalent to that rolling through the Labour party. A very useful play for the political left, but wholly untrue. Anyway, I say ‘it appears’ that Scruton said this because there seem to be a few journalistic problems here.

Though Eaton says that Scruton said the above I am not confident that this is so. For Eaton – who used to be the Statesman’s political editor – appears to have a somewhat Johann Hari-esque way with quotes. He claims, for instance, that what Scruton said about Soros was somehow a comment ‘on Hungarian Jews’. As though Scruton had attacked all Hungarian Jews, rather than one very influential and political man who happens to be a Hungarian Jew."

To get back to Iowa Republican Steve King, who got a James Brokenshire treatment at the hands of American 'conservative' Mitch McConnell in that he was removed in January from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees for having committed the unspeakable crime of asking,

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

... for the caravans of hundreds of thousands of Latinos, heading to the United States of America from every crime ridden dirt poor hellhole in Central America, and the mass movements of Africans and muslims from African and islamic shitholes, heading to Europe, the issue seems clear: for them, White societies apparently seem immeasurably more superior to their own. And I will now give you a chap who sheds some light on how that superiority came to be:


Thursday, April 11, 2019


I guess most readers heard about Omar's latest gaffe.

Only, she's no Biden. Her 'gaffes' ain't gaffes. She means it. I'm talking, of course, about her remarks at a CAIR banquet in LA on March 23, during which she stated that the 9/11 terrorists were just 'some people who did something':

The New York Post had a fitting response to that:

... they only should have added 'islamic' before the word 'terrorism'.

9/11 is not even twenty years ago and here we are, with one Ilhan Omar (D-MN), notorious antisemite, on the pic above in the company of Linda Sarsour, being a Congresswoman. HOW-ON-EARTH is such a thing even possible???


Wednesday, April 10, 2019


First Jewish aerospace engineering, with a modest lunar lander:

Then the glowing, promising muslim effort:

Nuff said.


Tuesday, April 09, 2019


A must read by Dennis Prager over at Townhall:

"I have decided to finally read what is widely regarded as the literary work that unleashed the modern feminist movement, Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique."

I am halfway through the book, and I find it to be a well-written cri de coeur (cry from the heart). Historically speaking, there was always much to lament regarding the status of women. Though I have none of the contempt Friedan has for "housewifery," her description of women who felt they had no sense of self because they were only someone's wife and some children's mother is emotionally compelling.

But a big and troubling thought hit me while reading the book. In the 56 years since "The Feminine Mystique" was published, every complaint Friedan made regarding the situation of the American woman has been addressed. Few American women are forced into "housewifery." The few women who choose to place marriage and home over career have truly chosen to do so; it is the rare young woman for whom marriage and family are greater goals than a successful career. Nor do women any longer go from high school to the wedding chapel. They go from high school to college and often graduate school. In fact, far more women go to college than men.

Yet, if you were to listen to many American women today, you would think nothing has improved. Every women's group and millions of individual women say women are "oppressed" despite the fact that virtually nothing remains of the "feminine mystique" described by Friedan.

In January 2017, between 3 and 5 million American women took part in the Women's March, widely regarded as the largest number of Americans to participate in a single-day march in the nation's history. A year later, millions of American women again participated in the Women's March in marches around the country.

Feminist groups describe the state of American women in dire terms. Young middle-class and upper-class women, many attending the most expensive universities -- paid for by their parents -- are among the greatest malcontents in American life.

In fact, women today, including young women, who lead lives the very opposite of those described in "The Feminine Mystique," are about twice as likely to be depressed as men. And that statistic is true for women across all economic, racial and ethnic groups.

So, then, what was my big and troubling thought?

If women are as likely -- perhaps more likely -- to complain about being oppressed today when they aren't oppressed as they did when they were oppressed, and if women today are nearly twice as likely as men to be depressed, and if women at elite colleges -- where they are pampered and more assured a financially successful future than most men living now or who lived in the past -- are particularly angry and malcontented, simple logic suggests two choices: Either women remain as oppressed as in the past, or women tend to be malcontents.

Given that the reality is that American women -- especially the ones who do the most complaining -- are not oppressed, we are left to conclude that the female of the human species may tend toward being malcontents. The simple-minded will respond to this exactly as they were indoctrinated to respond -- not by asking, "Is it true?" but by accusing the person who offers this suggestion of sexism and misogyny.

So, allow me to respond in advance: This is no more an attack on women than describing men's nature as aggressive is an attack on men. Each sex has built-in issues that an individual has to overcome in order to develop into a mature and good person. Men have to deal with aggression and the sexual predatory aspect of male nature in order to develop into mature and good men. Women have to overcome the power of their emotions and their chronic malcontentedness in order to mature into good women. But in our disordered society -- a society that has rejected wisdom -- in raising their children, two generations of Americans have told only their sons, not their daughters, that they had to fight their nature. The feminization of society has brought with it the destructive notion that only males have to suppress their nature. Feminists really believe females are superior, so why would women have to fight any aspect of their inherently beautiful nature?

Finally, this helps explain why one would consider the left feminine and the right masculine. Though life in America is a blessing for the vast majority of its citizens, the left constantly complains about America. Indeed, the better America gets, the louder the left's complaints about America -- about its racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, xenophobia, inequality, systemic bias, etc. The right, on the other hand, regards life's difficulties as inherent to life, not inherent to America's flaws, and doesn't much complain. Like men, conservatives complain less than liberals. And just as male and female feminists demand that American men complain more -- that their lack of complaining is a form of "toxic masculinity" -- the American left demands that Americans complain more.

All these women's marches and angry women at colleges probably tell us more about women's nature than about American sexism."

Amen, bro. It was about time one of us male 'oppressors' came forward with this message.


Saturday, April 06, 2019


Muse with Undisclosed Desires. From the 2009 album The Resistance.

English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. Matt Bellamy does lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards, Chris Wolstenholme bass guitar and backing vocals, and Dominic Howard is drummer.

Some seven years before flesh eating bacteria ravaged the inside of Cat Stevens' skull and turned him into a mooslim, the man wrote Wild World, a song from the album Tea for the Tillerman (1970).

At the time of writing Wild World, Stevens and his girlfriend Patti d'Arbanville were in the process of breaking up. Lady d'Arbanville dodged quite some bullet there.




Via De Dagelijkse Standaard, a Dutch rightwing website:

"Het schooljaar 2019-2020 kan nog wel eens een goed jaar worden voor de islamitische school Cornelius Haga in Amsterdam, waar bestuurders banden met terroristen en homegrown salafist Arnoud van Doorn onderhouden. Voor komend jaar hebben al bijna 150 kinderen zich aangemeld voor een plekje op de Raqqa van het onderwijs.

Het is toch van de zotten? Het is inmiddels alweer weken geleden dat de AIVD aantoonde dat de Amsterdamse islamitische school Cornelius Haga Lyceum banden onderhoudt met terroristische organisaties, en de slappe minister Slob heeft de onderwijsinstelling nog altijd niet gesloten. Dat leidt nu tot een soort triomfalisme, waarin men het zelfs gepast vindt om via allerlei stekelige 1 aprilgrappen middelvingers uit te delen aan de overheid.

En nu kan dat walgelijke islamofascistische Cornelius Haga-hol een nieuw succes rapporteren: het loopt storm voor het schooljaar 2019/2020! Al 135 knettergekke fundamentalistische ouders hebben hun kinderen opgegeven voor een plekje op deze tuigschool..."

The gist of the story: A couple of weeks ago the AIVD [Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst, the Dutch counterpart of the NSA if you will; MFBB] disclosed, in a report made public, that the staff of Amsterdam's islamic school Cornelius Haga had ties with islamic terrorist organizations. Here's a screenshot from NRC Handelsblad, a key Dutch newspaper:

The accompanying article states that AIVD warned Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema [a notorious islamophile and ecofascist; MFBB] about the "very worrisome situation at Cornelius Haga", where key personnel had ties with islamic terrorist organizations, a.o. the Caucasus Emirate. This Chechen jihadist organization (Imarat Kavkaz) is striving for establishing an islamic republic in Chechnya and surrounding areas in the North Caucasian. It is responsible for the two 2010 bombings of the Moscow underground and the attack on Moscow's Domodedovo Airport in 2011.

That the AIVD chose to make such sensitive information public via ordinary news channels is extremely rare and can only mean there is grave danger involved in letting Cornelius Haga continue.

Well, guess what. Since the disclosure of the report there's a stampede of islamic parents to Cornelius Haga for ensuring a place for their offspring in the coming schoolyear 2019-2020.

This development underscores for the umpteenth time the wide chasm that exists between "our" and "their" behaviour. As I have opined a couple of times before on these pages, if we get informed that some white trash criminal had his career cut short per the business end of police guns, our reaction is invariably "good riddance". Definitely NOT SO for our muslim "co-citizens", for whom islamic terrorists and criminals are heroes. We can be pretty sure that the news of AIVD proving that Cornelius Haga is a hotbed of salafism was actually seen as an endorsement in muslim circles.

The "British" sharia scholar Haitham al-Haddad is a known visitor of the school, and Education Minister Slob has gotten information that half of the hours in Cornelius Haga are spent on salafist courses, but all of that is no problem. However, Thierry Baudet and his Forum for Democracy making a breakthrough in the recent parliamentary elections, now, THAT's bad indeed!

Cornelius Haga Lyceum: prepping students to become model citizens in the future Islamic Republic of Holland. Within five years, most of the girls visible in this photograph will have given birth to their first child.

Islam has NO place in civilized countries.