Friday, November 29, 2019


In 1976 the Sex Pistols sang 'Anarchy in the UK'. Seems like they get what they wished for. Infographic via The Economist. Look and shudder.

In 2060, China will be full of Chinese. Bengal full of Bengalese. Africa will be choke full of Africans. Brazil, ditto. It can be said with certainty that the ethnic composition of all these countries will have changed very little.

Western Europe and the US however will have become unrecognizable. Please tell me why this would be a bonus for our countries and authochton populations.

By and large, people are starting to wake up, although the powers behind this orchestrated Population Replacement are strong - very strong. But check out this document:

“Diversity is our Greatest Strength™!” Undoubtedly you’ve heard the phrase from time to time. The most powerful institutions of the world are in unanimous agreement that diversity is unquestionably a colossal benefit to our societies; economically, culturally, and genetically. This includes:

the mainstream media, education system, corporate entities, government officials (both Left and Right), various supranational organizations, such as the UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, etc.1

Not only does the entire global elite espouse a pro-diversity message, but they have also deviously engineered a scenario in which it is almost entirely forbidden to oppose their unanimous consensus.

Any individual who dares to question the enormous, quantifiable benefits of Diversity™ faces severe threats of social, economic, and legal punishments. Social penalties—which have been engineered via a relentless, 24/7 pro-diversity propaganda bombardment from every source of information imaginable—include social shaming (loss of social status), isolation, loss of friendship, and familial
rejection. The questioning individual is decried as a “hateful bigot” and cast out of “polite society” as a pariah. Economic penalties include loss of employment or employability and, increasingly, rejection from public services, such as banking or transportation. These penalties operate similarly to China’s “social credit” system, but are widely regarded as non-tyrannical because “private corporations can do whatever they want” (strategic Libertarianism). In more tyrannous countries individuals who question the benefits of diversity face fierce legal repercussions, see, for example,
the United Kingdom’s insane “Hate Speech” laws, which roughly translate to “offending someone
who isn’t a White male is illegal.”

All in all, those who care about the truth and the overall happiness of society are in a pretty sticky situation. Fortunately, as this so-called “Diversity Experiment” progresses, the disparity in opinions between the relentlessly pro-diversity global elite and the vaguely-diversity-skeptical general populace is becoming more and more abyssal. The number of normal people speaking out
against this transparently engineered and wholly unnatural agenda is growing exponentially."

Two more innocent Europeans paid with their lives today for the multiculti insanity of our immoral 'leaders':

There may come a point where we will have to lynch and hang the Macrons and Merkels, if we want our once beautiful and prosperous countries, for which we worked, and work, so hard, to survive in any meaningful semblance.

Pray for the victims.


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