Sunday, December 08, 2019


Via RT:

"A church in Malmo has a new altarpiece meant to celebrate inclusivity by replacing Adam and Eve in paradise with gay couples in suggestive poses, while depicting the serpent tempting them as a transgender woman.

The controversial work of art is not new. Photographer and artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin painted it in 2012 and tried to donate it to the Skara Cathedral just before the church was preparing to conduct the first same-sex wedding in its 1,000-year history.

The openly lesbian artist, who has a history of blending religious imagery with pro-minority activism, said at the time that she wanted to test if the Church of Sweden was as gay-friendly as it claimed to be when it embraced same-sex marriage in 2009. The Skara Cathedral politely declined the gift, saying it was about political activism and not faith.

But over seven years have passed, and now Wallin has got her way, even if it isn’t in her home city. St. Paul’s Church in Malmo accepted the painting called “Paradise” as its new altarpiece and unveiled it on Sunday, the first day of Advent. Helena Myrstener, the pastor, said that “history was written” in the hanging of the “LGBT altarpiece” as she tweeted a photo of the painting..."

Malmo you say, Malmo? Where have I heard about Malmo before?

Oh... yes.

And so, as every day offers fresh and indisputable evidence of what colossal mistakes multiculturalism, the opening of the borders and leftist/green worldviews in general are, our Moral Betters engage even more frantically in spreading their insane ideas of what society should look like. There are accounts that it was Emperor Nero who ordered Rome be set alight, and that he played the fiddle while admiring the fireworks. I do not know whether that is true. Nero, as someone who wasted money, raised taxes, left his wife and took the wife of another, and murdered his mother (they call it euthanizing these days), certainly fits the profile of an Antiquity leftist. If it's true, well yes...

... I see today's leftists and greens and their handiwork, and I understand.


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