Thursday, November 30, 2017


I was reading an article this evening by Townhall's esteemed Larry Elder in which he opined to 'Dump Roy Moore'.

This affair having been in the spotlights for about a month now, I think I've come to the correct conclusion and that's that by now it's safe for Conservatives to instead continue to support him.

I made my case in the comments section and, duuuh, this is the message I got from Townhall:

"Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Townhall."

After which naturally, it won't show up anymore after a couple of minutes or a bit more. Hey Townhall, seriously??? Puzzled, I checked my text and wondered what had gotten the TH censors' so upset - okay, coded checkscans to filter out a certain vocabulary to then let it pass the judgment of flesh and bloods - that they considered it offensive enough to dump it. Was it the word 'sex'? Can't I use that anymore??? Breast perhaps? You gotta be kidding me? Libturd? Who are you, Jonah Goldberg or George Will?

At the time of writing it's possible that TH posted my comment anyway. But just in case they have gone gaga re the use of some spicy prose, I'll repost my original comment here in full.

"This is no time to go wobbly Larry.

It's been about a month since the last of the accusers came out. Properly translated: THAT'S-ALL-THERE-EVER-WAS. Sorry, I read the stories about the girls having the legal age of consent and the one below it. To say that this is small beer vis-à-vis the exploits of a ton of liberal demonrats is an understatement.

Of course I found it a bit creepy that a 30 year old would make sexual advances to a 14-year old. But if I have read it correctly, at the point where things started to get hot, she asked him to stop - and he complied. End of story. NOTHING HAPPENED. Your average liberal? He would have gotten brutal and raped her. If anything, the stories of the plus 16 yo's he dated reveal that Moore was actually perhaps not straightforward enough, which I gather is why the girls broke it off in the first place. Think about it. Dating for a couple of months and all that happened was a chaste kiss? Standard procedure in my book is that after a month or so a guy tries to slip his hand under her shirt and begins tinkering with the bra. And I guess that article of faith in Outlaw Mike's Dating For Dummies still makes me a monk in the eyes of many. The behaviour of Moore in the cases of the girls of legal age of consent reveal a psychological profile that is com-ple-te-ly at odds with the bogus image of a child molester.

I've been pondering it a lot over the past few weeks and while I'm no psychoanalyst I think that Roy Moore was, and still is, a decent man whose carnal instincts were held VERY much in check by his Christian beliefs. A man who like every normal XY felt and feels attracted to the fairer sex. But perhaps to such an extent that it took him a mighty lot of time to muster the courage to make a move towards an attractive female, which might have meant that by the time he turned Cape 30 he had probably gotten afraid of approaching females his age, who he reckoned would be far more experienced and who would have made an utter fool of him. I think that it is entirely possible that Roy Moore thought that with young girls the risk of being humiliated was less (and believe me, women ARE able to humilate men, shockingly so, speaking of experience here). And the 14 year old? She may have looked like a 17 year old. Some girls have amazing breast sizes when barely in puberty.

No, I'm sorry. While I was initially reluctant to continue supporting Moore, I'm now more or less convinced this is just a replay of the peeing Russian prostitutes scenario and all the bruhaha over the President's locker room talk. A big nothingburger, but the latter led to that weasel of a Ryan suspending his (shaky) support of Donald Trump.

Real conservatives should not make the same mistake here. Roy Moore is by all accounts a decent man and a far, far better choice for Alabama than that immoral libturd he's running against."

Get real, Townhall!


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