Friday, November 03, 2017


Once again sorry for the very light blogging. Last summer, my main supplier went bust. Or as good as. Production was erratic from June to mid-September, and after that stopped entirely. In August, I was scrambling to find alternatives, and I found them, but deliveries of the new brands will only start in earnest next week - in other words three months later. The reason is precisely the dire situation my main supplier finds itself in, because as a result the competitors had to suddenly cope with an increased demand, resulting in longer delivery times. Since early September my company basically has had no income to speak of, and it's high time we resume normal operations. Just staying somewhat afloat financially consumes all my energy.

Anyway, thought I'd share this video with you, via Dutch pundit site GeenStijl. It's about a islam-themed playground in Berlin.

There's tons of news in my own country, very little of it good. But right now I'm too f*cked up to write decent posts.

Nite. Have a nice weekend.


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