Monday, January 01, 2018


Antwerp, December 16, 2017. Via Voice of Europe:

According to HLN:

"With the purchase of two American armoured cars of the 'BearCat' type, the Antwerp PD will from now on be excellently equipped to intervene during incidents involving heavy weapons. The BearCats arrived yesterday in the harbour. The public will see them for the first time during the upcoming fireworks on the Leien. The Antwerp PD will be the first oe in Belgium to be equipped with the type. The vehicle, produced by US company Lenco, is used worldwide by special police and army units as an armoured rescue vehicle."

Well, too bad they didn't have them BearCats yesterday night in Molenbeek. Again via HLN:

Interior Minister Jan Jambon after unruly New Year's night: "What happened in Brussels yesterday really cannot pass."

"In Molenbeek there were riots between 11pm and 2am this morning, Police Chief Johan Berckmans of Brussels West (Jette/Ganshoren/Koekelberg/Sint-Agatha-Berchem/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek) says. Groups of youths lit car tires in the neighborhood of Leopold II Avenue and at the metro station Zwarte Vijvers, and subsequently pelted police and fire crews with stones. Some three vehicles were lightly damaged. "The firefighting vehicle was pelted with stones and got damaged, but luckily none of our men were wounded", says Fire Department spokesman Pierre Meys. At the West Station a car was torched too. For the moment no suspects have been arrested, but police is investigating several people."

Yet all of that is small beer compared to France, where across the country a staggering 1,031 vehicles were set ablaze and the police and security services arrested some 510 individuals:

There are more stories like that from the UK and Germany.

In other news, the muslim influx in Europe through migration and family reunification continues unabated.


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