Thursday, December 07, 2017


In Amsterdam, a follower of the prophet went Kristallnight on a Jewish restaurant. According to Selçuk Öztürk, the bearded chap being interviewed right at the beginning, it's all Trump's fault. A couple of years ago, Öztürk was thrown out of the PvdA, one of the Dutch socialist parties, and started his own muslim party, 'Denk'. On the programme are niceties such as that The Netherlands should offer schoolchildren the choice to opt for Turkish or Arabic as second language, that the government should support islamic education, and that The Netherlands should build a dedicated museum someplace in which its past as a slaveholding nation should be highlighted.

Wonderful cultural enrichment by a young Paleostinian dude. What's amazing - and outrageous - is the time it took the cops to take action against this scumbag.

In Mexico, the police chief of Cuauhtemoc, Edgar Perez de Peña, was murdered in a local restaurant by a cartel member. Prayers are asked for Mr Perez de Peña and his relatives.

In (Western) Europe, leftists and greens and actually most of the political establishment want to step up immigration of blokes like that Paleostinian thug even more, because diversity! Multiculturalism!

In the US, their ideological brethren want to stop building a wall that would keep murderous subhumans like that killer out.

It has been said a million times before on this site: Leftism is a mental disorder.


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