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A couple of weeks back we had a post on Sadiq Khan's election as Mayor of London, and his dubious ties to extremist muslims.

Turns out it is even far worse, something MSM deliberately chooses to ignore.

A telling video with Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB:

And here is the transcript:

"So, Sadiq Khan is now the Mayor of London. What sort of man is he?

He took his oath on the Koran, so he puts Islam before his country. His brother-in-law was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, and apparently Sadiq Khan is related to four members of a proscribed extremist organisation. One of his aides, Shueb Salar, had to be eventually fired for writing about killing Jews.

Sadiq Khan worked for Liberty civil rights organisation, which included at that time Azad Ali on its board. Azad Ali wanted to kill British soldiers.

Sadiq Khan has represented the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan - after Louis Farrakhan said, we want to kill all the whites.

Sadiq Khan has represented Ali Dizaei, the corrupt Muslim policeman who went to jail for perverting the course of justice.

Sadiq Khan has represented Babar Ahmad, a terrorist linked to al-Qaeda.

Sadiq Khan has represented Shaker Aamer, who toddled off to Syria with a false passport, obviously to do some charity work, according to Sadiq Khan - of course he didn't, the British Intelligence want to know about him.

 photo sadiq_khan_before_after_election_zpsoasw4edn.jpg

Sadiq Khan represented Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is wanting to kill Jews around the world, stone homosexuals to death and adulteresses to death.

Sadiq Khan's represented the Muslim Council of Britain after – after they were dropped by the Labour government for being basically linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has been on Press TV in Iran, calling moderate Muslims Uncle Toms, because they are not proper Muslims, because they're moderates.

He shared stages repeatedly with Muslims calling for the murder of Jews and for the takeover of the West, and because he's represented these people, he's linked to Cage's Adnan Qureshi, who said that Jihadi John was a beautiful young man.

Now, Sadiq Khan will tell you that because he worked in the civil rights industry, these are the people that he came across, because of civil rights issues. But you'll notice they are all particular types of people. You will notice that Sadiq Khan never represented Sergeant Blackman, Marine A. He never represented Tommy Robinson.

We wrote to Liberty - the group, civil rights group Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti's Liberty, Sadiq Khan's Liberty – and said, are you going to represent Tommy Robinson? We never got a reply from them, because Tommy Robinson is the enemy of Sadiq Khan, as is Sergeant Blackman, Marine A, the enemy of Sadiq Khan.

And this is a man that is now the mayor of the capital city of England, the Mayor of London, a man who has spent his entire life associating with enemies of Britain, enemies of Jews, enemies of women, enemies of the infidel, enemies of the English basically, the British. This is the man who is now the Mayor of London.

This could never have happened twenty years ago, very unlikely it could have happened ten years ago, but now that the white English native population of London are now a minority, this is the sort of man, with his extremist friends, that can become the Mayor of London - which is an obscenity, it is a catastrophe. It is a sign of a country which is fast disappearing.

I wouldn't mind particularly if he was a Muslim who just happened to be a Muslim, but you do not have that huge range of extremist friends … clearly his sympathies lie with extremist Islam.

How is it possible? Well, we know how it's possible, it's possible because the English no longer remain a proper voting block in their own capital city.

In ten years' time, twenty years' time, we are going to find that what's now happened in London is going to happen in the country on a national basis, and we will have at some point a Muslim Prime Minister, and the media will say, oh he's a lovely man, just like they all said Sadiq Khan was a lovely man, but he's not, and he won't be.

All of these Muslim people involved in politics are driven by Islam. They're not driven by love of England, not a single one of them.

This is why no Muslims should be holding political public office in this country, and Sadiq Khan is a prime example of exactly why not. We've been saying that at Liberty GB for a long time now, and
it's perfectly acceptable, I think, not to have somebody like Sadiq Khan, linked to all of these extremists, running our capital city.

If you think the same that I think about this, and we do not want these people running our political system in this country when they are clearly enemies of England, of us, of you, then please join Liberty GB, because we're standing up and saying it.

Nobody else is. You will not find UKIP saying it.

We need to do something about this, because as I say, in ten years, twenty years, thirty years maximum, this will be an Islamic country run under Sharia law, based purely on the demographics.

So do something about it, join Liberty GB, support Liberty GB, do something, and stop the future of more Sadiq Khans running more cities in this country before we eventually have a Sadiq Khan as Prime Minister with all of the terrible people surrounding him.

So please - do something about it.

Thank you."

You can join Liberty GB here.


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