Saturday, February 01, 2014


Sorry for the long hiatus. It's been a very tough fortnight.

So many thoughts whirring through my head - witnessing so much insanity in my own country and abroad. I see fellas like De Blasio getting elected, Hollandes recipes for disaster for the French economy come to fruition as they were inevitably bound to do... In my own country, companies never had a worse time keeping afloat under a barrage of business-unfriendly measures by the government, led by the openly gay Parti Socialiste bigshot Elio di Rupo. Here, too, it was predictable, with mathematical certainty, that the economy would suffer. If Belgium has until now weathered the crisis relatively well, it is ONLY through the heroic efforts of its entrepreneurs and their disciplined and competent workforce, plus its middle class. In short the people who work and save.

I don't know where this will all end. Socialists, greens and their quislings in the 'traditional' parties, read 'christian' democrats and liberals, all seem hellbent on creating an unsurpassable voting bloc of welfare recipients.

Anyway, here's Pink Floyd with Time, from the iconic 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon.

The intro with the clocks is Alan Parsons' idea; I suppose no one will object when I say the greatest thing is the guitar solo.

Then it's Queens of the Stone Age's turn, with No one knows.

Rock band from Palm Desert, CA, which formed in 1996 around guitarist/vocalist Josh Homme. This song is from the 2002 studio album Songs for the deaf. Yup, that's Dave Grohl behind the drums, in a guest performance.