Saturday, February 28, 2009


DowneastBlog takes a break from saving western civilization and presents you with more mellow sounds. Also because the wifey thought the keyboard needed lbricaion with arl Gry a and I now have o do wiho *e, t and u.* (Luckily I have the on-screen keyboard.)

The name of the band is not Talking Heads but Travis. They are a Scottish band from Glasgow and have been around since 1996 or so.

The video sucks enormously, but then Belgium had a socialist gubbermint when it was shot.

And here is Eskobar featuring Heather Nova:

The guy sucks big time, but then he's without a shred of doubt pro choice and pro gay marriage. You can take that to the bank, be it preferably not to Lehman Brothers.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Over at The Brussels Journal, Takuan Seiyo, the mysterious writer and chronicler of the West's demise/decline/disease/take your pick... has published his eighth essay in the "From Meccania to Atlantis" series.

If you are new to Seiyo's work, you should know that he refers to the European Powers That Be as "Body Snatchers", and to the indigenous citizenry who mutely follow the Body Snatchers' decrees as if sleepwalking, as "Pods". When at first I thought this analogy was over the top, I now find it quite fitting. "Swimming in the information pool", as the Baron from Gates of Vienna dubs it, one is literally flooded daily with evidence of looming disaster - if you forsake gullible reality television, the heavily censored talk shows, the breathtaking news of Nicole Richie's pregnancy, or the alleged trio lesbian sex involving Amy Winehouse on San Lucia. That lunacy, broadcast to keep the crowds distracted, alas does a good job of screening off the image of the onstorming trainwreck.

And so it is that while those who are fully aware of:

* the catastrophic demographics among Europes indigenous peoples
* the shameless curtailing of freedom of speech
* the deliberate policy of replacing a stubborn electorate with an imported one
* the moral decay
* the implementation of economic policies which have proven themselves time and again to lead to failure
* the repetition of history

... upon sharing their politically non correct knowledge and justified fears with the proverbial "man in the street", they almost invariable meet blank stares. The blank stares of, indeed, "Pod People". I understand Takuan Seiyo, oh yes, I do:

But it’s not any of that that’s most worrisome but rather the docile inertia of the silent majority of the Western peoples who continue marching behind their Pied Pipers toward “progress” even as their countries, societies, culture and future are receding and diminishing, manifestly and indubitably.

Cultural Marxist chicanery and intimidation of the white majority was what the U.S. electorate dealt itself when it elected Barack Obama to the Presidency by 53% of the votes, including 43% of the white majority’s votes. And the overriding of the white majority vote by the votes of imported “minorities” has been in the cards since the 1965 Immigration Act, with nary a protest except against “illegals.” But it’s the “legals” who have overridden the votes of the actual heirs to those who have settled and built America.

There has been no noticeable opposition by the Swedish population to its elected Body Snatchers’ robbery of the Swedes’ own territory, heritage, solidarity, quality of life, peace of mind and safety of the body. Even now, the only Swedish political party that opposes immigration, Sverigedemokraterna (SD), has… 3,000 members (3).

This type of analysis can be made for every Western country. One reads that, finally, 25 years too-late, 60% of the Dutch people consider the importation of 2 million non-White immigrants (4), particularly Muslims, their country’s worst mistake since World War 2. Yet, the Netherland’s main champion of national sanity, Geert Wilders, is persecuted relentlessly by that country’s ruling Body Snatcher cabal, and not even 1% of this wise-too-late majority of Dutchmen can mobilize to demonstrate in his support in front of the Dutch parliament.

It’s not hostile Blacks, or Third World immigrants or militant Islam or greedy bankers that can be blamed for the decline of the West. It’s the decline of the West that can be blamed for hostile Blacks, Third World immigrants, militant Islam and greedy bankers.

The West’s’ original population – what we call for brevity’s sake “Whites” -- has given away the keys to its own home, and delights in being plundered. The ruling Body Snatchers have initiated and executed the plunder, but it’s the demos of democracy that has chosen those Body Snatchers and keeps them at the trough.

The hundreds of millions of Pods converted to the Barack/ Ségolène cult have simply opted out of the examined life in order to live in a Kumbaya haze of “social justice,” “racial justice,” “gender parity,” “GLBT empowerment,” “Global Warming,” bad music, aping the worse aspects of the worse cultures, and self-inflicted pain via piercing, plugging, “wire-imbedding,” tattoo, unbearable music and anonymous copulation.


BodySnatchersAs soon as a party that truly represents the will of the people has a chance at access to power, Body Snatcher International intervenes on a massive scale, to thwart it. Thus if Vlaams Belang enjoys an electoral success in Belgium, other Belgian parties form a cordon sanitaire, to deny it a share in the governing coalition, and the international press adds “far right” every time it mentions its name. If Ron Paul is the only Republican politician who will speak the truth about America’s broken economic model, and Tom Tancredo the only one to speak truthfully about broken immigration, their own party will deny them access to the speaker’s podium at its national convention.

If the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) wins 29% of the popular vote despite a smear campaign by the entire European establishment, including MSM, the UN will send its ubiquitous Doudou Dienne to sniff for “racism” in Helvetia and report to the BBC. Mr. Dienne’s title alone, Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, conjures the job description of another famous hound of heretics, Tomás de Torquemada, the first Inquisitor General of Spain. As Mr. Dienne is the UN’s designated hammer of “racists,” Torquemada was "The hammer of heretics.”

In the United States it’s altogether impossible for great or even potentially great people to be elected or even nominated for the Presidency, except after a prolonged national disaster. It took the combined debacle of Johnson, Nixon and Carter for Reagan to be elected. The majority of the electorate is too dumb to discern good men or to decide correctly which candidate offers the better platform. And a third party is a non-starter in a country where elections are a long TV commercial requiring, as of 2008, half a trillion dollar brainwash budget in order to be a national “player.”

In Europe too, the ruling elites know well how dumb, confused and docile the people have become after 50 years of Podism and rising standards of living. That’s why the electorate wasn’t even consulted in matters as crucially important as the establishment of Eurabia, massive Muslim immigration, and laws curtailing Freedom of Speech and enacted to spare the responsible Body Snatchers from criticism.

Democracy, ever since its Greek days, is really a logocracy – the rule of the glib of tongue. But the glibbest of tongue are not necessarily the stoutest of character and nimblest of mind. Maybe one day the electorate will understand that a beneficial diversity is not the one obsessed with race but the one that includes the quiet and the aloof, the grave and the guileless, the highborn and the short. But until that time, we will be governed by extrovert mediocrities with toothsome smiles and an instinct for the lowest common denominator. No solution to the West’s problems can come from there.

Voting, therefore, is nearly useless. Biding one’s time in the wings, waiting for the electorate’s mood to change, is a waste of time. For the Body Snatchers, lunatics though they are, were extremely clever. They have changed the demographics of the electorate, rather than risking a change in the mood of the original electorate. For that part of the population they haven’t replaced, they replaced its brain cells via a Long March through the schools and mass communication media. And to add a failsafe layer of redundancy, they bribed the hoi polloi of both domestic and imported origin via redistributive entitlements and cheap imports of time-killing and brain-numbing gadgets.

Sorry if this is not a happy end.