Saturday, December 07, 2019


Mark Steyn's piece nails it, but then I'm repeating myself:

"...I can no longer remember when I first used the line, but, as I've said many times before, sometimes a society becomes too stupid to survive.

Back when President Trump was Candidate Trump, he famously proposed a soi-disant "Muslim ban" on entry to the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on".

Which was a rationale to which I was rather partial - because a failure to "figure out what the hell is going on" is a big part of why we're where we are a generation after 9/11. Mohammed is now in the Top Ten boys' names in America, which means it will sooner than you think be, as it is in Europe, among the Top Five boys' names, and eventually the Number One. [UPDATE: See Michelle Stone's comment below.]

Well, the "Muslim ban" never happened, after being struck down by judges and filleted into meaninglessness by the lawyers of the permanent bureaucracy. But you would think, given the mountain of corpses piled up on 9/11, that at the very minimum Saudi nationals would no longer be being given pilot training in Florida. After all, fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, and half of those who flew the planes received their lessons in the Sunshine State.

Yet today Americans pick up their papers to read:

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Saudi Arabian military pilot training in the United States opened fire Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola, leaving three people dead and several others wounded before Florida sheriff's deputies shot and killed him.

Or as The New York Times headlined it:

~ Florida Shooting Updates: Authorities Say It's Too Early to Know if It's Terrorism

We know it's a Saudi national gunning down Americans, but it's "too early to know" if it's terrorism. Could be just "mental health issues" or "workplace violence" or "pre-traumatic stress disorder" or "involuntary self-radicalization" or whatever. Nothing to worry about and always remember (to reprise another old line of mine) that "Allahu Akbar" is Arabic for "Nothing to see here".

On "the day that everything changed" nothing changed - except the rate of Muslim immigration to the west, which doubled. A US immigration bureaucracy both cruel and stupid enough to ban a World War Two RAF pilot for life for staying with his wife until her death when she was stricken ill in the US and taken to a New Jersey hospital cannot stop itself admitting Saudi trainee pilots to kill Americans...."

One of the victims was Joshua Kaleb Watson, from Enterprise, Alabama. He was a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy where he served as a wrestling coach and captain of the school’s rifle team. His father said that he dreamed of becoming a Navy pilot one day and that he reported to flight training in Pensacola two weeks ago.

Rest in peace Mr Watson. God bless. What-a-waste.

I have opined many, many, many times before on this blog that islam is cancer.

As long as not enough of us acknowledge that simple and basic truth, and act accordingly, more Watsons will die.

It's your choice. I have made mine a long time ago.




Friday, December 06, 2019


Last year the Parker Solar Probe, NASA's robotic spacecraft to explore the Sun, was launched. More specifically, it is to probe and observe the Sun's outer corona. A corona (Latin for 'crown') is a plasma aura surrounding stars. Our Sun's corona extends millions of kilometres into outer space and can be observed during a total solar eclipse. It is strongly ionized and the plasma's temperature is in excess of 1,000,000 kelvin (!), which is far, far hotter than the surface of the Sun itself (about 6,000 K).

Two days ago several key findings were made public, this video offers some background:

That probe has got to be a tough bastard! Kudos to the scientists, engineers and technicians who built this thing!

UPDATE: some more info. Via The Guardian, no less!

“The first three encounters of the solar probe that we have had so far have been spectacular,” said Prof Stuart Bale, a physicist at the University of California, in Berkeley, who led the analysis from one of the craft’s instruments. “We can see the magnetic structure of the corona, which tells us that the solar wind is emerging from small coronal holes; we see impulsive activity, large jets or switchbacks, which we think are related to the origin of the solar wind. And we are also surprised by the ferocity of the dust environment.”

Over the next six years, the car-sized spacecraft will follow an ever-closer elliptical orbit, eventually swooping so near that it will technically “touch” the sun. A drawback of being at such close quarters is that Parker will not be sending pictures home. If it swivelled towards the sun its camera would melt, so the spacecraft’s instruments gaze sideways, measuring the stream of supersonic charged particles that make up the solar wind.

Previously, scientists observed that the sun’s wind appears to have two main components: a “fast” one that travels around 700km per second (and comes from giant coronal holes in the sun’s polar region; and a “slow” wind, travelling below 500km per second, whose origin is unknown.

The Parker probe traced the slow wind back to small coronal holes dappled around the sun’s equator – solar structures that had not previously been observed. Coronal holes are cooler, less dense regions, through which magnetic fields stream out into space, acting as channels for the charged particles to flow along.

The observations also point to an explanation for why the corona is so blisteringly hot.

“The corona is a million degrees, but the sun’s surface is only thousands,” said Prof Tim Horbury, a co-investigator on the Parker Solar Probe Fields instrument at Imperial College London. “It’s as if the Earth’s surface temperature were the same, but its atmosphere was many thousands of degrees. How can that work? You’d expect to get colder as you moved away.”

Parker’s sidelong observations revealed that the particles in the solar wind appeared to be released in explosive jets, rather than being radiated out in a steady stream. “It’s bang, bang, bang,” said Horbury.

This rapid release of energy from the sun’s interior into its atmosphere could help explain why the atmosphere is so staggeringly hot compared to the solar surface, he said.

Another surprise was the dustiness of the area close to the sun. During the nearest approach of its orbit, the probe was peppered with a fine dust, chipping tiny pieces off its heat shield that showed up as white streaks in images captured by the high-resolution camera. It is thought to be the remains of asteroids and comets that came close to the sun, causing them to evaporate, leaving behind just a dusty haze.

The new observations were made when Parker was about 15m miles (24m km) from the sun, but it will eventually fly to about 6m km of its surface — more than seven times closer than the previous closest mission, the Helios 2 spacecraft in 1976.

The extreme conditions faced by Parker has required the use of unconventional materials and spacecraft design. The craft’s white ceramic heat shields will reach a temperature of nearly 1,400C (2,552F) during the mission’s closest approach. As it passes close to the sun, its solar panels are retracted into the shadow of the heat shield, with just a tiny area remaining exposed to generate power. The craft has also broken the record for the fastest moving spacecraft, relative to the sun. It will reach speeds of nearly 435,000 mph (700,000 km/h) in 2024.

“It’s a very bold mission, it’s really extreme and it’s an enormously impressive engineering effort,” said Horbury."

Yes indeed. Withstand 1,400 degrees Centigrade and survive and function! Like I said, a tough bastard:

The probe is named after Eugene Parker, an astrophysicist from the University of Chicago who in the 1950s predicted solar wind.

Solar wind constitutes of a stream of charged particles released from the corona. It consists mostly of electrons, protons and alpha particles with kinetic energies between 0.5 and 10 keV. Solar wind plasma also includes trace amounts of heavy ions and the atomic nuclei of C, N, O, Ne, Mg, Si, S, and Fe. Embedded within the solar-wind plasma is the interplanetary magnetic field. The solar wind varies in density, temperature and speed over time and over solar latitude and longitude. Its particles can escape the Sun's gravity because of their high energy resulting from the high temperature of the corona, which in turn is a result of the coronal magnetic field. At a distance of more than a few solar radii from the Sun, the solar wind reaches speeds of 250 to 750 kilometers per second and is supersonic, meaning it moves faster than the speed of the fast magnetosonic wave.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019


The "German" rapper KIZ (aka Tarek Ebéné) released a 'music' video last Friday in which three actors play top AfD politicians: Bjorn Hoecke, Alexander Gauland and Chairwoman Alice Weidel.

Imagine the outrage if this were a video in which AfD militants would butcher Turks in Germany:

It should be noted that just a couple of days ago, Angela Merkel publicly and forcefully claimed that there are limits to freedom of expression and that those limits start where hate begins.

Apparently, releasing a video wherein you cut open an AfD woman's belly is not "hate".

Here is the video directly on YouTube :

If anything remotely like that would have been posted in the reverse situation, it would have been pulled before you could say "Sauerkraut". Now however...


"... Ein Deutschrapper namens “Tarek K.I.Z.” produziert ein Musikvideo (siehe oben), in dem er einige unschwer als AfD-Spitzenpolitiker erkennbare Personen auf widerwärtigste Art und Weise abschlachtet. Das Blut spritzt und fließt in Strömen, während einem alten Herrn mit Gauland-Hundekrawatte der Kopf abgeschlagen und einem Alice-Weidel-Double der Bauch aufgeschlitzt wird. Auf weitere Schilderungen dieser abartigen Mordphantasien sei an dieser Stelle verzichtet und auch das Video sollte sich niemand mit empfindlichen Magen antun.

Aber was ist nun die politisch-mediale Reaktion auf diesen eklatanten Ausbruch von Hass? Umgehende Löschung des Machwerks auf Youtube und allen sozialen Netzwerken? Sperrung der Social-Media-Kanäle der rappenden Volksverhetzer? Anzeigen empört-schockierter Gutmenschen? Twittersaltos von Stegner bis Söder? Sondersendungen in Funk und Fernsehen mit vor Empörung bebenden Kommentatorenstimmen? “Wut, Abscheu und Entsetzen”?

Natürlich nicht, leider alles wie erwartbar, wenn man das miese politische Spiel im Lande durchschaut hat. Auf Youtube hat man sich gerade mal dazu durchgerungen, vor dem Abspielen des Clips einen Warnhinweis vor expliziter Gewaltdarstellung anzuzeigen. Ansonsten “buiseness as usual”. Keine Löschorgien trotz Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz. Beredtes Schweigen bei der etablierten Politik. Keine “aus Worten werden Taten”-Statements.

Betont neutrale Berichte im GEZ-Fernsehen, in denen ganz entspannt über das Video und die Rolle der Kunstfreiheit sinniert wird. Zaghafte Kritik in manchen Zeitungen, wenn sie denn überhaupt einen “Nachrichtenwert” in diesem politisch motivierten Mordaufruf erkennen wollen: Klar sei es gut, überall und immer gegen die AfD zu agitieren, aber muss man dafür jemanden gleich noch den Kopf abschlagen …? Und der “Künstler” selbst erhält großzügig PR und darf via Medien treuherzig beschwichtigen: Alles nur “Movie”, entspannt euch wieder!

Auch wenn das Bild abgedroschen ist: Man stelle sich nur eine Sekunde das gleiche Szenario unter umgekehrten Vorzeichen vor. Undenkbar – und deshalb ein weiterer Beweis für die unerträgliche politische Doppelmoral im Lande, die einer Seite (fast) alles erlaubt, während der anderen Seite die Luft zum Atmen abgeschnürt wird. Und die diesen Zustand dann auch noch klaglos hinnehmen und nicht “wieder auf Opfer machen” soll. Was für eine perverse Situation."

In der Tat (indeed).


Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Video courtesy Sam Van Rooy, a young Vlaams Belang politician and MP in the regional Flemish Parliament.

That's what Umvolkung looks like.


Monday, December 02, 2019


And who better to convey that message than that horrible Merkel creature?

Hmmmm. I have seen that body language before:

Once again I implore on Americans, or any freedom loving people on the face of the Earth, to stick to your guns.


Sunday, December 01, 2019


First two works by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), the Austrian symbolist painter and key figure in Vienna's Secession Movement.

Pallas Athena (1898)

Stiller Weiher (Egelsee bei Golling, Salzburg) (1899)

The prolific output of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), a Czech Art Nouveau illustrator and graphic artist who often used dreamy, voluptuous goddesses for subjects, tends to obscure the fact that he was just as much - perhaps more - a history painter who used his art to pay homage to the Slavic People. His key work in this regard is The Slav Epic, a monumental cycle of 20 canvases. Much less ambitious, but just as intriguing, are several smaller works, among them Woman in the Wilderness (1923), aka Star or Siberia.

Young Mucha was strongly influenced by Pan-Slavism and had a high regard of Czarist Russia as the epitome of Slavic values. Woman in the Wilderness, which I happened to come across in the small Mucha Museum in Prague in the summer of 2018, can be regarded as Mucha's evocation of the horrible sufferings inflicted upon the Russians under the bolsheviks, in particular the Great Famine of 1921. An emaciated Russian peasant woman sits exhausted in the snow, unable to move any further. Wolves, savouring an easy prey, lurk over the berm. The hungry woman, symbolising Mother Russia under the yoke of communism, stretches her arms in a gesture of resignation. But the shining star above her head offers not only spiritual salvation but also hope for better times.

Come to think of it. When in Prague, really try to visit that museum. Woman in the Wilderness is about halfway through it, to the right. Seeing the painting as a picture in a book or onscreen is one thing. Seeing it for real is a... well, I can only speak for myself of course, but for me it was a mesmerizing experience.

Good night, and have a lucky an productive week ahead.