Saturday, March 06, 2004

Scott, you might want to check out Former Belgian's weblog. This Belgian seems to have crossed the Rubicon. I'm adressing you especially because the guy is a Rush aficionado too, see under "About me".

Friday, March 05, 2004

On the interview with John Rhys-Davies:


It's true, it's all so damn true!!!! IT'S-SO-DAMN-TRUE!!!!! All those leftists over here, they are essentially craving for tanathos, they actually WANT to be succumbed, they are selling out our beautiful Europe! Europe is sick. Profoundly sick!!! Two years ago I visited the marvellous Saint-Denis Cathedral in a Paris suburb and one hundred yards away was a Muslim market full with babbling and buzzing Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians. All native French looked old, weak and not particularly fit. There I really got my first tinge of doom.

Upon reading John Rhys-Davies, can you understand me now? Millions of Muslims have fled and are fleeing their backward societies. Backward because they clinge to an intolerant and hateful religion, which outclasses half of their population.

They are realizing their society model is beyond fixing and instead of trying to find out why it isn't working, they simply come here to start imposing it anew. Like a dumbass who, upon running out of petrol, instead of looking for a gas station hijacks a passersby car and shoves the occupant out! THEY ARE TOO GODDAM STUPID TO ASK THEMSELVES WHERE THE HEAVENLY MANNA WILL KEEP COMING FROM ONCE THEY HAVE SCREWED UP HERE AS WELL AND HAVE THEIR FUCKING EUROPEAN CALIPHATE !!!!

I'm distressed. I'm glad finally one actor has the guts to call a spade a spade. At the same time I'm so sad that it all seems so irreversible. Lunatic leftism rules over here. I'm sad. I'm lonely over here. I have my own business and I work hard for it and my family has it good. Belgium is still very prosperous, especially Flanders. But in twenty years? I read the surveys, Rhys-Davies is right. With our birth rates there's gonna be 500,000 Belgians less IN TWENTY YEARS! It's true about 56% of babies in Brussels being from Muslim parents.

America is strong. It's the hope of the West. The West's heritage is safe with guys like GWB at the helm. Forget the spending spree for awhile or grill him later for it when the coast is clear. When I see all those f*cking socialists with their raised little fingers, their O-mouths, articulate self-possessed talking and oh-so-civilized manners, their petty preoccupancies... I get this feeling of doom and gloom. Then I see your GI's in Iraq, doing their magnificent job of actually fixing the Muslim's business, and I see strength, optimism and belief in the future. I'm so craving for that over here and it's nowhere to be seen.

You'll have to pardon me for taking so much space when right now you got very important things going on in the USA. I guess I just let myself go. I'll try to keep quieter for a coupla days.

Hey, but please ladies and gentlemen, I hope I'm still wrong but I fear that Europe is sailing straight to the cliffs.



I guess I'm acting emotional but this article really got me going.

Have a nice weekend.
Here's some good news for supporters of the Fair Tax. This is a great idea. For those not familiar with the Fair Tax, it's a consumption based tax system that would eliminate our current ridiculous-on-so-many-levels income tax system. I wish the President had the stones to get behind this. This is the best economic idea out there.

For more details, check out

This speaks volumes:

In the past few weeks, speeches by the Massachusetts senator have been broadcast on Radio Pyongyang and reported in glowing terms by the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA), the official mouthpiece of Mr Kim's communist regime.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Kerry, my pleasure to elaborate.

"In the meantime, the big news is the anti-immigration piece by Samuel Huntington in the current issue of Foreign Policy (and my thanks to Derb for linking to the article last week as I was prepping for today's shoot). To quote a just a few sentences:

Continuation of this large immigration...could divide the United States into a country of two languages and two cultures....such as Canada and Belgium....The transformation of the United States into a country like these would not necessarily be the end of the world; it would, however be the end of the America we have known for more than three centuries. Americans should not let that change happen unless that are convinced that this new nation would be a better one."

Transformation of the United States into a country like Belgium? DON'T!!!!!

On a more serious note:

A country with two (or more) languages and cultures IS a workable option, as is proven all over the world. The trick is to make the existing communities live together in such a way that no group feels left out and has its share of power. I'm a little astonished Huntington picks a.o. Belgium for illustrating his case. First of all, the Belgian divide Flemings/Walloons is an artificial creation by the Brits in the wake of Waterloo. There's a curious analogy with Iraq here where it was, again, the Brits who housed Kurds, Shia, Sunni et al in the same building. The analogy with Iraq, with respect to the Sunni/Shia question, gets even weirder given the fact that for decades it was the Wallonian minority pulling the strings, whereas the Flemings, comprising roughly 60% of the population, were... yeah, let's call it that way... second-class citizens. Without much exaggeration you might say the Flemings were Belgium's Shiites and the Walloons, for a long time the ruling elite, its Sunnis.

Now, I'm not going to make this a long and boring thread on how present-day Belgium came to be. Suffice to say that anno 2004 Belgium is a federal state, consisting of two Regions, Flanders and Wallonia, each with its own Government and Parliament. A lot of authority has been transferred to the regional level, with key ministries (defence, justice, foreign affairs...) remaining at the national level.

So in a way one could speak of the United States of Belgium (USB). As my mother always said, "after A comes B", so after the USA comes the USB. In the greater framework of the ever expanding EU it is interesting to note that our capital, Brussels, is also being regarded more and more as the EU's capital. Also, NATO Headquarters is here, as well as some 2,000 international organizations. Furthermore, so as to avoid infights between Flemings and Walloons over whose territory Brussels is on, a special status was created for it, much in the same way as for Washington D.C. In short, Brussels does not lay in Flanders, neither does it in Wallonia; it's a Region in itself ("Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest" - "Brussels Capital Region").

To cut a long story short: while the Belgian solution DOES function without Flemings and Walloons caving each other's heads in, it came about because of the insurpassable language/culture abyss: neither side willing to give up its mother-tongue or its customs. It works, but it is costly. If you can avoid it, don't go for it.

And here we come to the conclusion: I don't think you can avoid immigration. No law will ultimately stop a certain influx of Mexicans, Azerbeidjans, Yemenis, Belgians, Dagestans or whatever. What you should do, and here I endorse Marks idea: FORCE THEM TO ASSIMILATE. No soft words here. They must learn English and be able to disinguish Britney Spears from Pink. (*) Period. Setting up Spanish classes is the same foolishness leftist clowns over here commit when they call for Berber or Arabic language courses for our immigrants: they will withdraw into their ghettos and never be reliable and contributing countrymen. On the contrary, they are a recipe for disaster. You have had guys like Shalikashvili, Shinseki and Abizaid in your armed forces and they served, and continue to serve, well. That was not by allowing them to live in a Georgian, Japanese or Arabian enclave.

(*) I'm already assimilated. Pink has bigger is built heavier.
Here's some interesting speculation regarding Bush's running mate options.

As much as I respect Dick Cheney, I think it might be a good move to cut him loose. I don't think he's done anything wrong, in fact, he is surely one of the main players behind this administration's policies, which taken as a whole have been effective. However, the Halliburton taint, though largely based on fantasy, is unavoidable, and he's just not the type of guy that people get excited about. I think either Condi Rice or Rudy Julianni would be slam dunk selections. Anyone who thinks Tom Ridge or Bill Frist would be good choices is probably a liberal.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

What a bunch of crap. The Democrats are rallying behind Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Nice choice of company, there guys. First, Bush gets heat from the Dems, especially the congressional black caucus, to use the US military to intervene in Haiti (sort of puts their "lack of imminent threat" argument against the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq in the toilet, doesn't it.) Next, Bush sends in the Marines, who are mainly there to protect our embassy personnel. Aristide, desperate to get the hell out of dodge before his head is put on a pole, arranges an exodus with the help of the US state department to the Central African Republic. The Marines escort him out of the country. Now the Dems are in a froth because they feel the Marines forcibly removed Aristide, a so called democratically elected president (the corruption of Aristide's election is well known, and was endorsed by Clinton.) John Kerry fuels the fire by calling for an investigation. What a supreme jackass. If the American people don't see through this clown then we deserve to suffer under his rule.

Haiti is a cesspool. The only reason Democrats are pretending to give a damn is because, lo and behold, Haiti is populated mostly by blacks. More race warfare from the left. They can't muster any sympathy for the millions of Iraqis who suffered under Saddam Hussein, but as soon as some black people are having a rough time, we need to send in the Marines! Of course, since the guy who was ousted is also black, that must be our fault too. It still amazes me that the Democrats have managed to apply the racist label to conservatives when those on the left have consistently been the ones treating minorities like idiots, children, or both.

Here's my solution to the Haiti issue: Get our people out, then leave. Actually, that's my solution to just about every conflict other than the ones that represent a direct threat to our interests.
"President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second,"

John F. Kerry speaking on a black radio station March 2nd, 2004

What a pathetic, pandering, embarassing loser...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Kerry, I'm responding here to your comment on the "violent undercurrents" in Europe where leftism, anti-Americanism, Anti-Semitism and radical Islam merge.

I fear this holds certainly true for the first three phenomena. Personally I often feel like I'm CHOKING over here. Just some examples of anti-Americanism. I tore pages 7 and 8 out of "De Standaard", chapter Foreign Developments, from the day before yesterday.

a.) article on Haïti: in bold "Ten years ago Aristide came back thanks to US troops, now they stayed away to let him leave". The tone of the article is that the US is to blame for getting another black despot at the helm...

b.) In bold "Iraqis are wrestling with constitution". While that may be true, the tone is set. "It's a quagmire." Given the fact that the interim constitution was ready yesterday, one could also print a more optimistic header, on much more valuable grounds.

c.) Interview with a Professor Marjorie Cohn (National Lawyers Guild USA). Bold headers:

"Europe lets itself intimidate by Bush."

"Never before civil rights were threatened so much in the US"

"Witch Hunt is going on" (referring to the Patriot Act and its implications)

Oh yeah, she was also quoted as saying: "(Guantanamo is) a lawless place, where they (the US) can do what they want without accountability to anyone. As a result 600 people have been kept for almost two years now in complete isolation, like animals in a cage. There were reports in the media on torture of Guantanamo-prisoners..."

But this was not in bold. Sigh.

The press group "De Standaard" also runs a book chain. There's NOT ONE book to find which is positive on the current Administration. At Christmas time, my wife, knowing my interests in politics and history, wanted to buy me a book on America and/or Bush. There were five of them, all, repeat ALL, negative. Oh yeah, two or three years ago she WAS able to find a Joe Klein biography on Clinton. In "De Standaard"'s book chain. Coincidence this could, but finding neutral press on GWB can not? Nope. I think some noxious agenda is at work here.

I don't have that much to say about the link left/radical Islam. I think there's not much Mainstream Leftism in contact with European Islamofascism. With Radical Left, yeah. Absolutely. Al-Zawahiri endorsed it, as an afterthought. All alliances are good, even with atheists, to beat the Great Satan.

Hey Americanos. Don't let me get you depressed you know. All over Europe there must be people like me. But John Q in the street, subjected to all the negative propaganda...

I told it before, if Americans can be accused of anything it's that they are too modest. If the French had done a hundredth of what the US did in terms of restoring peace, order and democracy on the global scale, rest assured the algae living in shallow Antarctic waters would know it.

Bwah. The Mad Belgian Troll.
Say it aint so... Kim du Toit takes a swipe at the greatest band in the universe. Just when I thought this guy was a genius...
This is an interesting story. Note the line about funding the school system "under order of the Supreme Court". Frightening.

I hope they succeed.
Excellent piece by Thomas Sowell on gay marriage.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I love this photo.

This article concerning John Kerry's Vietnam tour (I know he never talks about it, but apparently he was there) is rather interesting.

The money quote:

“[T]he fabled and distinguished chief of naval operations,Admiral Elmo Zumwalt,told me — 30 years ago when he was still CNO —that during his own command of U.S. naval forces in Vietnam,just prior to his anointment as CNO, young Kerry had created great problems for him and the other top brass,by killing so many non-combatant civilians and going after other non-military targets.‘We had virtually to straitjacket him to keep him under control,’ the admiral said. ‘Bud’ Zumwalt got it right when he assessed Kerry as having large ambitions — but promised that his career in Vietnam would haunt him if he were ever on the national stage.” And this statement was made despite the fact Zumwalt had personally pinned a Silver Star on Mr. Kerry.

Oh, so I guess when he was testifying before the Senate in 1971 he was talking about his own actions.

Here's something for those who think that the war on terror is no longer the nation's top priority (as if we needed more proof.)

Before anyone starts in about "exporting jobs," take a look at this data from the Department of Labor: (Hat tip to Neal Boortz @

The peak unemployment rate during the recession that began in Clinton's term was 6.4 percent.  The current unemployment rate is 5.6 percent.

In the last year more than 2,000,000 new jobs have been added in the United States. 

Between 1983 and 2003 outsourcing went from 6.5 million jobs to about 10 million jobs. 

Between 1983 and 2002 jobs in-sourcing -- jobs coming TO the United States -- went from 2.5 million to 6.5 million.

If you subtract the jobs coming to the United States every year from the jobs going out every year you come up with a "net" figure.  The net outsourced jobs reached its peak in the early 1980's; a peak of about 4 million jobs.  In other words, things were worse at the end of the Carter Administration then they are right now.

During this same period ... from '83 to '03 a total of 38 million jobs have been created by private businesses in the United States.  No other industrialized country in the world has matched this number.