Saturday, June 09, 2018


The Stranglers with Strange Little Girl. Album All Live And All Of The Night (1988).

If Jet Black doesn't drop dead before August 26, I guess The Stranglers will have the world's oldest drummer this summer.

Fast forward 30 years, to Belgium that is. New Hooverphonic single, Romantic. Well OK, the video was shot in Brighton of all places.

Amazing, such a great voice coming from such a frail body. Hooverphonic has a new singer, Luka Cruysberghs. A music video for a song and lyrics like that begs for a femme fatale type, but 17-year old Luka still looks like a strange little girl.

Sorry for the very light blogging. Biz is hell. It's fighting for mere survival.



Wednesday, June 06, 2018


Via our pals at Gates of Vienna:

Must have been last week.

A good take on the Robinson incarceration scandal from James Delingpole over at Breitbart:

... “Populism”, as the entrenched elites sniffily call it, is on the rise.

It’s on the rise because the political Establishment aren’t keeping their side of the bargain: the one that says if you’ve been given a democratic mandate to rule then you have to do so with a semblance of justice for all.

The Tommy Robinson affair embodies so much of what’s wrong with the current system.

It’s all very well for remote, snooty, epically complacent Establishment flunkies like Secret Barrister to lecture us ignorant oiks as to why it was perfectly proper to throw Tommy Robinson in prison.

But while we understand the narrow, technical, legalistic point, we don’t get the broader moral one.

The broader moral one is this: how can it be right for a brave, principled, fundamentally decent civil rights campaigner like Tommy Robinson to be locked up for over a year — at such risk to his person that it is potentially a death sentence — when people who pose a much greater threat and who have committed far more serious crimes either walk free or get much lesser sentences?

Whatever crime Robinson may have committed on paper, everyone with eyes to see knows that the real crimes for which he is being punished are these: being white working class; speaking home truths about the problems posed to social cohesion in Britain by Islam when the Establishment’s position remains that this is impolite and that we should all bury our heads in the sand and pretend that those problems don’t exist.

So long as this state of affairs continues, the gulf between ordinary people and the political elite is going to grow and grow.

It’s the kind of rift from which revolutions emerge. Tommy Robinson is already the people’s hero. If he becomes the people’s martyr too, then it will be a mistake the Establishment most certainly comes to regret...