Saturday, October 05, 2019


Keane with Everybody's Changing. From the 2004 album Hopes and Fears.

Blokes from Battle, Sussex. Active since 2004, although there was a hiatus between 2014 and 2018. But back together for the moment. Keyboards replace guitars as the main instruments.

Black Eyed Peas with I gotta feeling. Album The E.N.D. (2009).

Must be the first time DowneastBlog serves you hiphop. And because I'm in SUCH a good mood, here's a Fergie pic completely gratis:

Goede nacht.


Friday, October 04, 2019


As time goes by, it is becoming crystal clear that the EU and its affiliate organizations are going the UN Way. It is becoming hard to ignore the signs that major policies which are promoted "for the common good" are in reality wealth distribution schemes.

Last Thursday, OCT 3, on the agenda of the Parliamentary Meeting of the European Council, which convenes in Strasbourg, France, there was this innocent looking proposal, neatly tucked away between all kinds of "well-meant" advice. The Council of Europe cannot "enforce" these proposals, merely pour them in a resolution, but the intention is clear. Check out Number Four:

"4.) In the light of the above, member States should recognise human migration as a tool for livelihood resilience and a legitimate form of climate change adaptation, and therefore review their management of migration taking this factor into account. Migration being inevitable in certain cases, States need to take a proactive stance to better identify and anticipate the impact on population movements that may be provoked by climate change."

Got that? Rahm Emmanuel once said 'Never let a good crisis go to waste'. In the course of less than two decades this has morphed into 'Never let a fake crisis go to waste'. There IS no climate crisis, there IS no climate emergency. Yes, the planet is now on average some 0.85 degrees Centigrade hotter than it was around, oh, 1850 or so. But the millions who are now on the move direction Europe and North America manifestly DO-NOT-FLEE because it's hotter over there, or because there are more tropical storms, but because, sixty years after the decolonisation, their countries have FAILED, and failed spectacularly, in creating successful states.

That is not our fault.

Yet, to justify opening our gates for Third World flotsam which will over here inevitably lead the very same destructive lifestyles that guaranteed their countries of origin's failures, they are now apt to receive the honorary title of 'CLIMATE REFUGEE'. And all of that because of a fake crisis. What nonsense! This horrible resolution is nothing less than another tool in the globalists' armamentarium to implement the 'UN Global Compact for safe migration'.

Concerned citizens in Europe and America and, to a lesser extent, prosperous non-Western countries, need to take a good, hard look at this disgusting specimen of a politician in particular, the Dutch socialist Frans Timmermans, now First Vice President of the European Commission, that is bad enough already, but also...

... European Commissioner for Climate.

In the following video you can see this scoundrel making the case for a CO2 tax:

And in this one, Timmermans is reassuring a German public that islam has been a consistent part of Europe "for 2,000 years" (!):

It all follows that this archglobalist is practically the worst possible person to be Number Two in the European Commission, the EU's "government". On many occasions, he has stated that Europe must embrace 'diversity' (and lose its identity). As an islamophile he's all for continued islamization of our continent. And now that he has the climate portfolio, he will MOST CERTAINLY give his ear to a Council of Europe Resolution recommending the creation of a 'Climate Refugee Status'.

God help us.