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The good old days with Madness and My Girl. From their debut album One Step Beyond (1979).

Still around, despite a hiatus in the late eighties/early nineties. Fairly constant members are Chris Foreman (guitarist), Mike Barson (keyboard, piano), Daniel Woodgate (drums, percussion), and Graham McPherson aka Suggs as vocalist of course.

Faith No More with Digging the Grave. Album King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime (1995).

Also formed in 1979, in San Franciso. Although they only started to tick 9 years later, when Mike Patton joined.



Friday, May 11, 2018


Soeren Kern's report, via The Gatestone Institute, makes for sober reading. Some exerpts:

April 4. Germany's domestic intelligence service (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV) reported that the number of Salafists in the country doubled during the past five years: there are now 11,000 Salafists in Germany, compared to 5,500 in 2013. Salafists are committed to replacing the German constitutional order with Sharia law.

April 5. The newspaper Bild reported that of the 5.93 million recipients of unemployment benefits in Germany, 2.03 million (34.3%) were foreigners. Nearly half of them (959,000) come from non-European countries. The largest group are Syrians (588,301), followed by Turks (259,447).

April 5. The newspaper Express revealed that the City of Cologne was paying a luxury boutique hotel €1.5 million ($1.8 million) a year to house migrants. In one case, the hotel was receiving €6,800 ($8,000) a month to house an Iraqi family of eight in a room sized 35 square meters (375 square feet).

April 6. The newspaper Express revealed that Andrea Horitzky, a board member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), was receiving monthly government payments of €32,500 ($38,500) to house 31 migrants at a hotel owned by her family. When questioned, Horitzky said: "I have guests from all over the world. That's my private business and it's none of your business. I certainly am not doing this for the money."

April 8. Police arrested six men suspected of plotting knife attacks against spectators at the Berlin Half Marathon. The lead suspect reportedly knew Anis Amri, a Tunisian who killed 12 people and injured several dozen more when he drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market in December 2016.

April 9. In Berlin, an 18-year-old Turk named Görkem A. received a suspended sentenced of two years in juvenile detention for ambushing a 40-year-old female jogger from behind, bashing her head with a brick and robbing her. He then kicked her in the head. She was hospitalized for injuries that included a broken jaw. The suspect was arrested based on a surveillance video from a security camera. Lisa Jani, a court spokeswoman, defended the lenient sentence: Görkem A. must pay the victim €2,000 ($2,400) as "symbolic" compensation.

April 9. North Rhine-Westphalia's Integration Minister, Joachim Stamp, announced a proposal to prohibit girls under the age of 14 from wearing headscarves to school. Amid a public outcry, Stamp quickly appeared to retreat: "The goal," he said, "is not necessarily a law."

April 9. Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Interior Ministry, Stephan Mayer, said that he expected the passage of a new law that would deny passports to jihadis with dual citizenship. He added that confiscating the German passports of alleged jihadis was a "pressing goal."

April 11. One of Germany's leading economists, Hans-Werner Sinn, warned that the migrant crisis could end up costing German taxpayers more than one trillion euros:

"The cost to the taxpayer could also be higher. So far, there are about 1.5 million migrants who have come to Germany since 2015. And no: They are not dentists, lawyers and nuclear scientists, but mostly underqualified immigrants, who have arrived in the promised land — one flowing with milk and honey and where the standard of living without employment is higher than in many countries of origin with employment."

April 11. Der Tagesspiegel published an exposé about the bullying of German students at the hands of Muslims in Berlin schools:

"I'm in seventh grade at a high school in Schöneberg. There I am marginalized because I am German and eat pork. I am cursed in Turkish and Arabic. In German, I am insulted as a son of a bitch or f**ked whore. In addition, I am sometimes beaten and kicked. If I get too close to other boys, they call me gay and kick me. Girls in my class are called sluts when they wear strapless shirts. I've been trying to change school for many months but cannot find an empty slot. The Education Department and the school do not help me."

April 11. Alexander Dobrindt, a leading member of the Christian Social Union (CSU), a political party based in Bavaria, said that Islam "has no cultural roots in Germany." He added:

"Islam has no cultural roots in Germany and with Sharia as a legal system, it has nothing in common with our Judeo-Christian heritage. No Islamic country on earth has developed a comparable democratic culture like the ones we know in Christian countries."

April 11. A food bank in Essen called Essener Tafel resumed offering food to migrants after a three-month ban. The relief organization generated controversy when it announced in January that it would no longer serve migrants because the proportion of non-Germans was too high. At the moment, 56% are Germans, compared to just 25% in January.

April 12. Kollegah and Farid Bang, a Muslim rap duo accused of singing anti-Semitic lyrics, was awarded Germany's top music prize, the Echo Music Award. The prize, awarded on Holocaust Remembrance Day, sparked public outrage. Justice Minister Heiko Maas said that "anti-Semitic provocations do not deserve a prize; they are repugnant." In an essay for Die Welt, comedian Oliver Polak wrote that the normalization of anti-Semitism in popular music was part of the reason "that young Jewish people are chased around and beaten up in schoolyards." After an extraordinary meeting in Berlin, Echo's organizer, the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI), announced the end of the music award.

April 12. A video posted on YouTube showed Muslim children at a mosque in Herford dressed in combat gear, equipped with toy weapons and covered with Turkish flags, pretending to be jihadis. In the background, listeners can hear the official election campaign song of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "We totally misjudged how this performance could be interpreted," said Necati Aydin, a representative of the mosque, which is run by the Turkish government.

April 13. A 33-year-old migrant from Niger fatally stabbed his ex-wife and her one-year-old daughter at the Jungfernstieg subway station in central Hamburg. In nearby Rendsburg, a 26-year-old Syrian man tried to decapitate his sleeping wife. She escaped with minor injuries. In Wuppertal, a 23-year-old migrant from India snatched a five-year-old boy from his family at the central railway station and pushed him in front of an oncoming train. The boy escaped with minor injuries; the man was known to police.

April 13. A 19-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was shot and killed by police after he went on a rampage at a bakery in Fulda. The Hesse State Criminal Police Office subsequently launched an investigation into why police used deadly force.

April 13. Three Syrians, aged 21, 23 and 27, were arrested in Saarland on suspicion of being members of Islamic State. All three arrived in Germany in 2015 posing as refugees.

April 14. An Emnid poll published by Bild found that 51% of those surveyed were worried about German no-go zones, areas where the state is unable or unwilling to enforce the law; 77% said that they wanted the state to take more forceful action against Middle Eastern crime families.

April 18. Two men wearing Jewish skullcaps were attacked by Arab-speaking passersby in Berlin. The assault, a video of which went viral on social media, highlighted the growing problem of Arab anti-Semitism in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "This is a terrible incident. That is why we will respond here. The fight against such anti-Semitic acts must be won, that is very clear. This unfortunately exists among Germans, but also among people of Arab origin." A representative of the Jewish community in Berlin, Mike Samuel Delberg, said: "Such things should not be swept under the carpet. The political lip service must stop."

April 19. A report by Germany's five leading economic institutes found that in order to preserve the existing social welfare system, Germans would either have to work until age 70 or annually import 500,000 migrants.

April 19. Germany's domestic intelligence service (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV), reported that more than 1,000 German Islamists and Islamists from Germany have traveled to Syria and Iraq to take part in combat operations with the Islamic State and other jihadi groups. This figure is up from 960 at the end of December 2017.

April 19. Eurostat, the European statistics office, reported that Germany had taken in 325,400 refugees in 2017, accounting for almost 60% of the 540,000 migrants resettled in the EU last year. Most were from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

April 20. Germany agreed to take in 10,200 refugees as part of a European Union plan to resettle 50,000 migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said the program of legal entry was designed to thwart smuggling gangs that illegally bring migrants to Europe.

April 22. Chancellor Angela Merkel said that refugees or people of Arab origin were responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany. In an interview with Israeli Channel 10 News, Merkel said: "We now have new phenomenon in having refugees or people of Arab origin who are bringing another form of anti-Semitism back into the country. This dismays us."

April 23. A 24-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker vandalized St. Mark's Church in Chemnitz. The man was arrested, questioned and released. He then vandalized St. Peter's Church, also in Chemnitz. Police blamed both incidents on the suspect's "mental health condition." Meanwhile, an "Asian man" sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl at a Jewish cemetery in Mülheim.

April 24. North Rhine-Westphalia's Integration Minister, Joachim Stamp, said it was not possible to deport a former bodyguard of the late Osama bin Laden because of fears that he could be tortured or treated badly in his homeland. The 42-year-old Tunisian named Sami A. has been living in Bochum for more than a decade. Stamp confirmed that Sami A. receives €1,168 ($1,450) each month in welfare payments. He lives with his wife and children, who have German citizenship.


Hey Germans! Sagen Sie spaeter nie "Wir haben es nicht gewusst!"


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Via "Het Nieuwsblad":

"BRUSSEL / HEUSDEN-ZOLDER: The demo of the "Turkish wolves" last Sunday in Heusden-Zolder [a town in Limburg province, East Belgium, with a heavy concentration of Turks; MFBB] remains a hot topic. On the internet a YouTube movie can be seen in which SP.a town selectman Engin Özdemir walks among the demonstrators. "If this has anything to do with the Grey Wolves this is unacceptable", says Peter Vanvelthoven, chairman of SP.a Limburg, write De Standaard and Het Belang van Limburg on Monday.

In the demo through the Koolmijnlaan flags with wolves could be seen, just like the MHP flag, the extreme rightwing Turkish political party which is affiliated with the Grey Wolves. Children took part in military uniforms. The organiser says himself they are "Turkish wolves".

"The demo has nothing to do with the Grey Wolves", claims Özdemir. "The organization responsible for the demo, exists one year and wanted to celebrate this with an Ottoman parade. The town council gave the green light unanimously."

Turkish politicians of other parties were also present. Mayor Mario Borremans claims he himself was not aware of anything going on.

State Secretary for Equal Chances Zuhal Demir [of the neo Flemish nationalist party N-VA no less, and about the only true democrat among Belgians of Turkish extraction I have known in my entire life; MFBB] and Immigration Minister Theo Francken have reacted angrily. "Democrat in Flanders, fascist in Turkey", said the former."

Look for yourself how these children are being prepared for war against Biobelgians:

Be honest; our boys - dwindling in number since our hyperfeminized "womyn" ADAMANTLY refuse to have children - are being feminized, can barely play with toy guns anymore, told they can change their gender, and encouraged to do girly things. Now look at this:

THESE kids learn to parade around in military uniforms and to slit throats at ramadan. The future won't be nice.

Oh yeah, so the day after Peter Vanvelthoven, a socialist hack known in several corruption dossiers, gave the slightest hint of having some backbone after all, see the first paragraph: "If this has anything to do with the Grey Wolves this is unacceptable".

Well, that didn't last long. Via the weekly Knack:

Peter Vanvelthoven, the corrupt chairman of Limburg's socialists.

"SP.a Limburg on Monday had a thorough discussion with Heusden-Zolder's local party chapter and town selectman Engin Özdemir. The town selectman had come under fire after having participated in a demo by what the organizers themselves describe as the "Turkish wolves". This could be interpreted as the famed (sic) Grey wolves, an extreme right Turkish organization.

According to the organization and town selectman Özdemir that is however not the case, and that's why SP.a will continue to back the man. "After having checked the statutes of the organization it appears they have no malign purpose", says provincial chairman Peter Vanvelthoven. "The town selectman guarantees that the event, organized by 'ünlu Ocagi', does not have a single relation with the Grey wolves.

Knack is a notoriously leftist magazine and so it is no wonder that they describe the 'Grey Wolves' as 'estreme rightwing'. Which is complete and utter nonsense of course. The Grey Wolves have about as much affiliation with Austrian School economics, Edmund Burke, De Maistre, Russel Kirk and William Buckley as the Count of Monte Christo has with Snoop Dogg. But language abuse and deception are part and parcel of leftist disinformation strategies.

Anyway, because Engin Özdemir emphatically denied that the Turkish Wolves have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Grey Wolves it must be true! And those MHP flags you will ask? Oh, that's a shipment gone wrong. The Turkish Wolves actually ordered Montana Highway Patrol patches, because they are SO cool, but the Chinese company providing them got confused.

And if you don't believe THAT, I have this marvellous Bridge across the Bosphorus to sell you for only ten bitcoincents:

Never mind the infidel whore. Her time will come.


Monday, May 07, 2018


Via PI News:

"In der psychiatrischen Freiluftanstalt Europa explodiert mittlerweile tagtäglich an allen Ecken die bunte Vielfalt. Immer öfter in Form nackter Tatsachen, importiert aus den Weiten Afrikas. So auch am vergangenen Donnerstag in Luxemburg.

Gegen 14.15 Uhr zog in der Innenstadt, vor dem , einer Sekundarschule, eine nackte Gewaltfachkraft in den Kampf. Der afrikanische Krieger schlug auf geparkte Autos ein, attackierte einen Motorradfahrer und einen PKW-Lenker und versuchte einen Wagen zu entern, was ihm trotz heftigem Rütteln an der Tür nicht gelang.

Danach griff er einen älteren Herrn an, schlug auf ihn ein und rang ihn zu Boden. Ein zweiter Senior, der zu Hilfe eilte, bekam ebenfalls gleich einen Faustschlag ab, sodass er zu Boden ging."

"These days, in the Open Air Psychiatric Ward called Europe every day on all corners the phantastic diversity explodes. Ever so often in the form of naked facts, imported from Africa. And so it was last Thursday in Luxembourg.

Around 14.15h in the inner city, in front of the “Lycée Michel Lucius”, a middle school, a naked VIP guest went to war. The African warrior beat up parked cars, attacked a motorcycle driver and tried to get inside a vehicle, in which he did not succeed despite his best efforts.

Thereafter he assaulted two older gents, beating one down. A second senior who came to the aid of the first, got a punch in the face so that he too fell to the ground."

If you import the Third World, you become the Third World.

Yeah I know, I'm a racist for posting this. Also, did you notice the fearless African Warrior was young and strong and the two Euro gents were, oh, forget it already.


Sunday, May 06, 2018


Two hundred years ago, Karl Marx saw the light in the quaint Western German town of Trier. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from neighboring Luxembourg found it necessary to open the commemmorative ceremonies sporting, a.o., the unveiling of a bronze statue donated by China. 100 million victims of communism are spinning in their graves.

Here's some coverage via The Sun, intellectually not the sharpest knife in the british press drawer, nevertheless deserving credit for blasting Juncker, a career EU apparatchik and alcoholic:

"He delivered a speech to an event in Trier, Germany, at which a statue of the left-wing revolutionary donated by the Chinese government, was unveiled.

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, whose family fled Soviet ruled Poland, said Mr Juncker’s attendance was in poor taste.

He raged: “Marxism led to the killing of millions around the world as it allowed a small band of fanatics to suppress the people.

“We must learn the lessons from this and share with our children.”

Breitbart's take.

Not surprisingly, great uproar came from the Eastern European countries who for four decades bore the brunt of the communist yoke:

"Politicians from Eastern Europe, much of which was subjected to the misery of Communist rule, were also enraged.

A group of Hungarian MEPs decried the EU Commission chief for gracing the event, which marked the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.

In a statement they said: “This is particularly appalling for the citizens of countries which suffered for decades under Communist dictatorships.

“We oppose the European Commission head’s supportive presence at the celebration.”

Meanwhile the leader of the Swedish delegation of MEPs for Mr Juncker’s own pan-European party also laid into him.

Gunnar Hökmark said: “There are many good reasons to deny commemorating some of the worst parts of European history, the victims of totalitarian dictatorships are some.

“It’s rather their history that should be remembered, not the ideologies that cost them their lives.”

And there was condemnation from across the Atlantic too, with the US congressional group on victims of communism urging Mr Juncker to boycott the event.

In a letter they urged him “not to honour Karl Marx in any way, rather to speak the truth about this man whose writing indeed called for the tyranny and murder that have been and continue to be committed in his name.”"

Also not surprisingly, the EU Commission defended Juncker heaping praise on Marx:

"The EU Commission defended his attendance, with a spokeswoman saying he had been invited because he is an honorary citizen of Trier, where Marx was born.

She said: “President Juncker is very well aware of the historical facts and sensitivities.

“Whatever peoples’ views on Karl Marx, I think that nobody can deny that Karl Marx is a figure who shaped history in one way or another.

“Not speaking of him would come close to denying history.”"

Oooooooh what a pity then that we have to wait till 2089, cause then it will be 200 years since another famous socialist was born: "Whatever peoples’ views on Adolf Hitler, nobody can deny that the Fuehrer is a figure who shaped history in one way or another!!!"

Required reading for the loons at the EU top and elsewhere throughout Europe, where for some time now a renewed fascination with Marx is en vogue: The Black Book Of Communism:

I don't think however anyone up there could be bothered reading it. Not Juncker, as he has clearly shown. Not Donald Tusk, who remains mute on the subject even though he, as someone who grew up under Soviet occupation, should know better. And certainly not the EU's "Foreign Minister" Federica Mogherini, who was a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation.