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Via "Het Nieuwsblad":

"BRUSSEL / HEUSDEN-ZOLDER: The demo of the "Turkish wolves" last Sunday in Heusden-Zolder [a town in Limburg province, East Belgium, with a heavy concentration of Turks; MFBB] remains a hot topic. On the internet a YouTube movie can be seen in which SP.a town selectman Engin Özdemir walks among the demonstrators. "If this has anything to do with the Grey Wolves this is unacceptable", says Peter Vanvelthoven, chairman of SP.a Limburg, write De Standaard and Het Belang van Limburg on Monday.

In the demo through the Koolmijnlaan flags with wolves could be seen, just like the MHP flag, the extreme rightwing Turkish political party which is affiliated with the Grey Wolves. Children took part in military uniforms. The organiser says himself they are "Turkish wolves".

"The demo has nothing to do with the Grey Wolves", claims Özdemir. "The organization responsible for the demo, exists one year and wanted to celebrate this with an Ottoman parade. The town council gave the green light unanimously."

Turkish politicians of other parties were also present. Mayor Mario Borremans claims he himself was not aware of anything going on.

State Secretary for Equal Chances Zuhal Demir [of the neo Flemish nationalist party N-VA no less, and about the only true democrat among Belgians of Turkish extraction I have known in my entire life; MFBB] and Immigration Minister Theo Francken have reacted angrily. "Democrat in Flanders, fascist in Turkey", said the former."

Look for yourself how these children are being prepared for war against Biobelgians:

Be honest; our boys - dwindling in number since our hyperfeminized "womyn" ADAMANTLY refuse to have children - are being feminized, can barely play with toy guns anymore, told they can change their gender, and encouraged to do girly things. Now look at this:

THESE kids learn to parade around in military uniforms and to slit throats at ramadan. The future won't be nice.

Oh yeah, so the day after Peter Vanvelthoven, a socialist hack known in several corruption dossiers, gave the slightest hint of having some backbone after all, see the first paragraph: "If this has anything to do with the Grey Wolves this is unacceptable".

Well, that didn't last long. Via the weekly Knack:

Peter Vanvelthoven, the corrupt chairman of Limburg's socialists.

"SP.a Limburg on Monday had a thorough discussion with Heusden-Zolder's local party chapter and town selectman Engin Özdemir. The town selectman had come under fire after having participated in a demo by what the organizers themselves describe as the "Turkish wolves". This could be interpreted as the famed (sic) Grey wolves, an extreme right Turkish organization.

According to the organization and town selectman Özdemir that is however not the case, and that's why SP.a will continue to back the man. "After having checked the statutes of the organization it appears they have no malign purpose", says provincial chairman Peter Vanvelthoven. "The town selectman guarantees that the event, organized by 'ünlu Ocagi', does not have a single relation with the Grey wolves.

Knack is a notoriously leftist magazine and so it is no wonder that they describe the 'Grey Wolves' as 'estreme rightwing'. Which is complete and utter nonsense of course. The Grey Wolves have about as much affiliation with Austrian School economics, Edmund Burke, De Maistre, Russel Kirk and William Buckley as the Count of Monte Christo has with Snoop Dogg. But language abuse and deception are part and parcel of leftist disinformation strategies.

Anyway, because Engin Özdemir emphatically denied that the Turkish Wolves have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Grey Wolves it must be true! And those MHP flags you will ask? Oh, that's a shipment gone wrong. The Turkish Wolves actually ordered Montana Highway Patrol patches, because they are SO cool, but the Chinese company providing them got confused.

And if you don't believe THAT, I have this marvellous Bridge across the Bosphorus to sell you for only ten bitcoincents:

Never mind the infidel whore. Her time will come.


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