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Two hundred years ago, Karl Marx saw the light in the quaint Western German town of Trier. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from neighboring Luxembourg found it necessary to open the commemmorative ceremonies sporting, a.o., the unveiling of a bronze statue donated by China. 100 million victims of communism are spinning in their graves.

Here's some coverage via The Sun, intellectually not the sharpest knife in the british press drawer, nevertheless deserving credit for blasting Juncker, a career EU apparatchik and alcoholic:

"He delivered a speech to an event in Trier, Germany, at which a statue of the left-wing revolutionary donated by the Chinese government, was unveiled.

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, whose family fled Soviet ruled Poland, said Mr Juncker’s attendance was in poor taste.

He raged: “Marxism led to the killing of millions around the world as it allowed a small band of fanatics to suppress the people.

“We must learn the lessons from this and share with our children.”

Breitbart's take.

Not surprisingly, great uproar came from the Eastern European countries who for four decades bore the brunt of the communist yoke:

"Politicians from Eastern Europe, much of which was subjected to the misery of Communist rule, were also enraged.

A group of Hungarian MEPs decried the EU Commission chief for gracing the event, which marked the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth.

In a statement they said: “This is particularly appalling for the citizens of countries which suffered for decades under Communist dictatorships.

“We oppose the European Commission head’s supportive presence at the celebration.”

Meanwhile the leader of the Swedish delegation of MEPs for Mr Juncker’s own pan-European party also laid into him.

Gunnar Hökmark said: “There are many good reasons to deny commemorating some of the worst parts of European history, the victims of totalitarian dictatorships are some.

“It’s rather their history that should be remembered, not the ideologies that cost them their lives.”

And there was condemnation from across the Atlantic too, with the US congressional group on victims of communism urging Mr Juncker to boycott the event.

In a letter they urged him “not to honour Karl Marx in any way, rather to speak the truth about this man whose writing indeed called for the tyranny and murder that have been and continue to be committed in his name.”"

Also not surprisingly, the EU Commission defended Juncker heaping praise on Marx:

"The EU Commission defended his attendance, with a spokeswoman saying he had been invited because he is an honorary citizen of Trier, where Marx was born.

She said: “President Juncker is very well aware of the historical facts and sensitivities.

“Whatever peoples’ views on Karl Marx, I think that nobody can deny that Karl Marx is a figure who shaped history in one way or another.

“Not speaking of him would come close to denying history.”"

Oooooooh what a pity then that we have to wait till 2089, cause then it will be 200 years since another famous socialist was born: "Whatever peoples’ views on Adolf Hitler, nobody can deny that the Fuehrer is a figure who shaped history in one way or another!!!"

Required reading for the loons at the EU top and elsewhere throughout Europe, where for some time now a renewed fascination with Marx is en vogue: The Black Book Of Communism:

I don't think however anyone up there could be bothered reading it. Not Juncker, as he has clearly shown. Not Donald Tusk, who remains mute on the subject even though he, as someone who grew up under Soviet occupation, should know better. And certainly not the EU's "Foreign Minister" Federica Mogherini, who was a member of the Italian Communist Youth Federation.



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