Monday, October 13, 2008


What would be poor, stupid Beljuns be without the EXCELLENT, top notch quality coverage of US elections by our sophisticated, enlightened, all-knowing, fair and balanced press and TV?


One among many: a snapshot from the Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws, online version. Title: Verkiezingen. De race naar het Witte Huis. (Elections. The race to the White House.).

* Topic no. 1: "Sarah Palin uit de kleren in pornofilm". Translated: "Sarah Palin bares all in porn movie."

* Topic no.2, center left: "Lohan verkleedt zich op Halloween als Palin". Translated: "On Halloween Lohan dresses up as Palin".

* Topic no. 3, center middle: "McCain drie weken voor verkiezingen wanhoop nabij." Translated: "McCain desperate three weeks before elections."

* Topic no. 4, center right: "IJshockeyfans trakteren Palin op boegeroep." Translated: "Ice hockey fans treat Palin on boo concert."

At the bottom we get the results of the Polling Gallup 21/09/08. To the left a photo of a smiling, confident Obama, 369 electoral votes. To the right a photo of a glum and silly looking McCain, 169 electoral votes.

With coverage like this it's no wonder Obama is Europe's Golden Boy. But is the coverage only part of the reason of Obama's popularity? Probably not. Regardless of the reasons, according to a poll in The Netherlands (granted, an NPS poll of the public broadcasting company) a staggering 88% of the Dutch would support him. In Britain, The Guardian brags that "Britain's backing Obama: Democrat beats McCain by five votes to one". In Sweden, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt openly supports Obama. 75% of the French favor an Obama presidency while only 10% would support McCain in the White House. And 85% of the Germans would rather see the senator from Illinois calling the shots in Washington.

Which all brings me to the question: